2º Lisbon Blinner - Le Gifts


PT: Olá a todos! O post de hoje é sobre as prendinhas que recebemos na 2º Edição do Lisbon Blinner de que eu já falei-vos aqui.
Depois do almoço, nós escrevemos os nossos nomes numa folha de papel, para um “sistema” de rifas. A mim calhou-me uma caixa com produtos da AnneMöller, depois ainda recebemos alguns vouchers e uns brinquinhos da Aoki.

EN: Hello everyone! Today’s post is about the little gifts that we received at the Edition of Lisbon Blinner that I already talked about here.
After lunch, we had to write our name on a piece of paper, and we had a raffle. I got a box set o Anne Möller’s skin care treatment, plus we also received some vouchers and a pair of Aoki earrings. 



Musical Friday #68

Source: vi.sualize.us via Karen on Pinterest

Hello everyone! Sooo Autumn/Fall has officially arrived hein? Should have kept my mouth shut on last week Musical Friday in where I talked about the fact that Autumn/Fall was starting and it was still hot. Well... that has changed. These rainy days I just feel like eating, like I shared with you on my last post.
Anyways this week I went to the Doctor and I'm gonna do some general check-ups exams plus I will have to do an X-Ray because of my right wrist,  it has been hurting me on and off since July and I have no idea what I have done in order for this to happen :S.
Other than that this week I gave away some clothing items that I no longer used to some of my mom's school classmates - Oh yeah my mom is in cooking school -, and since Portugal is suffering from some massive economic issues, and since I had clothes that no longer fit me or I simply didn't like them, why not give it to someone in need, right?
Plus since it's Friday, as always it's the day I do my house cleaning, vacuuming, mopping the floor, cleaning the dust bla bla bla and since I was in a tidy up mood I decided to attack a cupboard of mine and throw some bunch of paper away. It is amazing that no matter how much stuff I throw away... things never seem emptier haha -_-. Funny I found some oooooold agendas of mine and wow, I read some of them before putting the bag and came to the conclusion that my 6º grade plus early 7º grade in school, were awful! Surely don't miss that specific time in my life. Girls can be really mean -_-.
Have a good weekend!

Jake Bugg - Two Fingers- New Single - Now I never heard of this band before, I was just jumping from video to video on Youtube and came acrross them. On the first few seconds of the video I wa slike "This feels familiar" and after the bus passes I see NOTTINGHAM!!!!! I went bananas XD. Because in 2009/10 I did of Erasmus in Nottingham, aahhhh good times :).


Things that make you go huuummm! #1

EN: Hello everyone! 
I don't know about you guys but I LOVE FOOD! And another thing that I love is Pinterest. Everyday I head over to Pinterest and collect some pictures and one of my favourite boards is the "Things that make you go huuummm", which is also a line of a song. Yesterday when it was raining I had a MASSIVE craving for cakes for some unknown reason o_O. There is nothing else to say but to start showing you some pictures.
If you guys enjoy Pinterest as much as I do follow me here.


PT: Olá a todos! 
Eu não sei como é para vocês mas EU AMO COMIDA! E outra coisa que eu adoro é o Pinterest. Todos os dias eu passo pelo Pinterest para coleccionar algumas fotos e uma das minhas pastas favoritas é a "Things that make you go huuummm", que calha ser a letra duma canção. Ontem não sei porquê, enquanto chovia fiquei com uma MEGA vontade de comer bolo o_O. Não há mais nada a dizer por isso vou começar com a partilha de fotos.
Caso curtem do Pinterest tanto como eu sigam-me aqui.


Nostalgic - Outfit #7

Nostalgic-Karen Ussene
EN: Hey guys how are ya?
So do you remember a post I did last week about The Original Skin? Check it here to see it.
They made this competition on their Facebook page, in where we had to make a collage with some items of the store and the theme was Nostalgia.
My collage is the one of the picture above "I get Nostalgic when I think of London!", the clothing items that I picked are things that I love and imagine myself wearing them during this Autumn. Below there will be a list of the items that I used or you can just go to my Polyvore page in case you wanna check the prices.
I have a small request >.< if you like the look can you go to The Original Skin page and vote for my Collage? I must say that in order to vote I think you need to Like their page first, in order to see the Entries for the competition. To vote - after you liked the T.O.S. page - click here, the Vote button is under the collage.
Thanks a MILLION in advance! :) xoxo


PT: Olá a todos!
Lembra-se na semana passada ter feito um post sobre uma marca chamada The Original Skin? Cliquem aqui para ver o post.
Ele organizaram uma competição na página do Facebook deles, onde tivemos de fazer uma collage com alguns itens da loja deles e o tema era Nostalgia.
A minha collage é a que aparece no início deste post "Eu fico Nostálgica sempre que penso em Londres!", as roupas escolhidas são itens que eu adoro e imagino-me a usar-los durante este Outono.
Em baixo podem ver a lista dos itens que usei, ou então podem ver a lista mais os preços na minha página no Polyvore.
Eu tenho um pequeno pedido >.< caso gostem do look podem votar nele na página dos The Original Skin? Eu admito que para votar acho que tem de fazer Like na página primeiro, para poder ver todas as collages. Para votar - depois de gostarem da página dos T.O.S - cliquem aqui, o botão para Votar está por baixo da collage..
Muito obrigado desde já!

The List:

T-Shirt - The Original Skin
Coat - Primark A/W 2012
Jeans - H&M A/W 2012
Boots - Black Ankle Boots from Sacha.nl
Watch - Michael Kors Gold Sport Watch
Bag - Zara A/W 2012
BraceletVince Camuto Jessie Pyramid Studded Bracelet
RingsAsos Adjustable Pack Of Three Plain Band Rings ; Maria Francesca Pepe Ade small cross ring ; Maria Francesca Pepe Studded ring

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures, the Collage was made with Polyvore.


July's Resume #8 @Prague

The view from my apartment in Prague.
For those that are new to my Blog I will quickly explain. Last year for 9 months I lived in Prague, Czech Republic, and I wanted to document my experience here, but I failed to do it on a regular bases, so I’m trying to catch up! Soooo let’s go!

The month of July was actually pretty boring. One of my closest friends Plami had finished her internship in June, so I had lost my Wingman, or in this case Wingwoman :(. So most of my time was spent home-work-work-home, I did went to parties and what not, but for some reason I didn't carry my camera that much o_O. Plus must of the month I was home aloooone, because my house mate was out for a Summer vacation.
- On the 1st of July at our work we had some free cakes, cookies and fruit in order to thanks us for our good job during the crises season.
- On the 2nd of July it was an early Birthday celebration of my dear house mate Aya. Her Birthday is actually on the 30th of July but since she was going back home (Japan) for her Summer vacation she decided to celebrate it before she left. And so we did. There is bar/restaurant not to far from our house and they have this massive backyard, so we grilled some food, ate a lot, played ping pong and other games, the only sad thing was the weather, such a pity, it was grey :( otherwise would have been perfect. Oh I should mention that my house mate Aya, she is a ballet dancer, and so are most of the people that came to her Bday.


Musical Friday #67

EN: Hey everyone! 
Sooooo today is the 21st of September and I guess Autumn/Fall if officially here... or not, depending in which country do you live in. Maybe in certain areas you can start feeling the cold wind and rainy days, here in the South of Portugal is still hot as hell! So I imagine that it must be hard for Fashion lovers that want to start wearing their new Autumn/Winter clothes when the weather is still warm.
Hope you enjoy today's music selection.


PT: Olá a todos!
Pelos vistos hoje, 21 de Setembro, é quando oficialmente começa o Outono... ou então não, depende em que país viverem, Talvez em certas áreas já conseguem sentir um pouco de vento fresco e uma chuvinha, mas aqui no sul de Portugal continua quente pa dédeu! Por isso imagino que deve ser difícil para os amantes da Moda que querem começar a vestir as suas novas roupas de Outono/Inverno quando o tempo ainda anda assim pó quentinho!
Espero que gostem da selecção de músicas de hoje.

Joss Stone - The High Road - [New Single]


The Original Skin

EN: Hello everyone! Today I bring you some news! My Blog has a new partner! :D Say uuwwhhaattt!
Is still hard to believe, but it’s 100% fo real!
So about a month ago I got an email from a company called The Original Skin, actually not one, but two, my fault, the first email got “lost” in the middle of dozens of other emails that I receive per day, too many subscriptions… anyways, so I noticed the second email and I was like “Is this for real?” :O.
So I will start explaining. The Original Skin is a fast growing company, a clothing label based in London, England – you guys know how much I love London - they currently have an online store, for the moment with 4 designs of T-Shirts and some accessories. About a month ago they only had those T-Shirts design for men, but now they have it for women as well!  
Now about the collection, the current one is called “Nostalgia”, the designs were meticulously produced and designed by The Original Skin creative team. Let me show you some of the T-shirts that they have – the definitions of the designs belong to The Original Skin.

"Our first design recalls the rich yet ever evolving history of printed media. We
believe there is something romantic about our use of language, something that conveys
meaning, just like identity and personal style. Language is after all a statement. "


2º Lisbon Blinner

PT: Olá a todos! Hoje irei partilhar algumas fotos do encontro da 2º Edição do Lisbon Blinner que aconteceu no sábado passado dia 15 de Setembro! O encontro foi organizado pela Patrícia do Blog The Juicy Glambition, fizemos um piquenique no Jardim da Gulbenkian em Lisboa.


EN: Hello everyone! Today I will share with you some photos from the 2nd Edition of the Lisbon Blinner - which is a Blogger's gathering that happens here in Portugal - which happened last Saturday on the 15th of September! The meeting was organized by the lovely Patrícia from the Blog The Juicy Glambition, we had a picnic at the Gulbenkian´s Garden in Lisbon.


Musical Friday #66

Hello everyone, just a quick post today. This week nothing special happened but tomorrow it will hopefully be a fun day!
Tomorrow I'm going to a Bloggers gathering named "Lisbon Blinner" as the name suggests it will happened in Lisbon and there will be a picnic! There is going to be at least 50 Portuguese Bloggers over there and I'm very excited to meet them all!
Today I spent my day pampering/preparing myself for tomorrow, doing my nails, washing my hair and straighten it, ironing my clothes, and accessories, organizing my makeup that I'm going to use plus my bag, etc... since the meeting starts at 12pm and I kinda have to wake up early because of that (hopefully I won't over sleep -_-) so I need to leave most of my stuff prepared so that I don't forget anything.
Okay then I'm off to take care of the rest of my stuff and go to bed soon, enjoy the music!

Psy - Gangnam Style - You are gonna watch this and go like "WHAT THE F*** IS THIS KAREN?" I knoowwwwww, it's freaking AWESOME! It's the new phenomenon, see it has the new "Macarena". Psy the singer is Korean, and he's becoming a worldwide sensation. For the last 2 weeks I he was in the USA, on TV Shows and what not - he even appeared at the MTV VMA's 2012 for a bit - I guess promoting his single and teaching people how to dance :P.


New Blog Banner

white cabeçalho_2
Old Banner
EN: Hello everyone! I don't know if you noticed, but there has been some changes on my Blog. The most obvious one is the Banner. 
With the help of Google I found the Skull and then using PicMonkey I created the letters and then with Paint I did some cutting. Then I did some changes on the Blog's Layout - the background is still white, because I think it's the best - and the letters fount and colours and voilá. 
So guys, what do you think? Let me know if you are able to see the letters well.

PT: Olá a todos! Não sei se já notaram, mas houve algumas mudanças no meu Blog. A mais óbvia é o Banner. 
Com a ajuda  do Google encontrei a caveira e depois usei o PicMonkey para criar as letras e com o Paint fiz uns cortes para o Banner caber bem. Depois fiz algumas alterações no Layout do Blog - o fundo continua branco porque para mim é a melhor coisa - e no tipo e a côr da letra et voilá.
Então o que acham? Digam se conseguem perceber bem as letras principalmente nos textos longos.


Lana Del Rey on the Cover of GQ U.K. - October 2012

Lana Del Rey naked on the cover of October's GQ U.K. magazine for the Special Issue of the 15th Annual Men of the Year! Like WOW.
The photoshoot was done in Monaco by Photographer Mariano Vivanco.
Lana was considered Woman of the Year by GQ. No wonder, the woman is everywhere! Besides having a great album, she's the face for Mulberry, Jaguar and H&M and she might be thinking in getting in more to writing and possibly become and actress?
If you are wondering who does that hand belong to (in the picture that a man is grabbing her boob) is GQ's Creative Director Paul Solomons (if I'm not mistaken on the Surname).


Dream House #5

"Office spaces are very wonderful for the office spaces", silly joke that only very few people will know where it's from :P.
Sooo yeah today Dream House post is about Office Rooms. I can not tell you how ttiiired I am of my computer desk. Is 11 years old, it's in cherry wood and it doesn't go with the rest of the whiteness of my bedroom!
When I moved in to this apartment with my parents, in my bedroom I had two things in white (bed and wardrobe) and two things in cherry wood (a bookcase and my desk). Years have passed and now my bedroom has more white furniture and the only thing "ruining" my bedroom is my desk!
Now what I really wish is that we had an extra room in our house just for an office. I really wish one day if I manage to have my own house that I can have a room just for the office, I no longer fancy the idea of having a desk in a bedroom. I want to have a bedroom just to sleep (and what not) and a office so that I could do my work at, get it? The two together just screams messy because I have so much stuff! BAH!


Musical Friday #65

Source: google.hr via Ivana on Pinterest

Heeellooo everyone! So another week has passed by really fast? Holidays are over (for some) are you guys back to school, Uni or work?
Well I'm still at home, try to see what am I gonna do next in life, on the top of my list is RETURN TO LONDON A.S.A.P.! Ugh you guuyysss I miss London sooo much. And it's funny that it's a bit of a love/hate relationship, there things that I hate when living in the U.K. but then are things that absolutely lllooovveee about it >.<. Since my dream of living in the U.S.A.(New York / California) is a kinda-of-very-hard-dream-to-come-true-right-now, for me London is the best next thing!
Other than then this week I babysat my mother because she had eye surgery. I'm basically one week away from a Bloggers gathering aawww I'm so excited, this will be my third time that I participate in something likes this. Hopefully I'm gonna be able to meet some girl that I kinda know them in the Blogging World but I never saw them face to face, at least some of them.
I'm also impatiently wait for my first order from Pó de Arroz aaahhh I can't wait to have my little purchases! I'm thinking of doing an unboxing video once I receive the package, but I might be doing it in Portuguese for a change.
Oh and the MTV VMA's 2012, did anyone saw it? Long gone are the days that I used to stay up till like midnight when the show started and finished at 4AM and VIDEOTAPED, yeah you "heard me" videotaped. One day is gonna repeat on MTV I might go see it, or I might just find it on the internet.
So that's all folks, have a nice weekend, although in Portugal it looks like it's gonna be cloudy one.

Ellie Goulding - Anything could happen - New Single


Anna Dello Russo for H&M Fall 2012

Hello Girls and Boys!
You may or not know the famous Anna Dello Russo, she's Italian and she's the Fashion Director of Vogue Japan, in any case her collection for H&M for this Fall should be out very soon! I guess the name of the collection is suppose to be  "Affordable Extravagance!" Are you curious?
Yesterday I saw this video of her, so basically is the Commercial for the collection. The tittle of song? - yes she kinda sings - it's "Fashion Shower". OH it's so good and funny! Just watch it! The woman is 50! 50 YOU GUYS! Look at that body! And how flexible she is.... yes I am jealous XD.
What I like about the video is the 10 lessons that she gives about Fashion. Listen well!

Music was Produced by: DJ Emiliano Pepe
and the Video Directed by: Alex Turvey


My Makeup Storage & Collection Part 3

EN: Hello everyone! Did you have a good weekend? I hope so.
This will be sort of a quick post, just to let you know that I have uploaded the third video for my makeup storage and collection.
In case you wanna see the previous post you can check them here and here
So my third draw is all about my eyes, I have two eyeshadow palettes, mascaras, eyeliner pencils, eyelash curler, liquid eyeliners, gel eyeliner and razors.

PT: Olá a todos! Tiveram um bom fim-de-semana? Espero que sim.
Este post vai ser de certa forma curto, é só para avisar que já fiz upload do meu terceiro vídeo da minha colecção e de como arrumo a minha maquilhagem.
Caso queiram ver os vídeos anteriores  podem ver aqui e aqui.
Esta minha terceira gaveta contém produtos para os olhos, como duas caixas de sombras para os olhos, rímel, lápis para os olhos, curvex, eyeliner líquido, eyeliner em gel e afias.

EN: And you like the video, feel free to subscribe to my channel (Nerak86) to watch more future videos, give it a thumbs up if you like it :).

PT: Caso gostem do vídeo, sintam-se à vontade para subscrever no meu canal (Nerak86) para ver novos vídeos, e dêem um “Gosto” no vídeo caso gostem :).

These pictures were taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..
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