Musical Friday #48

A picture of the room were I had my Acting Classes.
Hello everybodddyyyyy! Wow another week as passed by and we are almost in the end of April :O! Oh dear loard, time bloody flies.
Today after work I met with my work colleague Mina and her flatmate Simona at Oxford Street, we went to Primark over there and OOOOHHHH MY GOD! I´ve been to Primark before okay? Me and Primark go way back (Nottingham 2009) and most of the shops are always big, but... the one... in Oxford Street WWOOOOW! It is MASSIVE, it is FULL OF STUFF, it is FULL of PEOPLE! I want to check out stuff but the fact that it was so crowed it demotivated me. So then we went to H&M oh oohhhh I was a good girl this week, I didn´t spent money on stuff... but then... I saw stuff... in H&M... that.. damn, I had to get it. Like that Golden hair-cuff thingy that was all over Blogs but I was never able to find it in shops, so I got that, earrings, a ring and a bracelet. After the shopping we went to a little Italian restaurant had a small meal (I was sttaarrving) and a drink.
Yesterday, it was my last class at City Acting :(. I R SAD ;(. The group was fairly small, I know that 2 guys went on holidays, the other 5 girls I don´t know :/. For or last 2 classes we had a different teacher, his name is Russell, Our original teacher Roses could no longer teaches, for reasons that I do not know. After or class, for the first time and only time I was able to join then at the bar nearby, to have a drink and chat. I was never able to go because I live the North East and the classes were in Angel, and I work the next time, I have to get up early, the classes end at 9pm, you know... things weren´t on my side. But in any case, better late than never, and it was quite good, and I hope to stay in touch with them.
The music that follows for today is good music if you´re in a dancing mood and going to hit the clubs! Enjoy it! :)

Jessie J - Laserlight ft. David Guetta – New Single – This song is good, buuutttt free publicity much? Like here in the U.K. Jessie J. is like the “face” for the drink Vitamin Water, and in the video you can see a propA close up of the drink, I mean come oooonnnn -_- pppfffff.


My shoes #1


Before I came to London I had to do a massive clean up of my Bedroom and as I gather all of my shoes, I was kinda stupitfied. I had an idea of the shoes that I had but it wasn't till I put them all together that I was like "Damn 21 pairs? Really?". I know, I know, it's not much compared to many Fashion Bloggers, and my shoes are nothing aammaazziinnggg, but it left me kinda surprised, OKAY? -_- haha
P.S.: You can clearly see that I have a thing for sneakers / trainers >.< and black shoes.


House stuff #1


These are a few  things I bought for the last 3 months since I arrived to London. Has you might know, I am living with some family members here in London so it means that I have a full furnished room and don't need to buy much stuff. But... knowing myself like I do, I had to buy a few little things for the room that I needed. So let's start!


Musical Friday #47


Heeeeyyyyyy everyone! Sooooo this week I turned 26th years old! FUCKING HELL! >.< I still can't believe it.
My birthday was on the 18th of April, pfff what a day. You know those days that you start with your left foot? That was kinda of IT for me. There were no major tragedies, but a little thing here a little thing there, all of this happening on your Bday, is kinda of annoying. Don't you agree?
I asked for the day off, I went to one of those like, hair styling bars in the middle of the Shopping Malls, because I have 10 free hair styling sessions, I got them when I bought my flat iron with them, so I did like loose curls and the weather was like windy and kinda rainy and even though I used hairspray on my hair when I got home, the curls kinda disappeared throughout the day :(. At night me, my two cousins and 2 girls friends of my cousin, went to a Turkish restaurant, it was a lovely evening and when we returned home we ate some cake, the one that you can see on the picture. It's from Thorntons, my cousin bought it for me :D. As far as presents go, I got the cake and flowers and a ring from my family that I live with here, plus a Perfume from my Boyfriend from Carolina Herrera called 212 VIP. Now the thing is that me and my boyfriend we live in different countries (plus different continents >.<) and I'm not quite sure when I will be with him again, sooo I don't know when am I gonna get my Bday gift haha -_-. I have to go to a Perfume shop and smell it, let's hope he got it right, because I'm kinda picky with perfumes. The rest of the presents I bought from me to me lol.
Oh last Saturday I watched the Battleship Movie, it was quite good, have to do a review on that.
And right now I'm kinda pissed off, lol, I called the hair styling bar today to make an appointment for Saturday and the Lady says they don't do appointments on the weekend (Company's policy), and basically during the week is impossible for me to go because A, I work in the South, and the Shopping Center is in the North of London (I live in the Noth), and B they work from like 9h till 17h, I work from 9:30 till 17:30.... RRRAAAAAAHHHHHH! Bitches! I ended up hanging up the phone on the woman's face...
Since they don't check if I am the owner of that receipt I will ask my friends if they want to go in my place, so that the sessions don't go to waste. Aaahhh live.
Oh also today I found out that the model-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was also burn on the 18th of April but of 1987, I'm from 1986, so I'm one year older... and I look NOTHING like her, I don't mean like, because she is tall and Caucasian, is the fact that she looks more mature than me. I'm 26 and on my own  Birthday the waiter asked for my I.D. when I order a beer... how fucking annoying is that?
Have a good weekend guys!

Marilyn Manson - No Reflection – New Single


Nails Inc. London swatches: Kensington Caviar and Boltons Place

Nails Inc. London nail polishes, on the left Kensington Caviar (Topcoat) and on the right Boltons Place.
I already showed you my 6 Nails Inc. London nail polishes on a previous post of mine "Early Bday Gift", now I will start showing you swatches of each one of them. Today I'm showing you two of them, the Kensington Caviar that can be used as a basecoat and a topcoat, and the Bolton Place.
It was funny that when I got these nail polishes, there were a couple of magazine features of the brand, and one of them talked about the creator of N.I.L. Thea Green and her struggle and her perseverance to launch the brand.


Musical Friday #46

Picnik collage_1

Hello everyone, how was your week? For me, I only worked for a 3 days XD. Monday was my day off and then on Tuesday I wasn't feeling well :S
Yesterday I had another acting class, it was my sixth, only two more to go :(. This time it was with a substitute Teacher like on our first class, our original Teacher couldn't come.
Not much happened during this week, other than a little bit of shopping, and some little changes on my look, nothing too drastic... I will reveal next week okay?
I've been 4 months in London, and I already had two different mobile phone networks. I used to have a Orange SIM card, from when I was in the U.K. for the first time, but “he” decided to DIE the day before I came to London... I was like “Are you fO real?”. So when I arrived to London, my cousin had some extra Vodafone SIM card, so she gave me phone, in the beginning it seemed cool, cause I would charge with 10 Pounds, and it seemed that it was a good deal, I had free messages to every network, and then every time I Top-Uped my mobile, I would get like a code so that I could collect a prize. The first time I chose some from Thorntons, well I picked the Thorntons option, then they would give me a specific candy treat, I couldn't pick whatever I wanted lol. To find a Thorntons shop was a pain in the ass, 'cause apparently they are running out of business or something. Anyways when I founded and I got these Toffee thingys, which you can see from the photo, they were quite good! Inside I guess it's a whole bar, and you have to smacked first so that you can break it in order to eat
After that I noticed some problems with Vodafone, as in apparently it has the crappiest network recession in the country -_-, I would be in a restaurant and have NO NETWORK! And I wasn't the only one with that problem, two of my colleagues also had no network -_-. So I decided to change to O2.... hhummm but I don't like it... or maybe I have to change the tariff, BAAAHHH so many options!
Oh well, today is Friday 13th... and I will go to a house party later on... let's see how that goes haha.

Drake - Take Care feat. Rihanna New Single - Now this video came out recently, together with another video of Drake called “HYFR”, but it has been so hard to find this video, I can't even find on Drake's official Youtube page, so don't be surprised if the video stops working – cancelled due to copyrights or something. But in any case, I love Drake and this song is no exception.


My Handbag Collection #1


These are my bags. Now mind you, I didn't buy all of them in one day lol. Most of the times I buy one/two bags per year but for some reason when I'm in the U.K. is when I buy more bags... damn you Primark.
Oh and these pictures were taken when I was still in Portugal, like last December or something.
Let's start the presentation!


Musical Friday #45

Old Market Square in Nottingham 2010

Hello everyone! And Happy Easter! :D May you be filled with chocolate eggs XD.
Soooooooooooooooooo this week passed really fast, or is it just me?
Last Saturday I went to Stonehenge and Bath with my work colleague Mina, great trip, I was so dead by the end, I will try in the future to do a post about it. OMG I still need to finish my Posts about my experience and Prague, and Mozambique and my roadtrip las Summer, and now in London, ooohhh my daaayyyy. It's really hard for me to focus were I'm leaving at, with a almost 4 year old child always bugging me around.
Anyways, today after work I will be going to Nottingham! Haven't been there almost two years now. For those of you that don't know in the year 2009/2010 I was an Erasmus student at Nottingham Trent University, again it was an awesome experience not only party wise but also academically, they have a bit of a different measure of teaching which I found very good and accessible. I will be going with my friend Zuzana, who also was an Erasmus student on the same year as me, that were we met, and we will meet up with other to friends of ours from the same time as us Sarah and Maria. AAHHHHH I'm so existed just hope the weather is good . Is gonna be so freaking weird to go back to Nottingham.
Yesterday I had another Acting Class, OMG, I'm so tired. Did I signed up for an acting class or a gym class? XD We did some acting yesterday, ooohhh I love it so much. Whenever is my time to act, right before going I get a bit nervous “Oh no, I'm gonna make a full of myself, this is so embarrassing” but then once I'm in VVVUUUTTT I'm in the ZONE! I forget about everybody else in the room, is just me and whoever is acting with me. AAHHH WHAT A RUSH!
Hope you enjoy the music selection of today :).

P.S.: Oh by the way, I don't know if you get any notifications or not, but I've been replying to some of your comments/question on the same post, with the “Reply” option. Just to let you know. But I will still visit your Blogs when I got the time, ok? Xoxo

Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again ft. Pitbull – New Single – Jennifer's new video is muuuyyy caliente! And if you wanna have a Hit Single, “who you gonna call?” - haha you see what I did there lol – Pitbull of course! In this video, you can see Jennifer interacting with her new “boyfriend” Casper, who is also one of her dancers. You would think that after Jennifer married one of her dancers back in 2001 with Cris Judd she would not mess with dancers, plus to do a video with you love one in my personal opinion is almost like doing a Tattoo on your body with your boyfriends name... it's a curse! Coff Coff Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck “Jenny from the Block”.... I'm just saying... But HEY don't get me wrong, I still love Miss Lopez <3.


New in the Shoes Department #1

Picnik collage_1
My black Pistol Boots from Select.
I needed a new pair of practical heel boot in black, and incomes the Pistol Boots. I love them so much! In the begining I could only spot very expensive ones like from TOPSHOP for like 70 t 80£ pppffffffff and then I found these one from Select for like 18£. SOLD!
Picnik collage_2
My Minty Pumps from Primark. Do I really need to say anything? They are cute, freaky high, they are in these season's colour and only for 12£. Ooohhh Primark Primark... I wanted to buy ALL OF THE SHOES IN EVERY FREAKING COLOUR... but I can't I can't....
Picnik collage_3
And last but not least, these Silver "Stilettos" shoes.  Yes they have a red  sole but no, they are not Christian Louboutin lol they are from Select. They were only 10£ >.<. The reason why I still have the white price sticker, is in case I want to change them for a size up, I have 14 days t exchange. No worries I will take it off.
Soooo do you like any of them? I know I do XD

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


Early Bday Gift! #1

Hummm what's in the box?
 OMG YA! Two weekends ago my sort of cousin (lol she is actually my mother cousin) that I am leaving with here in London surprised me with this amazing gift, SIX Nails Inc. London nail polishes. Now this is an early gift because my Birthday is only on the 18th of April and she gave it to me early because she wanted to make sure I liked it and if not she could return it. Anyways... Pfffff I was so blown away O_O, I can't thank her enough. As far as I know she ordered them online, she caught some special deal at QVC, I think. I've seen these nail polishes at Boots and they are not cheap! A normal nail polish (with a simple colour) can cost already like 11 pounds and the Magnetic polish ones a bit more than that, uuufffff. 


And the Winner is...#1


Hello everyone! First of all I would like to thank everyone that participated on my first giveaway and I hope that the person that get these wonderful prizes like them! =)
So without further a do the WINNER IIIIIIIISSSSSSS....
Congrats Patricia! I will send you an email/message regarding this subject!
You can say it was beginners luck! Patricia is new in the BlogOsphere. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
The other girls that have participated, don´t be sad, I will try and do another Giveaway in a nearby future :3.
Just hope that next time I will have more honest people participating (lol) there we a lot of people that filled in the information on Rafflecopter but did NOTHING that it was asked -_- and believe me I checked!

Take care everyone, have a nice week.

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..
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