Quick Post #8 - Where have you been Giiiirl?

EN: Hello everyone!
I know, I know long time no see and I wish I had a good excuse for my absence on my Blog, like I've been working in a secret project, or I've been travelling around the world, but no in all honesty I simply didn't have time, not just that but energy and patience. With all of this I mean, I don't know if in past posts I mentioned that basically I work six days a week and on my days off the last thing I want to do is to be on my laptop, normally I sleep till late to recover, then do any house duties and/or go out with my boyfriend or friends if I can. For the last three months I was actually working in two different jobs - but still working six days a week - until recently I gave my "bye bye" letter to one of them. So I'm currently a part-timer and I'm looking for another job, something more "normal", ideally a 9 to 5pm type of job, Monday to Friday, that is my dream right now.
Soooo and what about your Blog Karen? I going to try ease into it again. Can you believe that the other day I was trying to change a picture on my Blog and I literally went like.... "How did I use to upload my picture here?", I felt like a newbie and I have to relearn everything again, hopefully it will be like riding a bicycle... you never forget. But ideally I would like to change my Blog layout but like major changes, I just don't know how to do it, I probably will have to Google for some web/blog Designers to help me out because I'm sooooo tired of my standard Blogger layout.
So that will be all for now, even though I haven't been Blogging, every time I buy a new product I still try to take pictures of the item untouched haha, so I have a bunch pictures in stand-by.
Hopefully see you very very soon.

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