Finally the fuss is over... well...

EVERYBODY talking about the Royal wedding the Royal wedding, buuuhhuuhu My William is getting Married AARRGGHHH >.<
So as you might have noticed today was the Royal Wedding (29 April 2011) of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.
I was able to see a bit of the ceremony in the morning, because they were broadcasting on Youtube. Oh yes on Youtube…I didn’t even know there was a Royal Youtube Channel….. and it’s about 3 years old haha.
Catherine wedding dress was nice, clean cut, it suited her very well. Simple but still trés chic :P
The dress was from Sarah Burton for the Alexander Mcqueen house.
Long Lived the (Mc)Queen!
Now what... I guess people spend another month talking about the wedding dress, the guest list, and what they were wearing, lot's of interesting hats, and the "party", and were will the newlyweds spend their Honeymoon.

Beyoncé moving her body

So this week was realest a videoclip starting Beyoncé Knowles, where she used one her single from the past “Get me Bodied” in order to motivate people to move and work out I guess. This video is to fight against child obesity.
1-     1-It funny when she goes like “to the left to left” and she goes to the right while everybody else goes to the left XD
2-    2- Loving the shoes with those neon aqua green socks. Trying to understand if those shoes are also the same colour of the socks, or if they are transparent  plastic in that area so what you seeing is the socks itself.
3-      3- What you think about these types of videos? In order to motivate people to work out?
Do you think they will actually work?

"Move your Body"

The original video from 2009 for "Get me Bodied" is the one below


Enjoy... more music... more rock style this time

Other than The Foo Fighters, all the other bands olus their songs are new to me.

Augustana - "Steal Your Heart" - Watch out girls... he might steal your heart away :P

The Knux - "She So Up"

Foo Fighters - "Rope"

Manchester Orchestra - "Simple Math" - huummm interesting video 

The Vaccines - "If you wanna"

New Politics - Dignity


My Bday (2011)

It has come and it has gone ... the so called Birthday.
Woke up in the early morning, and I discovered in the kitchen a little surprise gift from my housemate Aya, a bottle with chocolates, a rose, and a little card ^^ yeahi.
I spent my morning pampering myself :P and then in the evening I meet up with my friend Zuzana at her place, to catch up, and then we went to dinner at a nice place called Luka Lu, a Serbian restaurant, plus with her sister Eva and her (Eva’s) boyfriend Michael.
In a way it was kinda of a triple Bday celebration. My bday was on the 18th, Zuzana’s on the 17th, and Michael’s on the 12th of April, hehe. 

Aya's gift

 Me and Zuzana

Giveaway/Sorteio - The Perfect Drug

Hello everyone, The Perfect Drug is doing another, this time for a MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick. This giveaway is open internationally till the 12 of May. Good luck.

This image belong to The Perfect Drug


Happy Birthday to meeeee...

Yeaahhh the day has finally arrived.... I'm 25 years old now...  eeeiiixxxhhh :S
It feels weird saying that....


Mommy Mommy I'm on TV! well... internet :P

Soooooo I'm doing an Internship over here in Prague, for a Company called BlueLink.... aaaaanndd I was invited to participate in a video, like a publicity video, to promote the Company.
Check out the videos if you want. I’ll be the girl speaking in Portuguese named Karen Ussene with a orangy red shirt XD.
Oh geeeZAUS! haha 

"Long" version

BlueLink from Prague Camera on Vimeo.

Short version

BlueLink - Excerpt from Prague Camera on Vimeo.

Videos belongs to BlueLink (http://www.bluelinkservices.com/en.html)
Filmed by : Prague Camera (http://vimeo.com/user4207786)


Devorelebeaumonstre Giveaway!

Hi y'all,
Want the change to win some cool studded shorts from Runway Dreamz? Headover to Devorelebeaumonstre Blog to check out the rules. Competition ends on the 14th of April. Good luck.

Image taken from http://www.devorelebeaumonstre.com

Modern Furniture

Check this ooouuutttt!
I WANT IT ALL! This is so cool, and modern, and beautiful, and aaaawwww <3 .
Day dreaming about my dream house..... and that I probably will never have these type of thing lol :P


More Music...

Britney Spears' new single "Till the World ends" - The video matches the song, and is it just me or, that scene on  the corner with Britney in the middle and the people around her, doesn't remind you of "Slave for you" video? But on this one there's no licking haha.

Kelly Rownland feat. Lil Wayne - Motivation

Mary J. Blige feat Diddy and Lil Wayne - Somebody to Love me / Naked - I'm guessing this is Mary J. Blige version of the song, 'cause on Diddy's last album "Last train to Paris" he also has a song called "Somebody to Love me" nor Mary J. Blige or Lil Wayne is singing on that version.

Beth Ditto - I wrote a book - Whenever I see this videoclip and listen to this song, I feel like I'm back in the 90's. It has the beat and the Vogue dancing. P.S.: I LOVE THE 90'S!

Keri Hilson feat. Chris Brown - One night stand - Chris can be a bit of a dickhead, and that blonde hair.... the only person can pull off the Sisqó look is Sisqó himself, but the boy can dance... and please enough tattoos already...


Ooooohh to be a girl....

These are just a few itens that I recently bought. I know that in one of my last Shopping post, I said that I had to be careful when shopping in Prague, but lets just say that this case was an exception, but it was:
A) something I was looking for a while now,
B) on Sale,
C) Been on a hunt for something like that;

A) A black straight skirt, that reaches above my knee. I was stupid not to buy something like this when I was living in the U.K. last year, it was full of these skirts, speacially in Primark... stupid me... So I bought this skirt at New Yorker, although the brand is Amisu.... I don't get it.

B) Oh yeah Baby, Rock'n'Roll. So also in New Yorker, I bought these leather pants (I don't know if it is actual leather or not, but whateva), and this baby was on a massive sale, I bought it for like +/-5€, I was like, it's now or never. Again, although I bought it in New Yorker, the tag says Fishbone.

And also came with a belt... WIN!

C) And last but not least... tights. The story with the tights. I've been going a lot to Zara, H&M, New Yorker, Mango bla bla, in order to find cool tights, with a nice pattern... but what a fail, it's always the same, simple black, white, brown, grey meh meh meh, nothing interesting. So I went to a Shopping Mall, and I went to this store called F&F, and they had a pair of tights that I fell in love like BOOM,! It was in one of those legs for exposition, so I searched for them... aaaanndd I couldn't find it, so I asked for help, the Lady also couldn't find it, she asked her colleague and the woman immediately said "No, we don't have it" ... I was like FFFFFUUUUUUUU, thinking for myself "SO WHY THE FUDGE DO YOU STILL HAVE THOSE OVER THERE RSRSRSRSR!" so I bought these ones instead. After we left that shop, we found Topshop, so we raaaaannn, and again I found like 3 pairs of tights on the fake leg exposition that I liked, and AGAIN, they didn't have it for sale.... WHAT THE BALLS!


And we are liiiiiving in a Material World and I am a Material Girl

Did you know that Lola (Madonna´s first child) is launching her first clothing line together with Macy’s. For those that know what Macy’s is, it is actually a big Clothes Department store in the USA.

Some of the models chosen to represent the brand are Taylor Momsen and Kelly Osbourne.

Images were taken from Google.com

Blogger is Growing...

I created my Blogger in 2007 but only in 2010 I started doing more posts. Who new that Blogger would become so popular, and that some people actually live of their Blog, due to the things that they post and talk about on their Blogs.

Where's a couple of videos of what can tou expect from Blogger in 2011.
For more info go to Blogger Buzz or to Blogger's Blog.


New Layout

So today I decided to change my Blog's Layout... do you like it? Yes? No? Let me know. ^_^
I would like to thank you all for the comments. <3
Plus, I reached 1100 subs on my Channel Nerak86 on Youtube yyeeaaahiii :3 Thank you.

It's Music time...

Katy Perry feat. Kaney West - E.T. (Lady Gaga -Born this way- much? haha Aliens are so IN)

Far East Movement feat. Snoop Dogg - If I was you (OMG)

Porcelain Black feat. Lil Wayne - This is what Rock n Roll looks like 

A new singer on the Block. I'm actually curious to hear the rest of her album, I mean she has a perfect voice to sing rock music, I think there is actually an older female that has a voice similar to hers that sings rock I think, but anyways, this song is a bit.... meh. I gotta admit she is flexable (I wonder if she does Yoga or she was inttooo gyyyymmmaaassttiicccs lol), and I kinda dig her hair :P
According to one website she is considered a fusion on Britney Spears and Marilyn Manson ooorrrr like my friend Diana said, a fusion of Lady Gaga with Cruela Devil XD

P.S.: Just noticed that all 3 songs above are featured with a famous rapper lol.

Nelly feat. Kelly Rownland - Gone (A famous duo got back together for another song :p hope I don't get sick of this one like I did with "Dilemma" ... "no matter what I do ooohhhh")

Jessie J. - Do it like a Dude

Jessie J. feat. B.o.B - Price Tag 


Giveaway/Sorteio - Sunny Days & Starry Nights

Good Morning everyone,
Want some FREE stuff? :p Then head over to Sunny Days & Starry Nights Blog they are doing a giveaway to celebrate their first Blog Birthday, yeeaaahhhiiii!
So what are you wanting for? It's open Internationally. In order to participate you must be a subscriber to their Blog.

The List of Itens:
Lush Lip Balm
Bath & Body Works Pink Grapefruit Lotion
Black Headband
Floral Headband
Maggie B Coinpurse
White Earrings
Gold and Beaded Earrings
Notebook with Matching Pen
Wall Decals
Cell Charm
Pink Belt
Michele Obama First Lady of Fashion and Style Book
Small Pencil Set
Sally Hansen Lipstick
Western Charm Bracelet
Olay Giftset (which includes body wash, moisture bar, body lotion, puff, and Venus razor)
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