Friday's Weekly Resume #1 @ Prague


Hi y'all, how are ya? Hopefully good ^^.
This time around I wanna try and "document" my abroad experience every Friday. In 2009 I went to Nottingham for a scholar year, and I planned to Blog and Vlog my experience, but due to some stuff I ended up not doing much. But I will still try to write about my experience in Nottingham, 'cause it was truly Legen...... wait for it...... DARY! :D

Anyways, I'm in Prague now, staying at a friend's house, 'till I can find a place of my own.
So on the 25th of January 2011, Tuesday, my flight left on schedule from Lisbon, Portugal, at 9:10am +/-, first stop was in Budapest, Hungary, and then Prague, Czech Republic, which I arrived at 15:15 local time. Left the airplane, caught my luggage, exchange some money, cause they don't use Euro over here -_- , and requested for a AAA Taxi, to take me to my friends house, there was no way that I was gonna catch a bus with all my heavy luggage XD, oh hell no!
I arrived at my friend's house, lovely house by the way :D and took a shower, eat some dinner, and then we went out... my first contact with Prague's night life, it was really fun.... really XD. We went to my friends' favourite place, the Chapeau Rouge , Bar+Nightclub, and we danced the night away... when we arrived at home, I was DEAD! Extremely tired, 'cause the night before I barely slept - anxiety mode ON - plus the waking up early, the journey, bla bla bla, plus dancing and drinking... yeah I died.
26th of January - We spent most of the day sleeping, recovering from the night before,and then in the afternoon, I left with my friends and they took me to the city center. One, Eva, went to the Library (they are both in Exams season), and the other one, Kamila, took me to Staromestská metro station, where I bought a Vodafone SIM card, and she left me there, and she went to take care of some stuff and then went to meet up with Eva in the Library. 
So I was left alone in Prague's city center :O >.< I didn't went toooo faarrr, it was allready like almost 5pm, so it was dark, I went to a grocery store bought some food, went to KCF's and ate a sandwisch and drank a orange soda called Mirinda. Funny thing, I almost laughed alone at KFC's when I saw that they had Mirinda, 'cause in Portugal I don't think we have this soda, but where I know there IS, it's in Mozambique XD, oohh weelllll. After I left KFC's, I walked for a while, and I was stupidfied by the old building, they are BBEEAAUUUTTIIFFFUULLLL *.* GEEZAUS! Then I managed to go home alone, didn't get lost yyeaaaahhiiii!
27th of January - We basically spent the day at home, the girls studying and me surfing the webs looking for a bedroom to rent. It's not like there isn't rooms to rent, is just hard to match a nice decent house, well located, with a good price. I learnt a few a thing or two with my Erasmus experience in Nottingham, like that I to live too far away from the city center, and analise everything in the house before renting >.< oh boy, you sure can find lots of problems in the house, once you are living there, and also make sure that there is a Supermarket and public transport nearby. We just left the house to go to a close by grocery store to buy some stuff, and I ended up bringing Salt thinking that it was Sugar XD.

28th of January - Morning, them studying, me looking for houses.... went out again, to by food, and I cooked our late lunch haha. Well at least no one died .... yet >.< hehe.
I did manage to find a possible room to rent, although a bit more expensive that I wanted :S but is nice, and I might check it out in person tomorrow, and hopefully seal the deal ^.^. Wish me luck.

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