Musical Friday #23

Hello everyone, how was your week? Mine... nothing special. Last Sunday I was at a family lunch, from my aunt-grandmother's 83rd birthday. Other than that I'm still waiting for a response for my Prague situation... If I'm going or not... and still waiting for my God damn glasses. I was suppose to get a call on Sunday, but nothing... so yesterday I call them to check on the status and the Lady told me that they finished fixing them the evening before, and that they are ready to be collected. 
Today I'm going out, and have dinner somewhere in Lisbon at a Mexican restaurante with a few of my Faculty colleagues and before meeting them I will pass at the Optician and collect my glasses. I just hope that this time around they did a good service. In the mean time I'm trying to decide what to wear, Plan A was suppose to be a skirt, but with all this rain going on, and the last time I was in Lisbon and it was raining... it was also bloody windy :/, so now Plan B, pants/jeans.
As for the weekend, no plans so far. What are you guys up too?
Enjoy the music, this time around is a bit more Hip Hop/Club style.

FreeSol - Role Model ft. Justin TimberlakeNew Single – Justin is BACK! …. Well sort of… you can see him rapping in this video, but there no info on when will he release a new album, I guess for the moment he is focusing more on acting.

Roscoe Dash - Good Good Night

Ron Artest - Go Loco

Tinchy Stryder - Off The Record

Timbaland - Pass At Me (Explicit Version) ft. Pitbull


  1. Olá linda, obrigado pelo carinho no blog vim retribuir e seguir o teu!!
    Realmente as calças da salsa são caras, mas a verdade seja filha de Deus são mesmo muito boas, valem o dinheiro, porque é tipo de calças que se moldam ao teu corpo, devem ser compradas um pouquinho justas, porque depois vão-se moldar ao teu corpo!!
    Sou da opinião que mais vale comprar umas calças de meio em meio ano e ter umas mesmo boas, do que comprar calças todos meses que depois ficam mal no nosso corpo, pessoalmente sou grande fã da salsa!! Eles têm calças a 40€ estas do post é que são mais caras, porque são as novidades da Marca!!
    Quando experimentares ficas apaixonada linda vais ver!! Beijocas


  2. Hello!!!!!!really nice post!!!!!!!!thank you so much for your sweet comment!!!!!!!i am following you now!!!!!

    lots of kisses!nandia!

  3. Hello dear,
    Realmente O Boticário ainda não dispões de cartão de sócio como a Sephora e outras têm... Mas será um pormenor que pode vir a ser alterado ;)

    Aconselho mesmo aquela base dear.
    É espetacular e a um preço muito acessível!!

    C s 1 9 9 3

  4. Really great musics!


    Great blog!


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    Have a great weekend


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  7. Hello darling!! Thx for stopping by!! Your friday*s post is just wonderful!! I hope you had a nice time out in Lisbon, and that your weekend was greaaaatt!!!!

    I´m looking forward for your new posts!!!


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