Musical Friday #116

EN: Hello Bananas!
It feels like Blogger is mocking me or something. Since last year I'm not able to access a certain part of Blogger where I can see all the Blogs that I follow and unfollow them if I wanted to. And now lately when I try to add photos for my posts either via a URL or just upload them directly to the post, they don't show up and the white board just stays open...so I have to close the post and re-open in order to add the photos... Jesus Christ!
And it just sucks that there is no one that I can contact about this. There is no direct email or phone number (that I know of) in order to complain and get it fixed. There is indeed a Google Forum but that thing for me is 99.9% useless. A few months ago when I tried to join Google AdSense, I got rejected mainly because of my URL. So there was no place for me to put the URL of my Blog so Google AdSense automatically uses my oooold URL, so of course I got a massage saying something like "this Blog doesn't exists" -_-, "would you like to try again?", yeah sure problem is again there is no place to add my current Blog URL... BAH!
Seriously Blogger... GET IT SORTED!

Franz Ferdinand - Right Action


New Blog Banner

Openng My Mind_Capture

EN: Hello Bananas!
So the other day I was eeeexxxtreeeemely bored so I decided to play around with those free "photoshop" websites and edit a photo of mine plus create a new Blog Banner.
It's a bit hard (for me) to match the type of font that Blogger offers you with other fonts that those "photoshop" website have. A few months ago I changed the title font of the posts (and the dates, subtitles, etc) and the other day I realized "wait a minute this doesn't match" - referring to my previous banner -, so luckly I found a font at Befunky.com that kinda matched with what was going on, on my Blog already.
In the mean time, I took a photo of mine and edited and now it's like multi-coloured.
So what do you think about it?

PT: Olá Bananas!
Bem no outro dia estava mega aborrecida sem nada para fazer e então resolvi fazer um novo Banner para o meu Blog e editar uma foto com aqueles websites com "photoshop" gratuito.
É um pouco complicado (para mim) combinar o tipo de fonte que o Blogger proporciona com fontes daqueles websites de "photoshop" tem. À uns meses atrás eu mudei a fonte dos títulos dos posts (e datas, legendas e afins) mas no outro dia reparei que "pera aí, isto não combina nada" - isto com o banner que tinha anteriormente -, por sorte encontrei uma fonte no Befunky.com  que era um pouco parecida com a que tinha aqui no Blog.
Entretanto também decidi editar uma foto minha e ficou assim com um efeito multi-cores.
Gostam do novo Banner do Blog? 


This picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..
The Banner was created by Me/Karen U.


Nails Inc. London swatches: Power Pink


EN: Hello Bananas.
So today I have another nail polish show-off for you. It's a Nail Inc. London nail polish and the name of the colour is "Power Pink", although for me it doesn't necessarily looks like pink, for me it's more on the Lilac side. The bottle of this nail polish is a little bit diferent because it's written InStyle on the front of it. This is because this nail polish came with a magazine called InStyle. They had 3 options, this "Power Pink", a pastel light blue and then either a pastel peachy or a pastel yellow I can't remember. 
In case you don't know, in the U.K., Nails Inc. London nail polishes go from £11 to £14 individually (the least) and the magazine costs about £3.80, so it was a deal that I couldn't let it pass. Right?
Much like my other Nails. Inc. London nail polishes, the application is great, very smooth, it looks better with two coats and the durability like I always say, it will depend of your Topcoat and how much you touch water, but I reckon this one can go till 3 to 4 days intact. For the Topcoat I used Catrice "Quick Dry & High Shine".And for a bit of change, I applied some loose glitter that I have on my ring finger. 
What do you think of the end result?


Musical Friday #115

EN: Hello Bananas!
OMG... I'm about to loose my nose. Today has been one of those days that I spent sneezing and my nose turned into a faucet. I can't deal with this stuff anymore. I curse the day that I slept at my aunt's house back in 2011, since then my nose has never been the same again -_-. Yes I have been to the Doctor, I took some pills, I was fine for a few weeks but then it came back. I'm scrwed for life.
In other news... I bought my ticket to London weeeeeeeeee. I'm so excited. Let the countdown begin!

Lady Gaga - Applause - New - Mother Monster is back!


Some people read the Newspaper in the morning... I read Blogs #5

EN: Hello Bananas! Today I will share with you some of the Fashion Blogs that I follow.

PT: Olá Bananas! Hoje irei partilhar convosco alguns Blogs de Moda que eu sigo.

Karla Deras from Karla's Closet, from what I know she lives in the USA.


Wishlist #3

Wishlist #3

EN: Hello Bananas!
Here in Portugal we are still full-on Summer. Last year Fall/Autumn only starter creeping in mid-October, I have no idea how is going to be this year but anyways by that time I will be in London so things might be different over there.
Although it's crazy hot here, the Autumn/Winter Collections are already popping in stores and all I want now it's black clothes... well actually, all year long I want black clothes but when you live in a hot country with temperatures from 30º to 40º C degrees, it is hard to walk around dressed in black, it's kind of a suicidal mission.

PT: Olá Bananas!
Se vocês vivem em Portugal sabem muito bem que o Verão está longe de acabar. No ano passado o Outono só começou lá para meio de Outubro, não sei como será este ano mas até lá de qualquer das formas estarei em Londres por isso as coisas provavelmente vão ser um pouco diferentes por lá.
Embora esteja uma braza por aqui, as colecções de Outuno/Inverno já começam a aparecer nas lojas e tudo o que eu quero agora é roupa preta... bem eu na verdade quero roupa preta o ano inteiro mas quando se vive numa terra com temperaturas entre 30º a 40º C graus, é um pouco complicado andar por aí com roupa preta, é uma missão suícida.

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. The Collage was made via Polyvore website.


Musical Sunday #114

EN: Hello Bananas! Long time no see... I know.
If you read my last post I did mentioned that I was going away for a few days but it actually ended up being a full week. 
During this week I went to a public swimming pool in Santarém it was greeaaaaatt. For a week day it was pretty full, I can only imagine how full it is during the weekend uuuffff.
I returned home yesterday but I had no time to make a post. So now I have to start preparing my journey to London. Buy the ticket, star putting my stuff in my suitcase and see if everything fits and does not exceeds the 23KG mark, a few errands here and there and then it starts the Goodbyes all over again, more of a "see you soon" than "goodbye forever" because I will still come to Portugal for vacation and what not.

Calvin Harris - Thinking About You feat. Ayah Marar


Musical Friday #113

EN: Hello Bananas!
I initially had the plan to go to the Beach this week with my cousin that is staying over my place but the two first days of the week the weather was cloudy and then my cousin let's say she "kinda" got "sick"...BAH!
In the mean time we went to the Shopping Mall to check out the Sales and from the stores that I normally go basically Bershka and Stradivarius had the best sales with shirts at 3€ even and jeans at 5€ to 9€. Now Zara pppffffff it's very weak but the new Autumn/Winter collection is coming in and I saw a leather jacket that I just DIED and the price, something like 149+/-, double DIED. Plus I saw these dark blue velvet ankle booties at Pull and Bear aaawwww so adorable with a golden metal detail.
Anyways this Sunday I will take my cousin back to her grandmother house but we will see each other pretty soon since I'll be living at her parents house for a while till I can find my own place in London.
Happy Weekend!.

Ladies Code - Hate You - New


Dream House #16

EN: Hello Bananas.
Well to make this post was a bit of a hassle. For some reason when I add the links of the pictures on Blogger the picture didn't upload. So I literally I had to upload one picture, close the page and then upload again, again and again etc... *sigh*.
Anyways here are some pictures of some awesome kitchens. 
Oh and thank you so much for your feedback on my previous post about my D.I.Y. project :).
See you tomorrow.


D.I.Y. #6 Revamp your Denim Jacket with studs


EN: Hello Bananas.
So remember this old post? Yeah a D.I.Y. project that became pendent for a long time. Thank you so much for all the suggestions in where to place the studs.
I ended up changing the studs. I was initially going to use some round ones that actually were like office supply pins but then one day I went to a Chinese shop and bought two little bags with pyramid studs, in total they are like 30 studs and I contemplated for a long time again about where to place them. So then I remembered that I had a belt with studs that I no longer use because it's old and I decided to use those studs instead on my Denim jacket.
To show you a bit of the process I have some photos and in the end there is a video of what I've done.

PT: Olá Bananas.
Lembram-se deste post? Pois este projecto de "Faça você mesmo" ficou pendente por muito tempo. Muito obrigado pelas sugestões para onde colocar as tachas.
Eu acabei por mudar as tachas. Eu inicialmente iria usar umas que são redondas que na verdade é para usar em coisas do escritório mas depois fui  a uma loja Chinesa comprei dois saquinhos com tachas em pirâmide, no total tem 30 tachas e eu durante um tempo fiquei a pensar onde irei os colocar. Mas depois lembrei-me que tinha um cinto com tachas que já não usava faz tempo porque ele já está um pouco estragado, então decidi usar as tachas desse cinto no meu casaco de ganga.
Para vos mostrar um pouco do processo tirei algumas fotos e no final podem ver também um vídeo que eu filmei.


Musical Friday #112

EN: Hello Bananas!
I'm basically on day dreaming mode, just thinking about London. Last night I started checking out my clothes (the shirts, cardigan jackets and some simple dresses) and separating the clothes that will definitely have to go, the ones that will stay and the ones that can go if there is space for them. Today was the middle part of my closet which have shorts, jeans, pants, skirts and dresses. I spent most afternoon trying out my jeans and pants only to find out that most of them don't close because my butt is bigger lol - I'm sad and happy at the same time haha.
This week I had a bit of an issue with my Movie Maker because it crashed like 3 times while I was editing a video, I was so P.O.! But on the next day I was able to edit my video and uploaded on Youtube. It's my first D.I.Y. video, I will Blog about probably this Monday so stay tuned. 
In the mean time if you want to see the video you can see it here and let me know what you think about it.

Little Nikki - Little Nikki Says - New


Hello August

EN: Hello Bananas!
And just like that we are on the 8th month of the year, before you know it, it's Christmas again x_X!
August will be a bit of a busy month for me, I can finally plan my return to London. I'm hoping to fly in September since tickets for August are so FREAKING expensive. I have to do some errands here and there and leave everything in order before I go. And also decide what goes with me and what stays behind, I'm lucky that I have a lot of winter clothes in London from last year. I think my bag will be filled only with, bags, shoes, jackets, make-up, nail polishes and accessories haha. But we will see, I still have to leave some clothes here in Portugal, for those times that I come and visit, that way I don't have to bring clothes whenever I come here.
Happy August!

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