A Gift from Sephora #3

Hello everyone, how's your Sunday going? Mine? With rolls on my head haha, I just finished putting rollers on my hair.
Ok so, my Birthday is in April, and I have a membership card with Sephora - those ones that, everytime you buy something you collect point - and this year during the month on April I was still in Prague, and what Sephora does to their customer that have the membership card is to give them a little Bday gift. So my mother took care of it for me. She told me the two options was either to accept like some point to my card, or some eyeshadows, I told her to get the eyershadows :P.
So as you can see from the pictures below, those are the eye shadows that Sephora gave me.
On the left we have Nº18 Coffee Brown, and on the right Nº8 Universal Beige. Huummm what can I say more about them - I'm not really big of a guru makeup artist lol -... I like them of course, I like the colours, I think they are a good set for a basic smokey eye, in terms of pigmentation I think it's also good. Now, in terms of duration I haven't use them that much, for long periods of time, but so far so good, they stay in place, I don't know if it because it's Fall now, or simply that they are good.
Have you ever tried eyeshadows from Sephora? I think this was my first time, and I'm pleased.
Thank you Sephora ;) xoxo







Pictures taken by Me/Karen U.


  1. Beautiful gifts, I adore and use Sephora's products!;)
    Jelena (glamfabchameleon.blogspot.com)

  2. Amazing gift!
    Thank you for stopping by to my blog and for your comment!

    I'm your new follower :)

  3. Love Sephora's products, btw thanks for participate on my blog xoxo, you have a cute blog too


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