M.A.C. - Midi-Mauve and Spice


EN: My M.A.C. collection is slowly growing, it will probably never be as big as other girls but I'm fine with that, I don't like to stick just to one brand, there is plenty of other brands that I want to explorer, I like to mix things up.
Last year after I bought my first M.A.C. lipstick and lip pencil, a few months later I bought another lipstick named Midi-Mauve with a lustre finish and a lip pencil in Spice.
When I went to the store I asked again for some help from one of the Sales Assistants in order to find a nice subtle nude colour so I could use when I wear darker eyeshadows.
Like last time I bought also the lip pencil in order to help the lipstick last longer because this lipstick  also has a Lustre finish so it has a very creamy formula and it's very easy to apply but the pencil that I end up buying (with the lady recommendation) makes the lipstick look more browner, so most of the times I just wear the lipstick on its own.


Outfit #15 - Autumn is here

Outfit #15

To be completely honest with you guys I don't think I have bought clothe since July this year, in part because I didn't need any new clothe, I'm always in uniform and on my days off I don't go anywhere special.
Last winter (early this year) I was obsessed in finding the perfect Grey coat, I did find one at Dorothy Perkins but it was sold out in my size so the next best thing was one from F&F/Tesco. This year I'm hunting for a Camel coat and I think I found The One, is the one you see in the picture above from New Look. Super simple, no big pockets outlines, no buttons visible, clean cut, just the way I like my coats these days. 
The next item I have my eyes on is those black loafer shoes from Zara nnnhhhhhh it was love at first sight, I just don't know how comfortable they are going to be.

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. The Collage was made via Polyvore website.


Cleaning your Brushes with Soap & Glory Massage Glove

Soap & Glory Glove
One task that I never look forwards to do is to clean my makeup brushes. Having a lot of them might help you with not having to wash the same ones over and over very frequently but once you have a lot of them it also means you are going to spend more time cleaning them.
The other day I found this Soap & Glory Massage Glove and it immediately reminded me of another glove that Sigma released a couple of years ago in order to help wash makeup brushes, the only "problem" with the Sigma glove was the price. Yes it was (and it is) a good idea and it actually helps the task but some people didn't like the fact that it costs a bit for what it actually is, a rubber glove. 
So if you feel that the Sigma glove is a bit too expensive you might want to try then the Soap & Glory one that makes a great dupe for just £8.50 at Boots, which is more or less the same but also another purpose or in this case the real purpose of the Soap & Glory glove is to help you massage your muscles if you have any tightness and also if you have cellulite problems.


My Autumn Frangance - The Body Shop "Black Musk"

Black Musk from The Body Shop
EN: Believe it or not something that really annoys me to buy is perfumes haha. Yes I love wearing perfumes but most of the times they are so expensive even for just 30ml. Alright prices aside, when it comes to smell preferences I like something on the sweet side, like for example some of my favourite are, the Britney Spears "Fantasy", Christina Aguilera "By Night" and Escada "Cherry in the Air" and to add to my collection this year I bought the new The Body Shop fragrance "Black Musk".
When I smelled this perfume for the first time I immediately fell in love, it ticks all of the boxes. It is sweet, warm, sexy and seductive, perfect for Autumn/Winter.

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