March Resume #4 @ Prague

I haven’t done my Prague Resumes experience in MONTHS! Aaaaaaaah Blasphemy.Soooo let me see if I can catch up from were I stopped. I will try resume it as much as possible. 

. In March, on the 10th I had the opportunity to film like a publicity video for the company that I work in, BlueLink. I already put the video on my Blog on another post, if you would like to see it CLICK HERE, I’ll be the one girl with the brown skin (XD) black hair, with glasses, with an orange/red shirt speaking in Portuguese. Aaahhhh I’m such a Banana XD, I said “Spectacular” twice -_- my vocabulary kinda went to zero on that interview HAHA… LOOOOSSEERRR. And the shirt that I used for the clip, I had to take it bag to C&A, I bought on the same day as the interview on my way to my job, and when I was putting the shirt on, I noticed a hole on the side -_-, I couldn’t exchange it because that one was the only size S available L.

. On the 14th the filming continued… this time they filmed us IN ACTION uuuhhhh lol, meaning they filmed us as we were working. Poor Camera guy, he had to wait awhile till I received a call >.<
. 19th of March niiicceeee evening. I call it, The One Night and Five Bars Night, XD. I met up with Plamina and another colleague of her back from The Netherlands University Birgitte , we first went to a bar called Popo Café Petl. 
Then went to Chapeau for a while there was a Dj playing that night, a bit later another colleague of ours came in Francoise, when we decided to go downstairs to check out the Dj, we need it to pay to go there, plus a lot of people were coming out saying that the Dj sucked :/ , so we decided to leave. 
And we went to met with other colleagues of ours, at the Popo bar, the thing is, that there are apparently about 5 Popo bars in that Prague area, that we didn’t knew about it, so after we checked the the Popo bar that we were in a few hours ago if they were in or not (which they weren’t ‘cause they were on the other Popo), we “bumped” into them on the streets, cool! So we went to a club called the 2nd Floor, and it’s actually placed on the 2nd Floor of an old building. The music wasn’t that good either, we stayed for like an hour or so, I almost lost my mobile, I dropped my photo camera, so now the battery part, doesn’t close 100% :/ and it sucks so much ‘cause the camera is only like 1 year and half old, and it was a bit expensive and it has sentimental value ‘cause I bought it when I was in Nottingham. But it still works, just that now I put duck tape, to avoid any surprise openings and the 4 batteries come out lol. 
After 2nd Floor we went to Harley’s, now THAT’S a cool place! It plays like Rock /Rock and Roll/ Metal Music, the decoration is very rock style, there a motorcycle hanging up on the wall and everything. We spent there most of the night, dancing and what not, we probably left Harley’s at 6:00AM, and I was still hyper, not sleepy at all XD.
 So we went to a near by café that is apparently is open 24 hours a day, it’s called Art Café Bar Fano. Me and Plami were starving -_- so we ordered like a toast (ham and cheese) and me café latte and she had tea. 
After nom nom noming we went home, arrived at almost 8AM, I slept till like 12PM, and that afternoon (20th of March) me, my housemate Aya, her boyfriend Honza and Aya’s work colleagues, we went Ice skating in a nearby Ice Skating ring to our house, my knowledge of ice skating went back to ZERO! Last time I Ice skated was probably in December 2009 in Nottingham. By the end of that day I was officially dead with so much worked out, but still…. We went out for dinner, their version of garlic bread is interesting. So they will give you a slice of bread, and actually garlic pieces and you rube the garlic on the bread XD, and then you can put something like pate meat (mince meat) huummm nom nom nom, that was the starter, and for the main course I hate a Cesar Salad I think.
. On the 24th my friend Yuiko came to visit me for a few days during her Spring Break. I met Yuiko when I was in Nottingham last year. I picked her up at the airport, and during the afternoon we went for a walk on the city center. I took her to my job for a bit, ant met up with Plamina who was finishing her shift, so us 3 ended up going to Viva Rock Candy, and shared a waffle with chocolate and chantilly.
. On the 25th, we went again to the city center and walked along the Vltava River (aka Moldau River), went to the Clock Tower, ate something at a restaurant, crossed the famous Charles Bridge and went home for the night.

. On the 26th I had to work during the day, and then I met with Yuiko in the city during the afternoon. We walked around the Jewish Cemetery; the Museum for the Jewish religion/tradition/history is too DAMN expensive to go in. After that we went home, Yuiko felt a bit tired and she stayed home, I went to a Bday of a colleague for a while, Debbie’s 25th Birthday.
. 27th, on this day we went to Prague Castle, very nice, but on the inside the building were so cold >.< . After a lot of walking, we ate a wonderful at a place that I can’t remember the name, it was very very good, and then we end up going home and sleep early, Yuiko had to leave my flat at like 6AM, in order to catch a bus to go to another city.


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