Colour Eye Pencils

Eye Pencil
EN: I may not have the biggest eyeshadow palette collection but even with what I´ve got sometimes I feel super lazy to do any eye-makeup-look so the next best thing is colour eye pencils. Just a simple winged eyeliner and I'm done. So are where are some of mine eye pencils.

PT: Posso não ter a maior colecção de paletas de sombras para os olhos mas mesmo assim com o que tenho às vezes sou super preguiçosa para fazer uma maquilhagem de olhos mais elaborada então a melhora coisa a seguir são os lápis para os olhos coloridos. Um simples winged eyeliner e estou pronta. Aqui ficam alguns dos meus lápis para os olhos.

Eye Pencil
Barry M/Sephora/Mary Kay/Mally/Maybelline/L´Oreal/The Bodyshop
Eye Pencil

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


3 Topshop Eyeshadows

TOPSHOP -  eyeshadow
PT: À alguns meses atrás passei pela Topshop na época de saldos e é normalmente quando eu compro qualquer cosinha por lá. Eu decedi explorar um pouco a maquilhagem e acbei por comprar um verniz (que eventualmente irei fazer um post) e três sombras para os olhos.
No que toca a maquilhagem, a Topshop não está necessariamente no topo da minha lista mas existem algumas coisas boazitas.

EN: A few months ago there was a sale at Topshop and normally that´s when I buy something there. I decided to explorer the Makeup stand a bit, so I ended up buy one nude nailpolish (that eventually I will blog about it) and three eyeshadows.
Now when it comes to makeup, Topshop is not necessarly on the top of my list but there a few nice things.



PT: O ano mal começou e já me deixou mal disposta.... no espaço de uma semana morreram quatro celebridades (e podemos ainda adicionar mais uma no final de 2015) "mas Karen pessoas morrem todos os dias" sim, sim eu sei.
EN: The year barely started and is already putting me in a meh mood... in a space of a week four celebrities have passed away (and we can still add another person at the end of 2015) "but Karen people die everyday" yes, yes I know.


Quick Post : Being back Online in 2015

EN: If you have been a follower of my Blog for a while you have probably noticed a lack of posts during a certain period of time and the reason for that is... LIFE!
Nope, no long explanation, just life in general, like I already had told you in past post, I used to work at least 6 days a week, sometimes even 7/8/9 days in a row. And then things also changed in my life this year, I'm in a new relationship, my boyfriend and I are now living together as well, I quit the previous job that was stuck and unhappy for a year and a half, I have a new job now that is a bit less tiring.
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