Sunday's Weekly Resume #3 @ Prague

Hello everyone,
I haven’t wrote about my experience in Prague for 2 weeks now :/ Yes I haZ failed >.<
But anyways here it goes.

5th and 6th of February 2011 – I spent the weekend at home, it was way too cold to go out :/ I think that during this weekend was when I met my roommate’s boyfriend.

7th of February – Monday morning I went to a place to take care of Transport card, called Open Card. It was easy to find the place, but it wasn't easy to find someone that talked good English lol. I was told that I have to wait 2 weeks for the card. That’s crraazzyyy. Just later on I discovered that I could have had the card on the same day, but have to pay like 250 Korunas for it. Bloody hell!

8th of February – First day at the internship…. It certainly felt like a first day at school, haha. Didn’t know anyone, I was nervous… all of those stuff of a first day in a new place :P
I was in a room with 7 other new interns, one girl from Bulgaria but she studies in Holland (Plamina a.k.a. Plami), one Finish guy, four French, and one Czech Lady. Our teacher during our training week was Matt, he’s from the U.K. After we were done with the first half of the day, it was time for lunch, for one hour. I was sitting next to Plami, and she asked if I had any planes for lunch and if she could join me, and of course I said yes :P. So we went to Subways - aaahhh wow I missed that place, brings back memories from the U.K. – and we chat a bit, getting to know each other. She a nice gal, she likes Ray William Johnson and How I met your Mother, so she’s a keeper haha ^.^. After lunch, we went back to our training, aloooot of stuff to learn  >.<

9th/10th/11th of February – Still on my training week. I was like Oh God! What did I get myself into. So many abbreviations to learn and little details of rules. I hope I don’t fuck it up BIG TIME! Also during this week of training, we went to the Platform, and got to listen to some calls, so that we could understand more or less what we were gonna do. There were indeed funny situations. Later on the 11th of February after I left my job, I met up with my friend Jay, I met Jay when I was living and studying as an Erasmus student in Nottingham 2009/10, he was also doing Erasmus over there, I even lived with him plus another girl Zuzana, for a month. It was nice seeing him, I also invited Plami to join us, since she doesn’t know many people yet over here in Prague. We went to like a Coffee Shop/Bar called Duende. After we left I realized that the last time I saw Jay was almost a year ago. He left Nottingham in the 16th/17th of February (he was only there for one semester, I stayed for a year).

12th of February - After I done my shopping during the day, at night I went to meet up with Aya and her Ballet colleagues at a Mexican teamed bar called La Casa Blu. It was good, I had fun over there. It was full of Spanish + South Americans :P  The place was PACKED, like fuuuullllll it was hard to move around haha.
One day I might try over there a Burrito or Taco or Fajita aaaahhhh NACHOS! :P

13th of February - Typical Sunday, coach potato day, cleaning and washing clothes, re-watch old episodes of How I met your Mother :P. 

14th of February – Back to work! On Valentine's Day. On this day we were gonna start picking up calls, scared much you ask? Well yes >.< . We were all in one corner of the platform, all the new interns, but our teacher Matt was with us, to help us, whenever we need it. And yeah I screwed up sometimes, when pressing the wrong bottom on the phone haha.

15th/16th  of February – Now we were on our own…. well sort of. We still could obviously make question to our group colleagues if we had doubts, and it’s better to ask around, than given the wrong information. I’m the Iberian team (Portuguese+Spanish), all my team mates are nice, and help me whenever they can. I do admit that I still have problems getting use to the system that we have to use, and I need help, like 65% of the time :/.

17th of February – My day OOOOOFFFFF! WWWWOOOWWW, yeah I stay at home haha, I really need to sleep, my shift is from 8am till 16:30, and I have to wake up at like 6:20am :/ aarrgggh. So I had my mini-spa moments, with the washing the hair, shaving, painting my nails, blah blah blah clean the house, iron my jeans blah blah blah, girly/women stuff.

18th/19th – Back to work again. So no Friday night out for me, ‘cause I had to work on Saturday :/ buuuttt on Saturday night I did go out. Went to one of my colleagues house (Blas and Carlos)and we had a gathering over there plus other collegues and their girlfriends lol, eating+drinking. I drank a shot of something called Stara Myslivecka and it has 40% alcohol, holly shit NEVER AGAIN! BLAAAHHHRG, it burned my soul! Then went to like a disco/party, called Piscos Ocucaje. I saw one of my colleagues dancing traditional South American dances, I know was from Peru, the other one I’m don’t sure if it was from Argentina or not, and his surprisingly a good dancer haha, he’s one those guys, he’s so calm, and pacific, laid back, and then you see him on the dance floor, I’m like “Nigga said WWHHAAATTTT!“  haha, it was a nice evening.

20th – Lazy Sunday, slept ‘till like midday, turned on my computer and I read a message from my mother that she left on my Messenger, saying that an aunt of mine had passed from a heart attack. Even though I only saw this aunt of mine a few times, because she lives in Mozambique, and I only been in Mozambique twice, and the last time I saw her was last December when I was there, I of course cried a bit, because well, if you know me, you’ll know that I’m a easy crier with this type of subjects. I couldn’t stop thinking of my grandmother, this aunt of mine used to leave with her, since like forever.
The rest of my day I spent it at home, with Aya my roommate and her boyfriend, he cooked for us, it was really good :) I saw also a movie with Penélope Cruz “Broken Embraces” it’s better than I thought it would be.

On the 27th my dear friend Zuzana (that I met her when I was doing Erasmus in Nottingham 2009/10) was in Prague for a weekend, before going to Belgium to do her internship in Brussels, Belgium. We met at Chapeau Rouge her favorite Bar/Club in Prague. It was so nice seeing her again, I never thought it would take so long to see each other again, so we had looooaddss to catch up on, but sooo little time L The next day I had to work in the morning so I couldn’t stay all night. So we talked, drinked, danced, and talked to some French boys.

Well I am off to bed now, gotta get my sleep on, 5 days of work are coming my way >.<.
Have a nice week y’all.

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