Quick post! #1

Hello everyone!
First of all I would like to thank for all the comments. I will reply as soons as I can.
And I would like to say welcome to my new blog followers. Hope that you enjoy your time over here, visit it when you can, leave a comment if you feel like it :).
This as been so far a very exhausting week at work, these 3 last days I had different shifts schedules. Jobs in which you have crazy bananas shifts, for my point of viewr, are only good if you are young, and still trying to get a work experience, if you are a part-timer (like study and work), or you have 2 jobs and you want to have 2 incomes on the end of the month, other than this, I can't handle this very well. After doing this type of Call-Center Service, I do not wish to do this again, unless I don't have another option, of course.


Movie Review "The Hangover Part II"

Last Sunday (19 June), I went to the Cinema after work, with Plamina, and we saw the Hangover 2 movie. This time it was Plamina that won a free Cinema ticket at our job.
Before talking about the movie (it won't be too much anyways), I will tell you about the trailers XD. (P.S.: Is anybody here a fan of Dane Cook, if you seen his stand-up performance on Vicious Circle, you would know a part that he jokes about taking a girlfriend to the Cinema and analyzing the trailers, so funny, anyways that's how I feel when I watch a trailer now).


Louis Vuitton: Spring 2012 Menswear

I actualllyyyy kinda like it. Specially that scarf with bright red and blue, ufn! I want it!
As you probably can see, or listen to the people's comments, this collection has a African backround inspiration, more specifically Kenya, from what I understood.


Musical Friday #7

Linkin Park – Iridescent [HD] – from Transformers : Dark of the Moon (3) – Since I’ve heard this song it made me go listen to all Linkin Park’s CDs :3


I'm still jealous...

I'm still jealous.... of the people that are able to go to the beach -_- rsrsrsrsrsrsr.
Note to myself; live in a country with a proper BEACH!
I never been the type of girl that cares about tanning, 'cause lets face it.... I'm kinda "black", but lately I do care about it..... I need some proper sun, my face skin colour is starting to annoying me, it is very Bleh at the moment.

Murrebue 2010


R.I.P. Ryan Dunn

Some of you might not even know who he is, but I do and I know that Akuma Kanji as well. Ryan Dunn used to participate in the series Jackass (that belongs to MTV), and also appeared sometimes at Viva la Bam and Homewrecker. At dawn, on the 20 of June, 34 years old Ryan Dunn had a car accident, with his Porsche 911 GT3 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. A few hours before the accident, Ryan Twitted some pictures of him hanging out and drinking with his friends that night. It is possible that alcohol might have influenced on the accident, plus the fact that apparently he was driving 180km/h, what cause the car to get out of the road and hit a tree and burst into flames. Ryan was with another person in the car, but so far it hasn't been identified. April Margera, Bam Margera’s mother, was the one that broke the news to WMMR 93.3's "Preston and Steve" radio show.


Musical Friday #6

Lady Gaga - The Edge of Glory -New Single - nnnnnnnnnn nah.... sorry Gaga. I love you, but like we say in Portuguese, "este video deixa muito a desejar".

Joss Stone almost got murdered

Yep you heard me (read me). I was reading some websites this morning, I read this and I was massively shocked! UUUUWWWHHHHAAAAATTTTT?????
The suspects are Junior Bradshaw (30) and Kevin Liverpool (33) both of them live in Manchester. On the trunk of the car they had Samurai sword (wtf?), rope, one of those bags to put bodies inside, maps of the area, with things written like "Kill, steal, money in the safe" and "find a river to dump the body" :O.
Luckily one of the neighbors noticed a suspicious red Fiat Punto car, driving around the area, and  he called the Police. The guys were caught, and now the case is under investigation.
God Bless that neighbor! If it wasn't for him, we would probably have a different news topic about Joss :(


Beyoncé's new perfume Pulse

Soon there will be a new Beyoncé Knowles on stores, it will be called Pulse, it will stores in September.
I like these two first photos, but the other two.....


Emma Watson on the cover of Vogue

Boy Oh Boy, the girl is all grown up! On this issue of July of  Vogue magazine, Emma talks about the inevitable topic, that probbaly everybody is asking her and her fellow boys, Daniel and Rupert, her "Life after Harry Potter".
The last Harry Potter movie is coming out soon "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", it has been 10 years, WOW! 
You can definatly see an adult sexy Emma on this pictures, although I'm not crazy about the clothes thats she's wearing but I fo like the makeup. What do you think about her pixie haircut? I do admit, that in the beginning I wasn't a fan of it, but then I started to like, I guess it was a bit of a shock for me, I was used to see her with long hair, but in the end it suits her face shape.
What's your opinions and thoughts?


Angelina Jolie posed for a Louis Vuitton Ad

What do you think?

Apparently she posed for this pictures with her own clothes, a old bag of hers that was 6 years old from L.V. and NO makeup! Ans she still manages to look serene and stunning! The photo was taken by Annie Leibovitz, in the province of  Siem Reap in Cambodia. All the money that she gain for this campaign went to charity.


May's Shopping

I didn't buy much during the month of May, but here it goes...

Claire's watch_1
Claire's watch

Movie Review "X-Men : First Class"

This last week I saw the new X-Men movie. It's called "X-Men: First Class", and I love it! I couple of weeks ago I won a cinema ticket at my job, for one of the Agents with the best Quality phone call of the week (100%) (there was a competition going on, in order to motivate us to do better phone calls). Anyways, I went with Plamina to watch the movie, I was super exited, from all these Americans Super Heroes cartoons, the X-Men saga always been my favourite >.< (I mentioned Americans, 'cause if I bring Japanese Anime to the competition, I would say Drangon Ball... Son Goku can kick anybody's ass... I'm just saying). 


Summer time...

Me at Murrebué Beach @ Moçambique
It sucks that everybody that I know is enjoying a proper Summer, sun and beaches and what not, and I'm here in Prague, where there's no beaches, where every day or so rains, people go to the park/gardens with bikins on to tan themselves..... No... this is surely not the country for me. 
Here are some random pictures from Google, from the Beaches I would like to visit someday...

Sex and the City FAIL!

I decided to start watching Sex and the City, I've seen the movies, but never (maybe 2 or 3 episodes) seen the series. So far so good, you sure do learn a couple of things about women, men, and relationships.
Today I saw Episode 13 from the 2nd season, and boy what a FAIL! You can see the reflection of the filming crew on the TV, oh boy!
Have you ever seen the series? Do you like it? Did you ever learn anything from it?


March Resume #4 @ Prague

I haven’t done my Prague Resumes experience in MONTHS! Aaaaaaaah Blasphemy.Soooo let me see if I can catch up from were I stopped. I will try resume it as much as possible. 

. In March, on the 10th I had the opportunity to film like a publicity video for the company that I work in, BlueLink. I already put the video on my Blog on another post, if you would like to see it CLICK HERE, I’ll be the one girl with the brown skin (XD) black hair, with glasses, with an orange/red shirt speaking in Portuguese. Aaahhhh I’m such a Banana XD, I said “Spectacular” twice -_- my vocabulary kinda went to zero on that interview HAHA… LOOOOSSEERRR. And the shirt that I used for the clip, I had to take it bag to C&A, I bought on the same day as the interview on my way to my job, and when I was putting the shirt on, I noticed a hole on the side -_-, I couldn’t exchange it because that one was the only size S available L.


Musical Saturday #4

Yesterday I completely failed to post my weekly Musical Friday... in fact this week past so fast that I even wasn't aware of the days of the week. I´ve been working since last Friday the 27th I had 1 day off during the week and I went out that night, plus yesterday (Friday) as well... ssooo I'm kinda dead right now. But I hope you enjoy the music :3

LMFAO – Part Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock

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