Musical Friday #94

Quote - Worse

EN: Hello Bananas. Remember my last Musical Friday in which I shared with you the fact that things don't always go as we wish and things were looking kinda bad my way? Yeah so they just got worse during this last week.
On Saturday I got a message from one of my childhood friends that she was going to surgery (again) :S. Then on Sunday something happened that left me very unhappy, sorry if I don't share with you what is, somethings are just meant to be kept private (if you are young, you were learn this with time). And then yesterday (Thursday) my mother's aunt (my aunt-grandmother) passed away.... *taking a deep breath*.
She was in the Hospital since around last Christmas and there have been lots of ups and downs with her health.
I honestly can not wait for this month to be over. I actually have at least 3 other family members that past away during March in the past... is too much...
Other than that, last Sunday since it was a crappy day luckily I already had schedule plans with my friend Akuma Kanji and went to the Optician to get my new glasses and that in a way it also helped me take my mind of things and later on at night we re-watched a bunch of old Jackass episodes, aahhh teenage years.
And also I slept over my friend house (the one that went to surgery) for 2 nights. Sincer her boyfriend had to work the late night shift, I stayed with her during the night to keep her company and be sort of a "nurse".
And that was my week.

Jakwob - Fade feat. Maida

Neon Hitch - Pink Fields - New Single

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How's that Girl?

EN: How's that Girl? It's Jess! 
Hello Bananas! I'm a sort of a series Junkie but when I love a series once it's over I watch them and re-watch them and re-watch them (I can NOT tell you how many times I've seen Will & Grace) and I get stuck in a rot. Anyways last month I was watching TV and came across this series called "New Girl", now I already new the existence of this series but I never bothered to go and check it out from the start, so that day I saw 2 episodes and I was hooked!
Right now I'm up to date, I've seen the 1st season and now I'm on the 2nd season. Today (Tuesday) it airs a new episode but I'm only able to see it on the next day.
In case you don't know the story, it's about a sweet and innocent girl named Jess, the season starts with her breaking up with her boyfriend - because he cheated on her - and she moves out of the house and goes to live with 3 other boys. The boys, Nick, Schmidt and Winston are all different from each other but very similar in others areas. And then you also have Jess' best friend Cece.
If you like funny, laughable series with the frequent love stories here and there, this might be for you.



Musical Friday #93

EN: Hey Bananas! This week there was a lack of posts. I just wasn't in the mood. We all have good days and bad. This week kinda sucked, I received some information that didn't leave me happy and I got even more stressed because of it. It's nothing too serious but don't you just hate when things don't go as planned?
Oh well, at least this weekend hopefully I will get my new glasses.
Here's some music to cheer people up.

Icona Pop - I Love It (feat. CHARLI XCX ) 


Things that make you go huuummm! #7

EN: Hello Bananas! One of my most viewed posts on my Blog is about Sushi (Sushi Lover #1). I'm a big lover of Sushi and other Japanese meals. Whenever I go to a Sushi restaurant with my mates I always eat too much and always end up in a food coma state XD. Do you like Sushi? Sayonara!

PT: Olá Bananas! Um dos meus post mais vistos no meu Blog é sobre Sushi (Sushi Lover #1). Sou uma grande amante de Sushi e outras refeições Japonesas. Sempre que vou a um restaurante Japonês com os meus amigos e como sempre de mais e acabo sempre num estado de coma lol. Vocês gostam de Sushi? Sayonara!


Musical Friday #92

EN: Hello Bananas! There is not much to say other than last weekend I had a very stressful couple of days and I'm hoping that this one will be much calmer. This week I got to see some of my mates and hang out with them which is always nice and today I finally went to the optician and now I'm waiting for my new glasses aaahhh I can't wait *clapping of excitement*. My eyes were going crazy bananas since last year and it was time for a much needed upgrade on the lenses and the frames because although I like my current frames, there are in fact a pain in the ass :/.
Happy Weekend and enjoy the music.

Iggy Azalea - Work - New Single - A thunder from down under. Damn I like this girl and those hips lie DAYYUUMM!


Rihanna for River Island

EN: Hello Bananas! I few months ago I told you that Rihanna was teaming up with clothe brand River Island to do a collection. And a couple of weeks ago it was the London Fashion Week and the clothes were finally revealed. In my opinion, the clothes are very Rihanna (current) style, the collection seems to be inspired by the 90's underground, very minimalistic style and most clothes are either white, black or grey, with a few colour pieces like yellow ad red and denim blue. 
Below you can see some videos with the Fashion Show. So what do you guys think about the collection? Would you personally buy anything? There are certain pieces that I like, like the cap, the bag, the boots and some of the dresses.


Dream House #11

EN: Hello Bananas! Today's Dream House post is about bedrooms again. I did a post about this more than a year ago [here], where I talked about the type of bedroom that would like to have for my bedroom at my parents house. Although I'm an adult now and hopefully I would be able to move out of parents house forever I would still like to decorate my bedroom the way that shared with you on that last post (sort off Japanese inspired and black and white with maybe a bit of red or purple).
Anyways the photos on this post today are not Japanese inspired, but most of them have something in common, big windows, neutral/soft colours and a bit minimalistic.
Where I live with my parents, my bedroom has to be a bit of a bedroom+office space, which can be a bit of a mess. So in a perfect world, I wish to maintain my bedroom as simple as possible and for one purpose only sleeping (aaaaand other stuff -_- but we don't need to talk about that lol) and when I say as simple as possible it means not even a wardrobe inside or a vanity table, those things would be in a different room, a walking closet if you wish, but like I said before, his would be in a perfect world.


Musical Friday #91

EN: Hello Bananas! My afternoon and evening was more or less like this picture. Spent with friends and eating till we reached the food coma point! :)
Have a good weekend everyone.

Ellie Goulding - Explosions


Tag | What's in my Bag?

EN: Hello Bananas! Today's video is a a well known tag in Youtube, specially among girls, it's the "What's in my Bag" video, in which basically you show normally what you carry in your bag. My bag is from H&M, I bought when I was living in Prague in 2011 and even though I have a few bags this is the one that I use the most.
This was the third time I was trying to film this video, it was now or never. I tried once last Summer but the footage was crappy then I tried like in November or something but artificial lighting does not make me justice.
Are you a light traveler? Or do you carry your house in the bag?
Hope you enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos :).

PT: Olá Bananas! O vídeo de hoje é um tag bem conhecido no Youtube, pelo menos entre as meninas, é o "O que tenho dentro da mala?", em que basicamente partilhamos o que temos dentro das nossas malas. A minha mala é da H&M, comprei quando estava a viver em Praga em 2011 e apesar de ter algumas malas esta é a que eu acabo por usar mais.
Esta foi a terceira vez que tentei gravar este vídeo, era agora ou nunca. Eu tentei uma vez no Verão passado mas a imagem não estava boa e depois tentei outra vez por volta de Novembro mas a luz artificial não me faz justiça.
Vocês viajam sempre levezinhas? Ou têm o hábito de levar a casa às costas?
Espero que gostem do vídeo e não se esqueçam de subscrever no meu canal :).

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Outfit #10

Outfit #10

Wallis stoner shirt / Burberry trench coat / Burberry skinny fit jeans, $270 / Color block boots / Michael Kors watch, $345 / Ring / Sisley lipstick, $48 / Essie nail polish / Warby Parker Winston Eyeglasses / CÉLINE zip bag

EN: Hello Bananas! So a new month has started and already is kinda of sucking. All day over here it has been raining basically non stop and they say that it will continue to rain till Friday -_- BAH!
The outfit that I created was based on the current weather, there is nothing like a good classic trench/rain coat. The one that I used is from Burberry but of course I can't afford Burberry (or even the Céline bag or the Michael Kors watch lol). I used to have one somewhat similar to that one but I gave it to my mother just because I felt it was a bit to big for me, it was from Zara Lefties (2008/09?).
So what do you think about this outfit? I tend to be a bit matchy matchy, it's just the way I am XD.
P.S.: What do you think about the glasses? I'm hoping to find a model like this at a affordable price since my lenses are normally freaking expensive.

PT: Olá Bananas! Um novo mês já começou e já cheira mal. O dia todo esteve a chover  e agora dizem que vai continuar assim até sexta-feira -_- ai a minha vida ahn!.
O outfit que criei hoje foi com base no tempo que se faz lá fora, não há nada melhor do que uma boa gabardina/casaco impermeável assim com um formato clássico e intemporal. O que eu usei é da Burberry mas é óbvio eu não tenho dinheiro para um casaco da Burberry (ou até para a mala da Céline ou o relógio do Michael Kors lol). Eu tinha um casaco parecido a este mas dei à minha mãe, simplesmente porque ficava-me um bocadinho grande, principalmente nos ombros, era da Zara Lefties (2008/09).
O que é que acham deste outfit
P.S: O que acham dos óculos? Espero conseguir encontrar um modelo assim parecido a um preço acessível uma vez que só as minhas lentes são bué caras, eu sou um pouco cegueta :/.

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. The Collage was made via Polyvore website.


Musical Friday #90

Hello Bananas! Guess what? March has arrived! I know you have heard this before but... time is flying waayyy toooo fast these days. It feels that just yesterday we started the year and now we are already in the third month damn.
Other than that, tomorrow I'm going to a Baby Shower of one of my best friends. I have never been to one of these things, should it be much different from any other friends gathering other than the fact that it's all girls, I think and you have to bring a present for the baby? Hope not lol.
Depending  how it goes tomorrow, I will have my inpirational post for the month of March, if not tomorrow, then Sunday.
Have a nice weekend1 xoxo

Miguel - Candles in the Sun - New Single - Miguel's songs are something special. They sound like something for the late 80's early 90´s put with a modern twist and a lot of feeling and sexinesses. His currently girlfriend is smoking hot, for me they are officially the hottest couple out there.

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