New: Rings #1

Hiya everyone! Here are some photos of some of the few rings that I bought during the last few months in London!
Olá a todos! Aqui mostro-vos algumas fotos de alguns anéis que comprei durante os meus últimos meses em Londres!

PicMonkey Collage_1
Transparent ring from H&M Divided / Anel transparente da H&M Divided.


Nails Inc. London swatches: St Mark´s Square

Hiya everyone! I couple of days ago I tried another Nails Inc. London nail polishes, this one is called St Mark's Square. Huuummm how can I describe this colour? I guess in terms of the colour itself, it´s like what?... sort of Lilac? But with some shimmer I suppose.
The application went pretty smooth, I applied first one coat of the O.P.I. Nail Envy for Maintenance (doesn't belong to me), then two coats of the St Mark's Square and finished up with one coat of Seche Vite, the Holy Grail of Topcoat dry fast nail polishes like evAr, that thing WOKS! If I remember well I think the nail polish lasted for like three days intact.
And now for some pictures!


Musical Friday #52

Hello everyone! Hope you had a good week. FINALLY London is getting warmer!!!! I couldn't deal with the crappy weather any longer, not knowing what to dress. I went to the Park this week, aahh it was so good! Here is very common like, as soon as the sun comes out people go to the garden/parks and lay on the sun, barbecue, exercise. As in for Portugal, when the sun comes out we like to stay indoors, because who likes to deal with 40 degrees dessert heat? Or we go to the beach. We don´t have many gardens/parks like these ones in London. We do have forests, but in my case I would have to make a proper journey to go there, as in here in London I just get in the bus or Metro and in 10 minutes I there... Oh well.
 I have booked my ticket to return to Portugal, my flight will be at 6AM on Sunday the 24th of June >.< I don't think I'm going to sleep that evening haha.
This week I went to see movie The Dictator with Sacha Baron Cohen, it's a funny movie, but it short, and maybe not worth it to see in the cinema :S.
Other than that after work today I went to a Pub in Crystal Palace area with my work colleagues called Westow House, so cool! Loved the decoration, the vibe, everything!
Enjoy the weekend!

Linkin Park - Burn it Down - FRESHLY FRESH NEW SINGLE!!!! - You may or not know but Linkin Park is one of my ultimate favourite bands like evAr! Tomorrow the 26 of May they are going to Play in Portugal at Rock in Rio Festival. God, I saw them live twice, both in Portugal, in 2003 and 2004 (if I´m not mistaken) that was agggges ago, after that they already played like maybe 3/4 times in Portugal but I was never able to watch them, lack of company, money, The fact that the concert are in Lisbon and after the concert there is no night transportation in order to go home and bla bla bla... very hard. Anyways this is the First single of the new album "Living Things", that is due to come out on the 25th of June in the U.K. -_- one day before I leave the U.K. aaarrrrgghhhhh!


Michael Fassbender on the cover of Esquire UK - June 2012

Karen what is this? I tell you what this is... It's Michael Fassbender on the cover of Esquire U.K. magazine for June, THAT'S WHAT IT IS! And if you don't know who is Michael Fassbender... well it means that you have been living under a bloody rock in the deep freaking Ocean! -_O
Seriously... all rages aside ;P, Michael is the Man of the hour, the actor everybody talks about! Well if you are into movies at least.
I guess the first time I saw a movie with Michael was 300 he played Stelios, but at the time I didn't know who he was, and let's face it, that movie was all about Gerard Butler - THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAA!
Pass a few years forward and I guess the next movie I saw with him was X-Men First Class, and I fell in (platonic) Love with him <3. Early this year Michael was all over the place, because of the movies he started in such as Haywire, Dangerous Methods and the highly praised SHAME!
Honestly I don't think I ever loved an actor's work like I do with Michael, he is amazing, you can see that he properly studies his characters in order to bring them to live, he does an excellent work at it. In he mean time I saw other movies of his like Fisk Tank, Inglorious Basterds, Hunger, and wow, loved them all. He is not just a handsome 34 years old Irish-German with these amazing blue eyes that it feels like if he looks at you he is looking in to your soul kinda thing, he his actually a brilliant actor. 
Very soon the movie Prometheus is premiering and you KNOW who is going to be there! #hint hint duuuhhh. I do admit I'm going to see Prometheus first and foremost because of Michael, because this is not the type of movie that I would normally go to the cinema and watch it but I will make an exception this time >.<. In the movie he plays a robot, yes you read it well a ROBOT named Dave. Just watch the video below.


New: Hair Accessories #1


Hello everyone how's it going?
Today I will share with you some hair accessories that I bought recently in H&M and New Look. / 
Olá a todos, tudo bem?
Hoje trago-vos alguns acessórios de cabelo que comprei recentemente na H&M e na New look.


Musical Friday #51


Britain... Britain.. Britain... Heeelllooooo everyone! How was your week? Is it just me or did this week went by pretty fast? We are already in mid May…. Bloody hell! In a month time my internship is going to end and I have to go back to Portugal… but it probably won´t be for long… I will most probably try and return to London. I have to decide fast, so that way if I do return I can leave most of my stuff here at my family’s house and probably bring more stuff from Portugal lol. But if I do return I won´t live at their house for too long, hopefully I will be able to find a good house in a good area that I can afford. Who knows if my friend Zuzana also decides to stay here after she finishes her studies, we can live together again.
Pffffff other than that, I went shopping this week, bought a few little things, ai ai ai >.<. This Sunday I will try and organize my blog posts, I have loads of things that I bought but I still haven´t managed to post about it. Aaaaanndd I might film a video tomorrow… in case I have time and not too much noise on the background from my little cousin.
On the picture above, you can see two coffee cups with the U.K. flag, I asked my work colleague if I could have them, I thought it was so cute, and I decided to put my eye and face brushes in there :P. Do you like? Since being here I "found out" that coffee cups can be a cute (depending on the design print) cheap way to storage my makeup and hair brushes. :D
Have a good weekend.

Pitbull - Back In Time ( "Men In Black III" Soundtrack) – New Single – Sometimes I really thing that someone is reading my mind, or I predict the future I don´t know. A few days before this video came out I thought “It has been a while since I saw a video as a soundtrack for a Movie” and then BAM this happens! Anyways, I still don´t know what to think about this song… it´s a bit weird, you got the 50/60 rock on the background, and then Pitbull is rapping then there is this Drum’n’bass/Dupstep moment aaaghhh… nah…. >.<



This post will is written in English and Portuguese! / Este Post está escrito em Inglês e em Português.

Haavvveee you met Caxuxa? I didn´t… up until last week at least. I was contacted by a Lady called Ana that represents the brand, she is a very friendly person.
Anyways, Caxuxa… Ana told a bit of the store History.  There is a store based in Braga (North of Portugal) but  if you can´t travel all the way to Braga you can also buy their stuff online on their website. They have clothes, shoes, bikinis, bags, accessories from brands like Primo Emporio, Água de Coco, Caramelo, Liu Jo, Paul&Joe, Komono and JEFFREY CAMPBELL! :D Plus Caxuxa is also a brand, they offers a Tailoring service and make bags and accessories to the customers taste.
And the BEST part is that my lovely Blog readers can have a 10% discount off (be aware, in certain items) their purchases. Just use the code (also called cupom) openingmymind. :D Isn’t that great news?!?!?!  Oh and did I mention that they ship internationally? ;)
Now I will share with you some of the items that I liked.

Já conhecem a loja Caxuxa? Eu não conhecia… até à semana passada. Fui contactada por uma senhora chamada Ana que representa a marca, ela é super simpática.
Ora bem, Caxuxa… a Ana contou-me um pouco da história da loja. Existe uma loja situada no Norte de Portugal, em Braga, mas se não podem deslocar-se de propósito até Braga, podem sempre comprar os artigos online no website deles! Eles têm desde roupa, calçado, bikinis, malas, acessórios de marcas como Primo Emporio, Água de Coco, Caramelo, Liu Jo, Paul&Joe, Komono e JEFFREY CAMPBELL! :D E mais, Caxuxa é também uma marca, eles oferecem serviço de alfaiate e fazem malas e acessórios ao gosto do cliente.
E a MELHOR parte é que os meus queridos leitores do meu Blog podem ter acesso a 10% de desconto (mas por favor tenha atenção aos artigos) das suas compras. Basta usarem o código (também chamado cupom) openingmymind. :D Não são óptimas noticias?!?!?! Ah e já mencionei que eles vendem internacionalmente?
Agora irei partilhar com vocês as peças que eu mais gostei.

Bikinis of Água de Coco
Sunglasses from Komono
Bond Gold Black Watch from Komono
White and Purple Watches from Komono
Peach Jumpsuit (Macacão) from Paul&Joe
White dress from Caramelo
Jeffrey Campbell Litas
Jeffrey Campbell, Foxys and Lita Mushroom


From now on the right side of my Blog there will be a Banner of Caxuxa. This... what happened right here... it´s something that I NEVER thought it could happened to me... I mean my Blog is almost 5 years old and I have a "small" number of followers (but I still love you all <3) compared to some Bloggers that started this year and already have double the amount of followers - honestly I don´t know how they do it -, so for Caxuxa to get in contacted with me was a BIG surprise! Thank you Ana.
For more information please visit:
Happy Shopping everyone!

A partir de agora do lado direito do meu Blog haverá um Banner da Caxuxa. Isto aqui... que aconteceu... é algo que eu NUNCA pensei que poderia acontecer... Quer dizer o meu Blog tem quase 5 anos e eu tenho um número "pequeno" de seguidores (mas continuo a amar-vos todinhos <3) comparando com outras Bloggers que abrir o seu Blog este ano e já têm o dobro de número de seguidores - sinceramente não sei como conseguem -, por isso, o facto de que a Caxuxa ter entrado em contacto comigo foi uma GRANDE surpresa! Obrigado Ana.
Para mais informações visitem:
O website da Caxuxa: http://www.caxuxa.com/index.php
Boas compras!


I do not own the copyrights of these pictures.
They belong to Caxuxa.


Nails Inc. London swatches: Fitzrovia

Today I'm showing you another nail polish from Nails Inc. London, this one is called Fitzrovia.
It's a nude creamy colour, sort of bege but then sometimes it looked like it had a pinkinsh undertone.
I absolutely fell in LOVE with this colour!
For a good result I applied two coats of Fitzrovia on my nails. Now you might have read a previous post of mine HERE, where I complained the fact that the Nails Inc. London nail polishes didn't stay long on my nails, so this time I decided to use a different Basecoat and Topcoat. For the Basecoat I used O.P.I. Nail Envy for Maintenance (this one doesn't belong to me) and then for the Topcoat I used a clear Barry M nail polish. This way the nail polish stayed a bit longer, instead of just one day, I think it managed to reach three days intact, after that the ends start coming out. I probably should start wearing gloves when I wash the dishes.
Here are some more close up photos of my nails.


Musical Friday #50

Heeelloooo everyone. How was your week? I am BLOODY TIRED today! I had to do a delivery for my work, which basically in total was about 3 hours out of the office. London is a massive city ya?! Brrrrrr
Other than that my week was preeeetty boring... Except for ONE special highlight, that I will very soon share with you guys :D you probably have already seen in some Blogs (specially the Portuguese ones).
Tomorrow is Saturday (Oh really? No shit Karen -_-) sssoooooooo I think I will FINALLY SEE THE AVENGERS GGGGGRRRRRR HULK SMMAAASSHHHH! OMG I can not tell you how excited am I! I´ve been waiting for this movie for like a year now (since I heard that they were making it last year) and one of the main reasons I wanna see the movie is because of Loki, Thor's "brother", even though he is the bad guy, I loooove the character, or maybe I´m in love with the actor Tom Hiddleston haha! But I´m so GUTTED! That since the movie came out here in the U.K. 2 weeks ago I haven´t been able to see it, and some of my work colleagues, my boyfriend, other friend have... 
This is probably the first movie that I´m all like... people wanna talk about it to me and I´m like "sssshhhh, don´t! just... shut up! Don´t say anything, I don´t wanna hear! LALALALALALALALA >.
This year is full of Blockbusters movies, Oh My Days.... I´m gonna go bankrupt. haha The next one that I wanna see, even though I might shit my pant is "Prometheus", I do admit what is making want to see that movie is actor Michael Fassbender, THAT MAN! aaahhh oh that man! The Man (actor) of the moment! I mean just watch this video "Happy Birthday David", that they made to promote in a way Prometheus, he plays a robot called David in the movie. Everytime I watch it I giggle... even though he is not actually in front of me, I get so giggly... it´s those eyes, it´s like he is looking in to your SOUL! 
I kinda know the Aliens movies and I don´t know how the hell did Akuma Kanji convinced me to see them XD. 
Alright now, I´m going to bed, and watch a movie with... Michael Fassbender...
Enjoy the music.

Marina And The Diamonds - Primadonna - When I first heard this song I immediatly recognized Marina's voice, but I couldn't remember from which song... so I did a little searched and it was from "Oh No". Wow she changed a lot, I didn´t recognized her at all.


Nokia Lumia 800 and 900

On the Left Nokia Lumia 900 and on the right Nokia Lumia 800. 
Guys... I desperately want/need an upgrade! If you have been following my Blog for a while now, you probably know that I LOVE Nokias mobile phones <3 - previous posts here and here - specially the new generation ones. Right now I'm in Love with the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900. The differences between the two at first sight are minimal, in terms of shape they resemble the Nokia N9 - which I adore - although the new Nokia phones work with Windows 8 (I think), and the previous ones I think they worked with Android, I hope this doesn't mean that the system will crash and then appear the famous blue screen of death of Windows XD. The Nokia Lumia 800 has been out since late 20011 early 2012 and the Nokia Lumia 900 is due to come out this month in the U.K.. The Lumia 900 is bigger than the 800, there is a difference on where the Nokia Logo is placed and there is less of a black space on the bottom of the screen with the 900. Other than this information I do not know much more, since I don't have them in order to compare. But you can always check some videos from Youtube that do some reviews on the subject.


Kristen Stewart on the cover of ELLE UK - June 2012

On the cover of ELLE U.K. magazine for June it's actress Kristen Stewart. I actually bought this magazine, and I think it was the first time that I ever bought a ELLE magazine but to be honest I bought it because there is a interview of  the actor Michael Fassbender haha. I saw the magazine on Tesco's magazine stand and I was just giving a quick look when I saw Michael! I was like "DAMN! Now I have to buy you!" lol.


Musical Friday #49

Image found at We Heart It
Hello everyone, how was your week? Mine… nooothing special for real… nothing…
This week I felt kinda down, I don´t know if it because I haven´t spoken much with my bf this week because he has been super busy with work, or the fact that we haven´t video chat for a loooong time now.  It could also be this stupid crappy grey weather in London, IT´S MAY FOR GOD´S SAKE! Also my acne isn´t helping me, this has been going on since October, I never had acne likes this before, most of the times is painful :S. Or maybe the fact that I gain FREAKING two/three kilos! *fffffuuuuuuuuuu* Since the last time I lost weight in 2008 due to a crappy break up, I lost about 5 kilos in 2 weeks, and since then I never gain my weight back, plus the fact that I was 2 times abroad and I’m lazy when it comes cooking so I was always “thin”. But now here in London, since I´m leaving with Family members, somehow -_- I gain weight… I think it was the jealousy of other girls -_- always commenting the fact that I hate Subways and Burgers and Pizza and never gain weight – it was true for a long time – but now pppfff… jealousy is a bitch! Lol I started noticing something wrong because some of my jjjeeeaannnsss didn´t close right… and then also my bra area bothered me a lot! And then last weekend I weight myself BAM 54 kilos. For a girl that is 1,60m and age 26, is not too bad… but…. I just don´t wanna spend money in new jeans -_- BAH… So I have to sort of change my diet, and try to do some exercise… which is NOT my forte! I haven´t worked out since I left High School… in… 2005… I only “work out” when I go clubbing and dance for hours, but that hasn´t happened much here in London… because is so ffffreaking expensive -_-‘,
Plus my internship is coming to an end (ends of June) and I have to start thinking what the FUCK I wanna do with my life. What job I wanna do… where I wanna live…
AAAAHHHHH… My dream job, I found out that is hard to get, even harder than I thought it was… the acting stuff. People won´t hire you if you don´t have an Agency, and Agencies won´t register you because you don´t have much (experience) to show them… unless you probably came out of drama school or something… oohhh live!
Here´s some songs that helped me cheer up this week. I will continue to was my X-Men DVD’s… BIG FAN! X

Rihanna - Where Have You Been – New Single – OMG I love this new single + video of Rihanna. I already enjoyed the song because of the beat and now the video with a sort of African pseudo-tribal dancing going on, it´s good to see her dance again in a video, because most of the times you see her solo dancing shaking her booty and stuff. My favourite detail is at 1:54 when all the girls come together and make a eye shape with their arms, and then they “blink” ;). Plus on that scene her hair reminds me of one of Whitney Houston´s hairstyle from like the 80’s.


E.L.F. Cosmetics purchases #1



Hello everyone! So today will finally show you what I got from E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) Cosmetics a couple of weeks ago.
On the days I think 14,15 & 16 of April, E.L.F. was doing a special offer if you bought things above 10 Pounds / 12 Euros and inserted a certain code before paying your stuff, you could get a free Bamboo brush, plus a possibility of winning a gift bag or something. So I actually made two separate purchases on the same day XD, so that way I got two bamboo brush with each order haha. For each order I had to pay about I think 2 Pounds something for the shipping/delivery.


I need YOUR opinion!


Next Sunday I have this Church thingy to go to over here in London, it´s like First Communion (Primeira Comunhão), of a little girl. 
So I would like to ask for YOUR opinion on these two outfits options. Mind you the dress is more of a Coral colour, but with the flash of my camera  it looks more pinkish and in terms d length it reaches me right around my knees. I was going to buy a new pair of shoes, in black but then I found out that the ones that I wanted are from a previous collection so I won´t be able to find them anymore, specially on my size -_- , God, and they were so cute and comfortable... anyways, I will use what I have. 
The First option on the left is with my Mint shoes from Primark, do this two colours go well together? If I do where those shoes I might buy a mint belt in order to match. Since after all I´m living IN LONDON and so far rain is predicted till the weekend, the back up plan is the second option, it's with my Black ankle boots from Seaside and I will wear them with black tights as well.
So what do you think? 
I thanking you in advance. xoxo

P.S. Update: I will wear a little cardigan jacket over it. Plus according to my family that have been to other church events here in London, there are people that wear worse outfits than mine XD so I'm guessing they Church people won't stop me of getting in hehe. 

The picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..
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