Re-watching, Grey's Anatomy...

I know that Grey's Anatomy is on the 7th season now, but I haven't been following since the 2nd season I guess. I that time I was focused in other series, so G.A. started to stay behind... so now I'm catching up, since I have A LOT of free time on my hands for a while -_-


16 years...

Today makes 16 years that my brother Mauro passed away. It was 1994, he was 14 years old at the time, 2 weeks way of becoming 15 (7th of November).

At the time I was 8, in a way I still was a little girl, and receiving this type of news, was horrible… it always is… no matter how old you are.

I remember vaguely the night that I got the news, as well as, the day of the funeral. I do remember kissing him goodbye… he was dressed with a white suit, he looked like he was simply sleeping… I remember being with our other brother Juca, and he said to me “It’s okei sis, you still have me…”

I can say that his death was ‘cause by an accident, but I won’t say the details…. It ain’t pretty…

Today after doing some stuff with my mom, I we were waiting for the train, I asked my mom:

- Didn’t Mauro died today?

- Yeah, 16 years, time flies…- Mom

- Humm yeah.

- We can still go to church today.

- Moooom you know I don’t know how to pray…

- So… it doesn’t matter, come on let’s go.

- Ooookeeii…

So when we arrived to our hometown, we went to the church, and we only caught like 10 minutes of the mass, guess they already changed the schedules for the winter.

Sixteen years and counting, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Love you bro xo xo

Old pictures of me and my brother Mauro.


Happy Times with Sephora!

Oooohhhh where to begin :P
First of all I’m from Portugal. Well in August, when Sephora was on Sale, I bought I couple of things, a Lip pencil from Sephora no.407, a Sephora long lasting eye-liner no.01 black, and a Bourjois eye pencil Khôl & Contour XL in Black. When I went to pay, the lady asked me if I wanted to do the Sephora costumer card, I was like:
-Aaahhhhmmm what do I need to do? – thinking I might have to pay for it or something.
Sephora Lady – Oh, you just need to fill in this paper, name, ID, address, phone number and email if you have.
-Oh… okei.
So while I was filling in the form, and she was charging the things that I bought, she asked me what perfume did I like…
-Ahhhh ahm ahmm , well I like the Britney Spears one, Fantasy
S.Lady – Huum I don’t have that one, you like sweet perfumes is it?
Me - Yeah.
S.Lady - Okei, I have Lacoste’s Touch of Pink
Me – hum okei (I don’t think I ever smelled that perfume before, but some girls that I know like, me? Meh)
The Lady gave me two samples of the perfume (one of them I gave it to my mother). I filled in the form, gave it to her, and she give me a paper card, she says that it was a temporary card, till the real one comes, but I could use that one with no problems. So the thing with the Sephora Card, is:
· Every time you buy something in Sephora, and you use your card, every 1€ = 1 point, and when you get to 150 points, you get a 10% off when you buy something and use that discount.
· And another thing, I guess you get a present on your birthday. (I don’t know if they send something to you, or you go and pick at store).
So yeah, that was it for that day. Pass on to the beginning of September, and I saw on the Portuguese Sephora’s Facebook page that they created a Portuguese Twitter account, so since I have a Twitter account, I went there and clicked to Follow them. On the next day I saw on the Sephora’s PT facebook page, that the first 10 followers of the Sephora’s Twitter page, were getting a gift, a cream for the face hihi ^.^ So I sent my info to them, so that they could send me the cream, and a few days later I got it! Plus it came with a “Beauty Salon” let’s call it voucher, where I can get a free makeup session, and learn some stuff about makeup.

The envolope The letter

The "Beauty Salon" voucher

Then in October, I got in the mail, my Sephora card, I was getting kinda worried, ‘cause the Lady told me it would take about 4 weeks, and it took 8 weeks :S anyways, I got it, and it came with, another “voucher” for me to pick up a free welcome gift, a little purse with a very little Kabuki brush.

Then, right on the next day I got another thing from Sephora in the mail XD this time I got the 10% off voucher haha.

So on a Saturday morning, I went to the nearest Sephora shop to me, got there, and explained to the guy at the counter what was I there to do. Get the Kabuki brush, told him that I won a cream from Sephora through Twitter so I also got a voucher for the “Beauty Salon” and that I wanted to “do my face” lol, and that I also had the 10%off voucher to use in case I buy anything.
So I gave him, the Kabuki and “Beauty Salon” vouchers, he gave me the little purse with the little Kabuki in it, and then he stared at the “Beauty Salon” voucher, I could see on his face he didn’t knew what was that about, and that he never saw something like that. So I asked him, “do you need to see the letter that came with it?”, which he kinda ignored me, so I took the letter of my bag, and showed it to him, and he was like;
-“Ooooohh you won the Twitter contest, aahhh okei, congrats.”
Me- Yeaaahhh, thanks ^^.
So the guy went to talk to another Lady, responsible for the makeup shenanigans, and they both come back, and the Lady says that, due to the low staff that they have (there was only 3 people working there) it would be better to book the makeup session (even though on the voucher says NO BOOKING NEED IT!), so I told her to forget it, just because I wanted to do it on that day ‘cause I was going out that night, so it would be worth it, and at the time I didn’t remembered that I could book it for Halloween’s day (that’s what I’m gonna try and do tomorrow). So I just end it up walking around the store, see if I found anything I wanted to purchase. So I bought a brush from Sephora, a smudge brush no.14, to help me with smoky looks; a pencil sharpener, because one that I bought during the summer the whole was too big for the pencil that I wanted to sharp; and a nano eye pencil from Sephora in colour plum no.19. And of course I used my 10% off voucher and used the Sephora card, so that I can add new points hehe.

So that’s it, it almost felt like Christmas haha.
xo xo

Rihanna's new single "Only Girl"

Hi yall!
So yesterday I saw Rihanna's new single called "Only Girl", and my first thought was "Katty Perry much?!?"
Don't get me wrong, I like Rihanna's music (aswell as Katty's), I know that she’s a chameleon, every new CD that comes out, she changes her style and her hair bla bla bla and I dig that.
But I couldn’t stop relating this song+video “Only Girl” to Katty Perry style. I think it’s because of Rihanna’s new hair style the waves. It’s still red, although in the video seams more orangy sometimes pinkish, but now it’s a bit longer, I’m guessing she put some extensions. I guess it happens, Rihanna and Katty are suppose to be BFF, and sometimes friends influence each other, init?
For those that like to dance, like myself, this is a good club song, it has a nice beat, and some disco moments, like when she starts singing the chorus “Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in world…”.
Enjoy it!

CD/Single album cover


American's Next Top Model V.S. Britain's Next Top Model

Last week I saw the 6th season of Britain's Next Top Model on the internet, and I’ve been watching the 14th season of American Next Top Model on TV, and I think the U.K. version is better than the U.S. version.... I'm just saying....

The American original version is presented by Tyra Banks, the last season of the British version was presented by Elle MacPherson.

I don’t know why, maybe is the fashion in it, I prefer the British XD, maybe is because I lived in the U.K. for 9 months and I’ve been influenced. hehe

14th season of American Next Top Model. The Models with Top Model Tyra Banks in the middle of the Photo

The Models for the 6th Season of Britain's Next Top Model

Top Model Elle MacPherson and the rest of the Judges of the show

"So... wanna be on TOP!?!? nanananananana"

Talent runs in this family - Willow Smith

Who here doesn't know actor William Smith? Okei, he is married to actress Jadda Pinkett Smith, with whom he has 2 kids together, Jaden Smith (who is also an actor) and Willow Smith (that is launching her music carrier now. Will Smith also has another son, from a previous relationship called Willard Smith III.
Anyways, Little Willow, who's now 9 years old (she will become 10 on Halloween's Day) started a music carrier. Her first Single is "Whip my Hair", and even though I'm 24 years old, I digg the song XD. It has a good beat, the girl knows how to dance, and she has a wild cool style. She reminds of a mini-Rihanna, good sense of Fasion, and also Willow's voice remembers at times Rihanna's voice (at least on this song).
So yeah I guess that talent runs in this family :P

Family Picture say chheessseee


Oh Bloody hell!

When will this Bieber Fever END! This is riDONCULOUS -_-.

Chocolate hhummm nham nham

I like chocolate, I do admit that when I was a child I use to eat a lot more, then I was told that chocolate can provoke acne, and when I was a teenager, I use to have a lot of acne, specially on my nose area. So for a while I barley ate chocolate or any type of sweets, sometimes I would like “forget” that bubble gum existed XD.
Anyways, when I was in the U.K. my cousin gave me a Bounty chocolate, that I notice that the packaging was different, instead of blue was red. That was because this red Bounty was made with dark/black chocolate and it was sssooooooo gggoooooodddd :P and it suck that they don’t have it in Portugal :( (at least that I know of).

Blue Bounty = is with normal chocolate
Red Bounty = is with dark chocolate

When I was almost leaving the U.K. my mother asked me for a chocolate that has mint in it that she didn’t knew the name of it correctly. I was like “Wwhaaattt o_O, isn’t that After Eight mom?”. But no it wasn’t, it was Aero, well I knew that in Portugal we have Aero chocolate, but I guess we don’t have the mint version - which by the way I didn’t knew that existed, and my mother knew about it, because her work colleague was given some of those Aero mint chocolates by a friend that was in the U.K.-, anyways, I bought like 8 of those Aero mints for my mom, and she shared some of it with her colleague. Honestly I tried it I didn’t like that much, meh.

Peppermint Aero

Yesterday while surfing the web I came across with this imagine of a Limited edition of Coconut M&M’s, I googled about it and also discovered that there was aswell like a Special edition of Strawberried Peanut Butter M&M’s (IT’S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME! IT’S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!), huuummmm I wish I could try them >.<

Special Edition od Strawberried Peanut Butter M&M's
Limited Edition of Cococnut M&M's

A different packaging for Stawberried Peanut Butter M&M’s featuring Transformers lol

Why don't we have this in Portugal? :(


Found it! Santigold.

I've been wanting to listen to this song for a while, but couldn't remember the girl/band name, or of the song, and today randomly looking for M.I.A. pictures I found one of M.I.A. with Santigold :P yeah.

Throw things away it's hard for me

I admire those people that can just throw things away, with no problems. Every now and then there is a time you need to revise the things that you have and see if you really need them or not. I normally do this once a year, but most of the times I fail >.<

Right now I’m in the middle of that process, and it’s okay, I was able to trough some stuff away, but still have to check revise other areas. Things that I wanted to trough away, but I can’t are boxes of stuff like my Laptop, the external drive, Modem, Router, Digital camera, my MP3, because they are still under warranty, and if something happens to them, I have to take to place that I bought them and take everything with it -_-.

Now I have this new bookcase thingy, and I quite like it. I could put it in the vertical or horizontal, but I preferred the horizontal, because I could use it to put all of shinanigans on top of it (perfumes, facial creams, hairbrushes, jewellery boxes, makeup).


Summer moved on.

Weeeelllll, guess it's official, Summer is over :( You will be missed.

Your favourite Murderer is BACK!!!

Last week the new Season of Dexter started. If you follow the serie, you know that the end of the 4th season, I think it was an end that NO ONE expected. It ended with a sad BANG =(.
So I'm curious to see what's gonna happen on this 5th season, how are they gonna still make this series interesting. I saw the 1st episode and I must say, it was in a way calm, very "slow", with a little suprise in the end, when Dexter breaks one of his father's rules when murdering someone.
Oh well, let's see what happens next shall we?
And Oh, I've heard that Julia Stile is going to appear in this season huuummm. 

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Goodbye Hi5!

I had some good times with Hi5, I sure did. But nowaday, the people that I know use more Facebook than HI5 and also I haven't done much over there in ages, so the right thing to do was to Cancel my account. Plus the fact that the email that I was registered with (a hotmail email) for some unknown reason I can't access anymore, so it's was safer to delete the account, just in case. I tryed to change the email, but "Hi5" wouldn't let me -_- so what the heck, just erase this shenanigans.
Adios xoxo.

This picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..

Boots from New Look

I want them aaaaalllll !

I do not own the Copyrights of these pictures. There were found on New Look website.


Guess what? .... I'm Black =O

Well in this case I'm kinda talking about my hair XD. Last week I decided to dye my hair black, I was so tired with what was going on with my hair. I basically had 3 colours going on.
So last time I dyed my hair, was in April for my Bday, I dyed with a colour named “Mystic Violet” from Color XXL from Schwarzkopf, on the upper part of my hair and on the bottom I dyed it in Black from Movida from the brand Garnier. So after a lot of washing and a bit of beach and after FIVE MONTHS of course the colours were dead. The violet, which I think it wasn’t really violet, was more like a burgundy, fade out and the black became dark brown, basically my natural hair colour. And Besides having these 2 colours on my hair, I also had my brown roots growing >.<
I never thought it would take me so long to dye my hair again, to cover those colours, I always pointed out girls, “wwhyyyy doesn’t she dyes her hair, I mean look it that, what colour is that? Bla bla bla”, now I know I do realize there are maannnyyy reasons for that:
- The person is tired of dying their hair,
- Realized that dying their hair damages their hair a lot,
- Wants that colour to fade out a lot so that they can dye it in a lighter colour,
- Are waiting for Summer and the beach season to be gone,
- Or simply because they don’t have money to buy some hair dye, because the longer your hair is , the more packages you have to buy.
So I went to a shop here in my town, that sells hair products among other beauty stuff, and I got two packages of the colour Black (Loking at my hair I think this is Jet Black, meaning black black blaaaaaaack). On the next day I went to my friend’s house and she took care of my hair. I can dye my own hair, I done it before, if the last time I did it myself, my it is kinda of a messy job if you do it to yourself. So it was kinda like killing 2 birds with one stone, got to see my friend and catch up, plus she dyed my hair :P
Now I will leave you with the before and after pictures. Click on the pictures to see them bigger, I have written little annotations on them :P xoxo

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


Movie Review "Eat Pray Love"

So yesterday I saw the new movie with Julia Roberts' called "Eat Pray Love", it is another of those movies that were based on a book, in this case a book with the same title by author Elizabeth Gilbert . And what I can say, is that the movie was better than I expected ^^.
It's really one of those life changing movies, full of inspirational quotes that can bring a tear to your eye and makes reflect about your own life and make you wanna pack a bag and travel and explore the world and its vast cultures. This movie takes place in New York, Italy, India and Bali.
I admit that I never heard about the book, I didn’t knew that the movie was based on the book, what actually made me go see the movie in the first place, was the fact that the actor Javier Bardem is in it :P. Javier is originally from Spain and in the movie he plays a Brazilian man o_ô, are you gonna tell me that they couldn’t find a Brazilian actor that can speak English? Don’t get me wrong I adore Javier but ccaaamooon' >.<.
Some of my favorites quotes of the movie were the following:
"It’s better to live your own life imperfectly than to imitate someone else's perfectly."
"This is a good sign, having a broken heart. It means we have tried for something."
"To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life."
"I think I deserve something beautiful."
"You were given life, it is your duty (and also your entitlement as a human being) to find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight."
"Eventually, everything goes away."
"Do not apologize for crying. Without this emotion, we are only robots."

For more quotes of the movie you can check this website:

Soooo yeah I enjoyed watching the movie. It's a feel-good-movie, I do recommend it. Now I’m trying to find the soundtrack of the movie :P

I do not own the Copyrights of these pictures. There were found via Google.

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