Musical Friday #119

EN: Salutations from Great Britain!
Oh guys what a journey! I've been here for a week now, and in case you didn't know I don't have a laptop so I have to use my cousin's one.
Let me take you back to last Wednesday (18th of Sept.). I woke up early in the morning and went to the hairdresser to cut my hair. At the beginning I thought that the man did a fairly good job but now I'm seeing waayyy to many layers for my taste -__-. After that I spent the rest of the day at home packing the rest of my little stuff till 2:00AM uuuffffff.
On the 19th, the day of my journey I woke up at 7:30AM, got ready and left my house at around 9:30AM and I still had to buy some bag lockers because I couldn't find any of the 3 that I have -_-. So I bought that and a bag-belt. Once we were at the airport and I did my check-in and after a bit I went to the waiting room. So we had to take a bus to get to our plane and once we were in the bus we went to our plane, stayed there 30 seconds and then went back to where we were... WTF? Then the Lady said that the airplane didn't have any cabin crew. After 3 minutes we went back to the airplane and that's when I noticed.... there were like four to five babies in the plane... UUUWWWHHAATTT????? And 3 of them were close to me.... Lord have mercy.....
After like 3 hours flying we had to stay in the air for half an hour and my ears couldn't deal with it anymore.
So after we landed, I picked up my bag aaaaaand guess what? It was damaged, it was ripped on the side. Luckily since I worked for a airline in the past I knew exactly what to do. So I went to the counter and filled a paper and they gave me a new bag straight away, I was quite surprised. My bag was from Vaag, light blue, medium size, I bought it in 2010 but I never used it, this was the bag's first journey ever :S. They gave me a bigger bag in black, so I went to a corner to transfer all my stuff to the new bag and I had to leave my blue bag behind since I was going home by train and not by car.
After I left the bag area, the first thing I did was to go to Costa Coffee - ooohhh I've missed you so much - got a Cappucino and then went to the Underground. At one point in my journey I had to chain trains and as I getting out of the train my small pink trolley handle (the one that goes up and down) BROKE! OMG are the Gods of the Bags against me today? But I did manage to get home, bless the two gentleman that helped me carry my new massive black bag up the stairs.
On Friday I spent most of my day unpacking and at night a friend of mine invited me and my cousin to go watch the show STOMP. It was sooooo good! Unfortunately we were aloud to take photos.
On the next day I went to visit another cousin of mine and stupid little Karen forgot to "bip" her Oyster card (travel card) on the machine and of course that day the train was full of security guys and I got a £40 fine, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!
Oh well, other than that, I've been at home, starting to apply for jobs and etc... so I will leave you with some music now.

Iggy Azalea - Change Your Life feat. T.I. - New


Musical Sunday #118

EN: Hello Bananas!
Uufff these last 3 days were pretty full for me! Starting off with Friday I had dinner with some of my friends - oh I should remind you guys this was on a Friday 13th - we were suppose to go to a Chinese restaurant but it was closed for construction so we went to a Japanese restaurant - okei no problem - when we arrive there we sat down for a bit and then got up to get our food - because it was a buffet - when I was walking back to my seat I noticed that my left foot was felling a bit loose, I was wearing about 10cm high heels sandals and when I looked down the strap over my toes it came off o_O O.M.F. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! LUCKILY I'm a bit of a MacGyver/Mary Poppins type of the girl and that night I had my camera with me. And since my camera is kinda of broken I have to use tape and elastic around the battery area, I took those things off and used it on my sandals, of course there weren't good as new but I managed to survive.
On Saturday I went to the beach with another friend of mine. The weather was looking pretty dodgy in the morning and also we missed the 11:00AM boat so we had to wait for the next one at 12:00PM but things got better when the sky cleared up and the sky was all nice and blue. We went to the a beach called Tróia. I've been going there since I was a child but lately it has become a bit of an expensive beach to go to because of the boat ride. It's a great beach, specially now that they cleaned it up, have new hotels etc... but for some reason yesterday it was full of jellyfishes, I haven't seen jellyfishes on that beach for ages now, so I had to be very careful. Anyways it was great to catch some last rays of sun and get a bit more tanned. The picture/GIF above expresses my sadness because I can't go to the beach now for a big fat while.
Today I went with some friends to visit some other friends of ours and their baby daughter, we spent the evening catching up and eating butt loads and watching  a movie :P.
These last 3 days were filled with goodbyes and "see you laters".
Four more days till D day.

Lorde - Tennis Court


Busy times ahead...

EN: I know... I know I haven't been the best Blogger in the world... but was I ever? HAHA NOT!
Some of you may already know this but a week from now I'm flying to London, I've been saying this for the last month or so. 
I haven't been able to sit and focus and do a proper Blog post in a while. And I know... I know there are tones of Bloggers out there that manage to study+work+be a wife+be a mother+1000 things and still do a blog post on a daily basis but that's them and this is me.
I've been dealing with my shiz making sure I don't forget to do anything before I leave, I even made a list of "things to do", no joke because my memory is getting that bad.
Other than that I'm starting my goodbye season for the 85582877 time. My friend are probably tired of me leaving the country (because I lived abroad 3 times) and going like "How many times is she going to do this again?" haha.
In any case I'm a bit more active on other social medias like Tumblr, Pinterest and my Facebook Fan Page. My Twitter is mostly links of things that I post on those websites and videos that I like on Youtube. And speaking of Youtube yeah that is on stand-by as well. I'm trying to see if I'm able to film a couple of videos before I go.
OH want to know something funny... that actually is not funny... I don't have a laptop... sooo I don't know how am I going to blog once I'm there. Where I'm staying they have a computer buuut it's not the same you know? I'll figure something out, if things go well I will buy a new laptop once I'm there. Although I don't fancy the English keyboard, because the signs are in different positions and others that are part of the Portuguese vocabulary I have to figure it out where they are -_-. Any suggestions of good laptops (no Mac/Apple stuff please).
Well that is all for now... I will see you tomorrow.


Things that make you go huuummm! #12

EN: I don't know about you but there are days that I just want a BIG FAT JUICE BURGER! Most of the time I end up eating burgers from Mac Donalds or Burger King but the ones that I love are the ones that I normally eat in the U.K. in one of those Pub/Restaurant places aaaahhhhh they are sooooo goooood.
Can't wait to eat them again. Oops there goes my diet haha!

PT: Eu não sei como é para vocês mas eu de vez enquando tenho dias em que me apetece um HAMBÚRGUER GRANDE e SOCULENTO! Na maior parte das vezes, principalmente em Portugal, acabo por ir ao Mac Donalds ou o Burger King mas os hambúrguers que eu adoro são aqueles que encontro em certos restaurantes/pubs no Reino Unido, aaaahhhhh eles são tããão booons.
Mal posso esperar para poder come-los outra vez. Uups lá se vai a minha "dieta" haha!


Musical Friday #117

EN: Hello Bananas! This was rather calm week. I did go to the cinema and saw Elysium featuring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, it was pretty good with a ending that I was not expecting.
Oh I took a look at some shops and OMG, there is a Black coat in ZARA that... UNF... is making me day dream about it all the time! I'm still contemplating if I'm going to buy it or not because I'm sort of on a money ban, saving for London and all but at the same time it such a cool coat and a girl can never have too many winter coats while living in London, am I right? Plus it's cheaper for me to buy it here than in the U.K.. Surprised? We in Portugal complain about the fact that out there so many things are more expensive than in Portugal, well in case you didn't know ZARA is cheaper in Portugal than it is in the U.K., also Pull and Bear and Bershka.
Other than that the countdown continues and I'm two weeks away of flying to London. EEEEEEKKKKK! >.<

Conor Maynard - R U Crazy - New


Empties | Products I've used up #3

EN: Hello Bananas! Today I have for you my third Empties video. I have uploaded it a while ago on my channel but apparently I forgot to share it here on my Blog with you. So here it is!

PT: Olá Bananas! Para vocês, hoje tenho o meu terceiro video de produtos que já acabei/terminei. Eu fiz o upload do video no meu canal já faz um tempinho mas esqueci-me de partilhar convosco aqui no Blog. Por isso aqui está.
Caso tenham dificuldade em entender Inglês por baixo da fotografia tem um pequeno resumo de cada produto em Português.

Empties #3

Mentioned Products / Produtos Mencionados:

1 - Eldena Avocado Oil Vitamin E body lotion (for normal skin) / Leite Corporal com óleo de Abacate e Vitamine E da Eldena (para peles normais) - Para mim usar este creme foi a mesma coisa que nada. Como tenho a pele seca (principalmente nas pernas) e como o creme é para peles normais, logo é mais que óbvio que isto não iria dar resultado. Prefiro mil vez um outro creme da Eldena com Óleo de Amêndoas doces e Vitamina E.
2 - Neal's Yard Remedies - Rehydrating Rose, Daily Moisture (Nurtures and Replenishes - for normal skin) / Neal's Yard Remedies - Reidratação de Rosa, (Nutre e Repõe - para peles normais) - Este creme veio com uma revista da Marie Claire no ano passado (no Reino Unido). Eu não me lembro se a embalagem era suposto ser uma amostra ou tamanho real mas a relação produto-embalagem é um pouco má. A formula é muito líquida e sempre que abria tinha que ter cuidado e abanar o frasco um pouco ao contrário porque se não saía creme por todo o lado e era um desperdício. Para além que mais uma vez não me dei bem com o creme porque é para peles normais e eu tenho uma pele mais para o oleosa (na zona T). E AH este creme tem um forte cheiro a flores, eu pessoalmente não sou grande fã produtos com cheiros a flores principalmente para a cara.
3 - Adidas Deodorant  / Desodorizante da Adidas - Que posso dizer... faz o trabalho que tem  a fazer e gostei.
4 - Oriflame Perfume "Eclipse" / Perfume da Oriflame "Eclipse" - Este perfume foi a minha mãe que me ofereceu, eu não sou muito boa a descrever cheiro (que não sejam daqueles óbvios, coco, baunilha, etc...) mas era leve e fresco e não muito adocicado.
5 - Sephora Perfume Coconut scent / Perfume da Sephora com cheiro a Coco - Ehpah... adoro. Eu adoro cheiro de coco e o facto de que o fresco é pequeno torna-se fácil de levar na mala. Mas admito que para a relação produto-preço acho queee anda um pouco caro de mais para o que é.
6 - Johnson's Gentle Eye-Makeup Remover (for all skin types) / Desmaquilhante para os olhos da Johnson's (para todo o tipo de pele) - Bem eu ainda não experimentei muitos desmaquilhantes para olhos na vida, este da Johnson's é bom mas sei que existem melhores. O frasco continha dois líquidos um roxo e outro transparente por isso tínhamos de agitar antes de usar. Posso dizer que nunca irritou-me os olhos.
7 - Nivea Calming Facial Cleansing Water (for dry and sensitive skin) / Água de Limpeza Facial Acalmante da Nivea (para peles secas e sensíveis) - Eu comprei iste pensando que era para peles normais a oleosas mas afinal é para peles secas e sensíveis. Comprei isto quando ainda andava por Praga (2011) daí as palavras estarem escritas em checo maso  engraçado é que me dava bem com ele apesar de não ser para o meu tipo de pele.
8 - Nivea Makeup Remover Wipes / Toalhitas Desmaquilhantes da Nivea - Eu normalmente quando tiro a maquilhagem uso uma toalhita juntamente com creme para tirar a maquilhagem. Mas no dia que uso um look mas leve, às vezes só com pó compacto e corrector uso só a toalhita e as da marca Nivea são das minha favoritas.
9 - Percy & Reed Shampoo & Conditioner / Champô e Amaciador do Percy & Reed - Aiaiaiaiaiiaiai fiquei tão triste quando este produtos acabaram. Mais uma vez quando estava em Londres no ano passado houve uma edição da revista Glamour que vinha com este produtos como oferta. Só trazia um produto por revista (no total eram 4) e eu comprei duas, uma com o Champô e outra com o Amaciador. Escusado será dizer que só usava este produtos em dias especiais (haha), com o cabelo longo que tenho iria acabar com eles num instante. O Champô só por si não era suficiente para lavar o meu cabelo, por isso tinha que usar um outro champô primeiro e depois usava o do Percy & Reed mas já o Amaciador usava só aquele. E o resultado era mais ou menos o seguinte, o meu cabelo é complicado e quando usava este produtos eu esticava sempre o cabelo mas sentia que se deixa-se o cabelo secar ao natural iria ficar estranho mas depois de esticar sentia o cabelo super leve e ficava com um cheirinho que durava dois dias.
Daquilo que me lembro o Percy & Reed são cabeleireiros no Reino Unido de maneiras queeeee os produtos deles não são propriamente baratos. Se não me engano este Champô e Amaciador rondam as 10 Libras CADA!

This picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


Hello September

EN: Hello Bananas and Hello September!
You know Autumn/Fall is coming when you start seeing a bunch of Autumn leaves, warm drinks and Halloween pictures on Tumblr and Pinterest.
I am now 18 days away of flying to London. I've been waiting for the longest time to return to London (basically since I arrived to Portugal in June 2012) and I thought that this day would never come and now that I'm two weeks and half away it's like, "What? I'm going to London in 18 days? UWhat?", it hasn't 100% sunk into my brain.
In the mean time, I've been doing my things here and there and still have a few things to do, one of them is to cut my hair... again. Back in May I went to the hairdresser and it was the same as not going. A couple of weeks later my hair was all dry, with split ends and I didn't even blow dried my hair or used the straighter. For the last year I have been avoiding them and this Summer I barely ever used them. So now it's time to try a new hairdresser... again ... -_-. Sometimes I think about cutting my hair like should length but then naaahhh I'm not ready for that.
Fashion wise, I'm all about black! I can't wait to put my hands on my black jeans that I left in London and rip them. Oohhh and my black pistol boots, I have missed them soooo much! I already have my eyes on some more black boots, YES Miss Selfridge I'm talking to you!
That is all for now. Whar are you most excited for the month of September?

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