The New Barry M CROC effect nail polish

I guess by now you guys are familiar with the nail polishes with the Crackle effect right? Now Barry M. has a new nail polish similar to the Crackle effect but this one is called Croc effect, meaning that the effect will look like a crocodile skin I guess.
There is nothing more I can say for the moment - because I don't own one yet - other than so far I only have seen in the colour Black, and it cost 3.99 pounds in the U.K.
Would you be interested in having this new Barry M. nail polish?


Musical Friday #35

Hi everyone, how was your week?

Mine was all right, like I wrote on Wednesday post I went to a concert at night with my friend Zuzana plus her friend Jaidy and Jaidy's bf Patrick. We saw Delilah, a guy how's name I don't know at all and Emilie Sande. It was very nice, I will try next Friday to post the videos that I filmed. I wanted to publish on Youtube but I'm afraid that I would have sort of problem, with copyright shiz. I already have two strikes and if I get a third one, they will shut down my account -_- so I might create an account on Vimeo and upload there, on in another website that I've been seeing on Andy Torres blog, in any case I will let you guys know if you are interested let me know.
Tonight I'm going out again, I have a dinner party to go to. Yesterday was my friend Yuiko's Bday and tonight we will celebrate. I met Yuiko early 2010 when I was in Nottingham doing Erasmus, since then we became friends and she also visited me when I was in Prague last year.
As usual I leave you with some music, enjoy, and have a nice weekend!

Cher Lloyd - Want U Back ft. Astro – New Single


Can't stop thinking about you...

Last Sunday I went to a MASSIVE Shopping Mall called Westfield, this one is locate next to the Stradford, and over there there is a shoe shop called Office and what did I see on the window of the shop? LITAS from JEFFREY CAMPBELL! O_O I died!
I tried one foot of the Spiked Litas and I fell in Love <3. I already liked them, but now that I finally try it, the will of wanting a pair became bigger! Aaaaahhhhhhh!
Some girls LOVE the Litas other HATE the Litas, I am on the Love side, it reminds me of the 70's platform shoes and by the way the 70's are my favourite decade specially when it comes to Fashion wise.
Aaaahhhhh what to do,what to do >.


Tonight Tonight!

WOW so far has been a crazy bananas day at my work (internship).
I just hope that later on I will be able to leave at my normal schedule, because I have a concert to go to, later on tonight . My friend Zuzana during this last weekend she basically texts me saying “blah blah blah, Hey on Wednesday I'm taking you out! I have tickets for us.” I was o_O oooohhhh who's gonna be playing?
So it will be these two Ladies, Emeli Sandé and Delilah. I already new Emeli from a song she sang with British rapper Professor Green called “Read All About It” but I don't think I ever heard about Delilah.
Anyways I went to Youtube to check out more songs of them, so far I'm very excited to hear live these songs.

Emeli Sandé - Daddy ft. Naughty Boy


December's Shopping plus Sales Shopping

Hi everyone!
Here's a post about the things I bought while I was still in Portugal during the month of December, plus a few things I bought during sales season, that I hadn't showed you yet. So with no more futher ado, where it goes.

Tresemme Heat protector in the Spray version, this one I actually gave it to my Mother.


WARNING! My Gmail was Hacked!

Boys and Girls, be careful with your Gmails accounts and other profiles and emails that you may have. 
The Anonymous have been attacking/hacking today. For like a half an hour I lost the access to my Blog - it said that my Blog didn't exist, and then I also couldn't enter my Gmail account that is connected to my Blog :S.
AARRRGGHHHH Luckly I got it all back! With the safety question, and send codes to my mobile to reopen my accounts uuffff, I was so scared, going like,
in my head, I had to play cool, since I'm at work, oh jesus!
If you can change your passwords to something long and full of big and small letters and signs and numbers.
I had to change my password not one but  twice, in just a few minutes! No joke!
Be aware guys!


This pictures was found at Google.co.uk.


Musical Friday #34

Hi everyone. How yo dOing?
OMG  like now that I’m here in London, I write my posts first on my Laptop and then I transfer to the other computer that has internet access but I’m going crazy with my Laptop keyboard, is like I haven’t used it for years, like I’m not calibrated, get it? It’s like I miss the letters that I want or use other that I don’t need, when I write, I have no idea what’s going on…. anyways, on the picture above you can see one of my few new purchases a red nail polish from the brand “17” name of the colour I guess it’s suppose to be “Knockout Red”, it’s a bright red, like it says on the bottle “Fast Finish” so it dries pretty fast, the only thing that I will have to do is to buy a Topcoat nail polish, because just with 2 coats it will only last for a day on my nails.
My first week in London basically DONE! My internship is going pretty well I guess, this Friday was an intense day, trying in the afternoon to close a deal, most of the people had left the office and me and other 2 (my bosses in a way) were still in dealing with this shiz! Uuufff we stayed basically 2 hours more and we finally finishes we went straight to the Pub to meet with the rest of our colleagues. After a situation like this, I REALLY NEEDED A BEER! Haha.
It was so nice, hanging out and getting to know my new colleagues. And figures crossed I might have a place to stay for the next few months :D, I’m going to check out Saturday morning.
Have a nice weekend yall, I’m going to bed >.<

Youngman - Who Knows?


Quick post! #5

On my way to London.
Hello everyone! Yes I’m still alive, and No I didn’t forget about you guys :).
Soooooo yeah as you know I’m in London, so far so good. I arrived on Saturday, got my 2 bags, nothing was lost :D. I was so tired, a family member of mine picked me up, damn talk about a big journey, all the way from London’s Heathrow airport (on one side of London) till basically the other side of the city pppfffff. That same day that I arrived I went later on to a Bday of someone, ggeeezzzz, you can imagine how dead I was.
On Monday it was my first day at the company, learned a few things, and now I’m doing it. The people there are nice, the office is quite small compared to my internship experience in Prague. But is the same vibe in terms of international people (or at least European).


Musical Friday #33

(Alright... I'm going, I'm going...)
Hello everyone! I see I have some new followers, WELCOME! :D
So quick post, the bags are almost packed, but I might have to change a few things.... and right now I'm going crazy looking for my black pijamas... wtf? My house is not that big, how can they dissapear!?!? -_-
Since my flight is so early in the morning, I guess I'm gonna end up sleeping liiikkeeee 2/3 hours >.< no problem, I can sleep in the airplane, smooooooth.
Don't know when I will be able to post, but hopefully soon, I have so much stuff to Blog about.
Take care everyone, and thanks for all the love and support for my journey.
Love you guys!

Rihanna - You Da One - New Single


Is time to PACK!

Here I go again! In just like 2 days and a half I will be flying early in the morning to London >.<.
God I still can't believe it's happening, and still I have so much shiz to do. I haven't been able to Blog as much as I wanted for this year so far, but I really been busy, going here and there to buy stuff, take care of other stuff before I leave, and now I have to start packing.
I'm not a light traveler, I'm defo one of those people that when they travel they take their house behind haha -_-.
You would assume that with all the travelling I've been doing for the last 3 years I would have the type of situation dominated LIKE A BOSS, but not quite.
This week I "discovered" two like beauty Youtubers/Bloggers from the U.K., and as I watched their hauls videos of clothes and makeup I started thinking.... "huummm I don't need to take all my handbags, much makeup, many this and that, 'cause I won't control myself and I'm defo gonna SHOP over there muuuhahaha". So by watching their video it made me rethink what I'm going to take with me to London.
Okei, of I go now, to continue with the packing, tomorrow I have to run some more errands >.< uuuff!


Bloggers, Youtubers and viewers Lunch Gathering 17/12/11 #2

Photo belongs to Ana Rita from Let's Talk About Beauty
Last month/year (lol) I did a brief post about the Bloggers, Youtubers and viewers lunch gathering at a Shopping Mall called C.C.Colombo in Lisbon. 
It was lots of fun, meeting new people and get to see others again.
I went to Lisbon with Akuma Kanji, we both live in the same town, we took the train, and in the train I was still finishing with my makeup and some other details lol. I was going to do a topcoat on my nails, but I didn't have time... and then I found out that my nailpolish bottle that was on my lap, was not 100% well closed, and some drops fell on my favourite tights and on my "leather" skirt , plus I forgot to bring with me any type of jewlery (ring, bracelet, necklace, earings) aahhhh bolox!
Anyways once we arrive to Colombo, I spotted the girls close to the massive Christmas tree that they had there at the time, after we waited for a while for everybody we searched for a spot so we could gather tables, so that we could sit all together. We talked, ate our lunch (each person could go to different restaurants), talked some more, and then did the Secret Friend wich was the swap of gifts. 
And now for some photos.


Musical Friday #32

Olá a todos e Feliz Ano Novo. Este é o meu primeiro post do ano, nestes últimos dias estive na ronha depois da passagem de ano, estive também fazer análises, mudei a posição de alguns móveis do meu quarto, arranjei mais uma estantezita, que depois de monta-la cheguei à conclusão que isto pouco ou nada tem de espaço, parecia maior na foto -_-, fui a Lisboa e comecei a preparar as coisas para a minha viajem, a contagem decrescente já começou, dia 14 de Janeiro "ahla Cardoso" lá vou eu para Londres! Já começava a sentir-me assim uma beca coise, 4 meses em Portugal, sem fazer muito, comidinha da mamã bla bla bla... mas depois de uma cenazita que aconteceu hoje, it hit me.... mal posso esperar para ir embora dasssss >.<.
Como sempre, uma vez que é sexta-feira, deixo aqui umas musiquinhas, espero que gostem.

Hello everyone and Happy New Year. This is my first post of the year, on these last few days I've been kinda lazy after the NYE, I also went to do some analysis, I changed the position of some furnitures in my bedroom, I bought this little bookcase thingy that after I built it I came to the conclusion that this thingy has no space what-so-ever- it looked bigger in the picture -_-, went to Lisbon and I started preparing my stuff for the journey, the final countdown has began, on the 14th of January I will be going to London Baby! I was starting to feel a bit homy, 4 months in Portugal, with not much to do, mama's food bla bla bla... but after a little thing that happened today, it hit me... I can't wait to leave fuuuuuuu >.<
As usual, since is Friday an all, I leave you with some songs, hope you like it.

First I will share with you a compilation of the best songs of 2011 from an ex-collegue of mine from Prague, he is now a full-time DJ. His name is Peppe, he's from Italy, he is also know has DJ Josh.
Christmas Gift - free download by Peppe Prezz

Swedish House Mafia vs Knife Party - Antidote 

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