Musical Friday #103

EN: Hello Bananas! I'm doing this post early than usual because I will take my computer to Computer Shop to get one of the fans cleaned. It's normally a task that I do myself to a certain extend but my fan now makes these annoying sounds which means that is time for some deep cleaning. I have to take care of it, it's almost 10 years old and if it "dies" we can't afford to buy a new computer right now :/. Specially with that bloody awful Windows 8. GOD! That things is horrible.

P.S.: I've made a few little changes on my Blog. I changed the font of the letters on the tabs, the colour for hiper-links, made some more click-cable banners on the right side, for my social net-works. I might do some other changes in the future ;).
Have a good weekend.

Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful - New - Another song for the Great Gatsby Soundtrack.


Series that I'm watching #2

EN: Hello Bananas! I've done a post like this about two years ago [here], since then not much has changed, I'm still a big series consumer. I'm still watching/following the series that I mentioned on that previous, although I have to catch up with the Ringer, Hart of Dixie and The Big Bang Theory
And now I added a few more series to the list.

PT: Olá Bananas! Eu fiz um post semelhante a este faz quase dois anos [aqui], desde então não houve grande alterações, eu continuo a ser uma grande consumidora de séries. Eu ainda vejo as mesmas séries que mencionei no meu outro post, embora tenho que me actualizar com uns quantos episódios do Ringer, Hart of Dixie e The Big Bang Theory.
E agora adicionei mais algumas estas séries à minha lista.


Things that make you go huuummm! #9

EN: Hello Bananas! For this edition of  Things that make you go huuummm!, I gathered some pictures of sandwiches. I love a good sandwich, specially if it is toasted/grilled, kind of like how they do it on Starbucks, Costa Coffee or Subway huuummmm nham nham. And if it has cheese I will be in heaven!
What's your favourite type of sandwich?

PT: Olá Bananas! Para esta edição de Things that make you go huuummm!, juntei algumas fotos de sanduíches. Eu adoro uma boa sanduíche, especialmente se forem tostadas, como às vezes fazem no Starbuck, Costa Coffe, Subways (e talvez Pans & Companhia e Casa das Sandes) huuummmm nham nham. E se tiver queijo sinto-me no Céu!
Qual é a vossa sanduíche favorita? 


Musical Friday #102

EN: Hello Bananas! Yesterday I finally decided to go and cut my hair, it was something that I was delaying for months now, simply because "my" hairdresser has left the country :(. If you are a girl and if you ever had a bad experience with hairdressers (in my case about 2/3 times) you know how hard it can be to trust your hair with someone new. That's why that for the last 3 years I was going to this Brasilian lady hair salon. Although she always a cut my hair a bit too much it always looked well cut.
Last time I cut my hair was in June 2012, yeaaahhh terrible I know, so my mother suggested me to go to or previous house (where we live now) owner, it's someone that we know, it's not too expensive, ok.
She washed my hair, cut it, blow dried, she was very nice, I guess the best thing about her is that I told her that I just wanted to cut the split ends and that is what she did, she didn't cut too much of my hair but OMG once I got home I saw the disgrace.
She blow dried my hair straight but my ends were looking shitty so I fixed it by passing the straightener, I asked her to cut my hair on the back with a U shape and for me it looks more like a V shape. And today I asked my friend to take a picture of my hair from the back and my eyes rolled, it's so badly cut. She supposedly has a carrier of 20 years and that's the best she can do? Not to mention that once I got home I noticed that the front on my hair one side was layered nicely and the other not really, which made me roll my eye once again.
Sooooo NEVER AGAIN. I already told my mother not to go there, 'cause God know what she would do to her hair.
Adios Muchachas.

Jennifer Lopez - Live It Up feat Pitbull - New


Wishlist #1

EN: Hello Bananas! You've seen this type of posts around in the BlogOspehere at some point and mine is no different.
Today I was at Fashiolista and there were a few things that I really wish I had them in my life... but I can't have them... for the time being.
What do you guys most wish for right now?

PT: Olá Bananas! Vocês de certeza que já viram este tipo de post pela BlogOesfera e o meu não será muito diferente.
Hoje passei pelo Fashiolista e houve algumas coisas que adorava ter tipooooo AGORA na minha vida... mas de momentos não posso.
O que é vocês mais gostariam de ter agora?

- Shiseido Brush - Since I saw that brush in someone's makeup tutorial I was like I NEED TO HAVE IT!
- Black Varsity7 Denva Jacket from Topshop by The Ragged Priest - It's In and it has spikes, what more can I want?
- Zara Envelope Bag - Since I saw Lilly Pebbles with one, it was like Love at first sight. Today I was in Zara but I only saw that envelope bag attached to another popular Zara bag from last year, I was like "what the hell?" but there is suppose to be a separate version as you can see in the picture and it's pretty affordable about 12,95€ I think.
- Golden Chain Necklace - Yep I want one of those too.
- Rebecca Minkoff Skylar Mini White Bag - Isn't adorable? And expensive as fudge, about 195€ (250$) FFUUUUUUU.
- Channel 583 Taboo nail polish - AMAZING! I feel like I'm looking into space.
- Mandy Mint Pumps - I haven't giving up getting a pair of shoes like this style. I can't afford Jeffrey Campbells (The Foxy's) right now and in Portugal SEASIDE has a cheaper version but the quality hhuuummm it doesn't look like it will last long.

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. The Collage was made via Polyvore website.


Musical Friday #101

EN: It was really too soon to assume that Summer was here. I should have know better, a very very hot day out of nowhere is normally a sign of bad weather incoming, am I wrong? Possibly >.<.
After Tuesday the weather went down hill, I feel like I'm in London or Prague, having 3 different types of weather in one day.
I just want the sun to stick around. I think we are all sick of bad weather for now.

Avril Lavigne - Here's To Never Growing Up - New - Wait until 2:04 for the flashback moment, it's "Complicated" Avril Lavigne! hehe Get it?


Miley Cyrus on the cover of V Magazine 2013

EN: Hello Bananas! I few weeks ago I saw Miley Cyrus pictures for V Magazine and WOW, this is defo not Hannah Montana anymore.
What do you think about these pictures? And her hair? When she initially cut her hair I as like huummm then I saw other pictures and I thought she looked nice. Now I do admit I prefer her with her hair down then all up in the air, well unless is like a nice faux hawk. Did you see her hair at the MET Gala 2013 last week? The theme of the Gala was Punk Rock, and she sure did dressed up for the occasion.


Dream House #13

EN: Today I was doing some bedroom cleaning and I had to step outside twice, one two throw out some garbage and another to pick something I that I dropped out of my window and all this story to tell you that it was kinda of hot over here and immediately made me wish I had a swimming pool right outside.
Is it too soon to say that Summer has arrived to Portugal?

PT: Hoje estive a fazer algumas limpezas e arrumações no meu quarto e tive de sair de casa duas vezes, uma para ir deitar o lixo e outra para ir apanhar uma vassourinha que eu tinha deixado cair da minha janela e posso dizer que estava calor e imediatamente fez-me desejar por uma piscina aqui mesmo ao lado do meu prédio. Eu sei que existe pelo menos um prédio aqui na minha terriola que tem uma piscina para os moradores... aaahhh sortudos! Ainda cheguei a ir lá, quando uma amiga da minha mãe vivia por lá.
Será cedo de mais para dizer que o Verão já chegou a Portugal? 


Musical Friday #100

EN: Hello Bananas! I can't believe that I reached my 100th Musical Friday >.<. I think I officially started doing them in 2011 :P. Wow time flies.
I have nothing to say about this week, all days seem the same to me, that's what happens when you are unemployed.

PT: Olá Bananas!  Eu não posso acreditar que cheguei ao meu centésimo Musical Friday post. Eu acho que comecei em 2011. Wow o tempo voa.
Eu não tenho nada para partilhar sobre esta semana, todos os dias da semana parecem-me iguais, é o que acontece quando uma pessoa está desempregada.

Iggy Azalea - Bounce - New


Nails Inc. London swatches: Windsor Castle


EN: Hello Bananas! Today I will share with one my first Magnetic nail polishes from Nails Inc. London called Windsor Castle. I have this nail polish since March 2012, I got it as an early Bday gift. I loooove the colour, it's blue with some purple shimmer/undertone.
Now regarding the application, like my other N.I.L. nail polishes it's perfect no complaints the issues start with the magnet, you have to apply two coats of the nail polish in order to then use the magnetic, but the marks not always show up, I don't know if I was not applying enough nail polish or the magnetic is a bit weak. Annnooother thing that annoys me is the fact that this nail polish doesn't last more than 24 hours on my nails -_-. I am not joking! In the past I have used the Kensington Caviar Topcoat but this time I used the Catrice Quick Dry & High Shine Topcoat and it's the same. It's like as soon as the clock hit the 24 hour mark it starts peeling :( *sigh*.
I don't how necessary it is to use the Kensington Caviar Basecoat (I have the Topcoat not the Basecoat) for these Magnetic nail polishes. I have used others in the past and it made no difference what so ever.
Have any of you ever bought a N.I.L. Magnetic nail polish? What was your experience with it? Do I really need the K.C. Basecoat to make it last?


In The Kitchen | Banana, Apple & Bolacha Maria Smoothie


EN: Hello Bananas!
Last week I was seeing a lot of smoothie pictures on Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogs that I follow and I decided to make one. Now I haven't made or drank a smoothie in probably a year maybe and there was a time that I used to do them but then I "kinda" forgotten about them.
I was in such a hurry to make one and drink it that I didn't even take a picture of the final product - what a great "Blogger/Youtuber" I am - but I did remember to film it so you will be able to see it in the end and it was dddeeelicious!

PT: Olá Bananas!
Na semana passada não parava de encontrar fotos de smoothies (batidos?) no Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogs que sigo e decidi fazer um. Eu provavelmente já não fazia ou bebia um smoothie à quase um ano, havia uma altura que os fazia mas depois "esqueci-me" deles.
A pressa era tanta de fazer um e beber-lo que nem tirei uma foto do resultado final - mas que grande "Blogger/Youtuber que eu sou ahn - mas lembrei-me de filmar o processo por isso dá para ver no vídeo como ficou e estava delicioso!


Outfit #12 - Festival Season

Outfit #12 - Festival Season

Miss Selfridge / Glamorous denim short shorts, $23 / Topshop studded shoes / Zara mini handbag / Casio silver watch, $32 / ASOS , $12 / Silver bangle, $7.76 / Meadowlark onyx ring, $355 / Barry M , $4.36 / Models Own orange nail polish, $7.78 / Racerback top

EN: Hello Bananas! We are in May and you know what that means... Festival Season has started!
Now I haven't been to a concert (like a big proper one) in freaking ages. Living where I live is a big disadvantage so I can't go as much as I wished and I always end up not having money when it's time for Festivals :/.
Anyways today's outfit is what I would where if I would go to a open spaced concert. Let's be realistic, in a concert you can end up staying up for hours, so I need flat shoes, here in Portugal during Summer time it is hot has hell and I will bring a jacket because depending where the concert is at, the nights sometimes - soooometimmeesss - can be a bit chilly.
Are you guys going to any concert/festivals this Summer?

PT: Olá Bananas! Estamos em Maio e para quem vive em Portugal sabe que a época de Festivais está mesmo ao virar da esquina.
A última vez que fui a um concerto - daqueles mesmo à séria - faz ooohhh anos. Uma das razões é por causa de onde eu vivo por isso não posso ir com muita frequência e também calha nunca ter dinheiro na altura dos Festivais :/.
De qualquer das formas o outfit de hoje é o que eu usaria num concerto ao ar livre. Sejamos realistas, num concerto uma pessoa passa horas em pé por isso preciso de sapatos rasos, aqui em Portugal vocês sabem bem como são as temperaturas no Verão e levaria um casaco porque às vezes - àààsss veeeezes - dependendo da zona, faz um briolezinho à noite.
Vocês vão a algum concerto/festival este Verão?

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. The Collage was made via Polyvore website.


Musical Friday #99

EN: Hello Bananas!
Last Friday something not so funny happened... I accidentally deleted my Musical Friday Playlist on Youtube -_- aaggrrrhh. Basically on Youtube I have a private playlist of mostly new songs that I discover and I want to feature on my Musical Friday posts and once I use a song I delete it from the list but the last time I did it, I clicked the wrong button and it deleted my playlist >.<.
I could only remember some of the songs in order to create a new list because the list had like 40 to 60 song I think... Oh well!
There has been to things that pissed me off this week. One being the fact that my neighbours don't hold the buildings entrance door while entering or exiting and every freaking time it's like vvruuuumBAM BOOM...I swear one day that door will fall apart. And the second thing is phone calls, so basically a Portuguese company (PT) calls my house asking if I use any cable service and for how long have I been using... okay... the annoying part is when they call like 3 to 5 times PER DAY asking the SAME THING! What kind of crappy shitty system do you guys have? And every time me and my mother tell them "But one of your colleagues already called." they say "Oh really? I'm sorry... I didn't have anything here in the system.", same reply all the time... one day I will snap on the phone -_-. I worked in a call-center before (not the same kind of service) but every time there was a call either incoming or outgoing we had to register what we talked about... of course there was always some penises that never wrote anything -_- but I digress.
Happy Weekend! And don't forget to check out my previous post for some inspiration for May :D.

Alicia Keys feat. Maxwell - Fire We Make - New - Like some people said in the comments, "Some one is going to get pregnant tonight" XD It's THAT type of song hehe.


Hello May

EN: Hello Bananas! Well what do you know... It's May!!! 
Overall my month of April was pretty good, definitely better than March for sure. Today I went to Sephora to collect my birthday gift, since I'm a Black Card Member. It's the second time that I receive one, although in 2012 I didn't get anything huuumm oh well. It was a mini-palette with 4 eye shadows, 2 lip glosses and one blusher and when I say mini it is very mini, it is a perfect travel size but I will later on in the month do a blog post about it. Also bought some little bits and bobs in Sephora that were in Sale sand then I finally bought a pair of Jeans at Bershka, I was in "desperate" need of  a new pair, since I gain a bit of weight it was enough for most of my jeans not to fit me anymore so I was always wearing the same blue jeans and the colour is starting to wash out.
Other than that, happy month of May and check out the pictures below for some monthly inspiration.

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