Musical Friday #64

Roadtrip collage 2011_2

Hello everyone! How are you?
Okay STOP! Can you believe that today is the last day of August? And that tomorrow it's the 1st of September? GOSH! Time freakin' flies!!!
Another week as passed, and today was kinda of a sentimental day for me. Today makes a year that I lost my boyfriend face to face.... yeah I'm in one of those long distance relationships, we do not live in the same country nor the same continent... crazy huh? I know... We stay in contact on a daily basis but still is freaking hard. Last year he came to Europe and at the time I was doing my internship in Prague and once he arrived to Prague a few days later we went on a road trip, we passed in Munich, Venice, Milan, Torino, Paris and Barcelona and it was wonderful - you can see some pictures above. I'm not gonna lie there was a lot of stressful moments... at least for me, I would freak out when things didn't go right but my boyfriend would always find a way to fix things. I have yet shared my journey with you guys... I should do that, would you like to see it? 
Okay then since nothing else spectacular happened this week I will stop here, and let you enjoy the music. :)

Labrinth - Treatment - New Single



EN: Hello everyone! Today is just a quick post to thank you all for following my Blog. Today I reached 305 followers (and then 306 while I was writing this Blog lol), I know is not much compared to so many of you, but for someone that has a 5 year old Blog it's kinda like WOW! 
Now when I created my Blog I had no idea what was out there, I only started to discover the Blogging World more in 2010 and then I got hocked and then demotivated, I had to take a step back and analyze what was I doing, organize my priorities in life and realize I can't compete with other girls that want to life out of Blogger and be the new IT Girl whether in Fashion or Beauty.
I had to remember myself why did I started my Blog, and it's to share information, make "new friends" from all over the World, even if we never see each other face to face.
 I am not "A Blogger of..." I'm a girl that likes to Blog/Write about stuff. Get the difference? 
Anyways I just wanted to say thank you all, thanks for sticking around!


No7 Foundation Match Made Service

 Hello everyone! Today I bring you great news! At least for my followers from the U.K. and Ireland.
So there’s this brand in the U.K. and Ireland called Nº7 and it’s sold at a drugstore called Boots. I guess you can consider Nº7 as a house brand from Boots.
Below you can see the videos that will explain in more detail what’s this post all about, but in short sentences basically they reformulated their foundation formula PLUS they have this machine that takes pictures of your skin to help you find the perfect foundation colour to your skin tone! I wished that every drugstore/makeup stores had a device like this.
How many girls out there has ever gone to a shop and picked up a foundation or even asked for help to the Ladies that work there and then once you go home and use it has nothing to do with your skin tone? *hands up* Exactly!
I really hope this will helps women find their perfect match, I can wait to one day be able to try this device. I currently have one foundation from Nº7 is the Beautifully Matte in the colour 30 Almond, it’s perfect for women with oily skin, for me is a full on foundation. I haven’t used much on the last 2 months just because most of the time I’m at home and even though is good for oily skin I don’t think many foundations can deal with 40 Degrees Celsius heat from Portugal.
Anyways I will leave you now with Lisa Eldridge, she is a Makeup artist and a Creative Director for Nº7/Boots (Check her channel on Youtube she’s amazing! And I think she also works with Channel, or at least I seen her there on their channel).


My Makeup Storage & Collection Part 2

EN: Hello everyone! Did you have a good weekend? I hope so.
This will be sort of a quick post, just to let you know that I have uploaded the second video for my makeup storage and collection.
In case you wanna see the first part you can check out my previous post here.
So my second draw is mainly about overall face products, so primers, concealers, foundations, BB creams, powders, blushes, bronzers, all from different brands.

PT: Olá a todos! Tiveram um bom fim-de-semana? Espero que sim.
Este post vai ser de certa forma curto, é só para avisar que já fiz upload do meu segundo vídeo da minha colecção e de como arrumo a minha maquilhagem.
Caso queiram ver o primeiro vídeo, podem ver um outro post que já fiz aqui.
Então, esta minha segunda gaveta basicamente contém produtos para a cara, como primers, correctores, bases, BB creams, pó, blushes, bronzers, de várias marcas diferentes.

EN: And you like the video, feel free to subscribe to my channel (Nerak86) to watch more future videos, give it a thumbs up if you like it :).

PT: Caso gostem do vídeo, sintam-se à vontade para subscrever no meu canal (Nerak86) para ver novos vídeos, e dêem um “Gosto” no vídeo caso gostem :).

These pictures were taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


Loving | Primark A/W 2012

Hello everyone! Today I will talk about Primark, and some items that I wish I could buy them right NOW!
First I will start by telling you my relationship with Primark, is a bit of love/hate one. I discovered Primark in 2009 when I was studying in Nottingham and I was stupidfied at the time, there were sooooo many options and things were so cheap! But with time I started to notice the consequences of cheap stuff. You know, the jewellery that the colour washes out, the quality of the shoes that is not good the sole is very thin for the sabrinas/sneakers, some shirts are just badly made… etc… but still I shop there, specially for bags and some basic tops. 
When I was in London this year I got the chance to visit Primark almost like on a weekly basis, ‘cause London is full of them and it’s so easy to get to one, not like in Portugal that the closest one for me is at Dolce Vita Shopping Mall and takes me like an hour or more to get there -_-. So I noticed that Primark were stepping up their game, they have more clothing items that are similar to what you can find at shops like Zara, H&M Topshop etc, at a affordable price, which is great, problem is, that the quality is quite not THERE yet with certain items. Even my cousins that have been living in the U.K. they “complain” that Primark is starting to rise up their prices but that the quality is still not there in order for them to have that “luxury” of making things "more expensive".
Anyywwaayyyss enough of that story, let’s talk about what you can find at the stores, and these are my favourite items for the moment!


Musical Friday #63

EN: Hello everyone! How was your week?
Mine… nothing special, other than last weekend I went to the beach with some mates and then at night we went to a Sushi restaurant huuuummm. I love Sushi.
UH and I finally saw the new Batman movie, it was pretty good! But still my favourite of the trilogy was the second one with Joker.
Another thing I would like to share with you guys is that my Blog is five years old now. I don’t know the day that I created it but when I had the old profile of Blogger it use to say August/2007. So Happy Birthday to my Blog! I've been thinking of changing my Blog layout and Banner huumm.
Greetings to my new followers, thank you for following my Blog, hope you have fun over here. Today I spent the day replying/paying a visit to Blogs because I had loads of pending comments. Aiaiai Karen and is still not over.
And as usual since it’s Friday, it’s time to share some music with you guys :).

PT: Olá a todos! Como foi a vossa semana?
A minha… nada de especial, bem no fim-de-semana fui à praia, à Tróia, que agora é cara para dédeu! Fónix nunca pensei, well.. then again… tudo nesta terra está a aumentar. Fui à parai com os meus compadres e depois à noite fui comer Sushi hhuuuummm me gusta Sushi.
UH e finalmente fui ver o novo filme do Batman, eh foi fixe! Mesmo assim o meu favorito desta trilogia foi o segundo com o Joker.
Outra coisa que gostaria de partilhar convosco é que o meu Blog tem cinco anos agora. Eu não sei em que dia o criei mas quando ainda tinha o perfil antigo do Blogger costumava dizer Agosto/2007. Por isso Parabéns ao meu Blog! Tenho estado a pensar em mudar o layout e Banner do meu Blog huumm.
Saudações aos meus novos seguidores, muito obrigado por seguirem o meu Blog, espero que se divirtam por aqui. Hoje passei o dia a responder/a fazer visitas a Blogs porque tinha um monte de comments pendentes. Aiaiai Karen e ainda não acabou.
E como sempre é Sexta-Feira (yyeeeaaahhh lol -_-), está na alturade partilhar alguma música convosco.

Beyoncé - I Was Here (United Nations World Humanitarian Day Performance) – New Single – Yes I am a baby and I can not watch this video without crying a bit OKAY?!?!? I’m human!


Sleek MakeUp | Nailed Polish swatches: Florida


Hello everyone!
I haven’t done one these in a while. Today I will share with you some pictures of one of the three nail polishes from Sleek MakeUp that I bought a big fat while ago.
If you would like just to see the colour of the other two nail polishes you can check this post here, but in the future I will do a review on them.
Right now let’s focus on this one, as you can see it’s a bright-right on yo face-orange, the name of the colour is Florida (22) and if I’m not mistaken it belong to a line called Nailed Polish from Sleek MakeUp.
Here are some more close up photos of my nails.


Army Camouflage pattern back in style?


Hello Everyone!
If you tend to visit Fashion Blogs you have probably seen people wearing or at least talking about the Army camouflage pattern that has returned to the Fashion World.
Now like anything in life, some people like it some people hate it. Personally I love it! This love didn't appear overnight. Some of my close friends probably already know this but I am a big Army camouflage Lover! Up until recently I had like 3 tops and a 1 pair of like mid leg pants, which I end up giving to other people because it didn't fit me anymore and I never thought that this style would come back in style. BUT I did manage to keep at least two things that I can recall, an Army style necklace that a dear friend gave me like aaages ago (which currently I'm not sure where it is lol) and this "half" jacket from Stradivarius. I have this jacket since like October/November of 2005. So it's about 7 years old! WOW! When I saw it at the store it was like "Love at First sight", at the time I was rrreeeaalllyy into Army camouflage pattern and anything with the Khaki colour on it. So I bought it, used it a lot during 2005/06 and then he just stayed in my wardrobe for years!
What I have seen other people wearing is more like longer and big/oversized jackets, not quite this style of my jacket.


Musical Friday #62

Hello everyone! How was your week? For me it passed way to fast! 
This week I went to Lisbon to take care some stuff regarding the internship I did in London early this year, in the end I still need to do deliver some documents to my University, nothing bad, the only worrying thing is the fact that or 20% of the money of the scholarship will only arrive in January! If I had balls, they would have fallen right there, when the lady told me about this! I was counting with that money to help return to London like ASAP, now I don´t know what to do.... rsrsrsrsrs ´cause to get a job in Portugal is a fucking good luck case! -_-
Why didn't I just stayed in London! There was one boy that did an internship in Spain and he only came to Portugal for one day to deliver his papers and left the in the same day or the next day, because he managed to get a permanent job in Spain aaagggrrrhhhh!
Other than that, Why I have to spend money when I "don't have" money? Soon I will have to buy a new pair of glasses O_O this will be my 5th pair (in a space of like 12 years) and I've been looking for different type of frames than my current ones, 'cause I can't deal with them anymore so bloody fragile! I´ve been interested in the Nerd/Hipster glasses shape (like the picture above), I did find an interesting pair from the brand TOUS, the were like Lilac around the eye area and then the sides were in white. They were quite cute and the frame shape was nice for my face, my only fear is the colour, even though is lovely I have to wear glasses 24/7 and I don´t know (actually I do lol) if it will go with certain outfits of mine, do you get "my problem"?
Anyways today's videos are in the Rap/Hip Hop area, not everyone's taste most probably.
Have a good weekend.

Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pool (Drank) [Clean Version - New Single - I can not tell you HOW much I LOVE this song! I've been listening to it over and over and over aaahhh so good! This guys is very talented I can't wait to hear the rest of his album.


Dream House #4

EN: OH wow it has been a while since I done one of these posts! I tell you Pinterest is addicting and one of my favourite personal folders/boards is the Home Sweet Home one. I loooove collecting house pictures. Today's pictures will focus mainly on swimming pools .
PT: EHNA já à algum tempo que não fazia um post destes! Digo-vos o Pinterest é viciante e uma das minhas pastas/quadros pessoais preferidos é o Home Sweet Home - Lar Doce Lar. Eu adoooooro coleccionar fotos de casas. Hoje o post é focado nas piscinas.

Source: tumblr.com via Karen on Pinterest


My Makeup Storage & Collection Part 1

EN: Hello everyone! How was your weekend?
You may or may not know but I have a Youtube channel - Nerak86 - for quite a while now and slowly I'm trying to upload videos on it. Last week I uploaded a new video, this one regarding my Makeup storage and collection (while I'm in Portugal). The video ended up being super long so I decided to divide in 4 parts, basically each video will be dedicated to one drawer.
My makeup storage is nothing fancy and amazing. I actually bought it when I was doing Erasmus in Nottingham 2009/10 and when I returned to Portugal June 2010 I brought it back with me, well actually I sent it by post in a box with other things of mine. It cost me about 6£ and is very helpful. Of course my wish now is to buy one of those acrylic ones from like Muji, check it out here, isn't it lovely?
Hope you enjoy the video and please do comment and give a thumbs up if you liked the video :).

PT: Olá a todos! Como foi o vosso fim de semana?
Alguns de vocês deve saber e outros não mas eu tenho um canal no Youtube - Nerak86 - já faz tempos e lentamente ando a fazer upload de vídeos. Na semana passada fiz um upload de um novo vídeo, é sobre a minha colecção e como arrumo a minha maquilhagem (enquanto estou em Portugal). Este vídeo acabou por ficar longo, então eu decidi dividi-lo em 4 partes, basicamente cada video será dedicado a uma gaveta.
A minha "gaveteira" não tem nada de charmoso ou espectacular. Comprei quando estava a fazer Erasmus em 2009/2010 em Nottingham e quando voltei para Portugal trouxe comigo, bem na verdade mandei por correio numa caixa com outras coisas minhas. Foi cerca de 6 Libras e ajudou-me muito. É claro que o meu desejo agora é comprar uma da MUJI feito de material acrílico, podem ver aqui, não são lindos?
Espero que gostem do vídeo e comentem e deem um gosto caso gostaram do vídeo:).

These pictures were taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


Musical Friday #61

Varkala Beach Kerala India, image from Google
 Hello everyone! So Musical Friday is BACK! YYEAAHHIII! :D
I haven´t been doing much, and days are flying by like crazy. Finally this week I went to the beach for the FIRST time. OMG! Even though I only went in the afternoon it was enough to get a little tanned at least. Jesus my legs where so white but now that's fixed.
Also this week I got together with my friend Akuma Kanji, she needed to buy some stuff and I went were her and took the opportunity to buy a tripod for my camera, I bought a small one but it was the best idea, I have no idea why it took me so long to buy one, it´s so handy, can´t wait to start making more videos. Speaking of which me and Akuma tried filming a video together but decided that we were going to re-shoot it hehe stay tuned :P.
Have a nice weekend.

No Doubt - Settle Down - New Single - I start off with a band that I love with their first single together as a band after like a decade and a woman that I admire! GWEN STEFANI she's like 40 and I mean LOOK AT HER? It's like a day hasn't gone by on her. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album


Loving | Bershka Shoes

 Hey everyone! What do you think about the shoes above? Two words... "Spikes Love"!
I'll be the first to admit I´m a sucker for anything with spikes and skulls. These shoes are from Bershka, and the pump heels one it was actually my mother that spotted them, and they are 39.99€, it has been like 3 weeks since I first saw them and my mother still asks me "Are you gonna buy them?".They are so cute and that colour matched my skin colour so it would be the perfect nude heels for me. The second shoe I actually saw it today on the website and OMG... I also want them >.< that one will be 29.99€.
What do you think? Quite frankly Bershka has some really pretty shoes right now, if I could, I would buy like half a dozen of them!


New: Rings #2

EN: Hello everyone here are some new rings of mine. 
PT: Olá a todos aqui mostro-vos os meus novos anéis.
PicMonkey Collage_6
EN: Isn't it amazing? This one was a gift from my cousin, she got it from QVC. / PT: Não é lindo? Este foi a minha prima ofereceu-me, ela comprou pelo QVC.


OOTD: Nrº 22 “After work… go to the Park”


Hello everyone, today´s post will be kinda different. I´m still not in the mood for Musical Fridays - read the previous post here -, even though I have a bunch of videos to share with you guys, I´m still not emotionally THERE yet...
Anyways I decided to share an outfit with you guys, something I dressed between May and June when I was still in London. 
One day after work, the sky was clean, the sun was shinning in London, such a rare thing over there. So a colleague of mine and myself decided to meet up at a Park at Highbury Islington and aahhh what a great idea! And aaahhh such a lovely area! It really got me thinking of possibly getting a room in that area. People were chilling out, reading books, playing, exercising, barbecuing, lovely!


Quick Post #6

Jewish Cemetery @ Praha
Jewish Cemetery @ Prague
Hello everyone!
Yeah I´m still alive, I haven´t gone in some vacation to a place without Internet and what not... I've been a bit absent from my Blog due to some recent personal things that happened to my Family.
This last weekend my Grandfather (my Mother's father) passed away :(. About two weeks ago he had a heart attack and got better, so we were all hopeful and thinking that the worse was over but unfortunately things got worse and he eventually passed away Saturday evening. He was 79 years old.
What made this situation harder for me is the fact that my Mother wasn't able to participate on the funeral, you see my Grandfather lived in Mozambique (where my parents originally are from) and traveling over there last minute is very expensive, not to mention that my mother would have to pass through the Doctors to check if it is okay for her to go there and what medicine should she take (because she had cancer in the past)... what makes this situation tragic is that since my Mother  (actually also my Father) left Mozambique they have never been back... so my parents haven´t seen their parents in more than 26 years... so my mother didn't have the chance to see her parents one last time before they passed away. Also in a few weeks is going to be a year that my Grandmother (my Mother's mom) passed away aswell.... so it´s all to much for the time being.
Seriously I think my parents life could be converted into a movie, the things that they have been through is uuunnbelievable.
So I hope you understand my lack of post these days. 
R.I.P. Grandpa.
Take care guys. xoxo

This picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..
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