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Hi everyone, how's your week so far? Mine is going from bad to worse...
It started with a left foot on Monday, when my laptop... DIED! -_- What happened was, the electricity went and came back in like 2 seconds, my laptop was on, and at the time I was in the bathroom, when I came out to check on the laptop, I thought that it was just simply off, but no... it didn't even turned back on. At first I thought and I was hoping that the problem was just on the charger, but no again, it was the laptop. I got a call and now to fix it will cost about 135€ :/ , and now I'm waiting for the most important thing.... if the hard disk IS OK!!! Yes some of the stuff I have copies, but the most recent stuff I don't :(. BAH!!! Oh and a thing I learned is that travelling in the airplane with the laptop, is not good for it. Even though is a laptop, you can easily can take it here and there, you have to be careful with it, and the vibration on the airplne, can F*** up your electronic stuff. In total my laptop has flown 8 times, a total off like 24hours. Ufff so enough of that for now...

Since I haven't been doing much, I have been re-watching old series, watching some new episodes of certain series that are still on air and discovering new series do watch.

I've been watching Supernatural since day 1! These Winchester brothers always have some new Demon to take care of, in order to save the world from the darkness. I'm so surprised that this show is still going, is on the 7th season you guys! How much can they invent to keep this show on going? They both have died, and came back, fought vampires, demons, ghosts, Angels and Mr Lucifer itself! I mean C'MOOON!
Oooohhh Dexter Dexter... I love this show, and I'm also surprised that he hasn't been caught yet.
This show might not be everybody's cup of tea, but is not that bad as some people think, in terms of the blood and the killing. And I guess what keeps this show so interesting for me or what makes you wanna keep on seeing, and you don't get tired so fast, is that each season has about 10 to 12 episodes.

This one is new for me. I haven't seen Sarah Michelle Gellar in years, so when I saw Ana na Suécia, talking about this show, I had to check it out. And so far so good. In this series "Ringer" - I still don't get the purpose of the name - is about these twins sisters, both played by Sarah, at first you would think, one is the messed up sister, and the other is the one with the perfect life, not quite.

 Tell me if Pretty Little Liars doesn't look like Desperate Housewives the early episodes? Just bare with me for a moment, the first season starts with a BANG, a friend that these girls/women have in common dies, at first no one knows why and how, and then there's little (BIG) secrets that get reveled, plus secrets love affairs.. I mean cccoommeee oonnn! I like this show, I'm just curious to see for how long will they keep this series running...

Thheeeeee Gossip Girl XOXO ..... aren't you tired from all the drama? I only started to watch this show last year, and I was loving it and nowadays I just watch for the sake of watching, to see how it will all end. At least the clothes that they wear keep me entertained.

 This one is also new for me. Hart of Dixie, I New York City girl studying medicine that ends up in Alabama. This show is lighter and funnier comparing to the previous 5 above, and I'm liking it, there's a "pentagon" love going on, meaning 5 people, A likes B, but B is more into C, but C is engaged to D, but D seems to have something going on with E haha. If you watch the show you will get it. Another thing that I like, Rachel Bilson's outfit, they are completely different from the people that live in that town, that look like they are stuck in the 40's and 50's.

 How I met your mother...... WHEN WILL HE MEET THE GOD DAMN MOTHER ALREADY?!?!? This show might be about Ted and the need that he had to go back 6 years before he met his Wife to tell his children how he met their mother but at this point, this show wouldn't be what it is without Barney.. I'm just saying. I love this show, I'm gonna miss it when it's over, but it's about time to meet the bloody mother. C'mon Ted... C'mon.

Here's another show in order to have a good laugh. The Big Bang Theory, similiar to HIMYM, a group of 5 people, a romance that happens between the main characthers and although the show could focus on that... it wouldn't be what it is if it wasn't for Sheldon.
The same way HIMYM needs Barney, TBBT needs Sheldon, and it's funny that both shows belong to CBS.

What shows are you watching? What don you recomend?
Believe it or not, only last week I felt like watching the 6th final season of Lost, I was in denial for a year lol, and what a disappointment the ending was, I was soooo pissed off! It was kind of a open ending, but not the good kind. At the moment I'm also seeing Huff, it's a sort of a old series now, is from 2004, I tried watching several times, but then I stop, and when I start watching it again I have to start from the beginning, and it only has 2 seasons... don't know why, of like 13 episodes each like most of the SHOWTIME series.
I still have to see the last season of Weeds, catch up with Grey's Anatomy, also start seeing Californication, Mad Men, Modern Family and Pam Am.


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  1. i've never heard about the serie with rachel. she's so wonderful. i also love himym!
    so funny :D
    nice post dear.
    lovely greets and a wonderful evening.
    maren anita


  2. Actualmente estou a ver a série toda de Dexter (porque só via um episódio aqui e outro ali) e The Walking Dead ;)

  3. Obrigada! =D

    Eu acho que o meu problema tem a ver com hidratação... Experimentei uma coisa e resultou: assim que lavo a cara antes de pôr o creme da Avène aplico outro super oleoso e hidratante para me hidratar a pele, deixo-o na pele até desaparecer e só depois coloco o outro, e resulta! Eu reparei que a minha pele estava bastante seca, o creme da Avène não hidrata muito... =S

  4. So many fantastic shows and unfortunately I'm not able to watch all!! Hopefully I will soon!:) At least u can enjoy!;)
    Jelena (glamfabchameleon.blogspot.com)

  5. I've tried Ringer but didn't like it. I love Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy, maybe I should try Hart of Dixie..

    Fashion Dawgs

  6. Olá Karen! Penso que recebi bem o teu comentario. Obrigado. Não sei quantos posts/ tempo andei para tras mas vi alguns antigos e sim nota-se a diferença.
    Tenho pena pelo que aconteceu ao teu computador. Espero que consigas resolver esse problema brevemente. Obrigado, fico muito feliz por gostares. Beijinhos


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