Goodbye Seven Sisters and Hello Streatham Hill

For the last nine months I've been living in Seven Sister (North-East London) with some family members of mine. It got to a point that because of my job that if I lost my last train home it would probably take me like 2 hours to go home by bus, maybe two or three of them even and I didn't fancy that. So afters looking for a place for a few months I finally found a bedroom. I'm now living in the South and the good thing about this area is that if I do miss the train, I have a bus that go straight to my area. It has been a week since I've moved in and most of the unpacking is done. Things have been slow due to a lack of free time, so I do things bit by bit. But so far I'm enjoying living there, let's see when the rest of the house mates move in, it will still be fun.


Musical Friday #138

EN: Hello Hello! And Hello June!
I'm back with another Musical Friday. I admit that lately I haven't been paying too much attention to what's new or not, I've been stuck listing to my oldies and getting a bit nostalgic. But let's get updated shall we?
Summer is just around the corner (maybe not for the U.K., although today is actually quite sunny and warm), to you have a Summer Hit song selected already? That song that will make you remember a certain time or party?
On yeah and by the way are you ready for the World Cup in Brazil? Who do you think is going to win this year?

Shakira - La La La (Brazil 2014) feat. Carlinhos Brown - New


I'm still here!

EN: Hello my lovely Bananas!
It has been a month since I last posted anything over here. To tell you the truth I had some highs but also some very low lows.
2014 is not my year. In a space of four moths there were six deaths - five of them were family members - so hopefully you will understand if my head is a bit all over the place.
For two weeks I had a tablet, a Windows Surface RT, I thought that it would help me with my Blogging but no, I ended up returning it. Internet explorer was freaking slow and was always crashing when I watched Youtube videos and I wasn't able to install other browsers like, Firefox or Google Chrome. The good thing about it is that I could connect my external drives to it. I'm just not a tablet kind of girl, I need a Laptop or a Desktop computer, I multi-task when I'm on the computer so I need one that can handle that.
All of this just to let you know that I'm still here, a bit offline these days but hopefully better days will come my way.xoxo

I do not own the Copyrights of this picture. It was found via Tumblr.


Early Birthday Gift - M.A.C. - Part 2


EN: A couple of weeks ago I showed you a picture of a M.A.C. bag, which was my early birthday gift from me to myself. So this is what I bought, a M.A.C. lipstick in "Spice It Up!" with a Lustre finish and a lip pencil in "Mahogany".
Back in 2009 I went for the first time to a M.A.C. in Portugal and the man who worked there ended up doing my makeup for free and he gave me some free samples. One of them being a lipstick which was my favourite colour ever. Somehow during the Christmas of 2009, travelling from London to Portugal and vice-versa I lost it :( and I had no idea the name of it I could only remember the colour but since M.A.C. stuff is expensive I've been on a hunt for years for something similar. I did find something close I suppose from Sleek Makeup a Pout Paint but after you apply it it dries and it fades pretty quickly.
Anyways, one day after work I went to M.A.C. and I asked the girl that work there for help to find a nice cherry colour that I could easily wear it everyday. She first applied one that was a bit too dark - that I might buy it later on - but then she applied the Spice It Up and OMG I kid you not the smile on my face of like "I FINALLY FOUND YOU!".
So I ended up buying the lipstick and the lip pencil. I will wear the lipstick on it's own most days but if I need a bit more definition or to make it a bit darker I will use the lip pencil. And so my M.A.C. obsession as begun haha.
What is your favourite M.A.C. product?


Musical Saturday #137

PicMonkey Collage_1
1) Birthday cake from work and a bottle of Prosecco. 2) Tequila shots, first of any at the Trafalgar Chealsea Pub. 3) And then we hit the disco 151.
PicMonkey Collage_2
4+5) Had a lot of fun dancing. 6) Slept over at my mates house #HangoverSelfie.
PicMonkey Collage_3
7) My ASOS dress and necklace finally arrived but not on time for me to wear it on my Bday. 8) Family BBQ... hhuuummm chicken. 9) My second Birthday cake hehe.

LAST FRIDAY NIGHT.... it was great. This Friday was my Birthday I'm officially 28 AAAAAHHHHHHH. I had an awesome time with some of my work colleagues+friends not everybody could come since they worked on Saturday morning, which I completely understand, been there done that.
And today I had another birthday celebration with some family members of mine that live in London.
P.S.: Both cakes were delicious!

Calvin Harris - Summer - New


Musical Friday #136

EN: There goes another week. Honestly since mid February the last weeks all seem like a big blur, like I can't believe that has been X days or Y weeks that I've done a certain thing because it all feels like it happened just a couple of days ago. I'm loosing the track of time and before you know it next week is already my birthday >.<.

Shakira - Empire - New Single


Hello April

EN: The month has barely started and I already have two cuts on my right hand due to a wine glass... hopefully this will be the only disaster this month because next week it's my Birthday >.<!
I can't believe that I'm turning 28, it's so freaking weird. I'm not having a big birthday party, I'm probably just going out for a drink with some mates of mine. 
Other than that I just looking forwards for happier times and getting my life sorted. xoxo


Early Birthday Gift - M.A.C.

Today I decided to treat myself (like I don't do that enough these days lol) and I went to M.A.C..
There is a M.A.C. store right in front of my job and I decided to buy myself an early Birthday gift from me to myself. Whenever I go to a M.A.C. store I always feel intimidated and never buy anything because it also annoys me the fact that the products don't have the price so I would have to ask all the time about it but the lady that served me was so nice and patience and I end up buy two things. Do you want to see them?

This picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


Getting ready for Spring - Blushes


EN: Hello Everyone!
As you know Spring is arriving and we definitely felt that here in London as well with surprisingly warm sunny days.
Now with a new season arriving I felt like buying some more makeup, like I need anymore makeup in my life. In my makeup collection what I have the most is eyeshadows and lipstick/lipglosses and I noticed that I lack a bit on the blush department. Up until now I had 4 blushes with me, one dark plummy red from Sleek MakeUp in "Fenberry 749", one from Yves Saint Laurent (that I've started to touch the pan :/) in "Fard à Joues 11" (I think), one from Elizabeth Arden in "Terrarose 03" and then during Christmas a family member gave me some makeup from Laura Geller and it came with a medium shimmery pink blush "Spiced Chai". Overall they are blushes more appropriate for Autumn/Winter, maybe with the exception of the YSL one that I use it all year round. So I felt like I needed lighter blush colours for Spring and Summer.
These last few days Boots was doing 3 for 2 offers, so I bought one blushes there, the Seventeen Cheek Stamp blush in "The Cheek Of It" and in two separate occasions I bought two blushes  in Superdrug one was the M.U.A. in "Bubble Gum" and the other one Rimmel London in "020 Pink Rose".
Now that I've taken pictures of the products untouched, I can't wait to use them.


Musical Friday #135

EN: Hello everyone! I haven't done a Musical Friday in a while for one side is due to the fact I haven't heard many interesting songs lately.
Anyways I'm getting to the point that I need to find a new job, something that gives me a fix salary so that I can get my own room and get properly settled because I'm still living with some family members of mine.
Other than that Spring is just around the corner but you can already feel it! The days last longer, the sky is blue, it's getting warmer... AH Happy Days! xoxo

2NE1- Happy - New Single


Let me Upgrade you - BlackBerry Z10

BB Z10

Since the end of last year I've been looking for a new mobile phone/smartphone, and my plan was to get a contract. So with that I mean, I would pay a certain amount per month for about 2 years which would pay the phone and my normal SIM card expenses. But apparently for some reason I was not able to get a contract, I tried different shops and different phone companies and it would always fail. I even went to the bank to check if there was anything wrong with my bank account but everything is perfectly fine...
I ended up going to a shop called Phones 4U and only there the lady explained to me what possibly is happening to me, it's because I never had any types of contracts in U.K. (same as many of of my friends that come to the U.K. but somehow they managed to get a contract), so she suggested me to get just a SIM card contract (no phone included) pay it for 3 to 6 months and after that I can do a phone upgrade with no problems... Uuuhhmm okay, done deal.
But then what happened, I had a good SIM card deal, but could not used the free internet that I'm aloud to... new dilemma. If you follow me on Instagram I shared a phone of a Nokia Asha 503 that I had it for like a week, it is a good phone but it sucks loads when entering in certain websites, so I ended up returning it, even though the man maid such a "drama" about it! Jesus!
Pass on a few days and I met up with a friend of mine and she showed me a new phone that she had, the BlackBerry Z10, I thought that would end up costing a fortune but it's not that bad, plus is SIM Free, meaning I can use it anywhere in the world pretty much. Long story short I bought the same exact phone in black at the Carphone Warehouse shop.
It is a great phone, it is the first time for me that I have a smartphone so I still have a lot to learn and get used to the fact that the battery won't last that long, even if you don't touch it. If any of you get this phone my advice would be, once you buy it, only turned it on once you are at home and connect the phone to your WI-FI and do system updates, after that like my friend recommended to me installed an App called SNAP, so that way you can install a bunch of Apps like Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber etc. The phone actually already comes with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn installed.
For more Information on SNAP I will leave you a couple of usual websites that I found, 1, 2,3.
Now I just ordered two cheap phone cases from Amazon.co.uk and I can't wait for them to arrive so that I can protect this little guy.


Hello March

EN: Hello everyone! And Hello March.
If you have seen my previous post (although not very frequent nowadays) you will know that my months of January and February were... lets says awful, bad things after bad things. I don't know if the negative cloud has completely moved away but I really hope that is and that the month of March will bring me new and exciting things. So far it already had even if it was for a short while ;).
So here for better and happy days!


On Instagram


EN: That's right! I tried to resist I really did but a few weeks ago I saw the opportunity to create a profile and I decided to do so. It's so silly that you can only (apparently) create a profile via your mobile phone or a tablet but you can not create via computer/laptop... wtf?!?!
I managed to upload some pictures while I was home alone and a family member of mine left his tablet behind. But now that he's back I no longer used that tablet and nor do I have a fancy-shemancy smartphone BECAUSE NO ONE GIVES ME A CONTRACT!!!!!! -_- rsrsrsr
Anyways in the mean time if you would like to follow me please fell free to do so at instagram.com/karenussene. See you there!

PT: Pois é! Eu tentei resistir, eu juro mas à uns dias atrás tive a oportunidade de criar um perfil e decidi fazer um. É tão estúpido que  (pelos vistos) só se pode criar um perfil usando um smartphone ou uma tablet mas com o computador ou portátil não... mas que raio?!?!
Eu fiz o upload de algumas fotos enquanto estava sozinha em casa e um familiar meu deixou a tablet dele aqui. Mas agora que ele voltou eu já não uso a tablet (foi bom enquanto durou) e também não tenho daqueles telemóveis XPTO PORQUE NINGUÉM ME DÁ UM CONTRACTO!!!! -_- rsrsrsr
Mas pronto se quiserem seguir-me estejam à vontade, instagram.com/karenussene. Vejo-vos por .

This picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


New Blog Banner

New logo 2014

EN: You may or may not have noticed but I changed my Blog Banner... again... XD. As usual I was bored one day/night and decided to change it.
What do you guys think about it? I might have to do it again and make it bit smaller. Now if anybody could point me to a website that makes those little social network icons-links (Twitter, Facebook, etc...) that would be aawweesssoommee!

 PT: Talvez já tenham notado ou não mas eu mudei o Banner do meu Blog... outra vez... XD. Como sempre não tinha mais nada que fazer, estava aborrecida e decidi mudar.
O que acham? Eu talvez tenha de voltar a fazer mas um pouco mais pequeno. Agora se alguem souber daqueles websites que deem para fazer aqueles pequenos ícones-links para redes sociais (Twitter., Facebook, etc...) isso seria oooooooooptimo!

The Banner was created by Me/Karen U.


Musical Friday #134

EN: Hello everyone. Today I will only share one song with you. If you read my previous posts, specially the Musical Fridays ones, you will know that I haven't had the best of weeks lately and to add to this another family member of mine past away this week so that is one of the reasons for my lack of posts here.
For these past 12 days I was in (forced) vacations... shitties vacations ever... but tomorrow I'm going back to work, even if it isn't my dream job, I'm freaking happy to go back and see and talk to people because I'm currently home alone, so it's just Me, Myself and I. Since I live with some family members of mine, the person that passed away was in Portugal, so everybody is over there and I stayed behind.
So this next song I will dedicate to Fenela Dias, I will truly miss you.

A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera - Say Something

I do not own the Copyrights of this picture. It was found via Tumblr.


Haul | Online Shopping - ASOS and Boohoo

EN: Hello my lovelies! This last week I finally managed to film not one but two videos, so here's the first one. It's another haul video but this time around is about things that I bought online. Well my shopping experience has been mainly with Amazon and E.L.F., I was always "afraid2 of buying clothes online, simply because of the issues if the clothes didn't fit properly and then have to send it back blah blah blah. 
On Christmas days I decided to buy two parkas, a light one from ASOS and a warmer one from Boohoo. Two weeks later I bought two rings from ASOS and a few weeks after that I bought some sweaters and beanies from Boohoo.
So far I'm very happy with the things that I bought and have no complaints. 
What about you guys? Do you shop clothes online a lot?


Musical Friday #133

 EN: "Better things are coming" is what I've been telling to myself lately so I keep myself sane. 
Right now I'm on "vacation", one hell of a vacation this is. For these last three days I've been at home, why? Well on Wednesday and Thursday the weather was absolutely crap plus there was an underground strike. Yes the buses were still working but for me the Underground is the best thing. And today, when it's actually sort-of sunny I have to stay at home because of the builders that are fixing the walls and ceiling of the house and now the man just told me that he might have to come back on Monday to finish the job.... REALLY! Another day that I have to spend aaallll day at home? You gotta be kidding me. And I guess is also uncertain if next week there will be another strike or not... ooohhh London.
Other than that, there has been a lot of ups and downs in my life, family members passing away others going to the hospital, so far 2014 kindaaaa kinda sucks, yeah it sucks.

Shakira - Can't remember to forget you feat. Rihanna - New Single - This song should have been part of my last Musical Friday. As simple as the lyrics are, I also can identify myself with them -_-  aahhh life.


Dream House #18

EN: Now that I finally have a job and I already spent some money buying essentials that I needed the next step is to start gathering money so that I can rent my own bedroom.
Now in case you don't know, London is a massive city and there are good areas and bad areas. Where I currently live has a bit of a bad reputation and the only reason that I'm here and feel "kinda safe" is because I'm living with some family members of mine other than that I don't think I would be living here unless I had no choice. Which brings me to the next part, since there are good and bad areas, of course the good areas are going to be more expensive, so I want to try and find a good size bedroom, in a decent area not to far away from the city center, at a affordable price, is that to much to ask? It actually kinda of is haha.
Because unless you earn a lot of money and you want to live let's say till zone 3 (London is divided by zones) plus the requirements that I stated before it can be very hard. So I either ended up living in a good area, inside zone 3, pay less for public transports and have a shitty room OR I live far away from the city center, have a good room but then pay a lot for the public transports -_-  aaahhhh dilemmas dilemmas!
So the search begins!


London | Studio 69

Ear piercing 1st 2014

EN: It has been about fifteen years I think since I last pierced my ears. I did my first two piercings when I was about three months old and then when I was about twelve years old (if I'm not mistaken) I begged and I mean I beeeeeeged my mother to do my second piercing on my right ear. I admit that I only wanted to do because all of my friends were also doing it, the same way that I wanted to do this stupid blonde streak highlight on my hair at the age of 11/12 but my mother also didn't let me do it but in a way thank God haha. 
So back to the piercing I asked my mother she said no and then she tells me to ask my father, so I asked him and he didn't care and told me to go ask my mom (-_-), so I asked again and very much against her will and because I wouldn't shut up about it she let me do it. So back in the late 90's - Oh God I feel so freaking old - in my little town if you wanted to get a normal piercing on your ear (lobe) you would go to a jewellery store. Yes it's true. Back then they used to have this pistol gun, they would just put the earring on it and "bang" done haha. Pretty fast and pretty painless. 
After that I never did another piercing, is not that I gave up on the idea of doing more but it wasn't a priority - not that is now as well. For a long time I wanted to do on my nose but after spending a analysing my face and how it would look I gave up. I was never into doing belly button, my tongue, my eyebrow, lips, boobs, genitalia or in other body parts, I basically just want to pierce my ears.
Last Saturday (25th of Jan.) me and my cousin plus two friends of hers went to a Tattoo and Piercing shop called Studio 69 located in Walthamstow (North-East London). I decided to do on my ear rim - as they call it -  I was a bit nervous because I had no idea how much it was going to hurt but actually it was pretty painless. You feel going in but is nothing unbearable, at least for me, it was a very fast procedure. It has been five day and I think that it's healing pretty well, the only annoying thing is when it's time to sleep fffuuuuu, I couldn't sleep on my right side and they also recommend not to sleep on the side that you were pierced for the firsts days. Other than that I just have to clean it twice per day, with Saline solution (which is normally used to clean contact lenses) or warm water with salt and the healing process goes from six to eight months.
It cost £15 and since it was my first time, I got a £5 discount voucher, so next time I go I might do my earlobes. 
Do you guys have or like piercings? I also want to do tattoos but that is a bigger investment.

This picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


London | 4 months

EN: Since the 19th of September, last week, it has been four months since I moved to London. Time freaking flies!
It has been four months since I said goodbye to my friends and family for the forth time and this time it was "for good". It doesn't mean that I won't see them ever again but that I will spend less time with them and probably miss out in a lot of good moments. With my other abroad experience I would be away for a few months and then go back to Portugal for a few months as well but now I won't be able to stay in Portugal for very long but also because I want to be able to explore other countries which has always been a dream of mine. My plan is to go to Portugal this Summer because I have a friend's wedding and my friend's daughter christening so let's see how things go.
Right now I'm thankful that I have a job, even though it's far from my dream job, I don't even earn enough so that I can live comfortably and pay for a bedroom + extra bills + public transport. I'm very lucky that I have family in London and they let me live with them until I get settled.
It is time to start looking for a better job! Something with better scheduled, 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday and most importantly with a better pay check.
2014 hasn't been easy breezy for me, besides some personal shenanigans that I'm going through, recently my cousin's father passed away and then this weekend one of my best friends father also passed away, plus a family member of mine had to be rushed to the hospital, sssooooo it has been intense and stressful month.
I won't lie that sometimes I second guess my decision to move to London but I know that overall it was for the best.

I do not own the Copyrights of these pictures. They were found via Tumblr.


Series that I'm watching #4

(From Dracula)

EN: Since moving to London I lost track of the series that I was watching and the website where I used to see my series got shut down and I'm not really a big fan of watching series online because... patience (for the loading/buffering stuff) is not on my side. So in the meanwhile I started watching other series on TV.
May I just say that where I live we have Virgin Media TV cable and it kinda sucks, the TV shows in general goodness gracious @_@. I now understand why when I was in Portugal another TV Cable company called ZON used to try and impress us with the fact that you can also have ZON here in the U.K. and I was always like "WHY? They have also cable tv, they have so many deals for internet and a lot of places have FREE WI-FI.", this is way, because their programming kinda sucks. There are certain areas in London that you know is full of Portuguese people because they have ZON (parabolic) antennas outside their house windows haha.

This face may look familiar, specially if you watched The Tudors, I didn't (ups) but still I know him from other films and what not but now he is starting in Dracula (2013). The series is based in London but Dracula has an American accent, he is pretending to be an American entrepreneur named Alexander Grayson. The first season finish last week and it only has 10 episodes and I have no idea when is it coming back. But overall it's very good.


Musical Friday #132

EN: First Musical Friday of the year. I've been thinking during this week if I should continue with this weekly post, if any of you actually enjoy it or not. Let me know what you think.
In the mean time, I can identify myself a little bit which each song below. You know when you have those times that the lyrics of all songs start to make sense and you can identify yourself with them because you are going/went through that situation at some point in your life? Yep that's me right now...
Have a good weekend.

Britney Spears - Perfume - New - The lyrics of this song... ppffff I can't even.... (but in a good way). It's like she took a look at my life and made a song out of it haha.


Boots Wishlist #2

EN: Now that I finally have my Parka, actually not only one but two, now I'm on a hunt for some boots. I have some mid and high heels boots but those are not always practical for everyday basis, so I'm looking mainly for flat boots that are also good for cold and rainy days in London.
Any suggestions? Something that is also affordable if possible. Ideally I would love a pair of Dr, Martens boots but they cost around £80 to £100 :(.

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. The Collage was made via Polyvore website.


First post of 2014

EN: COFF COFF *cleaning dust* COFF COFF... Is anybody out there?
And the award for the worst Blogger goes to......... ME! XD :/ :( >.<.
I'm sorry you guys I really am. I didn't plan to spend so much time without Blogging. My last days of December were spent with me trying to get better - because I was sick again -, working double shifts, spending NYE at work with my work colleagues and in the middle of all that you can add some personal stuff that happened to me that I don't feel comfortable to talk about it that actually I'm still trying to figure out and understand what the fuck is going on....
Other than that I will try and return to my Blogging habits, I admit that I enjoyed this pause, like I said many time before, sometimes coming home late at night after work the last things I want to do is to Blog, plus I still don't have my own laptop. I have no idea if I will be able to buy one anytime soon. Ooooohh life.
2013 ended with a bit of a bitter sweet taste for me. I closed a few chapters in my life and opened new ones and now let's see what 2014 will bring me.
I know that we are basically in the middle of January but still Happy New Year!!! Now I will take this opportunity that I'm feeling all pumped up and prepare a post for tomorrow.
See you soon xoxo.

I do not own the Copyrights of this picture. It was found via Tumblr.
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