September's Resume #10 @Prague

Praga Setembro 11
The view from my bedroom window at the break of dawn.
EN: Hello Bananas! This post will be about my last month in Prague back in 2011. I can't believe it took me so long to finish these resumes (lazy bum bum). But anyway I will leave in the end links to my previous post in case you want to see what happened before and I might do another post about "my tips/suggestions" for Prague, some places to visit in case you want to know.

Okei, now if you saw my previous post - August's Resume - you will know that by the end of the month of August I was on a road-trip with my boyfriend around Europe and I returned to Prague on the 31st of August and on the same day I had to go to work and the next days that followed - for like a week and a half - that's all I've done. Since I had "juggled" my vacation days, that meant that after I returned I would have very few days off, so it was kinda of crazy and extremely tiring and I have no photos from the 1st of September till the 16th . So I will fill you in with what happened during those days. Ah I should mention that at this point I was living alone. My roomate Aya had found a new flat to live on her own, that also was a bit closer to getting to work, we used to live in Prague area 6.

Starting with the 9th of September, it was the last day at work for my friend Moises, he was part of my Iberian Team (Portuguese and Spanish), so as tradition we went first for some drinks at the Moskyt bar and then to Mazanej Králícek. Since I didn't have my camera with me, here's a link from Youtube with some footage of the bar so you can kinda have an idea of the place. I actually had to Google it, because even I didn't remember being at the place (thank god for my agenda lol) but now that my memory was refreshed, I remember that it was a cool place with good music. And funny enough the music that they play in the video "Shakira - Rabiosa" was the song that me and Moises used to sing to each other as a joke.


Things that make you go huuummm! #6

EN: Hello Bananas! You know what I love? PIZZAS! I freaking love pizzas! From the simple and basic ones, with just tomato and cheese, to the more filled ones that almost look that you took a normal meal and put on the pizza base haha. When I was in London last year we used to do pizzas I think at least once a month and these were no ordinary pizzas you guys. The pizzas that I made had like tomato paste, cherry tomato, probably 2/3 types of cheese, corn, mushrooms, peppers, chicken, cream and God knows what else :P.

PT: Olá Bananas! Sabem o que é que amo? PIZZAS! Eu amo Pizzas! Desde as mais básicas, só com tomate e queijo, às mais recheadas que parecem que pegaram num prato/refeição normal e despejaram na base da pizza haha. Quando andava por Londres no ano passado, nós normalmente faziamos pizzas em casa uma vez por mês e estas pizzas eram completamente fora do normal. As pizzas que eu fazia levava pasta de tomate, tomate cereja, provavelmente 2/3 tipos de queijo, milho, cogumelos, pimentos, galinha, creme e sabe-se lá Deus mais o quê :P.
Source: thekitchn.com via Karen on Pinterest


Musical Friday #89

Hello Bananas! And Hello to my new followers. I just noticed this week I'm 4 people away from 400 followers ppffffff. I know that this number is not much compared to other Blogs but for me it means a lot, I never thought that anybody would follow my Blog either than maybe my closest friends and I never thought I would still be Blogging after almost 6 years.
Today I went with my friend Vanessa to the cinema and watched the movie "The Impossible" uuuffff. In case you don't know the movie is bases on a true story of a family (originally from Spain) that went on a vacation in 2004 to Thailand, during the time that the Tsunami hit the coast. And yes there were tears coming out of my eyes and I kinda had to suck it up a bit. If I was watching that movie at home I probably would have cried even more. It's probably a movie that I won't see it again that soon just because it's very sad but still a great movie and well made!
I just realised I have about 2 weeks of series to catch up with -_-! And I want to start watching the "New Girl" with Zooey Deschanel, I watched a few episodes some days ago on TV and it's very funny, at least I think it is.
Well have a good weekend, we are going to have a rainy one here in Portugal :S.

Drake - Started from the Bottom - New Single


Catrice swatches : 620 Captain Sparrow's Boat

Catrice Captain Sparrow Boat
EN: Hello Bananas! Today I'm going to share with you one of my latest purchases a Catrice nail polish. One day I went with my friend Akuma Kanji to our local super market called Continente and inside they have a little pharmacy called Wells, besides selling like you know medicines and what not they have a little place with some cosmetics and one of them is Catrice stuff. I initially was a only going to buy to things, one of them the Catrice Topcoat but as we were paying we noticed that there were a few nail polishes on sale and they were selling two nail polishes for the price of one basically, Akuma wanted one and I wanted one as well, so she paid for both and I paid her my half.
Anyways long story short this is was I bought, Catrice 620 Captain Sparrow's Boat, it's a  lovely dark grey/gun metal (if you prefer) colour. amaze-balls!

PT: Olá Bananas! Hoje partilharei convosco um dos últimos vernizes que comprei numa ida à Wells com a Akuma Kanji. Inikcialmente ia só para comprar duas coisas uma delas outro verniz da Catrice mas era um Topcoat, quando estavamos no balcão a pagar reparamos numa caixa com mais vernizes com desconto, basicamente leve dois pague um, a Akuma queria um e eu queria outro, logo ela comprou e eu paguei-lhe a minha metade. O que escolhi foi o Catrice 620 Captain Sparrow's Boat, é um cinzento escuro/cor de metal/pistola (se preferirem).


My archived journey to Mozambique - Week #3

EN: Hello Bananas! Today's post it's about my journey to Mozambique in December of 2011, yep it has a while ago. Hope you will enjoy it!

On the 20th of December I probably did nothing special, I don't have any pictures of that day so we jump to the 21st. We had to wake up very early this day because we had to go to two places. First stop was my uncle's land and then we went to the beach.
My uncle bought some land and at the time he was building some houses or better yet bangalos. Recently I saw some pictures of a cousin of mine of the place and it looks so good.
PicMonkey Collage_1


Some people read the Newspaper in the morning... I read Blogs #3

EN: Hello Bananas! This is the third time I'm doing this type of post, last time some of you seemed to have liked it and didn't know some of the Bloggers that I mentioned. Let me know what you guys think about it.

PT: Olá Bananas! É  a terceira vez que faço um post deste género, da última vez algumas meninas gostaram até porque não conheciam algumas das Bloggers que tinha mencionado. Digam-me se sempre curtem deste tipo de posts.


Musical Friday #88

EN: Hello Bananas! Not much to say. I'm at my aunt's house babysitting her grandson, not sure if I'll go back to my house on Saturday or Sunday.
Other than that two of the days that I dislike the most are gone, Carnaval (in Portugal) and Valentine's Days. Pfffff thank God that shiz is over...
Have a good weekend and enjoy the music, let me know your thought about it.

Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie feat. Jay-Z - New Single - You must already have heard that J.T. was back in business, it's been like 6/7 years since his last album and the question on most Media people's mind is, "Will this be a smash hit comeback?". What do you guys think about the song and video? For me the song is growing in me, is like we Portuguese say "Primeiro estranha-se e depois come-se", it's kinda like "At first you're not sure about it and then you eat it". This song would be perfect for Barney of How I Met Your Mother, if you watch the series you know what I'm talking about :D SUIT UP!. I can't wait to listen to the rest of his album.


Dream House #10

Source: hypebeast.com via Karen on Pinterest

EN: Hello Bananas! Today's Dream House post is about living rooms. My perfect living room would be big and spacious, would have big windows because I love natural lighting and comfy sofas.

PT: Olá Bananas! O post de hoje da minha Casa dos Sonhos é sobre salas. Para mim a sala perfeita seria grande e espaçosa, com janelas grandes porque eu adoro aproveitar o máximo da luz natural e teria sofás bem confortáveis, daqueles que nem apetece sair de lá.  


Empties | Products I've used up #2

empties #2  
EN: Hello Bananas! Today's post is about another empties videos. The first one I did was in November, so it's been a while. Below you can find a video, this time it's in English and then after that there will be a list of the things mentioned.
If you are new to my Blog, make sure to take a look at my Youtube Channel and Subscribe if you like (it's free lol).

PT: Olá Bananas! O post de hoje é sobre produtos que já acabei/terminei. O primeiro que eu fiz foi em Novembro, por isso já lá vai um tempinho. Em baixo podem ver o vídeo, desta vez falo em inglês mas caso tenham alguma dificuldade para entender do que eu estou a falar no vídeo, tenho uma pequena lista (a seguie à foto) dos produtos que mencionei no vídeo e escrevi um pequeno resumo sobre cada um deles.
Caso sejam novos seguidores do meu Blog, não se esqueçam de espreitar o meu Canal no Youtube e de subscrever caso gostem (não pagam nada por isso haha).


Musical Friday #87

Hello Bananas! This week I've been a bit absent of my Blog, I don't remember if I have already mentioned this but I'm actually editing some of my ooollddd blog posts, like adjusting it, putting the little info in case I don't own the copyrights of the photos and etc. Funny thing if you have been on Blogger as long as me (since 2007) you will know there were some big changes when it comes to putting a picture on your post, you had an option in where you had to pick if you wanted the picture on the left or right (or middle) for an idea what I'm talking about, check out this very old post of mine about Rihanna (here). It is actually a nightmare to try and re-edit this stuff now :/, because of all the HTML details. I can understand a little bit just because I was lucky to study about this during High School years but still there is a lot I don't know.
Last week while searching for new music I came across Vevo's Youtube list suggestions for Rock and Metal music/videos. In case you don't know this, I do love my Pop/Dance/Hip Hop music but I'm a big Rock/Metal fan >.<, ooohhh my teen years my teen years XD. So the following videos/music will probably not be of your taste.
Anyways tomorrow I'm going away just for two days. God another day that I have to wake up early -_- hate that. 
Talk to you Bananas once I'm back! x

Soundgarden - By Crooked Steps - New


ZARA Spring/Summer Collection 2013

EN: Hello Bananas! Like I already expressed in a few posts I can't wait for Spring and Summer to come along and by watching these type of videos (about Spring and Summer Collections) does not help! 
PT: Olá Bananas! Como já falei em outros posts meus eu mal posso esperar pela a Primavera e o Verão e provavelmente ver este tipo de vídeos (relacionado com as colecções para a Primavera e o Verão) não ajuda nada!


Hello February

Hello Bananas! It feels like that just yesterday we were in December 2012 and now we are already in February. Jesus times flies.
I haven't been in Portugal during the month of February for the last 3 years, so I have no idea how is the weather going to be but hopefully it will be sunnier.
Like I mentioned on yesterday's post with February it comes two dates that I hate, Valentine's Day and Carnival (Carnaval). Right now Pinterest and Youtube are getting filled with pictures and videos for V.Day aaahhh I can't deal with all the pinks and hearts. And with Carnival I used to celebrate it as a child but into my teens I lost interested and somewhere in the first decade of the year 2000 I started to celebrate (our version of) Halloween at Akuma Kanji's house which I prefer 10 thousands times more.
Anyways here are some inspirational images.


Musical Friday #86

Hello Bananas! January end up being a crappy month, specially on the last day when a friend warned about a certain email that we both received (plus must probably other people that participated on the Da Vinci same time as us). Is not worth to get in to details but it's just a shitty situation. 
Today is the first of February, hopefully it will be a better cheerful month, except for two little details that I HATE about February, Valentines Day and Carnival (Carnaval) I fucking hate it!
Isn't the image/GIF above wicked? Oh the first two videos are just audio because there is no official videoclip for it.
Have a good weekend, tomorrow there should be a new post with some inspirational pics for this month.

The XX - Reconsider (Jamie xx  Remix) - Dear Lord I had this song on the remote God knows how many times! If you have good quality headphones the better!

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