Musical Friday #57

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Hello everyone! How was your week? Well mine nothing special, unpacking and what not and pure laziness! Today I went to the hairdresser to cut my hair, after 6 months :S without cutting it! Terrible I know! But I didn´t want to cut my hair in London ´cause I was afraid lol. There are loads of hairdressers everywhere but I didn´t know if I could trust them... and then the ones that probably would be good, are the ones that charge you £60 and upwards... so I waited and waited till I returned to Portugal.
So today the idea of doing a Blunt fringe came to my head, "Should I do it? Will I be able to deal with hair touching my forehead all the time? Will it look good on me?" Aaahhhh so many doubts! So I shared and old post of mine on my Facebook Page, that has a few pics of Blunt fringes and a friend of mine said that I should do it. And so I did.... ooohhh boy.... Holly S****!
On Thursday I booked an appointment with the hairdresser for 5pm on Friday. Today I arrived at 16:57 and what do I see? An old lady with something going on, on her hair and I guess she was in a middle of a pedicure and the hairdresser was just starting to was the hair of some girl that did some highlights -_-. I know it´s hard times in Portugal and the Lady works alone now... but still kinda sucked having to wait like almost half an hour for your turn, plus I wanted to meet up with a cousin at 6pm to give something for his mother... and because of this I ended up not being able to do it...
Anyways my turn comes, washed my hair and then the cutting comes ppppffff...  tend to be very picky when it comes for cutest and all of this because it doesn´t seemed that hairdressers don´t understand what I want....
- 3 fingers off max (BIG MISTAKE, should have said 1 and a half/2);
- On the back I want a U shape not a V shape;
- I don´t want to many layers on the back;
- There can be layers and the front;
- And a Blunt Fringe, mainly on the front of my head not too much to the sides;
Uuufffff, demanding the little Bitch me no? -_-
My hair was sooooo long, and even though now looking from the back it still looks long, when I pass it to the front it feels so short :(. The layers on the back are good and the U shape perfect.... then on the front the layers were very chop chop choooped, and the fringe DAMN IT! Is not exactly like I wanted and then when I got home and looked in the mirror I notices that is all crocked is not perfectly lined AAHHHH BLASPHEMY! Oh well, now I can´t wait for this thing to grow....
Tomorrow I have a Family Birthday Dinner and I still have to figure out what to dress... damn it why did I left most of my dresses and pretty shoes behind? -_-
Have a good weekend.

Lana Del Rey - National Anthem - New Single - Finally I knew single... just epicness how she kinda plays with the J.F. Kennedy story.


New: Garnier BB Cream for Combination and Oily Skins


EN: Hello everyone! I´ve been kinda absent again because as you may know I returned to Portugal, the first few days I was in unpacking mode and then lazy mode... this heat makes me sooo freakin´ lazy and sleepy. I can´t wait to be able to go to the beach and get some decent colour on my skin. I never been a big fan of tanning, ´cause if you seen my pictures.. I´m mixed raced... but lately every time I come back from the U.K. or Prague (a.k.a. very cold countries with crazy weather) I just wanna get tanned... 
Anyywwaayyys today´s post is not about tanning it´s about the new BB Cream from Garnier for Combination to Oily skins. First of all I haven´t tried the product YET! I bought it last week before I left the U.K..
PT: Olá a todos! Tenho andando desaparecida outra vez, isto porque como sabem já regressei a Portugal, os primeiros dias foram passados a modo "desfazer as malas" e depois entrei no modo preguiça... este calor dá-me da preguiça grossa e SONO! Mal posso esperar para ir à praia e ganhar um pouco de cor na minha pele. Eu nunca foi grande fã de bronzear, se já algumas vez viram as minhas fotos... eu tenho mestiça/mulata... mas ultimamente sempre que volto do Reino Unido ou de Praga (a.k.a. terras frias com um tempo maluco) Eu só quero é me bronzear...
De qualquer das formas o post de hoje não é sobre bronzear mas sim sobre o novo BB Cream da Garnier para peles Mistas e Oleosas. Primeiro que tudo eu ainda não experimentei este produto. Eu comprei-o na semana passada antes de sair do R.U..


Musical Friday #56

Foto taken by me @ Canterbury Cathedral, U.K.
Hello everyone! And welcome to my new Followers!
Today is my last day at my internship, and on Sunday, early in the freaking morning, I will return to my home bitter-sweet home, a.k.a. Portugal.
Yesterday was my day-off from work, so I decided to go buy a few things that my mom and friends requested and also started pre-packing. I have to select the clothes that I will take with me, because most of my stuff will stay in London so that I can hopefully hoooopefully return to London, later on this year and try to find some sort of job over here, since the situation in Portugal is not the prettiest one at the moment.
Other than that I guess I won't be able to see the Christian Louboutin Shoe Exposition here in London :( Due to lack of company... I don't wanna go alone... that's not fun... :/.
Once in Portugal I wanna try and do more videos. Over here in London it became almost impossible, since I lived with some family members they have a 4 year old child and he is quite LOUD! Plus the lighting in "my bedroom" is terrible, the light coming from the window is so so little and the lights from the bedroom are awfully yellowish >.<. So if I'm home alone in Portugal - 'cause yeah I don't want my mother questioning what the hell am I doing, 'cause she won't get it - I will do some, reviews, hauls... not much tutorials though... I'm not very good at it XD.
Anyways... today after work I'm suppose to go out with some work colleagues... the place has already been changed twice.... not because of me... because of them... let's see out this evening ends >.<....
Cheers for the weekend YA'LL!

Katy Perry - Wide Awake - New Single


New: Shoes #2


 EN: Hello everyone! Today I'm sharing with you a new pair of boots that I bought a couple of weeks ago at a store called New Look. Me and my friend Zuzana after going food shopping, we made the "error" of going to New Look XD. And... there they were, only two sizes available and one of them was mine. They were originally about £34.99 and I bought them for £18. Burgundy "suede" and golden glitter heels, quite an odd mix right? But I fell in LOVE with them! I probably have to wait until September to wear them but then again here in London most of the days are so crappy that I could probably wear them here already.

PT: Olá a todos! Hoje trago-vos um par de botas que comprei a um par de semanas atrás numa loja chamada New Look. Eu e a minha amiga Zuzana depois de termos ido ao supermercado comprar comida, nós fizemos o "erro" de passar na New Look. E... ali estavam elas, disponíveis em apenas dois tamanho um deles era o meu. Elas eram originalmente cerca de £34.99 Libras e comprei-as por £18 Libras. "Camurça" em Bourdeaux e um salto com glitter dourado, uma mistura um pouco estranha né? Mas eu apaixonei-me por elas! Provavelmente terei de esperar até Setembro para poder usar-las mas vai na volta aqui em Londres a maior parte dos dias são tão manhosos que provavelmente poderia usa-los por cá já.


Pó de Arroz

EN: Hello everyone! Today I'm presenting you a new partnership with my Blog, a Portuguese online store named Pó de Arroz! On their website you will be able to find a little bit of everything, from jewelry, accessories, to cosmetic - make up and nail products. And the best thing about this is that my lovely readers can get a 5% discount of their purchases by using the discount code BOMM. OH and F.Y.I. they ship internationally ;). 
Now I will share with you some of the things that caught my attention so far at the store! Happy shopping everyone! 

PT: Olá a todos! Hoje apresento-vos uma nova parceria com o meu Blog, uma loja online portuguesa chamada Pó de Arroz! No website podem encontrar um pouco de tudo, desde bijutaria, acessórios, até cosméticos - como maquilhagem e productos para as unhas. E a melhor parte é que os meus queridos leitores podem usufruir de um desconto de 5% nas suas compras ao usar o código de desconto BOOM. AH e F.Y.I. eles distribuem internacionalmente ;).
Agora partilharei com vocês algumas das coisas que chamaram-me mais a atenção na loja. Boas Compras!


Musical Friday #55

Foto taken by me @ Canterbury U.K.

Hello everyone! Did you missed me? No? Huummm okei >.< lol.
I´m Happy that I took this week off Blogging, it turned out this week was a bit of a hell! Monday started with a massive left foot, and some problems on the Overground, in which I had to catch one train and then change to another to continue my journey, then the same thing happened on my way back home -_-, then on Tuesday OH MY DAYS.... it took me 2 hours to get to work - normally taked me 40 to 50 minutes - again some problems on the Overground JESUS! Then on Wednesday my boyfriend tells me that his car was "mugged", actually it was his mothers car. He left for 2 minutes to check something, the people broke two windows and robbed a bag that he had under a sit with his Table and two mobile phones -_- ooohhh boy. Thursday I stayed at home... that time of the month for me, hate it, just hate it... and now Friday I´m completely tired just wanna go to bed.
Not sure what I´m going to do this weekend, but I wanted to see the Christian Louboutin Exhibition, but I haZ no company to go with :/. And I have reached my last week in London, but I really hope hat I can come back and get a job of some sort over here.
Anyways I leave you with some music!
Take care.

Coldplay - Princess of China featuring Rihanna - New Single - There was another video version that I saw that I thought it was the actually videoclip, but I guess it was someone that somehow  got the video just with the Rihanna´s footage and made a videoclip out of it and I thought it was crap... then I saw this video and everything made more sense lol.


Musical Friday #54

Hello everyone! How was your week?
For me honestly I've been feeling veeerrry tired. Since last week, it kinda been non-stop. So I work from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 17:30, and I have to travel for like an hour to go to work and return. Last Thursday (from the previous week) I think I went somewhere after work, Friday went to a pub after work, Saturday I did a trip to the south of U.K., Sunday I was completly dead, and since then it's been hard for me not to feel tired have way trough the day. Also this week after work I always have to pass somewhere and once I get home, is not peace and quite, since I'm living with some family members they have a 4 year old boy, and Oh Boy... I guess you can image, he one minute loves me and does what he his told, another is like pure rebellion.... >.<. Normally after dinner I will g to "my" bedroom, and tidy up my things, 'cause in the morning it looks a like a hurricane, and after that I just stay with my computer trying to catch up with some thing and trying to post some for my Blog... but this Thursday I came to  a conclusion I need a small break from my Blog...
Wednesday night when I was writing my The Body Shop haul post, I stayed up till kinda late, and then the next morning I basically overslept... so I realized "Okay this is not right! Blogging for me is more of an hobby not a full-time job like it is for some Blogger. I don't get any money for Blogging so why am I pushing myself so much? This is not fun.". So I decided to take a break and maybe comeback next Friday for the Musical Fridays post. 
I'm 2 weeks away of leaving London, so I want to enjoy more the city, have to start buying some stuff for my mother that she wants (mainly like food spices -_-) and etc...
Oh the great things about this week though... There a free magazine on Wednesdays called Stylist, you can normally find it at the Underground entrance, and there was a page saying that if I took that magazine I could get a free sample of a Guerlain perfume called "Le Petite Robe noire".. and I went to Selfridges and I got one hehe. And then yesterday my cousin that I lived with she gave me 3 more Nails Inc Londn nailpolishes, OMG so now I have 10 of them... never though if would have "so many" in such a sort time of period! lol
Alright then that's all for now, bu don't worry I still visit your cute little blogs during this time :).
Take care and see you next time around!

Kylie Minogue - Timebomb - New Single - This woman doesn't age like the rest of us.... I wish I could get to her age and have a body like that!


The Body Shop Haul #1

EN: Hello everyone! I´m so exicted to share with you this post! I was going to do yesterday as soon as I got home after shopping, but then I was soooo tired by the end of the day I couldn't keep my eyes open. Anyways, NOTE that not all of these items were bought all together, some I got them as a magazine freebie. Onto the presentation.
PT: Olá a todos! Estou tão entusiasmada por partilhar este post convosco. Eu era suposto ter feito ontem assim que cheguei a casa depois das compras mas estava tãããooo cansada no final do dia que nem conseguia manter os olhos abertos. Anyways, NOTA eu não comprei isto tudo de uma queijadada, aliás algumas das coisas vieram com revistas como oferta. Bora lá para a apresentação.


Musical Friday #53

Hello everyone and HAPPY CHILDREN´S DAY! I know that all countries celebrate Children´s Day, but at least in Portugal and Slovakia they do XD. What about your country?
Another week has gone by, and the countdown in order to leave London has begun, oh my days! Luckily I won´t have to pack that much just the bare essentially... but then again... now that I´m writting this I´m looking around to my stuff and going like shiiizzz I will need that, that and that for the next 2/3 months lol, and then the point was to come back to London and bring more of my stuff so I don´t have to shop for more clothes, shoes, bags etc... okei will see, will see... 
Today I had a little stupid fight with Le Boyfriend while chatting with him on the internet.. I guess this is what happens with long distance relationships.. I don´t know. We´ve been apart for waaaaaaaayyyy too long >.< I don´t know I really don´t like fighting... I really don´t have the patience....
But after work I went to a pub with my work colleagues and it was nice to relax and have some fun!
Tomorrow I will do a little trip with my friend Zuzana, were are going to Leeds castle and then Canterbury & Dover, on the same day :D. Also this weekend it´s Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Celebration, son on Sunday I might go to some place an "celebrate" it. The city is full of U.K. flags all over the place, plus in every shop you find something dedicate to the U.K. whether is plates, cups, napkins, to towels, flip flops, sunglasses, shirts, bags EVERYTHING! lol It's funny.
Alright now, I´m going to bed, even though is not too late, I have to wake up bloody early -_- umpf!

Jay Z x Kanye West - No Church in the Wild - New Single -

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