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Things I bought on the last 2 months.

Here's some things I bought over the last 2 months, before and after I went to Mozambique.

3 Risqué Nailpolishs in, Obsessão (purple), Rose Bombom (light pink), New York (dark grey)

Labello Fruity Shine Cherry - I can not tell you how much I love this lip balm <3 Although this is a new version of the Labello Cherry lip balm. This one has a bit of like shimer/glitter in it, and the colour is not has pigmented as it used to be, but the cherry smell is still there humm nom nom nom =3

Clean & Clear 3 Step Skin Care - I was like pay 2 and get 1 free, it cost like 11.99€, so for free it came the Tonic 

Steripan Insoles - for the sandals that I used at the wedding in Mozambique

Sephoras's Body Scrub in Cranberry Litchi

A Foundation Brush from Oriflame - It cost like 3.95€ it was on Sale, but the brush is smaller than I thought it would be.

Sephora's Concealer+Corrector - On the left is the Corrector for like covering acne or like some red spots you may have on the face, and on the right is the Concealer for the eyes. I ended up leaving in Mozambique, I gave it to my cousin, but once I got back I bought another one from a different brand...

Aroma do Campo - On the left it's a cream to soften your hair, to make it easier to comb your hair mace of Mineral Clay, and on the right is a conditioner with shock of Keratin

2 Nailpolish - I can't remember the numbers, but the Goldy Yellow one is mine, and the other one belogs to my mother

Nivea Extension Nano Definition Mascara

Clinians - Make up eye remover

Portuguese Post - "Parva que sou" Deolinda no Coliseu do Porto, 23 de Janeiro de 2011

For those that are from Portugal, will probably understand what is she talking about.... it's funny 'cause it's truueee >.<

Sou da geração sem remuneração 
E não me incomoda esta condição 
Que parva que eu sou 
Porque isto está mal e vai continuar 
Já é uma sorte eu poder estagiar 
Que parva que eu sou 
E fico a pensar 
Que mundo tão parvo 
Onde para ser escravo é preciso estudar 

Sou da geração "casinha dos pais" 
Se já tenho tudo, pra quê querer mais? 
Que parva que eu sou 
Filhos, maridos, estou sempre a adiar 
E ainda me falta o carro pagar 
Que parva que eu sou 
E fico a pensar 
Que mundo tão parvo 
Onde para ser escravo é preciso estudar 

Sou da geração "vou queixar-me pra quê?" 
Há alguém bem pior do que eu na TV 
Que parva que eu sou 
Sou da geração "eu já não posso mais!" 
Que esta situação dura há tempo demais 
E parva não sou 
E fico a pensar, 
Que mundo tão parvo 
Onde para ser escravo é preciso estudar 


Is this for real? Lady Gaga's perfume.... Smell of Sperm+Blood

Yeeaahhhhh... ssooooo.... if by now you don't know Lady Gaga, weeeellll, I don't know where the hell have you been for the last 2 years at least.
Anywayyysss...... apparently she's working on a fragrance aaaaannddd it has a smell of sperm and blood..... I mean.... WHAT THE FUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong I like Lady Gaga's music, buuttt this is a little too much for me >.<
I have nothing else to say....

Friday's Weekly Resume #1 @ Prague


Hi y'all, how are ya? Hopefully good ^^.
This time around I wanna try and "document" my abroad experience every Friday. In 2009 I went to Nottingham for a scholar year, and I planned to Blog and Vlog my experience, but due to some stuff I ended up not doing much. But I will still try to write about my experience in Nottingham, 'cause it was truly Legen...... wait for it...... DARY! :D

Anyways, I'm in Prague now, staying at a friend's house, 'till I can find a place of my own.
So on the 25th of January 2011, Tuesday, my flight left on schedule from Lisbon, Portugal, at 9:10am +/-, first stop was in Budapest, Hungary, and then Prague, Czech Republic, which I arrived at 15:15 local time. Left the airplane, caught my luggage, exchange some money, cause they don't use Euro over here -_- , and requested for a AAA Taxi, to take me to my friends house, there was no way that I was gonna catch a bus with all my heavy luggage XD, oh hell no!
I arrived at my friend's house, lovely house by the way :D and took a shower, eat some dinner, and then we went out... my first contact with Prague's night life, it was really fun.... really XD. We went to my friends' favourite place, the Chapeau Rouge , Bar+Nightclub, and we danced the night away... when we arrived at home, I was DEAD! Extremely tired, 'cause the night before I barely slept - anxiety mode ON - plus the waking up early, the journey, bla bla bla, plus dancing and drinking... yeah I died.
26th of January - We spent most of the day sleeping, recovering from the night before,and then in the afternoon, I left with my friends and they took me to the city center. One, Eva, went to the Library (they are both in Exams season), and the other one, Kamila, took me to Staromestská metro station, where I bought a Vodafone SIM card, and she left me there, and she went to take care of some stuff and then went to meet up with Eva in the Library. 
So I was left alone in Prague's city center :O >.< I didn't went toooo faarrr, it was allready like almost 5pm, so it was dark, I went to a grocery store bought some food, went to KCF's and ate a sandwisch and drank a orange soda called Mirinda. Funny thing, I almost laughed alone at KFC's when I saw that they had Mirinda, 'cause in Portugal I don't think we have this soda, but where I know there IS, it's in Mozambique XD, oohh weelllll. After I left KFC's, I walked for a while, and I was stupidfied by the old building, they are BBEEAAUUUTTIIFFFUULLLL *.* GEEZAUS! Then I managed to go home alone, didn't get lost yyeaaaahhiiii!
27th of January - We basically spent the day at home, the girls studying and me surfing the webs looking for a bedroom to rent. It's not like there isn't rooms to rent, is just hard to match a nice decent house, well located, with a good price. I learnt a few a thing or two with my Erasmus experience in Nottingham, like that I to live too far away from the city center, and analise everything in the house before renting >.< oh boy, you sure can find lots of problems in the house, once you are living there, and also make sure that there is a Supermarket and public transport nearby. We just left the house to go to a close by grocery store to buy some stuff, and I ended up bringing Salt thinking that it was Sugar XD.

28th of January - Morning, them studying, me looking for houses.... went out again, to by food, and I cooked our late lunch haha. Well at least no one died .... yet >.< hehe.
I did manage to find a possible room to rent, although a bit more expensive that I wanted :S but is nice, and I might check it out in person tomorrow, and hopefully seal the deal ^.^. Wish me luck.


Countdown..... to Prague....

This is it y'all >.<
I'm like 7 hours away of going to the airport. My flight is at 9:05am, and arrives at 15:30 +/- in Prague (don't know if that is portuguese time, or Czech time lol).
After alot of fighting with the bags, I think Im able to take everything I need, just hope that the scales at the airport don't mess with me -_- .
According to my Windows Vista weather thingy, it is -1ºC and snowing in Prague bbbrrrrrrrr aaaahhhhh >.< GEEZUS! I might get sick right on the first week >.< lol.
Wish me luck in finding a nice bedroom for myself to stay for the next 7 months *fingers crossed*


Lookbook.nu II

This what I wore on the day after my cousin's wedding. Saturday Family Lunch, in a lovely hot Summer day in Mozambique.

Done aaaaand DONE! Prague here I come

On Monday I went shopping with my Mother, for a few little things that I need to take with me to Prague. Next week I'll be moving to Prague, I'm gonna do an internship over there for 7 months. I'm excited and nervous at the same time, I guess is normal right? This will be my first time going to Czech Republic ^^, and I'm lucky to know a few people over there, most of them are people that I met when I was studying in Nottingham 09/10, for my Erasmus year. I know a boy named Jay and a girl named Zuzana, I even got to live with them for a month while in Nottingham, but then shenanigans happened (nothing to do with them) and I have to change places. Also I know Eva, Zuzana's sister, and Kamila, Eva's friend ^^. Also I kinda know a girl named Claudia, she studied @ the same Uni as me in Lisbon, Portugal, the year before me 08/09 she did an Erasmus year in Nottingham, and later on she moved to Prague XD.
So I booked my airplane ticket, and I'm flying on the 25th of January >.< aaaahhh, hope no crazy Winter storm ruins my journey -_-.
It feels so weird, 'cause just like a week ago I came back from Mozambique, and now I'm flying off again. Maybe it's better this way, 'cause probably if I stayed longer over here, I would loose all my PUMPNESS and EXCITEMENT!
Tomorrow I will try and post some of the things that I recently bought :p.


Clean up.... Part.II + Discovery

Yesterday I decided to unfollow some Blogs, which I did. But I didn't finish reviewing my list >,<.
As I unfollowed like maybe a duzen of Blogs, I started following 2 new ones :P, out with the old, in with the new.
Both os this Blogs are from portuguese people, one is from a girl Ivânia Santos, Ivania Diamond, and the other one is from a boy Rúben Santos, Rúben Santos Couture.
I discovered Ivânia, while I was writting a comment on Birds On A Wire Blog, cause she also left a comment over there, and I decided to check her Blog. And to my surprise what do I discover on her Blog? That apparently she's organising a Bloggers gathering for the 20th of February here in Portugal, my reaction was like "YEAAAAHH", and a split second after I saw the date and location and  was like "Nnnoooooo" :(, I won't be in Portugal by then, and also the meeting is in Braga, which is in the North of Portugal, and I live kinda in the center towards the South of the country :/ oh well, I hope that the event is sucessful, and that they make many others like these in other cities. If you are from Portugal and if you are interested in going, check Ivânia's Blog for this subject for more info (click here).
Rúben's Blog I discovered when I went to his Facebook page, and saw that he recently created a Blog, so I went to check it out, and it's cool. Both Blogs, focus mostly on Fashion, and some personal details about their lives, among other things.
Go check them out if you want :p



I uploaded my first outfit of the day @ Lookbook.nu, hype me if you like ^.^

*Photos taken by my friend Akuma Kanji with my camera.



Last post before I go to bed.... a song from one of my favourite bands, Kane. They are from Holland, I discovered them iiiinnn 2003/4, was when they re-releast their single "Rain Down On Me" hhooww I love that song, and the singer aswell HAHA. Dinand Woesthoff aaaahhhh I had like one of the BIGGEST celebrity crush on him haha.
This song is called Scream, enjoy! Night night

Clean up....

I'm following at the moment like 130 Blogs o_O, and I realised that some of those Blogs haven't been updated in a looong looong time, or they write/talk about things that I don't really fancy anymore >.< sssoooo I'm gonna un-follow some of them... :/ and discover new ones :D .


100th post...

This is my 100th post, yyeaaaaii :p
I created this blog in 2007, uufff 3 years have passed damn... so I decided to change my Blog's layout, and Music Playlist, New Year... New Look. Soooo do you like it? Sí, no?
Also want to thank my susbscribers, even though there aren't many, you are all dear to me ^^. And Thank you for the support.
I have alot to post on the next few days ^^, stay tooned :p

Shopping days....

How was your Christmas and New Year's Eve? Well mine were different this time, I was in Mozambique, and this last Christmas, I didn't recieve any Christmas gifts -well until last night-, in part because my family that I was with, is Muslim, and Muslims don't celebrate Christmas. But the New Year's party was the bomb, spent it at a beach woot woot hot weather :p . I think that the fact that I got the chance to go to Mozambique again, is already a big fat Christmas gift.

On Wednesday me and Akuma Kanji, went to Freeport, which is like a Outlet shopping mall bla bla and we did some shopping. I didn't find many exciting things, and if I did I didn't have the money for it, and also I had to focus my shopping toward things that I need not thing that I want, get the difference? o_O
You see, next month I'll be in Prague, and it's freaking cold over there.... so I NEED more warm clothes, and also decent clothes, 'cause I'll be working there for 7 months. But what I WANTED to buy, were alot of like cocktail dresses and high heeled shoes, and little bags etc, etc... rsrsrsrsrsr. We went to soooo many shops, but I ended up just buying clothes at Lefties. I think Lefties is suppose to belong to Zara or something, their either old clothes from Zara or clothes with some sort of defect....
I bought what you will see below:

Cupcake pijama pants, 3.99€

Red shirt, 2.99€
Since the pijama pant didn't have a matching shirt, or at least one that I could find, I decided to buy a red shirt, it matches so... yeah 

Dark Blue Turtle neck Jersey, 2.99€ 

     Grey Turtle neck Jersey, 2.99€    
 Grey Coat, 15.99€

Blue Skinny Denim, 12.99€

On the next day I went to another clothes store called Modalfa and I bought a pack of socks, and another Jersey.

 Blue Turtle neck Jersey, 4.99€

Aaaannnd on Friday, I met up with a couple of friends of my from University at another Shopping Mall called Vasco da Gama in Lisbon, and I ended up going to Claire's and bought like a manicure wallet, with a scissor, nail clipper, etc..., because one os my nails was like breaking and bothering me like crazy. And I also bought 3 rings, it was one there Sales times thing that they do, if you go to Claire's you know what am I talking about, like pick 5 things from a stand and pay only 5€ for those 5 things, or in this case was pick 3 pay 2 of them.

Originally 7.95€ now 4€

Originally 7.95€ now 4€

Originally 11.95€ now 6€

Manicure Wallet, 6.95€

Late Christmas Gifts from my friend Andreia, Nail Polish from Essence nº28 Plum Perfect, and a Lipgloss from Essence Volume & Gloss nº004 Fruit Punch taste+smells like oranges/tangerines.



Hello everybody, just to let you know that Brittany is doing a new Giveaway on her Blog, you guys should really enter this one >.< it has so many good stuff :p. Plus is open Internationally, so what are you waiting for? It ends on Valentine's Day, 14th of February 2011.
Go to her Blog to check the rules. Good Luck!

Image belongs to Brittany Love's Blog


Je arrivé home ^^ >.< :(

Ssssoooo I'm back in Portugal >.<. My uncle was able to get a ticket for the 7th of January from Maputo, Mozambique to Lisbon, Portugal (my original flight was suppose to be on the 5th of January, but because of some other shenanigans, I wasn't able to catch that flight).
My dear cousin Deny took me to the airport, the check in started at 6am, I basically didn't sleep the night before, my flight was at 8:20am. A flight from Lisbon to Maputo, takes about 10 hours, but in this case the airplane made a stop in Johannesburg, South Africa (yeah my 2nd time in South Africa lol), but I had to stay IN the airplane, for like an hour and a half -_- booorriinngg, and then from there straight to Lisbon. The airplane belonged to the Portuguese airline TAP, but it was one of the older planes, at least comparing to he one that I took from Lisbon to Maputo in early December. The one that I took in December, like everybody had their own personal T.V. monitor, so you could choose whateva you wanted to see, ear, or play, now the airplane that I took 2 days ago, only had like 6 T.Vs. on the middle road, and they showed 1st the News - 1st in Portuguese, then in English - and later 2 Movies - Wall Street 2, and The A-Team - then you had the option of like 10 radio stations, but since I didn't sleep much, I passed most of the flight napping.
The airplane arrived on time in Portugal, about 19:30ish, the boring part was the waiting for the bags.... some bags came out, the ones that had a red priority sticker on it, but then a Lady from the airport warned us that there was gonna be a delay of like 15 minutes, for the rest of the bags to come -_- aaahhh. And then they started coming, and I waited, and waited, and waited, and I was starting to get nervous and afraid, thinking that maybe my bag got lost >.< but no, aleluia!
My parents came to pick me up, and the we went to Queluz were a cousin of my mother lives, and we stayed for the night. I was soooo tired, I think I went to bed at 11pm, and got out of bed on the next day at 12pm, I wanted to stay longer of course, but I couldn't, 'cause we were leaving to our house later.
Once at home, I unpacked my bags, something that I rarely do once I arrived home, unpacking for me, normally is a 1 week process. But this time, I didn't wanna waste time with that.... just to think that later ths month I will have to pack my bag again to Prague, it drives me crazy >.<.
Now I'm gonna go to bed, tomorrow is Sunday, the Official "Coach Potato Day", I will sleep till as long as I can, recovering. and then try to catch up with the loads of series I was watching before I left...
Although Mozambique has a lot of problems (in my point of view) I already miss that place, and all my Family over there. This time around I spent more time in the South of the country than on the North, the 1st time I went to Mozambique in 2001 I spent 2 months and a half on the North (Pemba) and about 2 week on the South (Maputo), this time it was the other way around, but I only spent 1 month in Mozambique, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm going to Prague in February, I would have stayed longer...
I loved being there, and this time I had more adventures, some that I can not write over here haha :p.
As soon as I get my Laptop situation sorted, I will write some more stuff about my journey. Just for the record, my Laptop's battery is completely addicted, and my charger fried o_O yeaahh, so all of my pictures are in my Laptop that I took with me to Mozambique. I have another computer at home (Windows XP Professional 2003), it works, but it's sooo slloooowww, it drives me crazy -_-
Well that's all folks, I leave you with a pic of myself at a beach in Murrebué. I guess it's the name of the "city" or whateva..... that was the warmest water that I ever been in, like WOOW, like insanely HOT!



Clothes can make a difference.

This morning, I was checking some Blogs, I visited Raquel's Blog Chloe Marie Antoinete, and while ready one of her posts, she mentioned another Blog, called O Alfaiate Lisboeta, and there I saw one post intitled "O Rossio em Tons Quentes" (translating is like, "Rossio (which is an area in Lisbon) in warm tones") and as I saw the Lady's picture, it was when FINALLY  hit me...... "Dam if I had better clothes, I would probably enjoy Winter more".
When I say better, it doesn't mean expensive clothes, I'm not rich, and I'm use to buying "cheap" clothes, and don't mind, when I say better is more in terms of my taste, and fashion sense of style.
Am I girl...  love Fashion, I love clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc... but Im not a stylist person, I don't have a fixe style, my way of dressing may change from day to day, depending how is my spirit, or the weather outside. Sometimes I fell girly, sometimes I feel more rockish, bla bla bla, but whatever the style on me is, I always feel like Meh :s maybe 'cause I'm doing something wrong, I don't know...
Gonna start paying more attention to Fashion Blogs, my favourite type of Blogs, I follow quite a few, some of my favourites are:
Brooklyn Blonde
- ChloeMarieAntoinete
- cowbiscuits.
- FashionChampagne
- Fashion Zen
- Le Blog de Betty
- Natalie's fashion workshop
- Oh Really?
- Style Scrapbook
- The Blonde Salad
- the fashion through my eyes
Besides these Blogs that I follow, I also have an account on Lookbook.nu, as loads of pictures, of people showing their cltohes, how they dress, and bla bla bla.
Need to start doing a wardrobe revolution!

Still in Mozambique...

Hello everyone.... How was your holidays? And the New Year shenanigans? Mine was quite good, quite different, I went to the beach :p. My aunt has a property on a beach in Murrebué, and me plus a whole a lot of family spent the night over there, I only slept like 2 hours from 4am till 6am, inside my aunts car. Cause the tends were occupied by the grown ups, and the house, was extremely HOT inside, so me and a cousin of mine took a nap in the car. And we woke up at 6am, cause the sun rises freakin' early, and it was allready hot.
Then I had some problems..... and I wasn't able to catch my flight back to Portugal yesterday (5 of January) hhhuuummm yyeaaaahhh :S sssoooooo I'm stuck over here for a while, till my uncle manage to find a way for me to go back, before my Visa expires >.< .
I'm barely gonna stay in Portugal, 'cause in February I start an internship in Prague (Czech Republic). I'm so tired of packing and unpacking -_- .
My laptop is kinda F up right now, the battery is completely addicted :S and the laptop's charger, died x_X ooohhhh lucky me...... My laptop only has a year and 4 months, so is still under warranty (2 years), I just don't know, if the warranty covers the charger's problems :S I really don't feel like spending money, buying a new charger -_- but if I have to, well I HAVE TO, 'cause I will need my Laptop while I'm Prague....
Well that's all for now... since I have a lot of stuff to take home, I will probably have to leave some of my clothes behind :S sssooo I start selecting the clothes.... In a way is a good thing, I have a problem with letting go of stuff and clothes, and since it's a new year, is time to make room for some new clothes :D

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