D.I.Y #1 When Jeans become Shorts and get ripped

Hello everyone, today I bring you my first D.I.Y (Do It Yourself). This one is pretty easy though, from jeans to shorts, plus rip them.

But first just let me tell you that now I have a G Plus page and a Facebook page for my Blog, you can follow me there if you wish :).
Okay back to the D.I.Y.
What will you need:
-A pair of Jeans

So you start off with a pair of jeans, I pick these ones from Bershka, they are probably 5/6 years old, one of my favourite jeans, since in a way they have sentimental value for me (lol), but didn't look good on me anymore, I decided to cut them.
I crab some other shorts that I have and measure it with them, just to have an idea till where should they go (in length) and draw a line.

And then *snip* *snip* snip*, step 1 done! Try them on to make sure you like the length or not.

Then I did the ripping. I advice you to check out this video it's really helpful, that's how I learned how to do it.
So with the scissors you do some cuts...

... with the needle, start gently pulling the white string ...

.. and then you can start using the tweezers to "pluck" the blue strings out, and keep on going ...

... Et voilá, this is the result.

I only did a bit, kinda like test driving, but soon I will do some more, it's so much fun haha.
And remember, before using them, you have to wash them first, and with time the ripping will look better.

Hope you like it :) Have a nice Sunday.

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U.. 


  1. Ficaram fixes!! Também faço o mesmo com as calças que já não gosto... reciclar!! ;)

  2. Very nice! ;) Acho que me lembro dessas calças...

  3. nice shorts, and thanks for your comment at www.dtripazcorazon.com @mousi

  4. I really need to do this to a few pairs of my jeans that just do not work for me anymore. It's a great way to recycle them!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. I ripped 'em :P like crazyyy, haha they are cool!


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