May's Resume #6 @ Prague

For those that are new to my Blog I will quickly explain. This year for 9 months I lived in Prague, Czech Republic, and I wanted to document my experience here, but I failed to do regularly so I’m trying to catch up!  Soooo let’s go!

For the month of May, for the first time on the 9th of May Plami visited “my flat”. We ate some goody stuff and watched Britain’s Next Top Model.
On the 14th or 15th it was my turn to visit Plami’s place, again we ate haha, and sorta watched a movie. We weren’t paying much attention, we were gossiping instead :P.
On the 20th at night me and Plami had a girls night out with some other 3 girls that join us. We went to La Casa Blu – a South American bar/restaurant - had a drink there, and then went to a club called 2nd Floor, the music that night was a little better than the first time we went there in March, but still not my cup of tea, and then a “funny” thing started to happen, a guy that was there, that we ended up seeing him on the next 2 clubs. So since me and Plami weren’t  “feeling it”  2nd Floor we left the other girls and went to Bombay, and danced a bit, and then we saw THAT GUY from 2nd Floor, he was singing loudly next to our ears >.<. I like Bombay but the dance floor area is sooo freaking small. And then we ended up at Harley’s a Rock type of bar, but still you can dance :P AAAAANNNDDDD who was there? THAT GUUUUYYYY! We felt like we were being stalked, but I guess it was just a massive coincidence. This was the night that I also got burned on my arm with somebody’s cigarette, and also cut my thump finger, for cleaning a table that had a broken glass >.<
20th of May
Me and Plami.
On the next day – 21st – I went out again, we met at a Irish Pub called Patty’s, for a couple of drink, and went to Yes Club for the first time, a colleague of ours from work , Vincent Araujo, was going to play there, he’s a DJ. We had to wait for like ¾ hours till it was his turn to play. Since the entrance was free because Vincent put our names on the guest list, of course we had to wait for his performance, we was the last DJ playing. It was hard to wait, also because Plami wasn’t feeling too well, and then other stuff happened – let’s just say stupid person that we knew, probably under the influence of drugs being just unpleasant – but eventually we saw Vincent, danced a bit, we said our goodbyes and left.
me and Plami at Yes Club_1
Me and Plami @ Yes Club.

Yes Club 21st
Pics of Yes Club.
So now starts the Goodbye gatherings.... Ellen on the 25th at the Riegrovy Sady Park, one of many Prague’s beer gardens haha. It was lovely because it was a nice sunny day. Then for Michael on the 27th, but I wasn’t able to go, I wasn’t feeling well, and since I didn’t have like health insurance, I couldn’t risk it, so I stayed at home. And last for this month of May at least, Blas on the 31st, again we went to Riegrovy Sady Park, although this time around, the sky was grey and then started to rain a bit :/.
25th of May
Pics of  Riegrovy Sady Park
In between those days, I had two days, when we had to take Dutch calls. Now I don’t speak Dutch, but apparently another office was closed for the weekend, so all calls came to our office..... aahhhh it was exhausting.... and most of the calls are always the same, SEATS RESERVATIONS... what’s up with that? Jesus!

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Some of these pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U. 
And others were taken and belong to Plami


  1. aaaah goood times! It's so funny to read about it, brings smiles back :) and yes I am sick again :D xoxo

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  4. thank you so much for the comment:)

    i hope you had a good stay there:)


  5. This looks like such a fun experience, I love the pictures too! There's a new outfit post up on my blog and I'd really love to hear what you think of it. Feel free to stop by!
    xoxo, Veena



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