Christmas 2016 Wish List

Wish List for Christmas 2016

Wish List for Christmas 2016 by karenussene featuring a Beauty Blender, Harry Potter DVD set,

EN: Lately my boyfriend has been asking me for Christmas gifts ideas for myself. In all honestly I want loads of stuff, you can just go to my Pinterest wish list and you will see. 
So this is just a small list of a few suggestions of gifts. Now the decision is up to him😝.

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. The Collage was made via Polyvore website.


Happy Halloween

 EN:Aaaahhhh my favourite time of the year. For another year unfortunately I won't be going anywhere to celebrate Halloween.
Hopefully by next year I will be in a better mood for it.


Musical Friday #145

EN: And another month is almost gone. Halloween hasn't even happened yet and some store are already selling Christmas stuff (Decorations, Advent Calenders, Gifts etc...). This year passed waaayyyy to fast and sssoooo soooooo many things have happened good and bad. It has been a another roller-coaster year for me. Let's see how this year ends.

Calvin Harris - My Way


Series that I'm watching #5

Whenever Fall/Autumn comes along I feel more in the mood to watch series. I mean in just a couple of days I binge watched the first season of the  Flash... enough said. Here some of the series that I will continue to follow and want to start watching.


Quick Post: September got me feeling like...

EN: This year, September got me feeling all types of things. It has me craving for new things, the same way a new season is coming I feel like I need change in so many areas of my life.
So many things haven't been going well for me for a while now and I'm so tired of it and person can only take so much before reaching insanity. 
Got to find a new direction in life.... a new motivation....


Musical Friday #144

EN: I can NOT believe we are in September already and before you know it, Halloween is just around the corner and next thing you know it, it's Christmas again. 
Most times I feel like 24 hours are not enough in a day to do everything I have planned for that day.

Britney Spears - Make Me... Ft. G-Eazy


Mally - Uptown Chic

Mally MakeUp

EN: Hello everyone. First of all yes I am back from my vacation, I've been back now for about almost two weeks. Those of you that might follow me on Instagram or Snapchat might have seen a bit of my journey other than that I will eventually do a blog post about it, I just don't know if I do it all in one go or separate it.

Okay let's jump into the actual post which is about Mally Beauty Makeup. From what I gathered Mally Roncal is actually a Make-Up Artist. She was initially a pre-med student and then changed to fine-arts and then went from working for a Fashion designer to become a freelance Makeup Artist with clients like Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé until she created her own makeup line Mally in 2005.
The products that I've have were a Christmas gift that my cousin gave me. It contains a Face Defender Boost which I still don't understand what it is, a Strobe Cream basically a highlighter, a Waterproof Eyeliner, Volumizing Mascara, Shadow Stick and a Lipstick.


Musical Friday #143

(OMIS - Croatia)

Hello everyone!
These last weeks I've been away from my Blog but that's because I've been busy getting ready for my holidays. The last time I had a proper vacation was last summer when I went to my friends wedding in Portugal, after that has been pretty much work work work :P.
For this vacation we (my boyfriend and I) will be going to Slovakia (where we are at the moment) and after we are going to Croatia.
The first night when we arrived in Slovakia there was a crazy festival of thunders and lightnings to the point that during the night when I was sleeping there was a thunder so strong that woke me up and left me completely disorientated and kinda vibrated the house. It sounded like someone was exploding fireworks inside the house. I've seen some pretty intense lightings and thunders but this one took the cake.
I initially wanted to vlog buuuuut I realize I'm not good with that so I've been using Snapchat more often than ever. In case you wanna follow me there my account is nerak_86. I upload whenever I have wi-fi since we are not using roaming because is a bit expensive.
Other than that I'm looking forwards for the Croatian beaches doing nothing but tan and chill, get some colour on my skin to last me all the way till next year haha.
I will try and take as many photos as I can and if I have enough material I will Blog about like I used to in the past.
See ya ;)

Calvin Harris - This is what you came for Feat. Rihanna


London Summer

London Summer

EN: First of all how crazy that we are already in July?!?! And then for those of us that live in London what kinda of a Summer is this? As I sit here writing this post it has rained already three times and in between a bit of sunshine, geez talk about a bipolar weather.
And as stupid as it sounds it makes my life harder in order to decide what to dress. You see rain you think okay I will wear my Parka/Trench coat but it's not cold so I will wear a lighter jacket but it's not long enough to protect a bit of my legs from the rain ssoooo the solution is a Duster/Lightweight Trench/Lightweight Parka (it's brand names it something different). It's a long coat but still very light. Yesterday I ordered my online and I hope it fits me nicely.

PT: Em primeiro lugar nem dá para acreditar que já estamos em Julho! E para aqueles que vivem em Londres que nem eu mas que raio de Verão é este? Então eu estou aqui a escrever este post já choveu três vezes e entre chuvaradas o sol resolve dar uma Olá, nooossa nunca vi tempo mais bipolar.
Pode parecer estúpido mas isto dificulta-me a vida quando tenho que decidir o que vestir. Ora se estiver a chover eu penso vou usar uma Parka mas não está frio então vou usar uma casaco mais leve mas esse não é longo o suficiente para proteger as minhas pernas da chuva entãoooooo a solução é um Duster/um Trench leve/uma Parka leve (cada marca dá um nome diferente a este estilo de casaco). É basicamente um casaco longo mas feito em geral com um material leve.
Ontem encomendei um online espero que me sirva como deve ser.

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. The Collage was made via Polyvore website.


Movie List #3

EN: I can't believe we are already in June. In the beginning of the year I made a list of all the movies I want to see this year. So basically at least once a month I will be in the cinema this year. So far that matter my boyfriend and I look for way to safe a bit of money, either use two for one tickets day, or use some voucher codes, whatever helps.
And just a little story about myself, I'm quite the fussy cinema goer. If I go to the cinema I don't wanna hear talking, is one thing to share something quick with your partner but to have a full on conversation NO. I don't like people that eat loudly with their mouths open, WHY, JUST WHY? People that don't let go of their phones specially the ones that don't even mute them. Ideally I don't like people sitting next to me (unless is someone that I know), or in front of me, the way that some cinema rooms are designed the seat behind is not elevated enough and the head in from of me annoys me... but I digress....
Here is some of the movies that I already seen except for the last one.


Musical Friday #142

EN: Hey guys, it has been a month since I've been there. Last time I posted I was about to turn 30 years old. My birthday was great, I went to a restaurant that I've been a few times (including on my 29th Bday as well) called Trattoria Mondello close to Godge Street Station, typical Italian food. I spent it with some of my friends that live in the London plus my boyfriend and my cousin. I was happy and sad at the same time since my original plan was to go to Portugal but because of financial reasons I couldn't go and celebrate it with my parents. It's funny right? when you are younger you just want to spent it with your friends , out and about as you grow older you might prefer to spent it with close family.
Anywyas I will be back soon with more new post, until then here some new singles

Janet Jackson - Dammn Baby


Musical Friday #141

 EN: In just 3 days I will be turning 30 years old.... long story short.... I'm not ready. Nope...

twenty one pilots - Stressed Out - This is song or in this case the video is almost one year old but only a few weeks I discovered the song and the band.


Maybelline - Color Drama, Instense Velvet Lip Pencil

EN: Most probably you already heard about the Maybelline Color Drama, Instense Velvet Lip Pencil - uuufff that's a long name - I bought mine one a long time ago but I forgot to blog about them.
I think that overall they are a great product, easy to apply, very pigmented, they don't over dry my lips (specially if I pass a lip balm first), good staying power and even after fading they leave a tint on your lips.
Not much to say really, I have four, I either used them on their own or sometimes under lipsticks. They are reasonably affordable and at least in the U.K. you always have promotions, either 3 for 2 or buy one second one half price. Oh and just in case you are looking for pencils, Maybelline is starting to change the packing of the product.

PT: Provavelmente muitos de vocês já ouviram falar da Maybelline Color Drama, Instense Velvet Lip Pencil - uuufff nossa que nome tão longo - eu comprei os meus já faz algum tempo mas esqueci-me de escrever um Blog post sobre eles.
Eu penso que no general  são um óptimo produto, fácil de aplicar, boa pigmentação, não secam os meus lábios (especialmente se passarem um lip balm antes), dura um bom tempo e mesmo quando começa a desaparecer deixam uma cor ligeira nos lábios.
Não há muito mais para dizer, eu tenho quatro, às vezes usos sozinhos ou por baixo de um outro batons. Eles são razoavelmente baratos e pelo menos aqui no Reino Unito temos sempre ofertas como 3 compre pague 2 ou compre 1 e pague metade no segundo produto. Ah e só pró caso de andarem à procura destes lápis a Maybelline anda a mudar a embalagem.


Makeup Sponges Fail

Poundland Makeup Sponges
EN: About a month ago I went to my local Poundland store (in case you are not from the U.K. is basically one of those store that sell everything for a One Pound, £1) and I saw that they had some makeup sponges. Now I was just going to buy one to try out but my boyfriend begged me to buy another two to try them out and so I did.
BOY what a fail, the concept looked interesting a sponge with a handle but these ones are literally a waste of money.
PT: À cerca de um mês eu fui a uma loja que existe aqui no Reino Unido chamada Poundland (é um género de loja dos Trezentos mas neste caso tudo a Uma Libra, £1) e vi que eles tinham umas esponjas para maquilhagem. Eu ia só comprar uma mas o meu namorado pediu-me para comprar mais duas para testar a qualidade e assim o fiz.
BEM mas que desperdício de dinheiro (apesar de que não foi nenhuma fortuna), a ideia até era interessante, uma esponja com cabo mas enfim.


Sephora Lip Products

Sephora Lips 
EN: Last Summer I saw some girls on Youtube raving about these Sephora Lip products, so when I went on holidays to Portugal last year, as soon as I land it in Lisbon, on my way to my parents place I passed by the Sephora shop in the Vasco da Gama shopping mall.
In general I always gravitate to to reds and wine red, plummy colours because I think that's is what suits me best, I have yet to find a good pinky or nude colour that suits me.


Musical Friday #140

EN: As usual I can't believe we are already mid way into March, 2016 slooooow dooooown.
And in a month I will be turning 30 years old heishhhhh.

Alissa Cara - Here


App: Stocard

EN: This might not be news for some of you but I believe that there are still some of you that don't know about this mobile App.
If I shop frequently in one place and I find out they have a membership card I will most definitely apply for one but then what ends up happening is that I have a wallet full of cards and at some point I will end up forgetting my cards somewhere else and when I want to use it you don't have it with me, so a possible solution for that is this App called Stocard.
I discovered this App trough my boyfriend, it is so good. I just scan or manually write my members code in it so I have all of my cards in one place, quickly accessible plus it keeps me up to date if there is any special offers.

PT: Isto pode não ser noticia nenhuma para alguns de vocês mas acredito que algumas pessoas podem ainda não conhecer este App para o telemóvel.
Se eu faço compras frequentemente num sítio e eu descubro que eles tem um cartão de membro eu definitivamente irei subscrever mas depois o que acontece é passo a ter uma carteira cheia de cartões e um dia acabo por esquecer dos cartões noutro sítio e quando preciso de usar não os tenho comigo então uma possível solução para isto tudo é o App chamado Stocard.
Eu descobri este App através to meu namorado, é muito bom. Eu posso fazer scan ou escrever manualmente o meu número de membro e assim passo a ter todos os meus cartões só num sítio rapidamente acessíveis e ainda põe-me a par das promoções especiais das lojas.


Foot Spa

Foot Spa  
EN: I was never into foot care, other than doing my own toenails (painting my nails) but since now I have to work in a place in which I have to stay up for hours my feet have started to hurt.
So every now and then I do a little foot spa session in my place, even my boyfriend enjoys it.
PT: Eu nunca me interessei muito por pedicures e afins, sempre tratei dos meus pés sozinha mas como agora no meu trabalho passo horas em pé, os meus pés têm sofrido imenso.
Então de vez em quando eu faço uma sessão spa em minha casa que até o meu namorado também aprecia.


Colour Eye Pencils

Eye Pencil
EN: I may not have the biggest eyeshadow palette collection but even with what I´ve got sometimes I feel super lazy to do any eye-makeup-look so the next best thing is colour eye pencils. Just a simple winged eyeliner and I'm done. So are where are some of mine eye pencils.

PT: Posso não ter a maior colecção de paletas de sombras para os olhos mas mesmo assim com o que tenho às vezes sou super preguiçosa para fazer uma maquilhagem de olhos mais elaborada então a melhora coisa a seguir são os lápis para os olhos coloridos. Um simples winged eyeliner e estou pronta. Aqui ficam alguns dos meus lápis para os olhos.


3 Topshop Eyeshadows

TOPSHOP -  eyeshadow
PT: À alguns meses atrás passei pela Topshop na época de saldos e é normalmente quando eu compro qualquer cosinha por lá. Eu decedi explorar um pouco a maquilhagem e acbei por comprar um verniz (que eventualmente irei fazer um post) e três sombras para os olhos.
No que toca a maquilhagem, a Topshop não está necessariamente no topo da minha lista mas existem algumas coisas boazitas.

EN: A few months ago there was a sale at Topshop and normally that´s when I buy something there. I decided to explorer the Makeup stand a bit, so I ended up buy one nude nailpolish (that eventually I will blog about it) and three eyeshadows.
Now when it comes to makeup, Topshop is not necessarly on the top of my list but there a few nice things.



PT: O ano mal começou e já me deixou mal disposta.... no espaço de uma semana morreram quatro celebridades (e podemos ainda adicionar mais uma no final de 2015) "mas Karen pessoas morrem todos os dias" sim, sim eu sei.
EN: The year barely started and is already putting me in a meh mood... in a space of a week four celebrities have passed away (and we can still add another person at the end of 2015) "but Karen people die everyday" yes, yes I know.

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