Baby Gotta Work It Out #2

Hello Bananas! In case you missed my post regarding this subject, one of my new years resolution was to start working out to get a bit fit. If you would like to read more about this you can check out my previous post [here].
So today I will just share some more youtube fitness channels that I've been following. 


D.I.Y. #4 Revamp your jewelry - Old Bracelet


EN: Hello Bananas! Today's post is just another little D.I.Y. that I've done a few weeks ago. Since my last D.I.Y. post were I revamped my Earcuff from TOPSHOP, I've been going through my jewelry searching for other things that I can revamp haha.
So the next victim was an old bracelet of mine, and by old I mean really old, I'm 99.9% sure that it came with a magazine that I used to buy during my teens. I'm 26 now... you do the math!

PT: Olá Bananas! O post de hoje  é outro pequeno D.I.Y. que eu fiz. Desde que fiz o meu último post de D.I.Y. sobre o que fiz com o meu brinco da TOPSHOP, tenho andando a vasculhar as minhas bijutarias para ver o que mais possso alterar haha.
Então a próxima vítima foi uma pulseira velha minha, e quando digo velha é mesmo velha, eu tenho quase 99.9% certeza que ela veio com uma revista quando ainda era adolescente. Eu agora tenho 26 anos... por isso façam as contas!


Musical Friday #85

Hello Bananas! *Sigh* The quote above describes what I'm feeling right now towards a person that I know. 
I know people do stupid things for Love but OH MY GOD, sometimes I just want to slap that person due to her stupid decisions. She is not my child, is a grown ass woman with her own child and you would think that she would know better... NO! *faceplam* 
Why even bother ME for hours on end about such a miserable guy (the Ex), that hasn't changed for the last 6 years, that does nothing right, is a pothead, that cheats on you left and right and You KNOW ABOUT IT, and then tell me that you are moving on, to do better things for you and your child and in the end you go back to him? WTF??????
Gurl you ain't worth it. "I won't cry for you, my mascara is too expensive".

Have a good weekend you guys! x

Iggy Azalea - Murda Bizness feat. T.I.


Outfit #9

Outfit #9

Turquoise sweater / Whistles leather jacket, €350 / Jane Norman skinny leg jeans, €36 / Satchel bag, €37 / Golden necklace, €13 / ASOS pom beanie, €13 / Isotoner glove, €18 / Revlon lip makeup / Girissima.com - Ankle Boots Papoila / Deborah Lippmann Nail lacquer

EN: Hello Bananas! Today I decided to play around with Polyvore. Today I was feeling the Blues lol. It's a simple outfit, my favourite pieces are the leather jacket, that I already featured on another collage of my favourite winter jackets, I absolutely LOVE IT! And also the platform ankle booties, they are actually made in Portugal - Officina Lisboa - I freaking want a pair!
Anyways hope you like it, see you next time. x

PT: Olá Bananas! Hoje apeteceu-me brincar com o Polyvore. Tou numa de azul hoje. É um outfit muito simples, as minhas peças favoritas são o casaco de cabedal, que eu já tinha partilhado convosco noutro post com uma collage dos meus casacos favoritos para o Inverno, EU ADORO! E também os botins com plataforma de uma marca portuguesa - Officina Lisboa - quero tanto um par ou uns quantos vá lol.
Espero que gostem, até à próxima. x

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. The Collage was made via Polyvore website.


New: Rings #4

PicMonkey Collage-9
EN: This ring was a gift from some family members of mine and its from Accessorize / PT: Este anel foi uma prenda de um uns familiares meus, é da Accessorize.

EN: Hello Bananas! This post is just about a few rings that I got last year. I think this will be the last post about (new) rings for a while.
In the mean time, I was thinking, would you like to see a video about my rings or accessories collection? Let me know on the comment box.! 
PT: Olá Bananas! Este post é só sobre alguns anéis que recebi/comprei no ano passado. Acho que este vai ser o último post por algum tempo sobre (novos) anéis.
No entanto estive a pensar se vocês gostariam de ver um video sobre a minha colecção de anéis/acessórios/bijutarias. Digam-me nos comentários.


Musical Friday #84

Hello Bananas!
Gosh it is raining cats and dogs right now :S. I'm so tired of bad weather. Are you also over it? I want to go to a sunny place and go to the beach and get a tan *sigh*.
I was going to write a long text then meeehhh, it's Friday nobody wants to read much lol. 
OH YEAH, in case you didn't noticed I changed my Blog a bit, starting with my header/banner, and my picture - yeah that's me in the black & white picture with the hair bun - so what do you guys think? I'm still going to do some changes here and there but nothing drastic for the moment. 
So I will leave with the music now alright?

Ellie Goulding - Figure 8


Products Review | The Body Shop

EN: Hello Bananas! Today I have another video for you. It's sort of a small review of some The Body Shop products that I bought while I was in London last year and I already did a a Haul posts, well if you want to see closer pictures of the products click [here]. Other than that the video is in Portuguese, but below the video I did a small resume of what I said in the video about each product. Hope you like it.

PT: Olá Bananas! O post the hoje é sobre outro vídeo meu. É de certa forma uma review que fiz sobre os produtos que comprei da The Body Shop no ano passado quando andava por Londres. Eu na altura fiz um post com todos os produtos, se quiserem ver as fotos - com uma qualidade decente - cliquem [aqui]. Espero que gostem.


Things that make you go huuummm! #5

EN: Hello Bananas! You know what they say... even if you had the biggest meal on earth, you always have room for dessert!
PT: Olá Bananas! Quem aqui acredita que mesmo depois de comermos que nem umas bestas sempre temos espaço para uma sobremesa?
Source: imgfave.com via Karen on Pinterest


August's Resume #9 @Prague

Hello Bananas! OMG I can't believe that it has been 3 months since I wrote one of these post baahhhh! Anyways today I will talk about my month of August from when I was living in Prague in 2011. WOW 2011, Jesus! Time flies. I will do another post for September and that's it really, because I left Prague in September. Then if you guys want I can do like a post talking about my thoughts of the city, the ups and downs in case one day any of you go there.
So here we go.

For the first two weeks of the month of August my housemate Aya was away on a tour. For those that don't know this, Aya is a ballerina (ballet dancer) and in August Kanye West was doing a European tour.... yeah that's right, Aya had the great opportunity of going on tour with Kanye (I'M ONE PERSON AWAY FROM KANYE HAHA). And you are probably wondering what does a ballet dance has to do with Hip Hop? Well at the time Kanye had his "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" album out and if you seen any of his videos for his singles, there is a song called Runaway where there is ballerinas in it and ACTUALLY one of those ballerinas is Aya's friend and work colleague Jade :P. So yeah basically Kanye wanted dancers on stage for songs like Runaway. So yeah for two weeks she was on tour with him, she even came to Portugal for the TMN Sudoeste Summer Festival.
If you want to see her, check out this video, it is one of the best videos that I managed to catch so far, you can spot her at 7:30 when there is only two girls dancing and she is the one with black hair (she's Japanese) :3.


Musical Friday #83

EN: Hello Bananas! Just a quick text because I'm not feeling 100% today so I'm going to eat and go to bed and watch some series. 
Anyways good news for the music business, Justin Timberlake is making a NEW ALBUM! SAY UUWWHHAATTTT! Funny enough this week I was like "When will Justin T. release another album God damn it!" I guess he heard me and now he is on to it hehe. OH and also the Destiny's Child are reuniting for another album! Are you guys excited?
Have a good weekend.

PT: Olá Bananas! Apenas um texto breve porque não me sinto a 100% hoje por isso isso vou comer e meter-me na cama e ver algumas séries.
De qualquer das formas no mundo da música existem boas notícias, Justin Timberlake vai lançar outro album! Woot Woot! No outro dia por acaso estava a pensar "Mas quando é que o Justin T. vai lançar outro CD cacete!" O moço deve ter ouvido e meteu as mãos ao trabalho haha. Ah e as Destiny's Child pelos vistos também vão reunir-se para mais um album!
Bom fim de semana!

Azealia Banks - Luxury


Primark Spring/Summer Collection 2013

EN: Hello Bananas! As I was sitting in my bedroom and looking out of my windows this morning it was raining like crazy bananas and I immediately started thinking of warmer weather and wearing less clothes. Two days ago I came across some new videos of Primark for the new Spring & Summer collection for 2013. In general I like what I see, although most of the trends we kinda already seen last year, with the pastels, neons, paisley, lace, sporty etc.
Nevertheless, something interesting in fact is that Primark is going launch a Sports line. Well I'm not 100% if it is something new but is definitely the first time that I (personally) noticed such clothing items.

PT: Olá Bananas! Estava eu aqui no meu quarto de manhã a olhar pela janela e estava a chuver a potes e imediatamente comecei a pensar em tempos mas quentes e de usar menos roupa. À dois dias vi uns vídeos sobre a nova colecção para a Primavera e Verão da Primark. No geral eu gosto mas ao mesmo tempo muito do que vemos são tendências do ano passado como as cores em tons de pastel, neons, o padrão paisley, renda, estilo desportivo etc...
No entanto, algo de interessante é que a Primark vai lançar uma linha desportiva. Bem eu digo que vai lançar porque é a primeira vez que eu (pessoalmente) tenha notado tais roupas.


Dream House #9

EN: Hello Bananas. Today's post will be about bathrooms. For me the perfect bathroom needs to be big, his and hers bathroom sinks, I like windows in a bathroom and in a way I'm more of a shower girl then a bath girl, but of course if money was no object and I was building my dream house I would have both things.

PT: Alô Bananas. O post de hoje é sobre casa de banhos. Para mim a casa de banho perfeita teria de ser grande, com pias/lavatórios para ele e para ela, eu gosto de janelas na casa de banho e apesar de eu ser uma pessoa mais virada para os duches do que necessariamente banhos, se o dinheiro não fosse um obstáculo e se eu estivesse a construir a minha casa dos sonhos eu teria as duas coisas.


Some people read the Newspaper in the morning... I read Blogs #2

Hello Bananas! I haven't done one of these in ages, since last year to be exactly, you can read it [here]. I like reading Blogs (DUH) and everyday while I have my breakfast I like to catch up. Now I follow maaany Blogs but there are a some that I like to keep up with on a daily basis :P. 

The woman behind 5 Inch and Up is Sandra, she is a Fashion Blogger originally from Finland but currently living in London U.K..


Musical Friday #82

EN: Hello Bananas! I hope you don't mind calling Bananas, I don't mean it as an insult, it is actually out of love :P. I like the word Bananas. I was thinking of a word that I could call my followers, some Bloggers call they followers "Diamonds", "Lovelies" or "Sprinklerinos" etc and I wanted my "own" nickname for you all >.<.
How is been your first week of the new year so far? Mine.. meeeehh. But at least I've been keeping up with my new year's resolution, slowly but I have. Like they say "Baby steps". You can read all about it over [here]. I decided to start writing on a notebook my progress and let's see if there is in fact any progress, God I hope so. 
Oh and I reached 380 followers, wow THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Have a good weekend.

PT: Olá Bananas! Espero que não fiquei incomodados por vos chamar de Bananas, não é para vos insultar :P. Eu gosto da palavra Bananas. Eu estava a pensar numa palavra que podia chamar os meus seguidores, algumas Bloggers chamam os seus seguidores de "Diamonds", "Lovelies" ou "Sprinklerinos" etc... e eu queria a "minha2 alcunha para vocês >.<.
Como foi a vossa primeira semana de novo ano? A minha foi.. meeeehh. Mas ao menos tenhos mantido a minha resolução para o novo ano, lentamente mas tenho. Mais vale isto do que nada. Podem ler sobre o assunto num outro post meu [aqui]. Decidi começar a tomar nota do meu progresso se houver de facto algum progresso, espero bem que sim.
Ah cheguei aos 380 seguidores woot woot MUITO OBRIGADO!
Bom fim de semana.

Krewella - Alive - New Single


Products Review | E.L.F. Cosmetics

EN: Hello Bananas. Today's post will be in Portuguese or at least the video is. It is about some things I bought back in April from E.L.F. Cosmetics. You can see what I got on a previous post of mine [here]. Today's post will be sort of a review of what I got and I can tell you that overall I'm satisfied with the products and the service.

PT: Olá Bananas. O post de hoje é sobre alguns produtos que comprei da marca E.L.F. Cosmetics no mês de Abril. Eu já fiz um post na altura quando recebi as encomendas, podem ver [aqui] as fotos. 
O vídeo de hoje é uma pequena review sobre os produtos. De uma forma geral estou satisfeita com as coisas que comprei principalmente com o pincel para pó e com certeza eventualmente irei comprar mais algumas coisas mas por enquanto estou bem servida e quero tentar acabar o que já tenho antes de comprar mais.


Hello January

Hello Bananas and Happy New Year! So did you party hard? I can't believe we are in 2013 already. 2012 it went by so fast, well at least the first half while I was in London, the rest of the year back in Portugal it went sloooowwwww...
Anyways I really hope that things will change this year and for better of course.

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