Musical Friday #128

EN: Remember about 3 weeks ago I did a post about the fact that we didn't have the lights working in the bathroom? So soon after that the lights went crazy again -_- so for another 3 weeks we had to take a shower with candle lights. But at least this time around the guys came to fix it "pretty fast" compared to the first time around. 
Now I'm going to sleep, I have to work this weekend and this Saturday I work all day. God I'm going to be so tired going up and down the stairs. x

Ben Pearce - What I Might Do


Laptop Wishlist #4

EN: In case you did not know I currently don't have my own laptop. I used to have one but it failed for the third time last year and at the time I did not have money to fix it and I decided it was not worth to fix it again.
So now I'm on a laptop hunt and searching what's best for me. For now I want a laptop that I can do a little bit of everything really, like the basics, watch movies, listen to music, play some games, write some documents and browse on the internet but in the future I know I would like to install some programs like photo and video editing programs and I know that those things can be a bit heavy for a just a simple laptop.
So do I go for a simple laptop or do I buy the best of the best? 
The other thing is that I always had and worked with Windows computers and right now Windows 8 is sshhhiiiiiiiiittttttt! Seriously Windows, get your shit together! And I'm not very into the Apple shenanigans. Windows and Apple for me is like, you always went to Mac Donald's (Windows) but one day you are hungry and there is no Mac Donald's around so you go for Burger King (Apple) and it's just not the same, that's how I feel about Apple haha.
One thing is for sure NO MORE ACERs laptops, that was the brand of my previous laptop, so maybe Sony or HP, any suggestions?


Musical Friday #127

EN: Another week has passed but now I'm finally working. But it's not your typical office, Monday to Friday, 9AM till 5PM type of job. I'm working in a Restaurant so that means crazy shifts and no more proper weekends because those are days that I'll be defiantly working. I've been through this before, back in 2011 I worked in a call-center while I lived in Prague but the differences was that I did a 8/9 hours shift and now most of the times I only work 3 hours per day but I'm not the only one.
Anyways this is just temporary, like my mother would say, I didn't go to University, studied abroad, worked abroad to end up working in restaurant! I have big dreams, I always had big dreams but for now is like Drake's song "started from the bottom now we're here", I had to start somewhere and they are paying, so don't let me words make you think that I'm complaining. I'm very grateful for this job opportunity because in fact, they were the only place that called me for an interview and end up hiring me

Katy Perry - Unconditionally - New


Going to the cinema alone

EN: Yesterday for the first time I went to the cinema alone. The reason for this was because I wanted to watch the new Thor movie and I had no company, either the people I know weren't interested or just bad timing. So I decided to go by myself. I mean how bad could it be?
Well let me tell you. So when I went to the cinema to buy my ticket the man said to me "Just one? Are you watching alone?", I said yes and then he asked "Why?", my reaction was like O_O WTF.... is it that bad to go to cinema alone??????? So I just told him "Well... my friends don't like this type of movies blah blah". 
Needless to say I left that place feeling weird and contemplating about live and if  people thinking that I'm some kind of loner :S. But then I thought F-THEM! I like spending time with my friends and family but I also enjoy my alone time.
Later when I entered the cinema room I was the only person in there but then again it was 15:20 on a Wednesday afternoon. But 10 minutes later 4 other people came in. They stayed in the middle of the room and I stayed aaalllll the way in the back right in the middle of the screen and it was the best seat ever.
Overall I didn't mind going to the cinema alone, it's not like anybody was gonna bite or something and I think I might be going more often by myself. It feels the same as I'm watching a movie at home but in this case on a bigger screen haha. The only thing is if something happens in the movie you can't really share a thought or make jokes with someone other than yourselves.
What about you? Have you ever went to the cinema alone?

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Musical Friday #126

EN: Tomorrow I will finally start working! I'm both excited and nervous, that's understandable right?
My fear right now is of oversleeping, I'm always like that, when I have a big thing the next day I'm always afraid that I either won't listen to the alarm clock, or  I hear it, stop it and go back to sleep. Does this also happens to you?
Well I'm off to bed, it's gonna be a loooong day. Wish me luck!

Lilly Allen - Hard Out Here - New


Beauty | My Face Routine

Beauty products

EN: Today's post will be my beauty routine. Mine is not has interesting or complex as some beauty gurus out there due to many reasons but I'm not going to bore you with that now.
Below I will break it down for you the products that I use. Take note that I have normal to oily skin, I have a oily T-Zone, I still have acne/spots :( and blackheads on my nose.


Musical Friday #125

EN: Hey guys, how's your month of November going so far? I think that finally some good winds are blowing my way. Fingers crossed!
Other than day today has been a rainy day but then again I wouldn't expect anything different because... it's London.

Justin Timberlake - TKO - New Single


Dream House #17

EN: Here in London I'm living with some family members of mine and since I arrived back in September they had some problems with the lights in the big bathroom. Basically the upstairs neighbor had some water pipes problems and it ended damaging the ceiling, the walls and the lights of my family's house :/. So for a month and a half I've been taking a shower with candle lights but my family have been dealing with this since August.
This week the man FINALLY came to fix the lights and guys I kid you not, I was so used to taking a shower with candles that when I finally turned on the lights it was mind blowing haha.
I think the best solution would be to have windows in your bathroom but then again it would only be useful during the day hehe.


Things that make you go huuummm! #13

EN: Things I love... NOODLES! Last month I went to two buffet (Chinese/Japanese/Thai) restaurants aawwwwrrrggaaahhhh noodles! I normally eat it with chicken or shrimp/prawns.


Musical Friday #124

EN: Well what do you know, it's November. Two more month and we are in 2014. Time flies.

Linkin Park X Steve Aoki - A Light That Never Comes - New

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