Friday's Weekly Resume #2 @ Prague

Hiya, another week as passed, and some days were more agitated than others.
On the 29th of January, I went to check out the house I saw on the internet on Friday. So it’s in Prague 6, the building is right next to a Tram and bus Stops, so that way I’m just a few minutes away from the Dejvická Subway/Metro Station. It’s a small apartment on the 4th Floor, 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 toilet room, 1 bathroom. Zuzana is the owner of the apartment, and she shared the flat with Aya. Zuzana is going away for a while for some abroad work, and they were looking for someone to live in the spared room. That’s when I came into the picture, I went there Saturday morning, met Zuzana and Aya, saw the apartment, talked a bit with them, and went back home, and waited for the answer…..

30th of January – Didn’t do much during the day, I kept looking for other apartments, but no success whatsoever, and I was “praying” that Zuzana and Aya would pick me, cause the house is lovely. Later that day, Zuzana called me, and choose me YYYEEEAAAAHHHHIIIII, I was so happy. *Insert happy dance here* =3 So schedule my moving day for the 2nd of February. Zuzana even offered to help me, by pick me and my stuff up at my friend’s house.

On the 31th of January and 1st of February didn’t do much, I stayed at my friends house, and started to pack some things that I previously unpacked, and also distribute the weight, because the apartment is on the 4th floor…. And there’s no elevator :/
2nd of February – I had schedule with Zuzana my Landlord, at 9pm that she could pass by my friend’s house, to take me and my stuff to her place…. but then there was a bit of a last minute change of plans. My friend’s fathers decided that he was coming to Prague, and take her home to Slovakia on the 2nd of Feb, and wanted to leave Prague at 5pm the latest…. My friend was suppose to go back to Slovakia on the 3rd of Feb.
So I had to call my Landlord, asking if there was any chance that I could move in earlier, if there would be anyone at the flat during the afternoon. Lucky Aya my flatmate, was able to go home for an hour, so that I could move in. So I went by Taxi, there was no way I was gonna carry 50 Kilos (in total) in public transports. Once there Aya was very nice, and helped me carry my stuff aalll thhheee waayyy to the 4th floor >.< Oh God I died….. ggeeeeezzzz
After resting for a some minutes and catch my breath back, I started unpacking with a big smile on my face :D. I love my new room, I think I like this room more than I like my own bedroom in Portugal haha, I definitely like this bedroom more than the one back in Nottingham.  I passed the rest of the day tidying up the room, and went to bed early, I was so tired, mentally and physically….

3rd of February – I passed most of the day at home, just finishing some tidying up, and then when I wanted to go out, to buy some food, it started to snoooowwww aalooottt >.< for like 3 hours. After it stopped I went to a close by Supermarket called Billa. And cooked dinner for me and asked Aya if she wanted to join me. Aya is from Japan, she’s a ballet dancer here in Prague. She is very nice and friendly, I am happy to have her as my flatmate. During dinner we got to talk a bit and get to know each other better.

4th of February – Did my morning shenanigans, and after lunch I went to the City Center, to see where is located the place that I’m going to do my internship. It was easy to find. Got in and talk to one of my Bosses that I’ve been in contact during my process. She is very friendly, and helpful, and she’s from Brazil, so we talked in Portuguese, and she explained to me a bit more what am I going to do there. I am both excited and nervous to start working there… I hope everything goes well.

Have a nice weekend.

Oh and here's some pictures of my bedroom ^.^

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  1. Tens uma flatmate japonesa!!! ^__^ O quarto é muito lindo pá!!! Adorei!!! :D


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