Baby Gotta Work It Out #1

Hello everyone. Today's post is a bit different than usual I suppose. Have you ever made a New Year's Resolution? I don't think I ever had, so this year I decided to make one and it is to workout!
I bit of a background story for you, I haven't worked out since 2005 - my last year in High School - since then the only workout that I've done is when I have to run to catch the bus, or I'm late to go somewhere, or when I go out at night and dance for like 4 hours. That's all folks! One of the reasons I also never bothered to workout was because during the years from 2005 till 2008 I lost in total, about 8 kilos due to stress and I felt like if I worked out I would eventually disappear. Then from 2009 till 2011 I maintained my 50/51 Kilos because it was when I started to live abroad and I didn't have mommy's food around soo yeeaahhh. 
2012 was the year that everything changed, while living in London like my cousin likes to put it "You eat with the fat, you are gonna get fat" (lol), so I gain like 3 kilos and I only noticed when certain jeans wouldn't close properly -_- and then I became aware of my eating habits I noticed that my food portions had increased specially at dinner time. Since I left London in June I have no idea what's my weight situation also because my scale at home is damaged.

Okei enough rambling now, let's go to the point of this post. Since this last Summer I started watching some fitness videos on Youtube, initially "just for entertainment" since I'm a Youtube addict but after a few months of watching those videos I started thinking "Huumm... maybe... I should start... working out."
So since I can't afford to go to the gym, working out at home is the next best thing and next to that is to get tips right of the Internet for free.
I was going to do just one post about this subject but I decided to make more since I follow a few channels, this post would end up being extremely long. So today I will share two of my favourite Fitness channels on Youtube.


Musical Saturday #81

Hello everyone!
Yeah I missed my traditional Musical Friday post yesterday, my bad. I didn't programed my day very well. I woke up very late (like always) and later on in the day I was going to Akuma Kanji's house, so I just got up, tidy the house, showered, put my clothes on and makeup on and I was out of the house lol.
So I spent the rest of the day with her her sister and her boyfriend, we had dinner, saw a Harry Potter movie and so on.
So how was your Christmas? Mine was... just was. It was O.K. I guess. On Christmas Eve I was just with my parents and then on Christmas Day we had a family gathering lunch.
Other than that, regarding my Musical Friday posts, last year I did a massive post with all of my favourite songs that I posts during the year. This year I will do something different. I will post new songs/videos and then at the end of the post I will do a list of my favourite songs of the year 2012 that I posted. Is that alright?
This is not my last post of the year I have at least another post to go up and it's about my New Years Resolution, hopefully you guys will enjoy it.
Where are you going to spend the New Years Eve? For the first time in like 5 years or something I'm going to spend it with my parents, boring I know but there is no money for more. Or well, hopefully next year it will be better.
On that note I will leave you with some music. Take care everyone.

Conor Maynard - Animal feat. Wiley - New Single - I'm so happy that Conor decided to release Animal as a single because it's actually my favourite song out of his debut album.


My archived journey to Mozambique - Week #2


Hello everyone! I haven't done of these in a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig while. So a quick catch up, in December 2010 I went to Mozambique for a month mainly for a family member wedding and my uncle's 50th Birthday. I have already done one post about my journey about my first week [see here] so today I will talk about my second week, that it was a bit more calm than the first.
On the 13th I reckon I just stayed at home, I say this because I have no pictures of that day so probably nothing happened and we just stayed home recovering from the last 4 days. On the 14th of December I finally got to see my grandmother (my father's mom), the last time I saw her was back in 2001. I spent the afternoon with her catching up and gave her some photos of her three great-grandchildren (my brother's kids). It's so hard to have family members that live so far away :(.

 On the 15th we had to wake up reeaaalllyyy early like 5AM because my cousin Deny had to travel to South Africa to buy some stuff for his father's company. So me and my other cousin her husband and their kid joined our cousin Deny for the ride.
So we started our journey pretty early, unfortunately the weather was very crappy, cloudy and sort of rainy. It probably took us like one hour till we reached the country borders, so papers had to be filled in and the we continued our trip. As soon as you cross the borders you immediately notice that you are in a different country haha. The roads are better, the nature around us is denser (like more trees) and greener. Once we reached our destination, Nelspruit, we first went to one of those like department stores that sell like constructions stuff and what not and then we went to a shopping mall and ate some lunch and theeeen the best part of the day and the reason we went to South Africa was to go to Kruger National Park! If you don't know Kruger Park is basically like going to the Zoo but in a Safari way, basically you go with your one car and be face to face with the animals. We saw some elephants, impalas, baboons, hyenas, that place is huuuuge! It was so much fun and I hope I can go there one day again and take more pictures, I was quite unlucky because my battery started to get weak and I didn't take any backup batteries :/ baahhh.
After than we went home, once we reached the country's border again we had to go and show our passports and one thing that it didn't crossed my mind was that I had to pay for my Visa again :o! So another like €70 I payed, well actually my cousins' did >.<. Once we got home we were very hungry and very tired.


Merry Christmas

EN: To my dear Friends and Followers, Merry Christmas. Hope you have a joyful evening with the ones that you love.
PT: Para os meus amigos e seguidores, Feliz Natal. Espero que tenham uma boa noite juntos das pessoas que vocês amam.


Musical Friday #80

Hello everyone, not much to say over here. This week passed in a flash for me, very tiring and stressful. Trying to put my life in to perspective and sort it out. Don't you just hate when things don't go as planned? Yeah, I do.
Today's music selection are more calm and mellow, because that's is how my mood is right now, hope you like it.
Have a good weekend. x

Lifehouse - Between the raindrops feat. Natasha Bedingfield - New Single - Two musicians that I haven't heard of for a looong time.


Ciaté swatches: Jelly Bean

EN: Hello everyone! Today's post is again about nail polish but this time with a bit of close up photos and a little review.
This Ciaté nail polish in the colour Jelly Bean, came with a magazine, I bought it while I was living in London early this year, it was the July issue of Marie Claire. The magazine alone cost £3.70 but it was a deal because the nail polish alone costs £9, so you get a magazine aaaaand a cool nail polish. There were 3 options, one was a bit beige pink, one lilac but I went for the hot pink because I needed a new one.
PT: Olá a todos! O post de hoje é outra vez sobre vernizes mas desta vez tenho algumas fotos de perto e uma pequena revisão.
Este verniz é da marca Ciaté e a cor é a Jelly Bean, veio com uma revista comprei quando ainda andava por Londres, veio com a edição de Julho da Marie Claire. A revista custa cerca de £3.70 Libras, sim é carote mas se forem a ver o verniz só por si custa £9 Libras, de maneiras queeeee não é assim tão mau, tens uma revista e um bom verniz. Havia 3 opções, um em tons de bege acho eu, outro em tons de lilás eu escolhi este rosa porque por acaso na altura precisava de um novo.


Things that make you go huuummm! #4

EN: This is for my Chocolate Lovers! *blow kiss*
PT: Este post é para as minhas Damas que gostam de Chocolate! *beijo*


Musical Friday #79

EN: Hello everyone! Not much to say other than, remember that problem that I had with the store Loja Pó de Arroz, that I order a couple of things back in August and me and other costumer did not receive our stuff? Well finally CASE CLOSED! No I didn't get my stuff but at least they payed me back, so at least that. One day I will do a better post telling all the details of my case (and other girls) if you want.
I have two videos to upload to  my Youtube channel, what do you prefer to watch first, a video about E.L.F. or The Body Shop products?
Have a good weekend!

PT: Olá a todos! Não há muito para contar apenas, lembram-se daquele meu problema com a Loja Pó de Arroz, que eu encomendei alguns artigos em Agosto e eu mais alguns clientes não recebemos as nossas coisas? Bem CASO ENCERRADO! Não, não recebi as minhas coisas mas ao menos devolveram o meu dinheiro. Se quiserem um dia faço um post mais detalhado sobre o que aconteceu.
Uma pergunta tenho de fazer um upload de dois vídeos para o meu canal do Youtube, o que preferem ver primeiro uma review dos produtos da E.L.F. ou da The Body Shop?
Bom fim de semana!

Skye - Featherlight - Do you remember a group called Morcheeba? Well she was the singer of the group but then the group broke up and she's being doing a solo career, only today I discovered that she's the one that sings "Love Show", I guess song passes on Grey's Anatomy.


My Nail Polish Collection #3


EN: Hi everyone! I completly forgot to share with you guys my third video about my nail polish collection! On this one I show my third and fourth nail polish sample disk and it has nail polishes from Sleek MakeUp, Nails Inc. London, E.L.F., W7, etc..., hope you enjoy it and subscribe to my channel [here] for more video :).

PT: Olá a todos! Eu esqueci-me completamente de partilhar convosco o terceiro vídeo sobre a minha colecção de vernizes! Neste vídeo mostro o meu terceiro e quarto discos com as amostras de vernizes, tenho vernizes da Sleek MakeUp, Nails Inc. London, E.L.F. W7, etc..., espero que gostem e subscrevam no meu canal [aqui] para mais videos :).

This picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


D.I.Y. #3 Revamp your jewelry - TOPSHOP Ear Cuff


EN: Hello everyone, today's post is a small D.I.Y. that I've done the other day.
When I was still living in London early this year I found this ear cuff earring in TOPSHOP for like half price or something and there were 3 options. All of them were gold but then the chain was either green, purple or pink so I took the green one. Passed some months forwards and that green bit started to annoy me. So the other day I grabbed it and decided to paint it all black!

PT: Olá a todos, o post de hoje é sobre um pequeno D.I.Y. que eu fiz no outro dia.
Quando ainda estava a viver em Londres no inicio deste ano eu encontrei este brinco/ear cuff na TOPSHOP por metade do preço acho eu e havia 3 opções. Todos eram de tom dourado mas depois a corrente ou era verde, roxo ou rosa, então eu escolhi a verde. Passado alguns meses e aquela parte verde começou-me a chatear. E então no outro dia peguei no brinco e decidi pintar todo de preto!


Musical Friday #78

Hello everyone! How are you?
Another week as passed and we are getting closer and closer to Christmas. 
This week I met up with an old friend that I haven't seen her since I arrived back to Portugal so we finally got to catch up and I ended up dying her hair lol.
Also I filmed 2 videos today, actually one of them I had to re-filmed because I forgot something the first time BAH. This weekend I should upload a new video on my Youtube channel, if you haven't subscribed feel free to do it [here].
Plus today is my dear friend Akuma Kanji's Birthday yyeeeeaaaaiiiiii. Luckily it didn't rained today, yesterday it was a full on non-stopping rainy day, that even a football match had to be reschedule the Stadium basically became a swimming pool area lol.
Oh you guys may or may not have noticed but on the right I created these little "word banners" with some of the websites where you can find me like Twitter, Bloglovin', Pinterest and Tumblr. What do you think about them? Ideally I would like to have something like Andy from Style Scrapbook has on her Blog, but I have NO idea how to do such thing.
Have a good weekend

Will.I.AM - Scream & Shout feat. Britney Spears - New Single - What can I say about this video and the music. Really like the music, it is the type of music that I would enjoy dancing in the clubs. The video is pretty wicked as well my only "disappointment" is that Britney is not dancing, like actually dancing like old school Britney would, I mean Madonna is 50's and she moves more than that. C'MON!


Dream House #8

EN: Aaaaaahhh how good is to dream, huh? Honestly if money was no object I don't know if I would buy one in the city or at the country more suburbia areas. Even though I grew up in a small peaceful town I love the city.  But then again if I was rich.... I would probably have more than house haha.
What do you guys prefer?

PT: Aaaaaahhh como é bom sonhar, hein? Sinceramente se dinheiro não fosse problema eu não sei se compraria uma casa na cidade ou no campo. Embora eu tenha crescido numa vila pequena meio campónia e pacata eu adoro a cidade. Mas também se eu fosse rica... provavelmente compraria mais do que uma casa haha.
O que é que vocês preferem?

Source: homedsgn.com via Karen on Pinterest

 I do not own the Copyrights of these pictures. There were found at Pinterest.


Outfit #8

Outfit #8

Studded shirt, $30 / Pull&Bear studded denim jacket, $64 / Amen. leather mini skirt, $335 / House Of Holland suspender tight / Wedge heels / Proenza Schouler satchel handbag / Onyx earrings / Tory Burch leather glove / AllSaints knit hat

EN: Yesterday I decided to play around at Polyvore and this is what happened. During Fall/Winter I'm a major sucker for Burgundy - or Oxblood something that I never heard before but this year is popping out everywhere - it's one of my favourite colours, next to black, grey, dark blue, yellow mustard and forest green for Fall/Winter. Do you guys like it?

PT: Ontem decidi brincar no Polyvore, e foi isto que aconteceu. Durante o Outono/Inverno eu amo o Bordeaux (cor-de-vinho) - ou Oxblood sei lá, algo que nunca ouvi na vida e agora está em todo lado - é uma das minhas cores favoritas juntamente com o preto, cinzento, azul escuro, amarelo mostarda e verde bem escuro para o Outono/Inverno. Gostaram?
I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. The Collage was made with the Polyvore website.


Hello December!

EN: Sooo let's state the obvious, I guess December has arrived, another 24 days till Christmas and about 30 for the end of the Year. Wow... Hope you have a lovely month.

PT: Então vamos lá falar do óbvio, pelos vistos Dezembro já chegou - Não jura? - falta cerca de 24 dias para o Natal e cerca de 30 para o final do ano. Uau... Espero que tenham um bom mês.


Musical Friday #77

Hello everyone!
Can you believe that tomorrow is the 1st of December? And then before you know it BAM we are in 2013. Jesus time is flying way to much freaking fast or my taste.
There is not much to tell you about right now I have a massive headache because I got irritated/over stressed about something and now I feeling like someone punched me on the head -_-...
Other than that yesterday I manged to film 3 videos... but I might have to re-record one of them because I forgot to include something baahh.... Do you guys have any video requests? I'm open to suggestions? 
Have a good weekend.

The Joy Formidable - This ladder is ours - New Single -I only discovered the band and song recently but I'm completely SOLD! I love it so much!


Styled to Rock with Rihanna!

EN: Have you ever heard of a U.K. T.V. show called Styled to Rock? No? I'll explain then, you know that other T.V. show with Heidi Klum Project Runway right? So Styled to Rock is something similar BUT is not to do normal clothes, the point is to do clothes for perfomers in this case singers, clothes for Live shows! So every episode they will have different artist as their clients from Kanye West, Pixie Lott, Cheryl Cole, Katy Perry etc... and the winner gets to dress Rihanna for a Live performance she did last Summer already. I really enjoyed this T.V. show and I watched all on Youtube, so in case you want to see it I decided to do this post and share with you the links for the videos. :)

PT: Já ouviram falar de um programa chamado Styled to Rock? Não? Então passo a explicar, vocês conhecem aquele outro programa com a Heidi Klum Project Runway certo? Então o Styled to Rock é semelhante mas em vez de fazerem roupa normal eles fazem roupa para espectáculos, cantores, para os concertos ao vivo! Todos os dias eles tem um novo artista como cliente desde Kanye West, Pixie Lott, Cheryl Cole, Katy Perry etc... e quem ganhar a Rihanna vestirá a roupa dele/a num concerto que já aconteceu neste Verão. Eu gostei deste programa, eu vi todos os episódios no Youtube, por isso caso queiram também ver eu decidi fazer este post e partilhar convosco os links para todos os videos. :)

The Judges Lysa Cooper, Henry Holland and Nicola Roberts (from Girls Aloud).


New: Rings #3

EN: Hello everyone! Today I bring you another post about some of my new rings.
PT: Olá a todos! O post de hoje é sobre alguns dos meus novos anéis.

Black bow ring
Black bow ring from Claire's. I have shopped in Claire's in ages but when I was on a hunt for a simple black ring with so many shops in London I couldn't anything (at a affordable price) but lucky enough I found this one. / Um anel com laço preto da Claire's. Eu já não comprava algo na Claire's à séculos mas uma vez estava em busca de um anel simples e preto e com tantas lojas em Londres não encontrava nada (a um preço acessível) mas vá lá com sorte encontrei este.


Empties | Products I've used up #1

EN: Hello everyone! Today's blog post is about my first Empties - Products I've used up video. You probably have seen some of these videos around. So basically you will gather a few products that you finished and in a way share a review about the product, if you liked it or not, if you would repurchase it again or not.
So girls do these videos on a monthly basis but honestly I don't finish so many products in a month in order to do a video every month BUT in the mean time I already have a bag full of more empty products because it has probably been two months since I recorded that video. So by the end of December I might have another video like this one.

PT: Olá a todos! O blog post de hoje é sobre produtos que acabei/terminei. Vocês muito provavelmente já viram vídeos deste género. Basicamente é juntar alguns produtos que conseguiram acabar e fazer uma pequena review do produto se gostaram ou não, se voltariam a comprar ou não.
Algumas meninas fazem este tipo de vídeo de mês em mês mas sinceramente eu não acabou assim tantos produtos num mês para fazer um vídeo mensalmente MAS no entanto eu já tenho outro saco com mais outros produtos que acabaram isto porque já deve ter feito quase dois meses que gravei esse primeiro vídeo. Por isso lá para Dezembro já deve haver outro vídeo destes.


Musical Friday #76

Hello everyone! Hello to the new followers we are 360 over here now :D. How was your week? 
Well this week I decided to dye my hair even though I said I wouldn't I started noticing 3 different colours on my hair and it was really bothering me! So basically I still have black end from the last time I dyed my hair black (September 2011), I let my hair grow but then by April I had this massive contrast of brown hair and black ends, so I dyed dark brown in April. When I arrived to Portugal in June I relaxed my hair and that product sort of "bleached" my hair so that brown became lighter, and then my natural hair came along. In the end I had my natural brown, lighter brown and then black, nonononono this is not acceptable. So I dyed my hair dark brown again aaaannddd it looks waaayy much dark that I expected, I even this is black not brown lol. I have to wait for a sunnier day to really understand the colour. 
Also my MOTHER dyed her hair today, I think for the first time ever >.<. She went to one of those hairdresser schools and they do it for free, so basically she was a "guinea pig" (cobaia). The colour is alright it's basically black, but the haircut rsrsrsr to much layers for my taste... lets see what happens next time when my mother washes her hair and I have to blow dry it.
Aaannddd that's pretty much it really, I have to try and update my damn CV (curriculum), a have a list of video ideas but I can't film now because my dad is at home -_-, I can't be bothered to explain what is Youtube and that what I'm doing is nothing bad *sigh*. I like to be home alone when I film.
Have a good weekend.

Kelly Clarkson - Catch My Breath - New Single


Things that make you go huuummm! #3

EN: Hello everyone! Now something that I loooove eating it's pasta, all kinds of pasta, spaghetti, linguine, rotini, farfalle, tortellini, tagliatelle, penne, etc... etc... the list goes on and on. I preferably like eating pasta with cheese and cherry tomato or tomato sauce nhaaaaaammmm :3.And you guys like to eat pasta with what?

PT: Olá a todos. Uma coisa que eu adooooro come é massa, seja ela, esparguete linguine, rotini, farfalle, tortellini, tagliatelle, penne, etc... etc... a lista continua. De preferência eu gosto de comer massa com um monte de queijo e com tomate cereja ou molho de tomate nhhhaaammiii :3. E vocês gostam de comer massa com quê?

I do not own the Copyrights of these pictures. There were found at Pinterest.



EN: Hello everyone! Just a quick post to let you know about my next D.I.Y. "project". 
Thanks to Akuma Kanji I found these "pins" at a local Chinese shop. Now I call them pins because I think they are meant to be used with paper or something, basically this is office stuff. So I bought two packs and in total I have 38 of them. I'm not sure what am I'm gonna do with them, initially I wanted to put them on my upper back but then realized I would need to buy like four more packs... huummm nah. So I'm either putting on my shoulders or on my collar. Opinions?
Huummm I will decide later, at the moment I have to wash this jacket first, I haven't used it in yeeaaarrssss he is 10 years old. TEN.
I will keep you updated. Would you like to see a video of me doing this D.I.Y. "project"?

PT: Olá a todos! Apenas um post breve para vos avisar do meu próximo "projecto" D.I.Y. - Faça Você Mesmo.
Graças à Akuma Kanji, encontrei estes "pins" numa loja dos chineses. Agora eu chamo isto de pins porque eu não acho que isto seja para roupa, isto é para ser usado em cenas de papel ou sei lá... opah são cenas para o escritório. Comprei duas caixas, no total tenho 38 pins. Ainda não sei aonde irei colocar, inicialmente iria pôr nas minhas costas, na parte de cima, mas ao fazer contas percebi que iria ter de comprar práí mais umas 4 caixas pelo menos... hhuummm nah. 
Por isso devo pôr isto nos ombros ou no colarinho. Opiniões?
Huummm irei decidir depois porque agora este casaco de ganga está para ser lavado, eu já não o uso à aaannooosss, ele tem 10 anos. DEZ!
Eu depois farei um posto sobre o assunto de como isto correu, mas por acaso gostariam de ver este "projecto" em vídeo?

This picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


Warm me up! #1

Image via Tumblr.

Hello everyone! Today's post is about jackets and coats :). I went over to Polyvore and made this collage with some of my favourite jackets and coats of the moment. Starting off with the one of the picture above, every time I see it I die a little lol. The Whistles Marlon Quilted Leather Jacket can be found at ASOS - it's correctly out of stock - it costs €409.76/£295.00 (uufff kick in the balls) but  I managed to find the same jacket at House of Fraiser and they only have size 8 online... guess many people like it haha. For me this is the currently THE perfect leather jacket. I have one leather jacket in black but it is a bit cropped, basically ends a bit after my boobs and I wanted something longer in black. You can see a video of Sunbeamsjess [here] in order to see more details at 7:30 of the amazing leather jacket.
Than you can see below a bunch of other jackets that I also fancy. Do you like any of them?

Image taken from Zara.PT.
Then there is this coat from Zara I love the shape/style, I don't dislike the colour but I would prefer in Black. YES I LOVE BLACK. You can see the black version of this coat in this video from So Totally Vlog [here] at 5:21. Also you can see Andy Torres' latest Blog post, she is also wearing the black version of the coat [here]. I think that it's the same model, if not there are very very similar.

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. The Collage  was made with the Polyvore website.


Musical Friday #75

Hello Everyone!
Well this week I started off with a left foot, kinda. On Monday I went out in the town with my mate bought some beauty products and the BAM the next day I started to feel sick oohhh snap. This was a terrible timing because yesterday (Thursday) I was going to do a oral presentation at my University and I was scared that I wouldn't get better till then. But luckily I did, "God bless the drugs" lolz.
The presentation went great, I don't think I ever had a presentation that it went so well, smooth and like "I got this shiz DOMINATED" like this one. So basically my presentation was about the internship that I did while I was in London for 6 months this year. I had to talk about, what is the company all about, what were my tasks the good and the bad very general stuff, also I couldn't go to much in detail because I signed a "Silent Agreement" with the Company. 
I had to do a Power Point presentation and truth be told I did my Power Point slides whateva on Wednesday, OMG OLD HABITS DIE HARD! You would think that after spending about 18 years of my life in school I should have known better, don't leave things to the last minute.... but it's aalll good :P. I finished all in one afternoon till evening, it was pretty basic, because currently I'm working with a Windows XP and from experience, the Power Points that I do at home always end up different when I use a computer at University, it changes the letters, doesn't do certain effects and on and on.
I don't know how long it took me to do the presentation, it was suppose to be 15 minutes but I'm guessing I did like 20 minutes maybe. And my Coordinator Teacher and the other ladies liked so it's aalll goooddd. 
When I left the place I felt like "Yes Baby" over there in the pictures above HAHA.
Have a good weekend!

Calvin Harris feat Florence Welsh - Sweet Nothing


My Nail Polish Collection #2


EN: Hello everyone! Just a quick post to share with you the second video about my nail polishes. You can see the first video [here]. I have a sort off a busy day today, I have a oral presentation tomorrow so I of course I need to be prepared for it. xoxo

PT: Olá a todos! O post de hoje, é breve só para partilhar convosco o meu segundo vídeo sobre os meus vernizes. Podem ver a primeira parte [aqui]. Hoje estou meio ocupada por tenho uma apresentação oral amanhã e então tenho de me preparar como é óbvio. xoxo

This picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


Time to Sparkle #1

Source: wanelo.com via Karen on Pinterest

I know that this is surely a trend right now but I never was a girl that liked these type of sparkly/sequin clothing, I think that in my whole closet I only have ONE thing and I bearly even use it, but I'm one of those girls that I will keep it till some day I may think of an outfit that goes with it. It's hard to explain the piece that I have but it's black sequins (so not too flashy) and it's for my shoulders area, imagine a little jacket with no sleeves and also short on length, get it? >.<
Anyways on a daily basis I come across with something with sequins and now I'm really loooovving it! I think it would be perfect for a Christmas Party or even New Year's Eve :).


Musical Friday #74

Hello everyone! How was your week?
Nothing new over here other then "that moment when" the cosmetics brands Barry M and Collection (2000) followed me on Twitter ssaayyy uuwwhhhaattt? XD Crazy Bananas. Oh plus a Portuguese DJ that is living in Holland but that was on Tumblr, wicked.
Is starting to get really cold - no sh*t Karen - specially at night and you know what's bad? I don't have much winter clothes with me :/. Why? Because I left most of my winter clothe in London hoping that by now I would be there already rsrsrsrs. Oh well maybe early next year I can finally go. At least I have loads of winter jackets over here so is not all terrible.
Tomorrow I will meet up with some of my friends and eat some stuff... 'cause that's what I do when I get together with my friends we eat HAHA.

Rihanna - Diamonds - New Single - It's a instant HIT! This girl doesn't stop!


Haul | Summer Shopping

Yeah you read it right, "Summer Shopping" this post is very delayed one of the reasons why it's because the photos were all over the place. Since my Laptop died I have photos on my old home computer, my personal external drive and another drive that my cousins lent me because I just had to much stuff on my laptop. And since I can be a bit lazy at times (hey I'm human) I wasn't in the mood to search all of the photos in the endless folders that I have nevertheless here is the post here are things that I bought.
Funny enough I didn't buy ANY clothes for myself this Summer, wow Karen wow. Oh I also made a video but it's in Portuguese.


Dream House #7

Hello everyone. If I could build/design my dream house I would make an area big enough so that I could received my friends and family, so that we don't have to sit in the living room or in the kitchen, at least that's what ends up happening with my family.

The Sun Rooms
Source: trademe.co.nz via Karen on Pinterest


E.L.F. swatches: Mango Madness

EN: Hello everyone. Today's post is about another nail polish swatch/review, I haven´t done these in a big while. And I think for the first time I'm doing a review of a Eyes Lips Face product.
I already talked about this - you can see the post about it here - but a few moths ago while I was in London I decided buy some products of E.L.F. and overall I'm satisfied.
But today I will just focus on this nail polish, called Mango Madness.

PT: Olá a todos. O post de hoje vai ser sobre um verniz, já não faço disto à um bom tempo. Acho que pela primeira vez irei mostrar (melhor) um produto da Eyes Lips Face,
Eu já tinha falado sobre isto um pouco - podem ver o post sobre o assunto aqui - mas alguns meses atrás quando ainda estava em Londres eu decidi comprar algumas produtos da E.L.F. e de uma forma geral estou satisfeita.
Mas hoje irei só focar-me neste verniz chamado Mango Madness.


Musical Friday #73

Hello everyone. So what do you know, it's November! Wow.
Before November came along, on the 31st of October has you know it was Halloween and like I mentioned before, I went to Akuma Kanji's house and helped prepare the food and her boyfriend carved a pumpkin for me :D, put some makeup on, dressed in dark clothes and we ate... a lot >.< and we watch some movies.
Other than that nothing new, still waiting or MY FREAKING PACKAGE FROM PÓ DE ARROZ -_- [to know what am I talking about please read here] and now I have to do a bloody Power Point presentation for an Oral presentation that I have to do because of the internship that I've done while I was in London early this year *sigh*...
Oh funny thing happened last week, so basically there is an American Youtuber named Tyler Oakley and he did one of those live chats on the Internet, blah blah blah, then Tyler and his friend saw a Tweet from Lindsay Lohan talking about the Hurricane Sandy and they guys told us to tweet Lindsay to join the chat, so probably she got hundreds of Tweets about it and she did end up joining us! Well sort of, so she would be watching the Live chat like the rest of us and the boys asked her questions and Lindsay replied by Tweeting on Twitter. This went on for almost 2 hours I think, Lindsay even followed the boys on Twitter it was so cool! Oh and we ended up trending on Twitter #Hurricane Sassy! haha For more info check out these two videos, this one is from E!News and if you notice the Top comment it's mine and also there is this one from WhatTheBuckShow.
Enjoy the music.

Willy Moon - Yeah Yeah - New Single

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