Almost turning 40!

I can not BELIEVE that Jared Leto will be turning 40 years old this year :O BLODDY HELL!

Jared Joseph Leto (Bossier City, Louisiana 26 de dezembro de 1971



Hello everyone, just a quick post, to remind you of some giveaways that I´m participating right now.
1- Becky Dazzler - Honey bronze Giveaway - till the 31st of May.
2 - Scorpio/Disco - Kolor red Watch - She would like to have at least 20 participants in order to continue with the Giveaway, at the moment she has 8, so wait you're waiting for GO! GO! GO!
3- Viva Luxury - Belina bracelet - till the 2nd of June 
4- My dear friend Daniela aka Akuma Kanji on Under the Gravity's Nails, Da'n'ails - 10 Nail polishes, a lipgloss and some French Nails Stickers - till the 22nd of June.

You can see the picture of these Giveaways on the right side of my Blog, but later on it might be on the left side of my Blog , I'm might change the look of my Blog again.... I get bored very fast with the way that my Blog looks haha.


Copies of The Cambridge Satchel Company bag

Yesterday as I was searching for some sabrinas (a.k.a. ballerinas shoes), I passed at New Yorker and noticed that they have like a smaller cheaper version of The Cambridge Satchel Company, one of the IT bags of 2011, that you probably have noticed in some Fashion Guru's Blogs.
At New Yorker, they had in yellow and blue, I can't remember the prices, but I tried searching for the bags on the internet and I can't find a picture os them, not even on the New Yorker Official WEBSITE x_X what the fudge? Well I'm thinking of buying one, but we'll see. I will have to go to the shop again, and look at the bag better, since I was in a rush I didn't pay much attention to the details, and if I can indeed use it with any of my clothes.
Do you like these bags or not really?


Musical Friday #2

Kazaky - Love – I’m in love with this song and videoclip, look at this 4 Ucranian guys dancing in HIGH HEELS! OMG! I think they should work with Lady Gaga… I’m just saying… Do you think they’re gay? :P Honey Strike a Pose!


Does Lauren Conrad has a Youtube Channel?

Hi yall.
The other day I was checking someone else blog, and she was doing  apost about hair styles, and the video was "Ballerina Bun" (FYI I don't get it why does she has to curl her hair in order to do this, anyways....), on that video is not Lauren, but if you go to the main Channel Beautydept was created on the 24th of April 2011, you will see images on the backround of Lauren, and at least 3 videos with her, one of them "Lauren's Every Day Waves".


Quick Hello.

Hi everyone, this is just a quick post.
During the week (sometimes weekend) is a bit hard for me to post something interesting over here >.< I work in a call center and I pass 8 hours on a computer almost non stop (plus passengers screaming in my ear), so once I get home the last thing I feel like doing is spending more hours looking at a computer and thinking and writting... :S I just check my emails, talk to my mom to let her know that I'm alive, and just see some series. At the moment The Big Bang Theory, it's hhhiiiiiLLLLLAAAArious so funny XD.
Anyways, I would like to thanks for all the comments and a very nice welcome to my new followers :3. 
I will reply to you as soon as possible. Have a nice week everyone.


Scarf me up!

I love scarves, but most of the times I end up using them always the same way :/ What about you? Do you have a special way of wearing your scarves?
Hope you enjoy the images and videos that might give you some ideas :P


Lady Gaga on the cover of V Magazine 2011

Have you seen the latest photo shoot of Lady Gaga for V Magazine the Asian Issue? I’m loving it.
In all photos she is wearing the bracelet that she made to support and help Japan "We pray for Japan".


Musical Friday #1

I'm going to try and upload some videos every Friday here on Blogger. Some might be new, some might be old, anything that I enjoy listening really, lol. Hope you enjoy the music and videos :p

Clare Maguire - The Shield And The Sword

Celebrities and the names that they give to their offsprings

So recently actress Alicia Silverstone became the mother of a baby boy.... and his name BEAR BLU! UUUWWWHHAATTT?!?!?! Why would you do such a thing? Please tell me! How much do you love your child? What's up with these celebrities... okei okei I know is not only the celebrities that give unusual names to their children, I've seen and heard some weird names coming from the "common people" and boy oh boy, were they bad... I could NEVER name my child Bear, or Apple x_X I would basically be thowing him in to the bullying alley...


Fresh out of the oven

Is that time of the week again... yeah you guessed it, MUSIC TIME! Ladies 1st.
Sssssooooo Fresh out of the oven, Lady Gaga’s New Video “Judas”, I don’t care what people are saying about her and this song, ooohhh judas, religion, Christ meh meh meh, whatevá, I’m not a religious person so meh. I really dig her makeup, and her outfits are simple wicked. I like when at 2:20 she goes like Guetto Nun XD Okay who is the “Jesus” guy? I know him from somewhere. The “Judas” guy I also know him somewhere as well.

Lady Gaga – Judas


April's Shopping

Things I bought in April

brown belt
Brown Belt from H&M

Giveaway/Sorteio - Under the Gravity's Nails ♦♪♥Da'n'ails♦♪♥

Hello everyone. Today I bring a Giveaway that my friend Daniela is doing on her Blog Under the Gravity's Nails ♦♪♥Da'n'ails♦♪♥ for reaching 100 followers. This giveaway is open Internationaly, so if you want to participate head over to her Blog, you have till the 22nd of June.

Image belong to Under the Gravity's Nails
*From left to right:
- Le Petit CLICHÉ Amora
- CLICHÉ Meiga
- CLICHÉ Timor
- Essence Multi Dimension #64 Trendsetter
- Essence Multi Dimension #42 Dress to Party
- Essence Glossy Lipbalm #05 Berry Sorbet
- Essence French Glam Nail Stickers #01 We love french
- Essence Color&Go #24 Underwater
- CLICHÉ Hippie
- CLICHÉ Camuflado
- CLICHÉ Surpresa


I want a Black Corset.

When I saw this corset I thought it was the perfect item for my closet right now, specially with a very see-trough shirt that I have. Last month, here in Prague H&M was on Sale, and I DID found a corset similar to this one, BUT it was size 40 :( and it was the LAST one :(( Ohhh   maaannnhhh.

Shhoo shhooo shhoooeeess... whishlist.

 Hello everyone, today I was doing my daily Blog drive-through, and I went to Sassi’s Blog “Asterisque” and on her post she had these yummy yellow shoes, I was like “wow where did she got those?”, I thought they were gonna be very expensive but not really they were 55,50€ :O, not bad hey? The following shoes and boots can be bought at Nelly.com .
Linnea Shoes/Lundberg EUR 55,50


More Gaga

Now you probably thinking that I have a GAGA obsession, well not necessarily, but still ever time she does something, is a reason to talk about it. She not only can sing, but she’s a true entertainer, I never been to one of her shows, but from what I’ve seen so far on the internet, it has been like WOW.
Have you seen her cover for Harper Bazzar’s magazine? What’s up with the multiple boobs picture? XD

It's here... it's curvy... and ready to make another shoe frenzy

You probably have noticed around some famous shoes/ankle boots called Lita from Jeffrey Cambpell. Well nooooowwww Lita has a sister and her name is Lana :P.
Have you seen them? The first time I saw them was on Lookbook.nu, a girl wearing them, and I was like... hummm those look like Lita, but different. Later on that same day I saw in another Blog talking about them, so they actually belong to Jeffrey Campbell.
I admit I’m not toooo crazy about the curved heels, but I’m okay with that piece on the back of the heel being cut of, but Hey maybe it depends on the type of outfits that you wear it. I think that my favourites so far are the Brown Lana's, and the Beige and Khaki Fab Lana's.
What do you think about them? Yey or Ney, or you simple just prefer the Lita?

Lana Black and Lana Brown

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