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EN: That's right! I tried to resist I really did but a few weeks ago I saw the opportunity to create a profile and I decided to do so. It's so silly that you can only (apparently) create a profile via your mobile phone or a tablet but you can not create via computer/laptop... wtf?!?!
I managed to upload some pictures while I was home alone and a family member of mine left his tablet behind. But now that he's back I no longer used that tablet and nor do I have a fancy-shemancy smartphone BECAUSE NO ONE GIVES ME A CONTRACT!!!!!! -_- rsrsrsr
Anyways in the mean time if you would like to follow me please fell free to do so at instagram.com/karenussene. See you there!

PT: Pois é! Eu tentei resistir, eu juro mas à uns dias atrás tive a oportunidade de criar um perfil e decidi fazer um. É tão estúpido que  (pelos vistos) só se pode criar um perfil usando um smartphone ou uma tablet mas com o computador ou portátil não... mas que raio?!?!
Eu fiz o upload de algumas fotos enquanto estava sozinha em casa e um familiar meu deixou a tablet dele aqui. Mas agora que ele voltou eu já não uso a tablet (foi bom enquanto durou) e também não tenho daqueles telemóveis XPTO PORQUE NINGUÉM ME DÁ UM CONTRACTO!!!! -_- rsrsrsr
Mas pronto se quiserem seguir-me estejam à vontade, instagram.com/karenussene. Vejo-vos por .

This picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


New Blog Banner

New logo 2014

EN: You may or may not have noticed but I changed my Blog Banner... again... XD. As usual I was bored one day/night and decided to change it.
What do you guys think about it? I might have to do it again and make it bit smaller. Now if anybody could point me to a website that makes those little social network icons-links (Twitter, Facebook, etc...) that would be aawweesssoommee!

 PT: Talvez já tenham notado ou não mas eu mudei o Banner do meu Blog... outra vez... XD. Como sempre não tinha mais nada que fazer, estava aborrecida e decidi mudar.
O que acham? Eu talvez tenha de voltar a fazer mas um pouco mais pequeno. Agora se alguem souber daqueles websites que deem para fazer aqueles pequenos ícones-links para redes sociais (Twitter., Facebook, etc...) isso seria oooooooooptimo!

The Banner was created by Me/Karen U.


Musical Friday #134

EN: Hello everyone. Today I will only share one song with you. If you read my previous posts, specially the Musical Fridays ones, you will know that I haven't had the best of weeks lately and to add to this another family member of mine past away this week so that is one of the reasons for my lack of posts here.
For these past 12 days I was in (forced) vacations... shitties vacations ever... but tomorrow I'm going back to work, even if it isn't my dream job, I'm freaking happy to go back and see and talk to people because I'm currently home alone, so it's just Me, Myself and I. Since I live with some family members of mine, the person that passed away was in Portugal, so everybody is over there and I stayed behind.
So this next song I will dedicate to Fenela Dias, I will truly miss you.

A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera - Say Something

I do not own the Copyrights of this picture. It was found via Tumblr.


Haul | Online Shopping - ASOS and Boohoo

EN: Hello my lovelies! This last week I finally managed to film not one but two videos, so here's the first one. It's another haul video but this time around is about things that I bought online. Well my shopping experience has been mainly with Amazon and E.L.F., I was always "afraid2 of buying clothes online, simply because of the issues if the clothes didn't fit properly and then have to send it back blah blah blah. 
On Christmas days I decided to buy two parkas, a light one from ASOS and a warmer one from Boohoo. Two weeks later I bought two rings from ASOS and a few weeks after that I bought some sweaters and beanies from Boohoo.
So far I'm very happy with the things that I bought and have no complaints. 
What about you guys? Do you shop clothes online a lot?


Musical Friday #133

 EN: "Better things are coming" is what I've been telling to myself lately so I keep myself sane. 
Right now I'm on "vacation", one hell of a vacation this is. For these last three days I've been at home, why? Well on Wednesday and Thursday the weather was absolutely crap plus there was an underground strike. Yes the buses were still working but for me the Underground is the best thing. And today, when it's actually sort-of sunny I have to stay at home because of the builders that are fixing the walls and ceiling of the house and now the man just told me that he might have to come back on Monday to finish the job.... REALLY! Another day that I have to spend aaallll day at home? You gotta be kidding me. And I guess is also uncertain if next week there will be another strike or not... ooohhh London.
Other than that, there has been a lot of ups and downs in my life, family members passing away others going to the hospital, so far 2014 kindaaaa kinda sucks, yeah it sucks.

Shakira - Can't remember to forget you feat. Rihanna - New Single - This song should have been part of my last Musical Friday. As simple as the lyrics are, I also can identify myself with them -_-  aahhh life.


Dream House #18

EN: Now that I finally have a job and I already spent some money buying essentials that I needed the next step is to start gathering money so that I can rent my own bedroom.
Now in case you don't know, London is a massive city and there are good areas and bad areas. Where I currently live has a bit of a bad reputation and the only reason that I'm here and feel "kinda safe" is because I'm living with some family members of mine other than that I don't think I would be living here unless I had no choice. Which brings me to the next part, since there are good and bad areas, of course the good areas are going to be more expensive, so I want to try and find a good size bedroom, in a decent area not to far away from the city center, at a affordable price, is that to much to ask? It actually kinda of is haha.
Because unless you earn a lot of money and you want to live let's say till zone 3 (London is divided by zones) plus the requirements that I stated before it can be very hard. So I either ended up living in a good area, inside zone 3, pay less for public transports and have a shitty room OR I live far away from the city center, have a good room but then pay a lot for the public transports -_-  aaahhhh dilemmas dilemmas!
So the search begins!

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