Kate Moss - Lasting Finish Lipstick for Rimmel London

So you probably know a certain Super Model called Kate Moss right? Sure you do. And you probably may have noticed that she is one of the faces for the cosmetic brand Rimmel London for a while now.... like for the last 10 years XD. 
Well now she launched her own line of Lipsticks exclusively with Rimmel London. They come in 7/15 shades - I'm not sure, 'cause on the website they say 7, but on the Interview video they say 15 o_O - and I would Love to try one of them, the colours looks amazing and the packaging is lovely.
For more Info visit Rimmel London.com.UK.


D.I.Y #1 When Jeans become Shorts and get ripped

Hello everyone, today I bring you my first D.I.Y (Do It Yourself). This one is pretty easy though, from jeans to shorts, plus rip them.

But first just let me tell you that now I have a G Plus page and a Facebook page for my Blog, you can follow me there if you wish :).
Okay back to the D.I.Y.
What will you need:
-A pair of Jeans

So you start off with a pair of jeans, I pick these ones from Bershka, they are probably 5/6 years old, one of my favourite jeans, since in a way they have sentimental value for me (lol), but didn't look good on me anymore, I decided to cut them.


Musical Friday #26

It's Friday everyone, the end of another week. With all this time spent at home, all days seem the same for me.
So regarding me Laptop, I gave the green light in order to fix it, in the mean time I have the Hard Disk of my Laptop. I bought a case, the guy put the Hard Disk inside, and now I use it kinda like an external drive. The fixing of my laptop, will take about 2 weeks. He has to get some pieces for the Laptop, and then it has to stay in testing, to make sure, everything is working 100% and it doesn't puff as soon as it gets home lol. I'm so happy that my Hard Disk is intact, aaahhh crazy bananas!
In the mean time, regarding, where the hell will I go next year, so I guess Prague is off the plan and now is London Baby! Due to some misunderstanding between the Company and my University, only one girl from my University can do the internship, and in this case the other girl will go. The Company never called me to make an interview or whateva - even though they didn't need it because they already know me - ... I am both sad and happy. I'm sad that I won't be able to work again with my colleagues of the Company, and party with them, and be with my Shushu Plami all the time, but at the same time I'm existed to go to London off course. I'm just waiting to know if they will need me in January or only in March. It's exiting to hear a company say that they are interested in you. Now I just don't know if they are "just sayin'" 'cause in the way it will be free labour, they won't have to pay me, my University is the one that give us the scholarship, or they are actually excited for me to come on over. Either way is good to hear positive feedback, don't you think?
For now I'm working with my Windows XP Professional from the year 2003 desktop computer.. oh Dear Lord! It's soooo slow, I have no idea what the fudge it's the problem. I used to be able to play games -like The Sims - and listen to music and have other things one, now, if I have two internet pages open, rsrsrsrsrsrs. Even to write this post is a nightmare, it's like I will write 2 sentences, and the guy is still stuck on the first 3 words....
Anyways on to the music.

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans – AUGH! She is got to be this year’s best newcomer in the music business. Today I show you 2 of my favourite singles from her, love it, love it, love it! Her personal style and the music, looks like a miss from the 60’s, and something from the 90’s. There was this moment in the 90’s that people (I think mostly in America) were dressing like the 50’s and 60’s., some certain dress cuts, and the big puffy hair…


Series that I'm watching #1

Hi everyone, how's your week so far? Mine is going from bad to worse...
It started with a left foot on Monday, when my laptop... DIED! -_- What happened was, the electricity went and came back in like 2 seconds, my laptop was on, and at the time I was in the bathroom, when I came out to check on the laptop, I thought that it was just simply off, but no... it didn't even turned back on. At first I thought and I was hoping that the problem was just on the charger, but no again, it was the laptop. I got a call and now to fix it will cost about 135€ :/ , and now I'm waiting for the most important thing.... if the hard disk IS OK!!! Yes some of the stuff I have copies, but the most recent stuff I don't :(. BAH!!! Oh and a thing I learned is that travelling in the airplane with the laptop, is not good for it. Even though is a laptop, you can easily can take it here and there, you have to be careful with it, and the vibration on the airplne, can F*** up your electronic stuff. In total my laptop has flown 8 times, a total off like 24hours. Ufff so enough of that for now...

Since I haven't been doing much, I have been re-watching old series, watching some new episodes of certain series that are still on air and discovering new series do watch.

I've been watching Supernatural since day 1! These Winchester brothers always have some new Demon to take care of, in order to save the world from the darkness. I'm so surprised that this show is still going, is on the 7th season you guys! How much can they invent to keep this show on going? They both have died, and came back, fought vampires, demons, ghosts, Angels and Mr Lucifer itself! I mean C'MOOON!


Dream House #3

I have done one of these - Dream House segments - in a while.
Last week I woke up one day with the idea "That's it! I want my bedroom Black and White! MUAHAHAHAHA". Me bedroom has always been a mix - and not the good kind - of white furniture and "cherry" wood as they call it. It started when we moved in to this flat, we had already had a wardrobe, big and white, then my parents bought me a new bed also in white, and then we had let's call it a home made "bookcase" that was painted in white. A few years later my mom bought my first computer, so we bought a desk, we couldn't find a white one that had all the things that I need it, so we end up buying one in the colour cherry wood, then the "bookcase" became too small, so we bought a new one also in cherry wood. Then came the curtains.... a few years back I was having this Holland phase, I was into Kane - a Dutch rock band - and the Dutch football team , so those are the colours of my curtains, one orange in the middle and two dark blue ones on each side aaaaannd now I'M tired of them -_-.
In the mean time I had other changes in my bedroom and now most of the furniture is white, but I still have the cherry wood desk. So I shared the black and white idea with my mom, and first she was like "OI?", we talked, and then she suggested like a Japanese inspired room - still with the black and white - and I was like "RIGHT ON MOM!".
Below you will see some pictures that I collected from Google. The first set is Japanese inspired. Now the thing with Japanese bedroom - and attention I'm no expert - they seem to be very minimalistic and basic, like the main purpose of a bedroom is to? Sleep. And what do I need in order to sleep? A bed. And that´s it... well not necessarily, but you get the idea. I can't not transform completely my bedroom, but two things that will be changed hopefully in the future, will be my bed, change the couples bed, that takes so much space, in to one of those body and a half beds, with a drawer underneath with another bed in case someone comes over, aaaand my desk. And since I have STUFF (lol) I can not have my bedroom just with my bed in it. 


May's Resume #6 @ Prague

For those that are new to my Blog I will quickly explain. This year for 9 months I lived in Prague, Czech Republic, and I wanted to document my experience here, but I failed to do regularly so I’m trying to catch up!  Soooo let’s go!

For the month of May, for the first time on the 9th of May Plami visited “my flat”. We ate some goody stuff and watched Britain’s Next Top Model.
On the 14th or 15th it was my turn to visit Plami’s place, again we ate haha, and sorta watched a movie. We weren’t paying much attention, we were gossiping instead :P.
On the 20th at night me and Plami had a girls night out with some other 3 girls that join us. We went to La Casa Blu – a South American bar/restaurant - had a drink there, and then went to a club called 2nd Floor, the music that night was a little better than the first time we went there in March, but still not my cup of tea, and then a “funny” thing started to happen, a guy that was there, that we ended up seeing him on the next 2 clubs. So since me and Plami weren’t  “feeling it”  2nd Floor we left the other girls and went to Bombay, and danced a bit, and then we saw THAT GUY from 2nd Floor, he was singing loudly next to our ears >.<. I like Bombay but the dance floor area is sooo freaking small. And then we ended up at Harley’s a Rock type of bar, but still you can dance :P AAAAANNNDDDD who was there? THAT GUUUUYYYY! We felt like we were being stalked, but I guess it was just a massive coincidence. This was the night that I also got burned on my arm with somebody’s cigarette, and also cut my thump finger, for cleaning a table that had a broken glass >.<
20th of May
Me and Plami.


Musical Friday #25

Hello Everyone! I was your week? Mine nothing special… I have to start doing stuff at home other than just, wake up, shower, eat, organize the house, computer, eat again, computer, eat, computer, eat, computer, sleep… :/ . I’m still waiting for an update for my internship situation, and it’s driving me crazy bananas!

 I will try starting helping my mother in the kitchen. I am not much of a cook, I mostly like to eat not cook, also because the type of foods that we eat at home, are the type of meals that take about an hour of more to prepare…. I have no patience for that…
Maybe I will watch some episodes of Jamie Oliver “The Naked Chef”, and try to recreat some of it >.<. Ooorrr I will try to recreate something from my friend Plami’s Blog, "Plum's Book of Tales and yummies"
What are you guys up to this weekend?

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away – New Single – I think there is a new trend going on in the music/video business…. TRAILERS! Yeah you know like for movies, you have a trailer right? Katy Perry decided to do a trailer for this new video. Is that too much? Or do you think is a new way of getting people’s attention all at once?


Versace for H&M 2011

Last year H&M invited designer Lanvin to design some clothes for the brand, and it was a huge sucess.
This year as you probably seen our heard - if you haven't I don't know where have you been haha - H&M decided to do another collaboration but this time with the house of VERSACE! We have bold colours, palm trees patterns, and like interesting roman pattern in some items, you can see that pattern on the logo below, around H&M, I actually like that detail, and on the first video you can see it in a lot of places.
The waiting is finally OVER! Are you going to buy anything? From what I seen from other Bloggers that already have some of the clothes of the collection, some love it, others not that much, some compliment the material used on the clothes, other dislike the prices. Even though is "affordable" Versace clothes, the price is still a bit high, some say it's more expensive than Lanvin's clothes collection.
Did you know that apparently there is one red dress, that only TWO were made? IN THE WHOLE WORLD? One I don't know who has it, but the other one was featured in a Giveaway on Andy Torres Style Scrapbook blog.
Today the most common thing that I see on the Blogs that I follow is people that went to the preview yesterday at H&M.... I will see it next time I go to Lisbon lol.
Here you can see some of the clothes of the collection with the video commercials!


Focus Group for Sleek MakeUP 2011

(WARNING this post is going to be looooooooooooooooooong :P)
Hello everyone and welcome to my new followers.
Today I will tell you about my participation on a Focus Group for a makeup brand called Sleek MakeUP!
I already knew Sleek MakeUP, I saw in some stores (I think in Superdrug) when I was studying in the UK, but I never tried or bought anything. I also saw many reviews on Youtube about the brand, many makeup gurus have it, and in overall they say good things about it.
So, I saw on Inês’ Blog an online form that we could fill in, in order to participate on the Focus Group, IIIIII NEVER thought that I would be chosen, and when I received an email from Inês saying that I was selected – among with other 14 girls for her group – I was static, I really was.
There was initially 2 focus groups, but they decided to do 3. I was on the second group, Saturday the 12th at 11AM, at the Hotel Plaza in Lisbon.
I arrived early, so I stayed a bit on the outside of the Hotel (lol), on my way there I spotted Inês, but I wasn’t 100% sure it was her, so I kept on walking. We met on the outside of the Hotel, Inês came with Ana Rita from “Let’s talk about Beauty” and Ana from “Ana naSuécia”, and then I also met Su from “Beleza q.b.”.


Lazy Sunday #2

Hi everyone, today I was suppose to post something about yesterday, but still I have a lot of editing to do and prepare a text.... and I'm feeling kinda tired today. Yesterday I participated on a Focus Group for Sleek MakeUp! I can tell you that it was wonderful, and it was a great experience, I would definitely love to do it again. Then I did some little shopping >.< and went out at night with my mates, and today I'm feeling kinda dead, and lazy, so I will tidy up my bedroom and reply to your comments :).
Much Love <3 Karen 


Musical Friday #24

Hello everyone. How was your week?
For me it was like this, I managed to get my glasses back. The dinner with my Uni colleagues last week it went well, it ended up being at an Italian restaurant instead of a Mexican. This week I went to my University to talk about my internship situation, is still a work in progress… but then I took the advantage since I was already at my Uni, to take care of some papers, and one my way home I noticed a mistake – no surprise there if you studied at the same University as me – they basically forgot to put one Module of mine on the Certification -_- American Cinema, so I had to go back and tell them about it, and they have to do a new one.
Then I had some problems with my mobile, I had to ask for a new SIM card, for like the 3rd or 4th time :/ aaannddd tomorrow I will participate on a Focus Group :D I will tell you more about it, after it, stay tuned ;)

Duran Duran – Girl Panic!New Single – This is what happens when you mix Duran Duran, Top Models – like Naomi, Cindy, Eva, Helena, and I'm not sure who is the 5th one – and Dolce & Gabbana :P


October's Shopping

Hi everyone,
These are a few things that I received and bought last month :).

Sandals from Seaside_Sep 11
This Sandals I actually received them in September. It was a gift from my mother, I only wore them twice before the cold weather kicked in. I think that are suppose to be from Seaside.


Outfit #5

Outfir #5

SHY SHY black hosiery
$22 - yesstyle.com

H M zipper skirt
£20 - hm.com

€58 - nelly.com

Red satchel handbag
£82 - liberty.co.uk

Yves Saint Laurent gold tone jewelry
£120 - net-a-porter.com

Oliver Peoples retro style sunglasses
$280 - oliverpeoples.com

A Gift from Sephora #3

Hello everyone, how's your Sunday going? Mine? With rolls on my head haha, I just finished putting rollers on my hair.
Ok so, my Birthday is in April, and I have a membership card with Sephora - those ones that, everytime you buy something you collect point - and this year during the month on April I was still in Prague, and what Sephora does to their customer that have the membership card is to give them a little Bday gift. So my mother took care of it for me. She told me the two options was either to accept like some point to my card, or some eyeshadows, I told her to get the eyershadows :P.
So as you can see from the pictures below, those are the eye shadows that Sephora gave me.
On the left we have Nº18 Coffee Brown, and on the right Nº8 Universal Beige. Huummm what can I say more about them - I'm not really big of a guru makeup artist lol -... I like them of course, I like the colours, I think they are a good set for a basic smokey eye, in terms of pigmentation I think it's also good. Now, in terms of duration I haven't use them that much, for long periods of time, but so far so good, they stay in place, I don't know if it because it's Fall now, or simply that they are good.
Have you ever tried eyeshadows from Sephora? I think this was my first time, and I'm pleased.
Thank you Sephora ;) xoxo



Musical Friday #23

Hello everyone, how was your week? Mine... nothing special. Last Sunday I was at a family lunch, from my aunt-grandmother's 83rd birthday. Other than that I'm still waiting for a response for my Prague situation... If I'm going or not... and still waiting for my God damn glasses. I was suppose to get a call on Sunday, but nothing... so yesterday I call them to check on the status and the Lady told me that they finished fixing them the evening before, and that they are ready to be collected. 
Today I'm going out, and have dinner somewhere in Lisbon at a Mexican restaurante with a few of my Faculty colleagues and before meeting them I will pass at the Optician and collect my glasses. I just hope that this time around they did a good service. In the mean time I'm trying to decide what to wear, Plan A was suppose to be a skirt, but with all this rain going on, and the last time I was in Lisbon and it was raining... it was also bloody windy :/, so now Plan B, pants/jeans.
As for the weekend, no plans so far. What are you guys up too?
Enjoy the music, this time around is a bit more Hip Hop/Club style.

FreeSol - Role Model ft. Justin TimberlakeNew Single – Justin is BACK! …. Well sort of… you can see him rapping in this video, but there no info on when will he release a new album, I guess for the moment he is focusing more on acting.



Movie Review #3 "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2"

Soooooo did you see it? I know I'm a bit (a lot) late "review", I saw the movie last August with my boyfriend while I was still in Prague before we started our roadtrip. Aaaaaaaand it was sad, it was a good movie, it was a closure movie aaandd a cried, yes I cried -_- ARE YOU HAPPY? :P I know I cried more than once, definitely when one of the twin brothers died :(. 
What more can I say? Whithout giving the whole movie away? My best advice is to see it, but don't forget to see the previous movies. I confess that I only read like 1 book and a half of the whole saga - so the 
1st book, and half of the 2nd - I admit I'm not a big fan of reading books, even though most people that are fans of Harry Potter tell me to read the books, 'cause the movie doesn't shows us everything, oooohh weellll maybe one day I will bother to read them.... Of course without reading the book, I can't do much of a critic, since I can not compare it, and say that they didn't recreate certain scenes that are important to help connect the dots whateva, or in the book this scene was more like this and that...
But in overall I liked the movie, the actors do a great job, special effects wise it's awesome as usual, even though Michael Gambon is a great actor, I do prefer the old Dumbledore played by actor Richard Harris. I don't know why.. maybe because I got used to him, or simply 'cause I felt that he did a better elderly Professor :/, but unfortunatly Richard passed away.
What are your thoughts abouth the movie? In case you don't feel like seeing the 7 previous movies, you can just watch the next clip from the FineBros, it gives you a basic resume of the 7 movies in 7 minutes haha.
But I think, I'm gonna do a Harry Potter Movie Marathon one day uuuufff.
I can't wait to see these guys future movie roles, it will be hard not to compare them to their characters in H.P., especially if they maintain certain "habits" which sometimes happens when actor play a certain caracther for a long time, they can get "typecast" sometimes.

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