Amazon... we meet again #2

Last week the things that I bought trough Amazon arrived, actually faster than I thought it would. If you had read my last post about the subject I ordered a sample size bottle of the Moroccan Oil and some Sony headphones. I did the purchase on Monday (20th) evening last week and in the end it said that my stuff would arrive between the 25th and 29th of February... but actually arrived on Thursday (the 23rd)! I got home late that day, because I went to a little concert that evening and then I checked out the living room and there they were both of them, I was sooo EXCITED!


New in the Bag Department #1


Hello everyone! Guess what? I´m sick! -_- After a weekend of full on fun, my body decided to get sick... go figure. Anways let me start sharing with you a few things that I bought here in London, I will start with bags for today.
From this trio, 2 bags are from Primark and one from H&M.


Musical Friday #39

Picture of The Title Sequence "stage".
Heeelllloooo everyone! How was your week? Mine was pretty cool. Yesterday I went to see again the same band I saw last week The Title Sequence, it was even better this time ´cause it was just them, playing with no interruption (well sort of, they did talk in between songs), because last time was a mix of short films, them playing, then music videos, then back to films, anyways it was lovely, I had loads of fun, I talked to the musicians, bought their Vinil disc-single, asked for the autograph and all haha.
This week I decided to buy a face tonic - is that what it´s called? - I bought from L'Oreal, and I guess my skin doesn't like it. First of all I bought the wrong one, I took for dry skin, my skin is mixed... and now I'm having little pimppulls on my face... so I'm DEFO gonna stop using it and see if I can returned... terrible... terrible... just now that my skin was doing so well....
Huuummm what else... OH... yeah... ahmmm IIIIIII register for like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sort ooffffff acting class >.
OH OH I alredy have my Amazon stuff o_O, lke when I bought them on Monday night on Amazon it said it should arrive between the 25th and 29 of February, but actually came yesterday (Thursday) :D. So far I'm loving my headphones, the Morrocan Oil I haven't tried yet, I will do it tomorrow!
HOPEFULLY tomorrow I will go out at night to a PROPER Disco night, not disco disco, just a cool nightclub it good danceable updated music. I really miss a goodnight of all night dancing!

Cassie - King Of Hearts - New Single - OMG! Do you remember Cassie? Yeah it's been a while but I guess she is finally back! When I saw the video and heard the song for the first time I was like hhuuuummm not bad... now?.... I'M IN LOOOOOVVVEEEE! I can´t stop listening to it!


Lana Del Rey on the Cover of Vogue U.K. - March 2012

Lana Del Rey, considered one of the singers of the year, with so many fans months before her album "Born to die" started being sold this year. She is already full of controversy and sitting in the front rows in Fashion shows.
Lana Del Rey's real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, born on the 21th of June of 1986, originally from New York. She is now 25 years old, but it seems that she already had a live time of full of good and bad experinces (based on the lyrics of her songs).
I already got my copy of this Vogue magazine and when I read that she might not release another album I was like "uuuuwwwhhaaaattt???". 
She describes her style has Gangster Nancy Sinatra - and I couldn't agree more -, also an interesting fact is that she stopped drinking seven years ago, meaning  she was like 17/18, WOW.
The controversy sorrounding Lana is either regarding her voluptous lips, that she did something to them, or that she is a fabricated singer full of layers behind her.
Either way, I don't care about those details, I'm loving her songs, her melancholic voice and her 50's/60's style!


Amazon... we meet again #1

Very soon I will have these two babies in my possession! A sample size of the famous super hyped Moroccan Oil and new headphones from Sony.
I'm using Amazon U.K. to buy these items. I haven't used Amazon since my first and last time in 2009, when I bought one of those gamers headpphones with microphone for an Ex-bf of mine as a Christmas gift, they were super cool, the sound of the bass with those headphones were ORGASMIC, sooooo good. Anyways, now that I'm back in the UK I decided to purchase some things, for the moment are these two.
For the Morrocan Oil I decided to buy the 10ml sample size, because even though there is a lot of positive feedback, on Amazon you can read people's comments about the item and there were some negative comments like, that the product didn't do absolutely nothing what so whatever to their hair and that the product is not even from Morroco is from Israel or something, and some people were scared of the ingredients aswell, so based on this, instead of buying the 20something Pounds bottle and get disappointed, 'cause knowing my hair like I do I would probably will, I will buy this one for now for 5.98£ and see what happens. Have any of you guys ever tried the Moroccan Oil?
And Regarding the headphones, well I basically need new ones lol. What I really wanted was one of those Beats by Dre headphones but they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive >.<, so these Sony MDRZX100W Fashionable Headphones in White, will do for now, aren't they cute? Hopefully the quality of the sound will be good!


I do not own the copyrights of these pictures.
They were picked from Amazon U.K..


Musical Friday #38


Heeellooo everyone, how your week? Tell me tell me, I wanna know!
Oooohh my Days (instead of using the word God), I have so much to update, I need to start doing my London resumes for my Blog (and also for my University Tudor lol), show you the things that I already bought while here in London >.<. Okei Okei...
This week was a pretty good one. Well except the fact that my work laptop DIED (apparently) again...., so I have to work in a really small laptop now but luckily a colleague of ours is on vacation so I'm working with his Desktop PC, aaahhh ssoo good, LIKE A BOSS! I got my desktop PC, I got the mini-laptop aswell, smoootthh. But next week he is coming back and I have no idea if my other laptop will be ready by then >.<.
Other than that on Wednesday I went to this like venue called Screen Social at The Book Club, really cool place, and we saw like independent short films, live music from a band called The Little Sequence - which I hope to see them again next week -  plus music videos.
And yesterday I went to Forever 21 - a clothes shop - in Oxford Street, and guess who I met? Lily Melrose from LLYMLRS Blog, I've been following her Blog, I think since 2010. I did walk around the shop for a while till I managed to gain some sandy BALLS and go talk with her for a little bit >.<. She was so sweet and very nice, it was a pleasure to meet her. She was there with at least other 3 Bloggers, when I met her she was with another Blogger also named Lily, very nice girl aswell, she complemented my Blue shirt - that I got at Primark - I was like >.< :3.
Just around the corner is London's Fashion Week, of course I can't go -_-, but I can walk around the venue area lol. I will try going there this weekend... if I figure out where's the venue at haha.
Lately I've been hearing a lot of rock music, more specifically 30 Seconds to Mars, over and over and ovER and OVER... geeezzz, love those guys, love their music, their videos, I really hope one day I can see them playing live.
Evanescence - My Heart Is Broken - New Single


Real Techniques Brushes NOW IN BOOTS!

This is great news, at least for me haha!
You may or not know two U.K. beauty gurus sisters, from Youtube called Pixiwoo. One of the sisters, Sam, has this collaboration/partnership (something) with a makeup brushes brand called Real Tecnhiques. The brushes look great, and up until now they could only be sold on some specif stores/online stores, but nooowwww you can find them in BOOTS! OOOOHHH YEAH! I am in desperate need of new makeup brushes, and these ones look quite affordable. I can't wait to a set. I specially want a stippling foundation brush!
To check on the prices go to Real Techniques website or to Boots website.


I do not own the copyrights of these pictures.
They were randomly picked from Google Images.


Dexter's Laboratory V.S. The Big Bang Theory

One of my favourite ultimate childhood cartoons is Dexter's Laboratory, I saw them over and over and over again, I used to know so many quotes, that I would use on a day to day basis, specially when talking with Akuma Kanji. Another show that I adore is The Big Bang Theory, so when I saw these two images, I was like ":O sssoooo trrruuuueeeee!" haha. Now.... do you think there is a possibility that the T.B.B.T. got some inspiration from Dexter Lab cartoons? Of course the story line is different, but there are some similarities.

P.S.: Hopefully very very vwery veeerryyy soon I will do my first Giveaway. I'm so exited! Hope you guys will like it!


I do not own the copyrights of these pictures.
They were randomly picked from Google Images/9GAG.


R.I.P. Whitney Houston

9/08/1963 - 11/02/2012
I still can´t believe that she DIED! When my cousin told me this morning that Whitney had passed away, I thought she was joking. "No way. Get oouuttt. You joking. You fo' real? FFUUUUUUUUUUU"
And there goes another amazing singer, one of my favourites for sure!
Whitney was found dead around 3:30pm on the 11th of February at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel by one of her staff members or possibly Ray J. Apparently she was found with her face underwater in the bathtub and there is also the possibility of an overdose of medication for depression. 
I hope Ray J. is not the reason of her depression.... You know Ray J. right? Ray J.,Brandy's (the singer of "That Boy is Mine") brother... Ray J., Kim Kardashian Ex-boyfriend.... the one from that "porn" video tape... yeah that guy.... apparently - and I only found that a few days ago on TMZ Youtube channel - Ray J. and Whitney a few years back dated!!!! Say uuwwhhaatttt????? Yeah and they were seen together again recently, Oh Lord, that boy is bad news....
Whitney's last live performance was last Thursday, with Kelly Price on an improvised duet!
Whitney's daughter is currently hospitalized, I don´t know the exact reason but I guess you can guess it right? :S


Musical Friday #37

Hello everyone! And Hello and Welcome for the new followers! J I reached the 200 followers yyeeaaahhhiiii... I will start preparing my first Giveaway very soon.
How was your week? Mine nothing that special. Last weekend was the IMATS in London which I didn’t go.  It has started to snow in London for the first time... really? In February? -_o
It started to snow last Saturday afternoon, and that day was the day that I went out at night, while snowing... wearing a skirt and tights! SUPRISINGLY it wasn’t that cold as I thought it would be. The big problem was when we were trying to return home, we couldn’t find cabs/taxis, and we didn’t know which bus to take to go home at first, so from all the walking around, the snow was staring to melt, which meant there was cold water coming in to our shoes -_-. My upper body was ok, my feet were dying! Luckily the boots that I had I bought them during sales time at Bershka for like 7/9 Euros, if I had paid the full price for them I would be so pissed off!
Anyways, yesterday and today I spent the day at home, ‘cause I wasn’t feeling good :/ Hopefully this weekend will feel better and be able to do something outdoors!
What are you guys up too this weekend?

Madonna - Give Me All Your Luvin' (Feat. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj) – New Single – The QUEEN of Pop Music  is back! And what do you think about her new single? I’m still getting used to it... Madonna performed this song at the Super Bowl and the rapper M.I.A. flipped the bird at the camera during the performance, oohhh snap! Now she is in big trouble, and probably has to pay a fine for it!
M.I.A. - Bad Girls – New Single – NOW this was for me the song of the week, it’s like a drug! I can’t stop listening to it!


Favourite Youtubers #2

Pic belongs to Chriselle Lim. Founded at her Facebook page.
I'm a big fan of Fashion Blogs. But better than just seeing the outfit of the day, I love DIYs (Do It Yourself) and tips in how to dress according to your body type, or how to pull of a certain look. I'm 1,60/1m and there are certain looks that taller slimmer girls manage to pull of that I can't. Like outfits that include a lot of mixed patterns, I see a tall girl wearing it, and I'm like “WOW and if I try to do the same is more of a “WTF! Did you just role out of bed and role on some clothes that were on your floor Karen?”. Basically the taller you are the “more space” you have to put more stuff on you. I like layering!
A style that I like is the “Less is More” style. Like you just wear 2 basic colours, not much jewellery not much make up and still look perfect and light and fresh, if I do that, I feel like I look so BORING! Another style that I like is like total black outfits! Black is one of my favourite colours, and if I wear a total black look, I might look like someone with no sense of style and boring, so I admire some girls that I able to pull off a total black look. I guess mixing different texture pieces, which I still learning about it. 
I'm still trying to figure out things that look best on me. I'm not a ONE style girl, I like to change all the time, today I'm girly, tomorrow I'm rocker, the day after street style I don't know.
Anyways Today I wanted to share you one of my Favourite Youtubers. Her name is Chriselle Lim. I “met” Chriselle trought another Youtuber Super Star Michelle Phan she's a Make up Guru on Youtube. Michelle did like a video with the help of Chriselle, about some tips with accessories or something, later on she became a frequent on Michelle's channel and then people start to request for Chriselle to create her own channel.
Here are some of her videos that I like. I hope you enjoy them too and learn a thing or two!

Embracing, Loving, & Styling Your Own Body! - This is Defo a GOOD video!


Emma Watson for Lancôme Rouge in Love

There is a new Lancôme collection coming to town! Lancôme Rouge in Love lipsticks in 24 lovely shades and 22 shades of nailpolishes!
Actress and one of  Lancôme's faces and ambassadors Emma Watson is going to be on Friday the 10th of February at Selfridges, Oxford Street in London at 4:30PM to present the new collection. 

I wish I could go >.< I work till 5:30PM everyday, so I have know idea if I could go there.


Musical Friday #36

Nails of the week!
Hello everyone! How as your week? Mine nothing special, other than going shopping last weekend.... again >.< oohh lord! But tomorrow I should go out and visit the Victoria & Albert Musem and possibly hit the clubs/bars at night :P.
Regarding my nail polish, do you like it? The orange colour is new in my collection, is from Sleek MakeUP from the NAILED collection and the name of the colour is Florida and the aqua green I got like in 2010 when I was sudying in Nottingham, although I think I bought it when I visited my family in London, anyways, I got it at Boots, and it's from Collection 2000 and the name is (... I will double check it when I get home and update), I guess this colour is very appropriate for next Spring.
Honestly I'm tired of the cold lol, although this cold is NOTHING compared to the one in Prague last year  in January/February brrrrrr. I can't wait for Spring to come along and I can start wearing a bit less clothes and my new sheer shirts that I got from Primark :D they are so cute, can't wait to show you guys.
I don't know if I mentioned already, but I family living here in London, and I'm correctly living with them, and I will continue with them till the end of my inter ship. This way I will be able to save a lot of money or not... 'cause something tells me that, that will mean more shopping for me lol... aahhhhh how am I gonna take all of this stuff home?!?!?! 
I would like to thank you girls for all the sweet comments on my last post about The Versatile Blogger Stamp/Awards it made very happy :) and I hope you continue to enjoy reading my Blog!
Have a nice weekend!

David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj - Turn Me On – New Single


The Versatile Blogger Stamp/Award

This is my first Stamp/Award. I received it from Akuma Kanji in the beginning of January, the reason why it took so long for me to talk about it is because I have to tell you 7 facts about me and then select 15 Blogs that don't have this Stamp/Award already and also would care about it...

So first the facts....-_-

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