Quick Post : Being back Online in 2015

EN: If you have been a follower of my Blog for a while you have probably noticed a lack of posts during a certain period of time and the reason for that is... LIFE!
Nope, no long explanation, just life in general, like I already had told you in past post, I used to work at least 6 days a week, sometimes even 7/8/9 days in a row. And then things also changed in my life this year, I'm in a new relationship, my boyfriend and I are now living together as well, I quit the previous job that was stuck and unhappy for a year and a half, I have a new job now that is a bit less tiring.


The Body Shop - Colour Crush Lipsticks

The Body Shop Lipstick
EN: I own two of the The Body Shop Colour Crush lipsticks, one in  the shade 125 which is a medium red and 335 in a dark/old rose colour overall they have a good pigmentation, they are creamy when you apply them and they have a bit of a sheen (I wish TBS would create some matte lipsticks), if you don't eat or drink the lipsticks might last for a while but if you do those things they are going to smudge off , so I would suggest wearing a lip pencil first in order to help your lipstick last longer.


L.A.B.2 Makeup Brushes

LAB brushes
EN: Earlier this year in one of my many trips to Superdrug I stubble upon this makeup brushes from L.A.B.2 (which means Live and Breathe Beauty, the number 2 I believe it stands for the two Bs, it's like Bx2), they looked quite nice, so I decided to buy one of the brushes and BOY was I impressed and very soon after I bought a couple more, some of them are sold individually other in packs of four/five. 
The Bristles of the brushes are made of FiberLuxe Technology and in order to explain that I will use a quote from the L.A.B.2's official website:

"FiberLuxe technology™; cutting edge synthetic fibers specially designed with the softest and highest quality filaments; providing you with superior pigment pick up and release, even color distribution, precise makeup application, and flawless professional results."


Day Trip To: Camden Town

Camden Town May/2015  
EN: I'm probably the laaaast person that lives in London to go visit Camden Town, which is one of the "must see" places in London. In conversation with friends every time they mention Camden Town I would say "Sorry I never been there." and they would be like "WHAAAAT?!?!". Yes yes yes I know, one of the reasons I never been there was because all of my friends have already been there, for some of them one time was enough, others had schedule conflicts so they couldn't go with me etc.
Until one day my boyfriend (who also already been there) and I, both of us had a day off work so we decided to go and visit.


Leighton Denny Box

Leighton Denny Box  
EN: WHHAAATTTTT'SSS IN THA BOOOOX?!?! - Seven movie reference - Earlier this year my cousin as a Birthday gift she gave a box that came with 6 Leighton Denny nail polishes, a glass nails file and some little glitters that you can apply on your nails with the help of a little plastic tweezer.


M.A.C. - Midi-Mauve and Spice


EN: My M.A.C. collection is slowly growing, it will probably never be as big as other girls but I'm fine with that, I don't like to stick just to one brand, there is plenty of other brands that I want to explorer, I like to mix things up.
Last year after I bought my first M.A.C. lipstick and lip pencil, a few months later I bought another lipstick named Midi-Mauve with a lustre finish and a lip pencil in Spice.
When I went to the store I asked again for some help from one of the Sales Assistants in order to find a nice subtle nude colour so I could use when I wear darker eyeshadows.
Like last time I bought also the lip pencil in order to help the lipstick last longer because this lipstick  also has a Lustre finish so it has a very creamy formula and it's very easy to apply but the pencil that I end up buying (with the lady recommendation) makes the lipstick look more browner, so most of the times I just wear the lipstick on its own.


Outfit #15 - Autumn is here

Outfit #15

To be completely honest with you guys I don't think I have bought clothe since July this year, in part because I didn't need any new clothe, I'm always in uniform and on my days off I don't go anywhere special.
Last winter (early this year) I was obsessed in finding the perfect Grey coat, I did find one at Dorothy Perkins but it was sold out in my size so the next best thing was one from F&F/Tesco. This year I'm hunting for a Camel coat and I think I found The One, is the one you see in the picture above from New Look. Super simple, no big pockets outlines, no buttons visible, clean cut, just the way I like my coats these days. 
The next item I have my eyes on is those black loafer shoes from Zara nnnhhhhhh it was love at first sight, I just don't know how comfortable they are going to be.

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. The Collage was made via Polyvore website.


Cleaning your Brushes with Soap & Glory Massage Glove

Soap & Glory Glove
One task that I never look forwards to do is to clean my makeup brushes. Having a lot of them might help you with not having to wash the same ones over and over very frequently but once you have a lot of them it also means you are going to spend more time cleaning them.
The other day I found this Soap & Glory Massage Glove and it immediately reminded me of another glove that Sigma released a couple of years ago in order to help wash makeup brushes, the only "problem" with the Sigma glove was the price. Yes it was (and it is) a good idea and it actually helps the task but some people didn't like the fact that it costs a bit for what it actually is, a rubber glove. 
So if you feel that the Sigma glove is a bit too expensive you might want to try then the Soap & Glory one that makes a great dupe for just £8.50 at Boots, which is more or less the same but also another purpose or in this case the real purpose of the Soap & Glory glove is to help you massage your muscles if you have any tightness and also if you have cellulite problems.


My Autumn Frangance - The Body Shop "Black Musk"

Black Musk from The Body Shop
EN: Believe it or not something that really annoys me to buy is perfumes haha. Yes I love wearing perfumes but most of the times they are so expensive even for just 30ml. Alright prices aside, when it comes to smell preferences I like something on the sweet side, like for example some of my favourite are, the Britney Spears "Fantasy", Christina Aguilera "By Night" and Escada "Cherry in the Air" and to add to my collection this year I bought the new The Body Shop fragrance "Black Musk".
When I smelled this perfume for the first time I immediately fell in love, it ticks all of the boxes. It is sweet, warm, sexy and seductive, perfect for Autumn/Winter.


Musical Friday #139

Well hello October!
Bloody hell I seriously can not believe that we are already in October, another two months and it's Christmas.
I haven't done a Musical Friday post in a long time (at least a year) and to be honest these days I find it harder to find music that I reeeeeealllyyy like. I guess I'm getting old and my music taste has wide as it is, it is set. There are new artist all the time but a lot of them are too young for me and I can't relate with the lyrics, too juvenile, too happy so on. 
Do you guys know any cool musicians at the moment?
Ellie Goulding - On My Mind


E.L.F. Cosmetics Purchase #2 & Review

EN: This was the second time I bought from E.L.F. Cosmetics online, I bought the products about a year and half ago but apparently I never blogged about them, so now not only I can show you the products I can also do a small review of each of them.


BlogRoll Clean-Up

New logo 2015_1
Now that I'm slowly coming back to Blogger I have been doing some cleaning. Once again I changed my banner, making it more minimalistic and I removed some stuff from my right sidebar.
I have been on Blogger for at least 8 years now (wow) and since then I followed probably more than 300 Blogs. How do I have time to read all of them? Well... I don't.
Before Blogger did the make-over there used to be an easy option that you could access your list of Blogs in order to unfollow them, specially for those Blogs that sometimes would remover the Google Friends Connect option. 
So I went on Google/Blogger Help Forum and searched for "Unfollow Blogs", from there I managed to find two links, one that I'm familiar with and it never works, it always says to comeback later and another one that I didn't know and it shows me a list of all Blogs that I currently follow.
Currently I'm following a bunch of Blogs, like for example:
- Blogs that actually say that no longer exist;
- Blogs in which the owner blocked or made the Blog private;
- Blogs in which the owner declares that they no longer will post anything there;
- Blogs in which the owner deleted all of their posts;
- Blogs that have been inactive for more than 1 year;
- Blogs that I've been either converter or bought or hacked and now became websites to download movies or weird marketing websites.


#SOS Hands

A few months ago I had some problems with my hands, my fingertips started cracking in a way that I never seen. It looked like I grabbed a knife and cut my fingertips, the cracks went so deep that if I touched lemons it would sting beyond believe. 
After I finished the creams that I already had lying around at home like, Nivea, Neutrogena, Garnier, I went on a hunt for a hand cream that could help me heal, something more intensive, so these are the ones that I tried.


Quick Post #8 - Where have you been Giiiirl?

EN: Hello everyone!
I know, I know long time no see and I wish I had a good excuse for my absence on my Blog, like I've been working in a secret project, or I've been travelling around the world, but no in all honesty I simply didn't have time, not just that but energy and patience. With all of this I mean, I don't know if in past posts I mentioned that basically I work six days a week and on my days off the last thing I want to do is to be on my laptop, normally I sleep till late to recover, then do any house duties and/or go out with my boyfriend or friends if I can. For the last three months I was actually working in two different jobs - but still working six days a week - until recently I gave my "bye bye" letter to one of them. So I'm currently a part-timer and I'm looking for another job, something more "normal", ideally a 9 to 5pm type of job, Monday to Friday, that is my dream right now.
Soooo and what about your Blog Karen? I going to try ease into it again. Can you believe that the other day I was trying to change a picture on my Blog and I literally went like.... "How did I use to upload my picture here?", I felt like a newbie and I have to relearn everything again, hopefully it will be like riding a bicycle... you never forget. But ideally I would like to change my Blog layout but like major changes, I just don't know how to do it, I probably will have to Google for some web/blog Designers to help me out because I'm sooooo tired of my standard Blogger layout.
So that will be all for now, even though I haven't been Blogging, every time I buy a new product I still try to take pictures of the item untouched haha, so I have a bunch pictures in stand-by.
Hopefully see you very very soon.

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I do not own the Copyrights of this picture. It was found via Tumblr.


Movie List #2

EN: I thought I would ease into the blogging habit with a simply post about the movies I'm looking forwards or interested in watching for 2015.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron - From all of the movies this is the one that I want to see the most.


Quick Post #7

EN: OH WOW! Seven Months?!?!?! Oh Boy, Oh Boy... that's not good. I have no one to blame but myself.
What have I been doing for the last seven months? Well besides finally having my own bedroom, and now I want to move out of it BADLY, as soon as possible... (I'm tired of the humidity, the mice an my loud and irresponsible house mates), dying the ends of my hair Red (red ombré effect), and then all Brown for like 2 weeks and then Black in order to properly cover the red ends, I had a mini-vacation in Portugal, got to see my family and friends and go to the beeeeeeach :D. Then I returned to London and back to reality, working 6 days a week and trying to enjoy life doing little things here and there most of the times alone, simply because most of my friends have a different work schedule from me.
What I also realised is that it has been one year and five months since I've moved (for the third time ) to London... wow time flies.
For the month of January I've been having less shifts at work and with that free time I've been looking for a new bedroom and it's time to look for a new job as well. So far the year of 2015 has been definitely good specially if I compare to last year in which I had bad things after bad things happening in my life.
And that will be it for now, I shall "see" you on my next post... hopefully not in another seven months time.  Now that I also finally have a new laptop, hopefully I will get my Blogging habits and skills back, I really do miss it. 

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