Musical Friday #107

EN: Hello Bananas!
This week it was a good week. On Tuesday I finally went to the cinema with my mates to watch the new Star Trek Into Darkness and I loved it! I can't wait for the DVD to come out so that I can go buy it. In the mean after I watched the movie and went to a store over here called Fnac and I bought the 2009 Star Trek movie on DVD for 5€ :P. Although when I went home and opened the DVD I noticed that the paper was looking dodgy, almost like it got wet but the DVD works fine.
On Wednesday I went to a morning walk around my town (for exercise) with my friend Daniela and then in the afternoon me Daniela and Diana went to the shopping and I bought a pair of new sandals. I should do a Haul post/video pretty soon-ish.
And yesterday I went to the beach for the first time this year, with my friend Diana and her Boyfriend. Aaahhh it was so good and I'm already a bit tanned.
And now I'm off to a night walk.
Ciao Bananas!

Joywave - Tongues feat. Kopps (RAC Remix) - New - Since I've heard this song yesterday I can't stop listening to it!


Things that make you go huuummm! #10

EN: That time of the year has arrived that you probably want to eat ice cream aaaallll the time! What's your favourite flavour? Mine is one that I think it's no longer produced, it is a Cornetto with Cappuccino/Coffee flavour. Other than that the Strawberry Cornetto is always welcomed and I also like caramel ice cream.

PT: Chegou aquele altura do ano em que se calhar vos apetece comer gelados a toda hora! Qual é o vosso sabor favorito? O meu é um que já não fabricam (acho eu) da Cornetto com sabor a Cappuccino/Café. Fora isso Cornetto de morango é sempre bem vindo e gelado de caramelo também :P.


E.L.F. swatches: Lilac

E.L.F. Lilac

EN: Hello Bananas!
Today's post about a E.L.F. nail polish that I bought last year named Lilac. My overall opinion about this nail polish is pretty much similar to another review that I've done for Mango Madness nail polish from E.L.F. [review here].
- It has a "liquidy" formula;
- It's easy to apply and easy to remove;
- If you want it to last longer (more than maybe 2/3 days) on your nails, I suggest you to use a good topcoat nail polish over it;
- This nail polish is a bit more sheer than Mango Madness, so sometimes just two coats won't be enough, you might have to apply a third one. Of course this is personal preference, you might like it just with two, which was what I applied on these pictures;
- Price, about £1.50.

PT: Olá Bananas!
O post de hoje é sobre um verniz da marca E.L.F. que eu comprei no ano passado chamado Lilac. A minha opinião no geral é muito semelhante a uma outra review que fiz sobre o verniz Mango Madness  também da E.L.F. [review aqui].
- Tem uma formula bem líquida;
- É de fácil aplicação e também para remover;
- Se querem que o verniz dure mais tempo (mais do que 2/3 dias) nas vossas unhas, eu sugerido que usem um bom topcoat por cima;
 - Este verniz é um pouco mais transparente que o Mango Madness, por isso algumas vezes só duas passagem do verniz podem não ser suficientes e por isso uma terceira é necessária. Mas isto é só a minha preferência pessoal, vocês podem preferir só duas camadas como podem ver nas fotos;
- Preço, cerca de £1.50 (Libras).


Musical Friday #106

EN: Hello Bananas!
Oh Lord have mercy! Today I spent the day sneezing and now I have a massive headache not to mention that my nose looks like a badly closed faucet. Jesus Christ!
So Summer has  started today (21 of June) but where is it? This year in Portugal we are going to have a crappy Summer. From hot days to windy to almost rainy days... BAH! I can't wait to go to the beach!
Oh just FYI, I changed my Twitter username, so if you want to follow me there it's no longer "Shinigami_U" now it's my name "KarenUssene". 
Hope to see you there ;).

Ellie Goulding - Tessellate (Alt-J cover)


Trend | Tribal/Aztec Print

EN: Hello Bananas! So first of all the whole Tribal/Aztec print thing is not news for me but this year I think the trend is full on with skirts, shorts, dresses, leggings, nail art, bags, accessories and shoes. Basically everything.
Do you guys like this trend? I actually bought a black and white tribal/aztec print skirt last month but I haven't used it yet because I have no idea how to pair it with so I'm using the power of the Internet to get some inspiration.
Do you have any suggestions?


Dream House #14

EN: Hello Bananas! When I normally do these kind of posts I collect my pictures from Pinterest and Tumblr but I was checking some older posts of mine and I noticed that the pictures are not appearing, meaning I have to re-edit the posts and "refresh" the embed codes of the pictures. God Pinterest I thought you were suppose to be perfect!
Anyway enjoy some beautiful house pictures (if they still are showing, if not please let me know) that I like.

Source: nattstad.se via Karen on Pinterest


Musical Friday #105

EN: Hello Bananas! Well there is not much to say (again sorry). I can't believe it's Friday already (again), weeks have just been flying way too fast but at the same time is good because I can not wait for the day that I'm able to return to London. There is no set date but hopefully it will be this year.
Other than that I reeeeeeeeaaalllyyy want to go see the new Star Trek movie "Into the Darkness"... my latest obsession? Benedict Cumberbatch!

Katy B- What Love is Made of - New


TAG | I Heart Drugstore Makeup

EN: Hello Bananas! Yes I know I've been a bit absent from my Blog. I'm having one of those weeks that I can't stand staying hours in front of the computer, so I prefer to watch TV or to hang out with my friends.
But anyways today's post is about a Tag video that I've done a few months back but I didn't share with you over here. It is the "I Heart/Love Drugstore Makeup" Tag, in which I basically reply to some question regarding affordable makeup, hope you enjoy it.

PT: Olá Bananas! Eu sei que tenho estado um pouco ausente to Blog. Estou a ter uma daquelas semanas em não tenho paciência para ficar muito tempo em frente do computador, então prefiro ver televisão ou passar o tempo com os meus amigos.
Mas de qualquer das formas o post de hoje é sobre um video que filmei faz uns mesitos mas nunca cheguei a partilhar convosco aqui. O vídeo é um tag e  chama-se "I Heart/Hove Drugstore Makeup". Em que basicamenete respondo a algumas perguntas relacionadas com maquilhagem que uma pessoa pode comprar a um preço accessível, como por exemplo, Essence, Kiko, Rimmel, L'ÓREAL, Nivea, Maybelline etc, espero que gostem.

EN: Here are the Questions. I TAG ALL OF YOU!
PT: Aqui ficam as Perguntas. PASSO O TAG A TODOS!

1 - Favourite Drugstore Makeup? / Qual é o teu produto de maquilhagem (a um preço acessível) favorito?
2 - Favourite Face Product? / Qual é o teu produto favorito para a cara?
3 - Favourite Cheeks Product? / Qual é o teu produto favorito para as bochechas?
4 - Least Favourite Products? / Qual é o teu produto menos favorito?
5 - Best Makeup Bargain? / Qual foi a melhor pechincha que encontraste?
6 - Favourite Underdog Product? / Qual é o melhor produto pelo o qual não tinhas grandes expectativas?
7 - A Drugstore Product that is overpriced? / Qual é o produto que achas que seja desnecessariamente caro?
8 - Show us your best drugstore dupe. / Mostra-nos a tua melhor "réplica" (Um produto barato que seja parecido com algum produto caro).
9 - Drugstore product that isn't worth the hype? / Um produto popular que não vale a pena?

This picture was made and belongs to Me/Karen U..


Musical Friday #104

EN: Hello Bananas! Long time no see. If you read my previous Musical Friday post I explained that I was going to fix my computer because it was making this really annoying sound. When I took my computer to the shopI thought that the problem was dust but actually one of the fans was getting old and it was time to go. Luckily it wasn't an expensive fix and now it's all good. But I actually didn't have a computer for like 5 days, so it felt like a computer detox. During the weekend I had family over and then the other days I spent watching TV >.<.
Anyways it was actually good not having a computer for a while, since I saw something in the interwebz that personally left me felling very sad...
So here to happier days :).

Jessie J - WILD feat. Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal - New


Hello June

EN: Hello Bananas! So I'm gonna say it... I can't believe we are already in June. I mean what the hell?!? Time is flying waayyy too fast for my taste but in any case Summer time should arrive soon. Well I hope so, I've heard this week that the weather this year won't be the best one :/. But hopefully we will have some good sunny days to enjoy the beach.
Happy Month everybody!

PT: Olá Bananas! Ora então foi dizer... não posso acreditar que já estamos em Junho. Mas que raio?!?
O dias passam a voar mas de qualquer das formas o Verão não tarda a chegar. Bem quer disser, ouvi esta semana que este ano o tempo vai andar um pouco marado :/. Mas com um pouco de sorte teremos alguns dias de sol para apreciar a praia.
Tenham um bom mês!

Source: taringa.net via Karen on Pinterest

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