Musical Friday #44

Can you spot the problem? -_-
Hey everyone how was your week?
So were you able to spot the problem with the picture above? Yeah my Trench cat got ripped and I'm not sure how. I'm guessing my jacket's belt got caught somewhere and without me noticing RRRRRSSSSSSSS -_-. Now I have to buy a new Spring jacket because the other ones that I have that I brought are all for winter -_- aaarrrggghhhh.
Anyways the good thing about this week was that the time changed and the weather in London has been preeettttty warm! :D
Last Saturday I went to see the Hunger Games, it was good, I will do a separate post about it. In the mean time tomorrow I'm going to visit Stonehenge and Bath. The idea was originally from my friend Zuzana and we booked the tickets, but then a last minute personal issue she is not able to go anymore, so that the ticket doesn't go to waste I invited a colleague of mine from work :). Hope the weather is good tomorrow as well and I will take loads of pictures! My Giveaway is almost ending! Have you Entered yet? GO GO GO GO!
Have a good weekend yall! xoxo

L Marshall - The Wait Pt. 2 ft. Sincere, Sneakbo – New Single


Katy Perry Lashes created by Eylure

Katy Perry got together with Eylure (or Vice-Versa I don't know) and created some False Eyelashes. You have 4 option! The collection was launched late Frebruary.
I have seen these Lashes at Boots and Superdrug here in U.K. and the prices goes from 5.95£ for 3 of the Lashes, Cool KittySwettie Pie and Oh Honey! and 6.95£ for the Oh My! ones. Why are they One Pound more expensive? I don't know. Maybe because the have more "hair" compared to the other ones.


Rosie and Ryan for Mark & Spencer

Sexy model and actress Rosie Huntington and hot actor Ryan Reynolds were chosen for the new Mark & Spencer clothes collection for Fall/Winter. The collection I guess is suppose to be called Autograph. They look pretty good together, good chemistry going on....

Oooohhh the sooonngg, how I love this song! 


Musical Friday #43

Crackle silver nails
Nails of the day! You like?
Hey everyone! How was you week? Mine eehhhh not so bad, I managed to get my voice back but I'm still coffin every now and then. This week went by pretty fast for me... and I realized that is almost the end of March that I leaving London in June and that I haven't properly visited the city yet! >.< I've been here before so I know a few places but still there are loads of others to visit. Amazingly over here my weekends are always filled, Family gatherings, a night out, shopping spree XD. Gotta fix that!
Yesterday I had my third acting classes, this one was a bit hard for me, because one of our "exercises" was like to make eye contact with other people, AARRGGHHHH I'm terrible at that, I'm so shy and uncomfortable when it comes to eye contact! It comes from years of shyness and body/images complexes. I'm not so shy now and the way that I think and feel about my looks have changed I'm a bit more comfortable with it, but that bad habit of mine - the eye contact - stayed and it wasn't till yesterday that I realized that I'm still 100% cool with it. 
For this weekend I might see The Hunger Games movie, plus meet up with a friend of mine that pretty soon she is going to leave London and go back to Japan.
For this week of Musical Friday Post is all about female singers, it just naturally happened! I saw one video and I wanted to share, then the new Madonna and Katy Perry videos came out this week, plus I found another one and the last one was on my list to share already for a while, so I guess they go quite well together. Hope you enjoy it as I know some of you do :) xoxo.

Madonna - Girl Gone Wild - New Single - OMG where to start? Okei.. KAZAKYYYYY!!!! :p Yeah some of you that might been following my Blog since last year, I already did two posts about Kazaky, they are a Ukrainian male group, but they are not your ordinary boys band, coff coff, theeeyyy will wear high heels AND WORK IT GUUUURL! They are amazing dancers! Check them out! And why am I talking about them? Because they are in Madonna's video, I was able to recognize 3 of them. Another aspect about this videos is the that as soon as I seen it, I knew.... Comment Battle of Madonna VS Lady Gaga any time soon... dito e feito... hundreds of comments on Youtube "Oh Madonna is the Queen", "Lady Gaga is better in everything", "Lady Gaga copies Madonna" -_- aarrgghhh En fin...


I'm Blue da ba dee da ba dy


Hello everyone!
Today I would like to show you something that I bought a few weeks ago.
So lately I've been seeing a lot of pictures with girls and their colourful ombré/decradé hair or deep dyed, whateva you wanna call it, it's when you have the ends of your hair dyed in pink,blue, green, purple etc... I wanted to do the same but to do so, I would have to bleach my ends and then dye them.... I can't do that right now, my hair is waayyy to fragile/weak to be bleached, so the next best thing is colourful hairspray! Kinda like the ones you will find during Carnival and Halloween. I saw in a magazine one hairspray brand, that I can't remember the name right now, that was sold either in Boots or Superdrug, one day after work I passed at a Superdrug next to my work and I couldn't find that same brand spray but I managed to find another one that was cheaper :P. The brand is from Superdrug, Superdrug Instant Colour Hair Spray UV GLOW - so it´s like a house brand item -  and they have at least 5 colours, pink, red, blue, yellow and black. I bought the blue can, Blue Hood, thinking it was gonna be light blue, but it ended being dark vibrante blue, but still you can notice on my hair, and I should point out that the bottom half of my hair is kinda black (because of a dye ink that won't go away) so you can notice the blue pretty well.
What's your opinion? I think I like to wear the hairspray when my hair has these big curls so I only spray some hair locks.


New in the Nail Polish Department #1

Hey everyone, how you doing? Right now I´m almost voiceless... I was going to make a video this weekend showing you some of the stuff that I bought while here in London but due to the lack of voice the plan was off.
You may or not have seen a previous post I did last year showing you my nail polishes - that traveled with me to Prague when I was living there - so now let me show you the nail polishes that I have bought so far.
Picnik collage_c
3 Rimmel London nail polishes. 2 from PRO Professional Finish in 420 Aqua Cool &amp; 327 Heart on Fire; and I <3 Lasting Finish in 239 Your Majesty


Musical Friday #42

Hello everyone!
FIRST OF ALL, the date for my Giveaway deadline has been changed. Previously it was going to end this Sunday the 18th but since I've been noticing some mistakes, and I guess some people had problems with the program Rafflecopter, I'm trying to sort things out. So the new date is on the 31st of March, so TWO more extra weeks! I'm very sorry for this inconvenience. I will announce the winner either on the 1st/2nd of April (depending own things go) I will do a post on my Blog, announce it on Twitter, my Facebook page and my G+ page... so basically EVERYWHERE! And I will send an email to the winner and she/he will have to response within 48 hours after the announcement.
Okei, other this, my week went well, pretty fast I'll say, and I kinda felt sick this week again -_-, I reminded myself that last time I lived in the U.K. (in Nothingham) atleast once a month I will get sick, except like in the warm season from April onwards I think, but from mid September 2009 till March 2010, I was always, once a month be sick, fever, coff, cold bla bla bla, the rain was terrible for me. Like in Portugal when it rains, is not that cold, but if you catch rain in Nottingham OOMMGGGG I died! It is soooo cold! Terrible! One afternoon I forgot my umbrella so I caught some rain, it wasn't even that much, but it was enough for me, that same day I started to have throat pains and the rest followed....
Other than that, yesterday I had another Acting Class, it was loads of fun and I should try and bring more practical clothes, meaning no jeans, 'cause we have to run, and jump, and lay on the floor all sort of stuff, and jeans can be very like... not stretchy enough XD. We actually did a bit of acting, very small script, but still it was ultra fun and I really enjoy it. I can't wait to do more of that!
Have a nice weekend!
P.S.: On the 18th of March I guess it's Mother's Day in the U.K., while in Portugal on the 19th is suppose to be Father's Day... huuumm funny... why can't they all agree in one day? Like Christmas lol.

Birdman feat. Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne – Y.U. MAD


Werelse for Mango Touch

This information might not be news for some of you, but I guess there are some of you that might not know about this. In any case I wanted to do a post about it in order to express my thoughts on the subject.
So there are these 3 famous Fashion Bloggers, Andy from Style Scrapbook, Chiara from The Blonde Salad and Carolina from Fashion Squad, they have been around for a while now, each one of them has different styles with a few things in common, and besides blogging some of them have their separate projects, I know that Andy has a bag collection (dedicated to cameras in a way) in partnership with Kipling, Chiara has her own shoe line called Chiara Ferragni and recently a lingerie collection with Yamamay, I'm not 100% sure about Carolina but I think she is a model aswell... 
Anyways these three beautiful girls got together and decided to create a online shop called Werelse, they launched last year and they started off with 4 T-Shirts designs. And I think things are going preeettyyy well for them, they even won the Best Blogger Business of the Year at the Bloglovin' Awards early this year. I admit I like some of them, but when I saw the prices I kinda *gaaassppped*, 38€ (the cheapest one) for a T-Shirt? Say uuuWhhaaaaatt? UUFFFF Pass...
They have recently announced they are going to launch a small accessories collection in partnership with Mango Touch and is going to hit stores on the 12-15th of April (uuuhhh 3 days before my Bday :p).
Now... if I was a rich girl... I would buy everything... but since I'm not, the items that I reeeeallllyy like are, the black wedge sandals, the black bracelet, the black purse (Love Black Much?), and the neon yellow bag. I'm just waiting for the prices to be revealed and have another *gasp* moment followed by a little heart attack -_-. I will probably be only able to afford the bracelet XD.
So what do you think? Do you like anything? Are you going to buy anything?


Brands? That's irrelevant ... sometimes

In my opinion and attention this is just my opinion, sometimes brands are overrated and over priced for no reason. When I buy clothes or accessories, I don't go for the brand I go for the fact if it is beautiful and if it looks good on me or not... And I understand that like a pair of shoes in some cases the more expensive they are the better they are, and I say this comparing some boots for the rainy days that I can but from a local shop or a Chinese store that I might pay 25€ won't be necessarily as good as a pair of Dr.Martens or Timbaland boots.
Anyways today I want to show you something. Last December when Sales season arrived to Portugal, I went shopping with my mother to down town Lisbon (Baixa do Chiado) and the first shop I get in was one called WS2/W52 and I noticed that they had capes, which I've been "dying" to have one. The original price was 39.99€ and I bought it for 24.99€. Immediately when I saw the price tag, it reminded me of the one from Stradivarius. I mean just look the picture above, on the left is the tag from WSA/W52 from the jacket that I bought and on the right a tag from Stradivarius (that I asked a friend if I could have it for the sake of this post lol)... I meaann obvious much?
And then the thing that made me ROFLMAO, after I left WS2/W52 I entered a Stradivarius store... and what do I see THE SAME CAPE!!!!! WTF! The same EXACT design! And they were selling then for the Sales price of 29.99€ pppffffff fff ffff! 
This is not the first time that I have seen this. A few years back they passed in the News in Portugal that there was some Chinese shops selling clothes that looked exactly the same as some certain shops. For example, the same week I discovered that, I was in Bershka and I saw this shirt that had a skull... then a few days later I went to my local Chinese shop and I found theee ssaammmeee exact shirt, the only difference was the "brand" tag fffuuuuuuuu.


Musical Friday #41

Hello everyone! What's going on hein?!
Apparently I have a Canadian English accent o_O haha! Yesterday on the train, I was talking to two of my colleagues, one is a Spanish boy, the other a Thai-German girl and a man (kinda drunk) comes along and asked me: "Is that a Canadian accent?"
Me: aaahhhhhh not really I guess...
Man: Where are you from?
Me: Portugal.
Man: #Shocked faced O_O. But but but how did you get that accent, there's a certain area in Canada that talks like that...
Me: I've been practicing for years... TV helps.
Man: Ooohhh I don't watch TV...
Then I had to leave the train and according to my colleagues that stayed the man kept talking to other people... I had to get out of the train to change to the Underground toooo gooo tooo my Acting classes >.< at City Acting Fun.
It was actually fun, no real acting going on yet XD. Our teacher is suppose to be a lady called Roses, but for some reason she couldn't be there so another teacher came to substitute his name was Charlie. We did some funny games in order to memorize everyone names, talked about who we were, why we were there, what is Acting for us. Our class has people from the U.K. and out and not everybody is there to become an actor, some are to overcome like crowd fears, like when they to oral presentations at work and are not comfortable with it, other to gain confidence, and some to fulfill their dream curiosity/wish. This curse is eight weeks long, I'm still exited and nervous to what is going to happen next. After the class some went to a nearby Pub, but I couldn't go. The class is from 7 till 9pm, I have to wake up early in the morning, and the cherry on top of the cake..... my period was coming along -_-, so it was best for me to go home after the class.
In case you haven't noticed yet, I'm doing my First Giveaway on my Blog, fell free to join and please read the rules before entering. This weekend I'm gonna start to note down the entries that I have, some people are making some mistakes so I will try and notify them in order for them to correct the mistake. You should be able to log in to the Rafflecopter of my Giveaway and change information if need it. 
Good Luck everybody and have a nice weekend

Lloyd feat. Trey Songz, Young Jeezy – Be The One


One Lovely Blog Award + The Versatile Blogger Stamp/Award

Hello everyone, last month I got two other stamps, this time from Fairy Ana. Thank you very much Ana :). One of them I already received, that was The Versatile Blogger - so I already done that one here - but the new one is the One Lovely Blog Award!
The rules for the One Lovely Blog Award are more or else the same as The Versatile Blogger, you share 7 things about yourself and then pass the award over to other 10 Bloggers. So here it goes:

1- I'm mixed raced. Portuguese, Mozambican, Indian (as in from India) and possibly a bit of Arab.

2- I have an obsessive love with almost anything that has a Skull on it - jewelry, clothes, bags etc...

3- I only been to the Dentist once in my life... Let's see if I can go to one here in London, although I was told it might be expensive...

4- I watch Will & Grace waayyyy to many times. It's coming to a point that I'm memorizing quotes lol, just the little ones.

5- I don't like much Horror movies. If I do watch it, it has to be with someone else and I have to be talking to that person. I can't watch a Horror movie in full silence >.<.

6- I have a problem with letting go of stuff, whether they are stuff or clothes. My mom is always doing threats that one day she will throw out my stuff :X.

7- I don't know how to properly swim. It's a lost case... I quit.

I will pass the One Lovely Blog Award to



My First Giveaway #1


Right so I made a video talking about this Giveaway, you can watch. In any case, what I forgot to mention on the Giveaway video is that, this Giveaway is a Thank You for all of my follower, old and new, thank you for the support for these last (almost) 5 years on Blogger!
This Giveaway is open Internationally!!!! From the 5th of March till the 18th of March 31th of March!

So the basic MAIN RULE for the sake of this Giveaway, is that you need to be a PUBLIC FOLLOWER of my Blog. On the right side of my Blog you have the Goggle Friends Connect thingy, just click it and follow and make sure you are a Public Follower or else I won't know if you actually following my Blog or not. In the mean time I did put 2 other mandatory entries, your real name, and your email, no biggy. When you fill in the info, only I can see it, and yourselves in case you want to change something about your entry. To participate is NOT by leaving a comment on the post, you need to fill in the online form (the Rafflecopter) that you will see at the end of this post. You have 3 mandatory entries and after that if you want you will have access to extra options in order to increase your chances of winning!
I will use the Rafflecopter to select the winner. For any doubts or questions please ask away.
To Enter just scroll down and you will see the Rafflecopter Widget in order to participate. Make sure you read the Terms & Conditions, you will see it right at the end of the widget!
GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY! Hope you guys like the prizes!
DSCF1015 DSCF1019 DSCF1017 DSCF1012

a Rafflecopter giveaway

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


Musical Friday #40

Heeeeeyyyyy everyone! How was your week? I´m finally better from my sickness! The weekend is just around the corner, and again the Victoria Underground line will be closed -_-... they are doing some reconstructions on the line, so during the weekends they will close some lines and make people lives a living hell when they need to go somewhere, we have to catch a Bus or the Overground but better to do this on the Weekend than during the Week.
Anywwwaaaaayyyssss... Check this out! I'm gonna do my FIRST GIVEAWAY! Very soon I will do the post regarding it, I just need to buy a few little things and then see if I can manage to use the program Rafflecopter in order to pick the winner. I hope you girls (and boys) will like it! I will probably do a video showing the products but the giveaway will be held here on Blogger, later on I might do a Giveaway just for my Youtube channel. Are you guys excited? The Picture above is a little preview of the Giveaway stuff. 
Have a nice weekend!

Spank Rock Feat. Santigold - Car Song - New Single - I like this song, the video is cool, till the point the blue Ladies come in -_- that part is just simply wtf...


Jewelry Box #1


This is my newest Jewelry Box. This was actually a gift from a family member of mine. Last week I asked my sort of cousin where did she bought a similar box like this to her daughter, and she told me that she bought it on Sales (online I think), so I was like "Oh, ok". Pass a few days, and she gives me one box :D, and she says "Lucky for you I bought more than just one." haha.
The box has many spaces to put rings but since most of my rings are BIG they cover other spaces lol. Anyways this is perfect for now, since where I used to keep my rings was driving me crazy and I ended up not using them, just because I wasted time looking for them.
What do you think? How or where do you keep your rings?

Picnik collage_1

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..
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