Spain is not just about Olés! A weekend to remember ^.^

On the 20th of August I went to Lugo (North of Spain) to visit one of my friends that I met back in Nottingham, Pablo.

After traveling about 9 hours, Pablo picked me up at Santiago de Compostela and continued our journey to Lugo. Once there we first went to a Café/Bar where two of Pablo’s friends later came to join us, it was Javier (a.k.a. Paco) and Alejandro (a.k.a. Alex) there are brothers, we chat for a bit, (mostly in Spanish in my case Portuguese/English/Spanish), and then me and Pablo went to his place, where I met his Mom, Dad and Aunt, and for dinner we had the famous Spanish Tortilla :P it was very munchy lunchy ^.^ . After that, we went to Alex/Paco father’s house, and had a “couple” of drinks, and I also met Alberto another brother of Alex and Paco, plus Alberto’s gf, Sara, Eva and Suso. Then we hit the town, hang out at a bar called Budha first, which kinda reminds me of Dogma back in Nottingham, but in this case they only pass Latin music. After that we entered 3 other bars, but it was a case of just getting in and getting out, so the boys decided to call it a night and we all went home.

Saturday, Pablo’s 30th Birthday. We celebrated at Alex father’s house, with a nice BBQ, nice drinks, a lovely swimming pool, and a nice lovely sun shining day. Also met a couple of people on this day, Amanda, Suso’s brothers, Maria and Jose, Alex+Paco+Alberto’s younger sister Andrea. There was a point on this day that I felt I was in one of Jackass episodes, with the boys doing crazy jumps into the swimming pool uuuffff, Los Loucos! Had some fun singing "Sing Star" or something like it. At around almost 4am some of us went to the Budha Bar, I think we were a bit dead at that hour.

Sunday, was a coach potato day for me and Pablo, sleeping ‘till lunch hour, then we ate and watched some movies. Later that day, we went to Sada, where Pablo has another house close to the beach.

Monday, our plan was to go to the beach, buuutttt the stupid weather decided to change, it was a cloudy day, and in the afternoon it even rained :(. So we had lunch at a Restaurant called La Patata Brava (if I‘m not mistaken), bought some food to make some Fajitas for dinner :P and we went home and saw the 1st Godfather movie. Yeah I never saw it before -_- it was a good movie, although I think I slept for some minutes, wwhaaatt!?!?! it was after lunch, my body needed a siesta >.<. Tuesday, adios time. Pablo took me back to Santiago, so that I could catch my bus home. The highlight of this journey home was, when we stopped in Vigo and the bus driver said that we had 5 minutes to go to the bathroom, so some people did went, and while they were at the toilettes, some other people were coming in . Two old Spanish ladies sat down on a place that two man were already sitting down since Coruña, when those man’s wifes came back to the bus, they started talking to the other two ladies, warning them that their husbands were sitting there. The two old women were like -“So? There was nothing on the sits.” The Wifes – “Yes but we are telling you now, our husbands are sitting there, and we went to the bathroom.” Needless to say that the Wifes were pissed off, and oh this was all in Spanish, when the husbands came back they were like “WTF?!?!?!”. Then another man started to talk about the situation, I notice that his accent was a bit weird, that’s because he was Portuguese :P I was hoping to see a female Spanish fight in the bus, but no, no nada. Summarising, I loved my stay in Lugo and Sada, those people know how to have fun the way I like it XD. It was a pleasure to meet all of you guys, wish I could have stayed longer, hope to see you all one day again ;).

Hasta Luego ;) Besos*

Me and the Birthday Boy Pablo.

All of us

Foto of the day, Go Alex Go!

A cloudy day in Sada :( 

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..
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