April's Resume #5 @ Prague

For those that are new to my Blog I will quickly explain. This year for 9 months I lived in Prague, Czech Republic, and I wanted to document my experience here, but I failed to do regularly so I’m trying to catch up!  Soooo let’s go!

In April I started training for another product at my work, in this case on Sales Unit, uuuffff what have I done >.<.
. On the 1st of April - April's Fools Day - I went to a house gathering for a while, that belong to a colleague from work. Small flat looots of people, and smoke in the air. And it also was the night that I had to take off a bracelet that Plami gave me. It's a tradition, you use it during the month of March, and then on the 1st of April you have to take it off and hang on a bush or tree. 
1st of April

. On the 2nd me and Plami went for a walk around the city centre of Prague. We visited the Tower (it was the second time for me, ´cause I was there the week before) but this time it wasn't that cold, it´s amazing how the temperature changes in one week in that country. We went to a famous candy shop called Viva Rock Candy. Sometimes you can even see then make candy, I only saw it once, but it was almost in the ned :(. And we went window shopping and ate SUUSHHII hhuuuummmm :3 the only problem was the bill, haha it is expensive to eat Sushi in Prague.
2nd of April

. On the 9th  and 10th of April I decided to die my hair, first I picked the brand L’oreal, the colour that I choose I posted on another post of mine I don’t know the name, because it’s written in Czech, plus the other one was black from Schwarzkopf, to understand what happened you can read the other post.
. On the 16th a colleague of mine did a house gathering with a Chocolate Fondue and Sangria :P, and Plami brought like home made Ferrero Rocher, everything was very good.
. On the 17th was my friends Zuzana Birthday, but I wasn’t able to see her that day, she went to see a concert with her Father and sister Eva in Prague.
. On the 18th it was MY BDAY, I also already posted about that over HERE. It was a nice evening and the restaurant had an unique decoration :p
. On 19th had a stroll in the city with Zuzana and Michael (Eva’s Boyfriend that we knew him already from Nottingham U.K. were we did our Erasmus). We saw I guess what it is a famous Czech actor, we were passing close to the Charles Bridges and there was a movie/soap opera shooting going on. Passed next to a fence that has a lot of padlocks, but there was so many people over there, I couldn’t take a decent picture, also we passed in front of The Beatles Wall, what it has is a lot of the Beatles quotes, either personal or form their music, and of course it also have their faces over there, it is a very colourful and cheerful wall.And we finished the day with lunch!
19th of April

. On the 20th me, Zuzana, and Alexandra went out. First to Bombay Bar, a place that has a painting of an Indian location and the music is pretty good, although there’s a big lack of space to dance, and then on to their favourite place The Chapeau Rouge, this place is like the Twilight Zone, you have to go there in order to “get it”, I have no idea how to describe Chapeau Rouge. So we danced the night away.
. On the 23rd Zuzana was going to fly back to Russia (she was studying Russian over there) so on the 22nd we had dinner at her LOVELY flat, with her sister Eva and Michael. And Michael cooked for us... so much food I actually took some of it home hehe.
. And finally on the 30th of April, I had a second Birthday Celebration. This time with some work colleagues, Ivana who’s Bday was on the 17th of April, and Carlos who’s Bday was going to be on the 2nd of May. First we meet up at the “Stupid Bar”, yeah the name of the Bar is in Czech but translated to English is more or less something like that, for real! So we all went there, plus of course other colleagues of ours – including Plami – ate had some drinks, some shots (that night after a shot of Golden Tequila, that you have to take with Orange with cinnamon on it, I died, and decided to never drink shots of Tequila),  and Champagne. Then we carried on to the dance floor, so went to Nebe, it was my first time there, I like it, although the dance floor was too small. Since I had to work the next day AT 7:15 AM! I had to leave my own party around 3ish am I think, and get soooome sleep before going to work. Needless to say I was dead the next day at work. 
30th of April Me

30rd of April The people
Hanging out at the "Stupid Bar"

30rd of April at Nebe
Plami and Me at Nebe
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  1. <3 waaaaa, memorieeees :*:* keep them coming :)))

  2. I wanna be in Prague too! Looks like you really had a blast with your buddies. Have a good day! :-)

  3. you look lovely <3
    amazing photos,too!
    check my new post,if you like :)

  4. oh i was thinking of going to prague! this convinced me



  5. Adorei as fotos. Estás super bem! Gira!
    Beijinhos :)


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