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Ear piercing 1st 2014

EN: It has been about fifteen years I think since I last pierced my ears. I did my first two piercings when I was about three months old and then when I was about twelve years old (if I'm not mistaken) I begged and I mean I beeeeeeged my mother to do my second piercing on my right ear. I admit that I only wanted to do because all of my friends were also doing it, the same way that I wanted to do this stupid blonde streak highlight on my hair at the age of 11/12 but my mother also didn't let me do it but in a way thank God haha. 
So back to the piercing I asked my mother she said no and then she tells me to ask my father, so I asked him and he didn't care and told me to go ask my mom (-_-), so I asked again and very much against her will and because I wouldn't shut up about it she let me do it. So back in the late 90's - Oh God I feel so freaking old - in my little town if you wanted to get a normal piercing on your ear (lobe) you would go to a jewellery store. Yes it's true. Back then they used to have this pistol gun, they would just put the earring on it and "bang" done haha. Pretty fast and pretty painless. 
After that I never did another piercing, is not that I gave up on the idea of doing more but it wasn't a priority - not that is now as well. For a long time I wanted to do on my nose but after spending a analysing my face and how it would look I gave up. I was never into doing belly button, my tongue, my eyebrow, lips, boobs, genitalia or in other body parts, I basically just want to pierce my ears.
Last Saturday (25th of Jan.) me and my cousin plus two friends of hers went to a Tattoo and Piercing shop called Studio 69 located in Walthamstow (North-East London). I decided to do on my ear rim - as they call it -  I was a bit nervous because I had no idea how much it was going to hurt but actually it was pretty painless. You feel going in but is nothing unbearable, at least for me, it was a very fast procedure. It has been five day and I think that it's healing pretty well, the only annoying thing is when it's time to sleep fffuuuuu, I couldn't sleep on my right side and they also recommend not to sleep on the side that you were pierced for the firsts days. Other than that I just have to clean it twice per day, with Saline solution (which is normally used to clean contact lenses) or warm water with salt and the healing process goes from six to eight months.
It cost £15 and since it was my first time, I got a £5 discount voucher, so next time I go I might do my earlobes. 
Do you guys have or like piercings? I also want to do tattoos but that is a bigger investment.

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London | 4 months

EN: Since the 19th of September, last week, it has been four months since I moved to London. Time freaking flies!
It has been four months since I said goodbye to my friends and family for the forth time and this time it was "for good". It doesn't mean that I won't see them ever again but that I will spend less time with them and probably miss out in a lot of good moments. With my other abroad experience I would be away for a few months and then go back to Portugal for a few months as well but now I won't be able to stay in Portugal for very long but also because I want to be able to explore other countries which has always been a dream of mine. My plan is to go to Portugal this Summer because I have a friend's wedding and my friend's daughter christening so let's see how things go.
Right now I'm thankful that I have a job, even though it's far from my dream job, I don't even earn enough so that I can live comfortably and pay for a bedroom + extra bills + public transport. I'm very lucky that I have family in London and they let me live with them until I get settled.
It is time to start looking for a better job! Something with better scheduled, 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday and most importantly with a better pay check.
2014 hasn't been easy breezy for me, besides some personal shenanigans that I'm going through, recently my cousin's father passed away and then this weekend one of my best friends father also passed away, plus a family member of mine had to be rushed to the hospital, sssooooo it has been intense and stressful month.
I won't lie that sometimes I second guess my decision to move to London but I know that overall it was for the best.

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Series that I'm watching #4

(From Dracula)

EN: Since moving to London I lost track of the series that I was watching and the website where I used to see my series got shut down and I'm not really a big fan of watching series online because... patience (for the loading/buffering stuff) is not on my side. So in the meanwhile I started watching other series on TV.
May I just say that where I live we have Virgin Media TV cable and it kinda sucks, the TV shows in general goodness gracious @_@. I now understand why when I was in Portugal another TV Cable company called ZON used to try and impress us with the fact that you can also have ZON here in the U.K. and I was always like "WHY? They have also cable tv, they have so many deals for internet and a lot of places have FREE WI-FI.", this is way, because their programming kinda sucks. There are certain areas in London that you know is full of Portuguese people because they have ZON (parabolic) antennas outside their house windows haha.

This face may look familiar, specially if you watched The Tudors, I didn't (ups) but still I know him from other films and what not but now he is starting in Dracula (2013). The series is based in London but Dracula has an American accent, he is pretending to be an American entrepreneur named Alexander Grayson. The first season finish last week and it only has 10 episodes and I have no idea when is it coming back. But overall it's very good.


Musical Friday #132

EN: First Musical Friday of the year. I've been thinking during this week if I should continue with this weekly post, if any of you actually enjoy it or not. Let me know what you think.
In the mean time, I can identify myself a little bit which each song below. You know when you have those times that the lyrics of all songs start to make sense and you can identify yourself with them because you are going/went through that situation at some point in your life? Yep that's me right now...
Have a good weekend.

Britney Spears - Perfume - New - The lyrics of this song... ppffff I can't even.... (but in a good way). It's like she took a look at my life and made a song out of it haha.


Boots Wishlist #2

EN: Now that I finally have my Parka, actually not only one but two, now I'm on a hunt for some boots. I have some mid and high heels boots but those are not always practical for everyday basis, so I'm looking mainly for flat boots that are also good for cold and rainy days in London.
Any suggestions? Something that is also affordable if possible. Ideally I would love a pair of Dr, Martens boots but they cost around £80 to £100 :(.

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First post of 2014

EN: COFF COFF *cleaning dust* COFF COFF... Is anybody out there?
And the award for the worst Blogger goes to......... ME! XD :/ :( >.<.
I'm sorry you guys I really am. I didn't plan to spend so much time without Blogging. My last days of December were spent with me trying to get better - because I was sick again -, working double shifts, spending NYE at work with my work colleagues and in the middle of all that you can add some personal stuff that happened to me that I don't feel comfortable to talk about it that actually I'm still trying to figure out and understand what the fuck is going on....
Other than that I will try and return to my Blogging habits, I admit that I enjoyed this pause, like I said many time before, sometimes coming home late at night after work the last things I want to do is to Blog, plus I still don't have my own laptop. I have no idea if I will be able to buy one anytime soon. Ooooohh life.
2013 ended with a bit of a bitter sweet taste for me. I closed a few chapters in my life and opened new ones and now let's see what 2014 will bring me.
I know that we are basically in the middle of January but still Happy New Year!!! Now I will take this opportunity that I'm feeling all pumped up and prepare a post for tomorrow.
See you soon xoxo.

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