Musical Friday #18

Hello everyone! First of all, what do you thing about the new layout?
I admit is not 100% new. A while back, I had this white backround, with that little girly doll and some different letters, as the banner. But this time I decided to give the white backround a chance again (even though loads of Blogs have it), and changed the banner a bit. So the letters are different, and I cut the dolls head open, and had some stuff flying out of her head... She's opening her mind... get it? o_O
Let me know if you like or not, I know is not some DRAAAAStic changes, but I'm also not an expert with this things.

Now on to the music!


John West - Lovely ft. Pusha T


Fashion's Night Out in Lisboa/2011

Some of you may know, a couple of weeks ago it was Fashion's Night Out in Lisbon, Portugal. I wasn't able to go since I was still not in Portugal. Here's a video that I found today, with some footage of the vent.

You may recognize two Bloggers, Vanessa Santos from Pure Lovers, and Hella from AmberHella.



Some Blog changes

Don't worry is nothing too serious. ;P Just to let you know in the next days if you come to visit my Blog and you see that is looking weird, it's because I'll be doing some changes over here - if I find anything that fits my Blog.
In the end if I'm not pleased with anything, I might just come back to this grey and blue layout.
See ya!



Urban Decay in Portugal?

Is it here? Is it here yet? Is it? Is it? IIIISSSS IIITTTTTT? >.<
According to Sephora in Portugal Facebook page info, they are gonna start having Urban Decay in Portugal....
Well.... it is ABOUT TIME! geeeeezzzzz!



I do not own the copyrights of these pictures.
They were randomly picked from Google Images.


Musical Friday #17

Hello everyone?
Today I decided to try Blogger's new layout - that I talked bit about it here - and start getting use to it.
I finished most of the unpacking, now is just little stuff here and there, but probably I still need to do some changes in my bedroom because of it. I've been all week at home dealing with the unpacking, I've only been out of the house 3 times >.<.
UH! next Monday it's my Leonardo Da Vinci internview, uuufffff wish me luck guys, fingers crossed!

AND OH! I remembered than I forgot...bad me... but my Blog is 4 years old (since August 2007)... oohhh yeah. But I admit, I've only been more active on it, since 2010. So Happy Delay-B-Day for my Blog! Let's Celebrate with some Music.
Have a nice weekend!


Jennifer Lopez - Papi - I'm terrible with these little details XD at 4:05m you clearly see JLo with a certain type of shoes, pretty big heels ... but that changes at 4:16m, with the same coloured shoes, but the heel is waaay much smaller >.< But in overall I like the video... specially when she looks like "scared" "wtf is going on" :P


Heellllooo Autumn/Fall/Outono

Sooooo I guess Autumn/Fall has "arrived".... ARE YOU READY FOR IT!
Here in Portugal, at least on the South side is still sunny and warm, so I'm not even mentaly prepared for cold weather again, I mean I just came from Prague, where the weather was sunny today, and rainy tomorrow, although from what I have heard, Portugal's weather during Summer was a bit crazy aswell.
Anyways in the mean time, let's get inspired with this season warm colours. I am so crazy about the colour yellow mustard, OH LORD! I saw this scarf at H&M in Prague, yellow mustard aaahhhh ggoooooorgeous, I decided not to buy it, and that I would buy it in Portugal ..... problem is, so far I only been to one H&M at Vasco da Gama, they have the same collection, BUT THEY DON'T HAVE THAT SCARF :(((((((((((((((((((( I R SAD!

Autumn Ride  !


Quick post! #3

Hello again my lovely follower!
I'm sorry again for the lack of posts, but I should get back to normal soon.... I hope >.
Now I'm writting you from Portugal, I'm back home now :D, finally eating proper food :P
Last week was crazy bananas, I though it would be calmer, so I could enjoy a last week in Prague, when the weather was actually GOOD and sunny, but in the end was hard, between the packing, and doing some stuff for the Da Vinci programme, and closing my bank account, and partying hard on Friday Night - uuuuhhhh it was nice - but more about that later on.... gotta catch up with my Prague´s Resumes ssssssss aahhhhhh >.<

Anyways, my journey on Sunday evening to Portugal in overall went pretty well. I actually had extra luggage, and I asked the guy about this thing that TAP airline has for Erasmus students that can bring extra kilos, and not pay for it, I wasn't sure if it was still valid or not, I had a document saying that I was an Erasmus student, although was in Portuguese (the guy didn't speak portuguese).... but in the end I didn´t pay extra for nothing :O :D. My flight was one hour delayed, so I basically just arrived in Lisbon, Portugal, at midnight. My mom and my cousin came to pick me up, we went home, my dad was still awake lol, and after an hour or so I had to go to sleep, I was DEAD!

You know what's worse than packing? ...... UNPACKING! Now I'm doing that, and realizing I have too much shiz!.... My wardrobe is about to explode. So other than just put the clothes back in there, I'm taking some time and analizing the clothes, basically checking things that I don´t use, and put them apart, either to throw them away, or give it to someone else.... It´s time to refresh my wardrobe... if I don´t use it, why the hell keep it? I have big problems with letting go of stuff, so baby steps. I did a bit with the clothes and even some old make-up, other than that is hard lol. I'm hoping that they manage to fix the damn loft/attic in my building, so I can move some stuff upstairs, like for example, travelling bags, yeah we are full of them, and that stuff takes up space, even if we put one inside another insinde another inside another lol. 

Okei then, I will go back to the unpacking stuff, and then hopefully tomorrow I can do a post about my August shopping, which I didn't managed to so far, and replied to your comments!!!


Quick post! #2

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the lack of posts. This is my last week in Prague, and I have already finished my internship. On the 18th of September I'm returning to Portugal.
This week I've been kinda busy, slowly packing (hate packing), I'm gonna have to pay extra luggage -_-, enjoying a bit of Prague before I leave, and also trying to make some decisions about my future.
This week at my home University in Lisbon, Portugal, has opened the "competition" for the Leonardo Da Vinci program.
For those that are nor familiar with the LDV program, is basically the possibility to do an internship in another European country. It´s basically a program similar to the one that I´m doing now, that is called something like Erasmus Long Life Experience (that goes from 3 to 12 months, internshiping somewhere in Europe, but the scholarship is a bit small), the Da Vinci, is always 6 months, normally from February till June, doing an internship aswell somewhere in Europe, and the scholarship is a liiiiitle bit bigger.
Soooo I have to decide if I wanna do it or not, and where, and FAST! Since I´m not in Portugal is hard for me to apply, ´cause is only during this week. And on the next week that follows will be the face to face interview, to help with the selection of the students that can do Da Vinci.
Soooo iwsh me luck, and talk to you all soon. xoxo



Miss Dior - Savoir Faire Bag 2011

Yyyyyes another post about Dior. But in this case is about their bags. After seeing the video for the J'adore Dior perfume with Charlize Theron, I found out on Dior Youtube page (yeah Dior has a Youtube page XD), this video about the process of making a Miss Dior bag. And Damn! If they all are hand made ppppfffff no wonder these bags are so expensive. 
Honestly I don't know if they are all hand made or not, does anybody know?


Charlize Theron - J'adore Dior Commercial 2011

Have you seen the new Dior commercial for the perfum J'adore Dior? Once again it counts with the participation of Charlize Theron, and this time she hits the runways. What I mean is on the video, you see her walking on a rush to get somewhere, and then you realize is for a Fashion show. While she is at the backstage dressing up, you see other models aswell, that resemble other old famous celebrities (actresses, models), one of them is Marilyn Monroe. Which still leaves me confuse, on the first take, that Monroe appears saying "Dior" it looks like really her, like they took that scene from a movie or something and put it there, but on the second scene, when she takes the perfum, it looks like someone, dressed up / maked uped, like Marilyn Monroe.


Morning Desires #1

Good morning everyone. Before I rush up for work... again -_-... here's a little post.

In one of the Zara's in Barcelona (I don't if there are more, but probably YES! lol), there was a blazer, with this same colour "yellow mustard", and it was love at first sight. It had the shape, format, model, whateva you wanna call it, of a blazer, but it was for Winter. So is not the exact item that you see on the image below... the  blazer that I saw is shorter in lenght, but for some reason I can not find it on the Zara website o_O. So I used this image just for you to have an idea of the colour. My interest for yellow mustard, actually started last Fall/Winter, I don't remember if I saw something that colour, or just simply woke up with the idea "hhuummmm yellow mustard... would go so nicely with some dark blue denim jean, or or or with camel or dark brown huuuummm mmuuussstaaarrddd *Hommer Simpson's face :D*". For a while I was one a hunt for a like a mustard scarf, but I couldn't find anything... well at least that I could afford. 
Image for Zara.com
And then you have the new model of Jeffrey Campbell's, Lita... this man is a machine >.< I wonder if he will ever stop doing them.
Image from Tobi.com


I do not own the copyrights of these pictures.
They were randomly picked from Google Images


Musical Friday #16

Hello y'all. I was your week?  Mine was something like, coming back from Barcelona and literally straight to work, till 11pm on Tuesday -_-. And today I had a 6am shift, *double -_-*. I'm so dead. And the worst part was, the night before, there was still some construction shenanigans going on outside.... AT MIDNIGHT! can you believe that? I basically just sleep 4 hours, since I had to wake up at 5am to get ready to work....
Anyways... on to the music. Hope you enjoy it! Have a nice weekend.... I'll be working... -_-


Beyoncé - "1+1" - New Single


I'm baaacccckkkk!

Hello everyone! Long time no write/talk/interact with you guys >.<. I didn't even had time to say a proper goodbye or see ya later, before I went on my vacation, travelling a bit around Europe!
AH it was amazing, of course with lots of ups and downs, and I discovered that I'm a very stressed out and negative person when something doesn't go right, luckily my boyfriend is the opposite of me, we are like Yin Yang. Soon I will try to do a resume of my holidays from each city I've been in, which were basically six, although some I have more to say then other, you will see why.
In the mean time, I have a loooooooooooooot to catch up with, Emails, Blogs that I follow, and then house duties, hhuumm huuumm, and soon I will start packing to return to Portugal. My intership in Prague is almost over, *uff*. I will miss the people that I work with, and met over here, but I certainly won't miss the job that I was doing here.... I wish to never have to work for a Call Center ever again....

Anyways.... have you notice Blogger's new feature?
Old display of Blogger
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