Musical Friday #26

It's Friday everyone, the end of another week. With all this time spent at home, all days seem the same for me.
So regarding me Laptop, I gave the green light in order to fix it, in the mean time I have the Hard Disk of my Laptop. I bought a case, the guy put the Hard Disk inside, and now I use it kinda like an external drive. The fixing of my laptop, will take about 2 weeks. He has to get some pieces for the Laptop, and then it has to stay in testing, to make sure, everything is working 100% and it doesn't puff as soon as it gets home lol. I'm so happy that my Hard Disk is intact, aaahhh crazy bananas!
In the mean time, regarding, where the hell will I go next year, so I guess Prague is off the plan and now is London Baby! Due to some misunderstanding between the Company and my University, only one girl from my University can do the internship, and in this case the other girl will go. The Company never called me to make an interview or whateva - even though they didn't need it because they already know me - ... I am both sad and happy. I'm sad that I won't be able to work again with my colleagues of the Company, and party with them, and be with my Shushu Plami all the time, but at the same time I'm existed to go to London off course. I'm just waiting to know if they will need me in January or only in March. It's exiting to hear a company say that they are interested in you. Now I just don't know if they are "just sayin'" 'cause in the way it will be free labour, they won't have to pay me, my University is the one that give us the scholarship, or they are actually excited for me to come on over. Either way is good to hear positive feedback, don't you think?
For now I'm working with my Windows XP Professional from the year 2003 desktop computer.. oh Dear Lord! It's soooo slow, I have no idea what the fudge it's the problem. I used to be able to play games -like The Sims - and listen to music and have other things one, now, if I have two internet pages open, rsrsrsrsrsrs. Even to write this post is a nightmare, it's like I will write 2 sentences, and the guy is still stuck on the first 3 words....
Anyways on to the music.

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans – AUGH! She is got to be this year’s best newcomer in the music business. Today I show you 2 of my favourite singles from her, love it, love it, love it! Her personal style and the music, looks like a miss from the 60’s, and something from the 90’s. There was this moment in the 90’s that people (I think mostly in America) were dressing like the 50’s and 60’s., some certain dress cuts, and the big puffy hair…
Lana Del Rey – Video Games

Foster The People - Call It What You WantNew Single – And another new discovery for me, I like the song, it stays in the hear.

Florence + The Machine - No Light, No LightNew Single – Now this new videoclip from Florence, is causing a lot of trouble, because of the “voodoo” person painted in black that she is running away from, and then the fact that when she falls, she falls into the little hands of the Catholic Caucasian boys -_- people… C’MOOONNN…. Stop being over dramatic. Did Prodigy got into a lot of problems when they did the videoclip for “Voodoo People”?

Cults – Abducted



  1. I got the news over a blog post, jeeezas woman, I soo wanted you here! But I am sure you will rock London, I still miss you like crazy though ;( :*

  2. I still haven't hear any of those songs yet, but I will surely give them a try one of these days. :-)

    Much love from Mystic Nymph.

  3. great songs!
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  4. Nice! Great music :D



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