Opening My Mind on Pinterest

Hello everyone! Just to let you know that I finally joined Pinterest! I actually knew Pinterest for a while, but actually first I met Pinspire first after I saw a certain famous Blogger talking about it and I bet because of her many people (one of them me) joined that website, it is basically the same has Pinterest. After a while there were a few Websites/Blogs that talked a bit bad about this and she ended up deleting her profile on Pinspire and creating one on Pinterest. There is a lot of controversy between those two websites, since I guess Pinterest came first and Pinspire looks basically the same. Bit different is, with Pinterest you have to request to join, or a friend can send you a invitation and Pinspire you can create an account with Facebook/Twitter.
Anyways I´m there - http://pinterest.com/openingmymind/ - join me if you like. The request for me took me like 1 day to get, pretty fast, but if any of you want an invite let me know. 
It is a really cool website. It Kinda goes on the same line as like Fashiolista where you collect images of clothes/accessories from online Fashion websites, and We Heart It where you collect images anywhere from the internet of like cute things, coffee mugs, mustaches, couples, hearts, cutsy stuff. And Pinterest will be like a mix of those two plus more. I feel that when creating a "folder"/"board" on Pinterest it looks so much organized, and you can overview them all better. Needless to say I´m having butt loads of fun with it :D! Although I do have some problems, like with We Heart It you can add fotos from Facebook and Blogs, but with Pinterest you can not add fotos from Facebook -_- and I can´t add fotos from every Blogs. Specially if the person uploads pictures from there Flickr account. The owner of the Blog I guess, has to add some certain Plugin in order for us to Pin the fotos... I don´t know...
Do you have Pinterest? Do you like it?

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


Haul | Bags & Shoes Video

Hey everyone! FINAAALLLYYY I was able to upload this video on Youtube! God it was kind of hell for me. I recorded in June when I was still was in London, since it was my last week in London I didn't have much time/patience to edit the video so I did that when I arrived to Portugal buuuttt it wasn´t a smooth process. I have 2009 Windows Vista laptop and 2003 Windows XP desktop computer... so since it´s crazy hell to edit videos on my desktop pc, I had to do on my laptop, but after editing I had problems saving it, ´cause the fucker would overheat and puff... -_-..., when I finally managed to upload it I had Youtube problems -_- because I had some Copyrights problems in the past, I can´t upload on my channel videos more than 15 minutes long, and my video was 17m RSRSRSRSRSRSAAAHHHH, then my laptop crashed because of the power cuts and I didn´t feel like using it for some days, then yesterday I edited my video again, I cut some parts where I was just rambling and cut off about 3 minutes...
SSOOOO conclusion I hope you like the video, it´s about bags and shoes, most of them that I already shared with you here on my Blog with Pictures.


Musical Friday #60

@Murrébue Beach in Mozambique January 1st, 2011
Wassup ya´ll? How was your week? Mine meeeh not to bad... I guess the heat has finally arrived to Portugal, like the really strong heat wave, dessert style, even though I never been to the dessert lol.
Believe or not I haven´t been to the beach yet, crazy uhn? But I really want to >.<.
Other than that, this week I went to a shopping mall with my Mom, the main point was to find clothes for my mother, but we ended up just finding 2 good things for her - damn! and she says that I´M picky - and she bought me a cute little purse and a bracelet from Bershka and after that we went to like a-bit-of-everything-store named Babou. Apparently Babou is shutting down, I down know if it is just that one in Montijo or all of them, but everything is 50% off! Me and Mom, we were just looking around and just going to buy one thing but when we went to pay the item and she told us the price we were like "Oi!", so we decided to stay and look for more stuff to take. They sell from clothes, to toys, to house stuff etc... My Mom is thinking of going there again next month... these are hard times man!
My bedroom cleaning, is still a work in process, even though you don´t see a biiiig changes in my bedroom, I did managed to fill 5 bags - 3 with paper/magazines 2 with plastic stuff - it all went to the recycling bins. I still have some boxes to go trough and also I have to give a check up to my wardrobe here, see if anything need to go.
Well that´s all for now, today I will share with you some fun Summer loving type of songs. also more videos than the usual 5. Today I was thinking "Which song is going to be this years Summer Hit song?". Summer Hit songs are special for me, they make me travel in time. Do you have a favourite Summer Hit Song?

Ne-Yo - Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself) – New Single – I think this song is a good contestants for a Summer Hit.


Lana for H&M and RiRi for River Island

Hello Everyone! The Ladies above need no introduction, but just in case you don´t know them - and if don´t... where have you been? - on the left is singer Lana Del Rey and on the right also singer and I guess sort of an actress Rihanna.
And soon this is what is going to happen... no they are not getting together and do a duet - not that I know of - but each of them are getting to together with a clothes brand. This Tuesday was announced that Lana Del Rey will be the new face of Swedish brand H&M for this year´s Fall campaign. Now I don´t know if she will be just the face or also has some input on the clothes design. But apparently on the 19th of September it will be released a video commercial with Lana singing a famous song "Blue Velvet", a request made by H&M.
Now as for Rihanna, this one opposite to Lana's announcement, I haven´t seen many people talking about it, maybe because River Island (a U.K. brand), even though is sold Internationally, with cool kinda expensive clothes, still is not has BIG has H&M. Anyways yeah, on Monday was announced that Rihanna will collaborate with River Island for 2013 Spring Collection. And apparently Rihanna was the one that approach River Island, read the news HERE. Now I wouldn't imagine Rihanna with River Island, I think that Rihanna would be a better match with TOPSHOP, but never the less I´m excited to see what is she going to do!

Are you guys curious as well to see both of these Ladies collections?

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. 
The were randomly picked from Google Images.


Outfits of the Day

Outfits of the Day

EN: Hello everyone! I don´t know if you know but I have a few online profile on Fashion websites. I don´t have the habit of sharing frequently it on my Blog, like doing a post about my outfits but I do I have a page option above that says Lookbook, in case you didn´t noticed already. Now... I don´t consider myself a Fashion Blogger, but I do like clothes, like... any other... GIRL! :P
Feel free to check out my pages (see the Links below) and follow if you like, or if you have a profile aswell, let me know and share the link to your page :).

PT: Olá a todos! Eu não sei se sabem mas eu tenho alguns perfis online em websites sobre Moda. Eu não tenho o hábito de partilhar frequentemente aqui convosco no meu Blog, ao fazer um posto a falar sobre o assunto, mas tenho em cima a página que diz Lookbook caso não tenham notado. Agora... eu não me considero uma Fashion Blogger, mas eu gosto de roupa... como... qualquer outra... RAPARIGA! :P
Sintam-se à vontade de checar as minhas páginas (vejam os Links embaixo) e seguir se gostarem, ou então caso tenham algum perfil, partilhem a vossa página comigo :).

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


Musical Friday #59

Day 10,705 Do Not Disturb
Photo belongs to fei * BUSY!!!
Hello everyone! How was your week? Mine was pretty boring, I guess the highlight was yesterday when I met with some friends. Other than that what I can say, I´m revising the series DEXTER, the 7th season is coming THIS YEAR! WOOT WOOT! Some of you may already know this, but I loooove Dexter, it never gets boring for me, I´m simply amazed how the writers, producers who ever is responsible for this, has been able to continue the series in such a good way. Truth be told each season only had like 12 episodes, maybe that´s the secret, so it doesn´t get boring fast.
Also this week I decided to start doing, although sllooowly a clean up to my room. I´m trying to throw some stuff I don´t need. Of course I´m not as strong as another friend of mine, you can check her Blog here, every now and then she does a biiig clean up, and I guess this time around she discovered another Blog that talked about that, The Busy Woman and the Stripy Cat, just throw away anything you don´t need, you don't use. I wished it was that easy, as Black and White for me, but I always find a reason to keep stuff, which is terrible. But for some reason I only feel like cleaning late at night. I put on Dexter playing on my computer and check my stuff, separating anything that can be recyclable off course :).
Right now I´m gonna lay in bed, I´m not feeling well since this afternoon, I guess it was something I hate :S. I wanna try and get better cause have plans for tomorrow.
Have a good weekend!

2NE1 - I LOVE YOU M/V - New Single


Need your Vote please #1

Competição Look de Festival da Karen Ussene_1

EN: Hello everyone! Today I have a request for you guys. I entered a competition on Sleek MakeUp Facebook page, and the 10 most voted looks pass for the 2nd round. The theme for this look was "Festival Look", like summer concert festivals style. If you are reading this post today, please, please, please, pretty please, LIKE my photo on Facebook, here is the Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150897126191582&set=o.180846081999236&type=1&theater&notif_t=like
You have till the 13th of July till 1pm (Lisbon/London time) to vote!
I would looooove to win this competition, or at least pass the first round, since the final decision will be from the Sleek MakeUp people picking the winner. The prize is some Sleek MakeUp products! 


Guerlain - La Petite Robe Noire


Hello everyone! Today I´m sharing with you some picture of a Eau de Parfum sample from Guerlain "La Petite Robe Noire" which I think it means "The little black dress". When I was still in London, every Wednesday morning there is this free magazine at the entrance of the Underground station called Stylist. Is mainly for women, talking about fashion, beauty, food, traveling, etc.... And one of the editions of June came with a page that basically said something like, if I took that specific magazine to a SELFRIDGES shop (I think it had to be the one in Oxford Street) I would get a free sample of the perfume. Initially I didn´t think I would get one, simply because of the fact that it´s LONDON, a city fuuullll of people, a city that girls do love their beauty stuff, and better if their for free lol, plus the fact that I would only leave my job at 17:30 and by the time I reached Oxford Street would be like 18:00, by that time I thought that they would be no samples left, ´cause there was a warning of a limited stock. But lucky for me I managed to get one sample yeahi!

PT: Olá a todos! Hoje partilharei convosco algumas imagens de uma amostra de Eau de Parfum da Guerlain "La Petite Robee Noire" que se não me engano quer dizer "O pequeno vestido preto". Qyuando ainda andava por Londres, todas as quartas-feiras de manhã existe uma revista grátis na entrada da estação de Metro chamada Stylist. É uma revista basicamente para mulheres, fala sobre moda, beleza, comida, viagens, etc.... E numas edições de Junho veio com uma página que basicamente dizia que, se levasse-mos a revista daquele dia para a loja/centro-comercial SELFRIDGES (acho que tinha de ser uma que fica na Oxford Street) eu receberia uma amostra grátis do perfume. Inicialmente não sabia se iria conseguir um para mim, simplesmente pelo facto de que é LONDRES, uma cidade cheeeia de pessoas, uma cidade que as raparigas amam produtos de beleza, e se forem de graça ainda melhor lol, mais o facto de que eu só sairia do serviço às 17:30 e até chegar a Oxford Street deviam ser para aí 18:00, a essa hora pensava eu que já não haveria mais amostras, uma vez que havia um aviso de que havia stock limitado. Mas com sorte consegui ainda uma amostra para mim yeahi!


Musical Friday #58

PicMonkey Collage_1

Hello everyone! How´s everybody doing? 
I thought this was going to be a pretty calm boring week but a few things here and there happened. 
Starting last weekend I went for a Family Birthday dinner, after that me an my cousins went to some Discos in Lisbon till the break of dawn (@ Cais do Sodré and Docas)... my feet were ssooo dead.. crappy shoes! Anyways during the week on Tuesday there was a power cut in my town... one those that go and comeback in like 2 seconds and basically can damage your technological stuff in no time. This is what killed my laptop last year, this time he survived but the next day when I turned on my Laptop is started to make a weird sound... now he is working well but when I turned it off is still making a weird sound... GOD everytime I return to Portugal I have problems BAH!
Today I decided to by a Laptop cooler, so far is working well, nevertheless in case I don´t like I have 15 days to return it ;).
Oh and today I went to my University in order to deliver some papers from my Internship shenanigans.... but I end up being invited to participate on a meeting/presentation of the Leonardo Da Vinci program for the next year XD. I had NOTHING prepared, so I wrote a few things on my notebook just to orientate myself, and after 2 collegues of mine talked about their experience, I talked about mine. Actually two of them, this recent one in London, plus the previous one that I did in Prague. Overall I think it went well :P.
The above pictures are two outfits that I wore when I was in London, the jeans look was for my Birthday back in April and the dress one was for the First Holy Communion of a little girl that I know. Some of you guys asked me to share the outfits and I end it forgetting about it, so here there are. If you want you can "vote" for me Outfits at Chictopia and Chicisimo!
The music selection for today is more indie rockish, the type of music I would like to hear right now at a Summer Festival... I haven´t been to one in freaking ages!

Fun - We are Young feat. Janelle Monáe - The song is not young (get it? ´cause the title says We are Young? -_- ) but I only discovered like in late May or something and never shared


New Makeup Brushes Storage


EN: Hello everyone! Has some of you may already know I´m back in Portugal and you may or may know aswell that I left some of my stuff back in London like for example my cute coffee cups with the U.K. flag [see here] that I used to put my makeup brushes and my Muji thingy [see here] that I used put my mascaras, lipsticks, pencils bla bla bla. Once I arrived to Portugal and was putting my stuff in place, since now I have a bit more makeup brushes, they don´t all fit inside my makeup brushes bag, so I engraved this idea on my head that I wanted like a clear glass jar, cup whateva and I would fill it with like crystal rocks and voilá put my brushes inside! :D
PT: Olá a tosos! Como alguns de vocês devem saber eu estou de volta a Portugal e podem ou não saber mas eu deixem algumas minhas coisas em Londres, como por exemplo os meus copitos de café com a bandeira do Reino Unido [vejam aqui] onde eu punha os meus pincéis de maquilhagem e a minha cenaça da Muji [vejam aqui] onde eu punha os meus rímeis, batôns, lápis bla bla bla. Assim que cheguei a Portugal e comecei a pôr as minhas coisas no lugar, agora que tenho mais pincéis de maquilhagem, eles já não cabem todos dentro do meus estojo de pincéis, Então eu meti na cabeça de que queria uma jarra, copo com vidro assim transparente e depois metia daquelas pedrinhas cristalinas e voilá ponho os meus pincéis lá dentro! :D


My U.K. Open Closet


EN: Hi everyone! So a few weeks ago I decided to re-record my "open closet" video from when I was still in London living at my Family´s house. The first time I did it I ended up hating it ´cause it was shot at night and the lighting in my bedroom was terrible yellowish and then I had to do sooo many "takes" because of my little cousin was always making noise and calling me bla bla bla. So one day early in the morning I was alone (only with my big cousin) and decided to give another try. So if you would like to see it, see the video below :).
PT: Olá a todos! Algumas semanas  atrás eu decidi re-gravar o video do meu "guarda roupa aberto", de quando ainda vivia em Londres na casa de uns familiares meus. A primeira vez que tentei acabei por odiar, isto porque foi gravado à noite, a luz do meu quarto era terrivelmente amarelada e depois fiz tantos "takes" porque o meu priminho estava sempre a fazer barulho e a chamar-me bla bla bla. Então um dia de manhã estava em casa sozinha (apenas com a minha prima) e decidi tentar mais uma vez. Ora se estiverem interessados em ver, vejam o video que se segue :).
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