Goodbye Seven Sisters and Hello Streatham Hill

For the last nine months I've been living in Seven Sister (North-East London) with some family members of mine. It got to a point that because of my job that if I lost my last train home it would probably take me like 2 hours to go home by bus, maybe two or three of them even and I didn't fancy that. So afters looking for a place for a few months I finally found a bedroom. I'm now living in the South and the good thing about this area is that if I do miss the train, I have a bus that go straight to my area. It has been a week since I've moved in and most of the unpacking is done. Things have been slow due to a lack of free time, so I do things bit by bit. But so far I'm enjoying living there, let's see when the rest of the house mates move in, it will still be fun.


Musical Friday #138

EN: Hello Hello! And Hello June!
I'm back with another Musical Friday. I admit that lately I haven't been paying too much attention to what's new or not, I've been stuck listing to my oldies and getting a bit nostalgic. But let's get updated shall we?
Summer is just around the corner (maybe not for the U.K., although today is actually quite sunny and warm), to you have a Summer Hit song selected already? That song that will make you remember a certain time or party?
On yeah and by the way are you ready for the World Cup in Brazil? Who do you think is going to win this year?

Shakira - La La La (Brazil 2014) feat. Carlinhos Brown - New

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