Kate Moss - Lasting Finish Lipstick for Rimmel London

So you probably know a certain Super Model called Kate Moss right? Sure you do. And you probably may have noticed that she is one of the faces for the cosmetic brand Rimmel London for a while now.... like for the last 10 years XD. 
Well now she launched her own line of Lipsticks exclusively with Rimmel London. They come in 7/15 shades - I'm not sure, 'cause on the website they say 7, but on the Interview video they say 15 o_O - and I would Love to try one of them, the colours looks amazing and the packaging is lovely.
For more Info visit Rimmel London.com.UK.
Here's the Full lenght TV AD, about 4:11m.

Interview with Kate Moss

So.... are you gonna get the London Look? ;)

The 1 minute TV AD.

The 30 second version of the TV AD.

The 15 second version of the TV AD.

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures.
They were randomly picked from Rimmel London.com.uk and Google Images.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and following it. I'm following you back :)



  2. Vendo desse ponto de vista até tens razão!! xD

  3. E eu a pensar que não querias é contar :p

  4. Her ads look beautiful. I love the bold red color.

  5. Olá querida, realmente também não percebi o motivo de terem colocado ouro nos pincéis. ficam logo mais caros...devem ser para dar "estilo", digo eu.
    O meu preferido é o Tokyo, fica bem mais em conta e é da minha cor preferida ehehehh;)
    Kate Moss, como sempre em grande estilo;) acho que é das melhores para representar uma marca de cosmética;)

    Beijinhos querida

  6. kate moss...best model! she's getting older but always look younger...hehe


  7. Gorgeous photos. These color lipstick are so pretty. Thanks for sharing and visit my blog sometimes ;)


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