July's Shopping

These are the few things that I bought during this month.
White shirt with a lovely pink skull <3 from Terranova.


Musical Friday #12

David Guetta - Little Bad Girl ft. Taio Cruz, Ludacris - whitin a month a 2nd single, plus did you know, that apparently David Guetta was in a car accident yesterday? And some webpages were saying that he was dead, but apparently no, he is alive an kicking!

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake on the cover of ELLE USA - August 2011

For the month of August, Mila and Justin will be featured on Elle USA magazine. Now, I didn't see the movie "Friends with benefits" but these two have a good chemestry between them, don't you think?


100 Followers (102)

Hello everyone, first of all I would like to say welcome to the new Followers, hope you will enjoy your time here. Also I reached the 100 Followers yeeaahhh! And soon my Blog will be 4 years old :P.

Fun Facts, on one of my previous posts entitled "Some people read the Newspaper in the morning... I read Blogs" besides some of the Blogs that I follows commented on it like, Nádia from My Fashion Insider, Joana from Sketchbook Six, and Plami from Plum's book of tales and yummies .... also Anjelica from MODE JUNKIE also commented, I was like :O WOW! I never in a million years wouldn't think that she would end up here on my Blog, plus comment on it, I was really suprised.



Google Plus

Have you heard about it? Are you in? Do you feel like joining? It was hard to get it lol, and I was actually kinda annoyed about it. Since it's still on test drive mode, the only way to get in it's to receive an invitation from someone... kinda like the early days of Gmail. 
So 2 friends of my sent me the invitation, but I never got it... the system told them that my email was invalid or something. NIGGA SAY WHAAATTT? o_ô Anyways it was only when I got my third invitation, from I third friend of mine that I finally "joined the club". At the moment I don't have many of my friends over there... and it's pretty basic, kinda like the easrly days of Facebook. My profile was already done, due to the fact that is the same profile details that are in Gmail/Google Buzz profile.


R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

Oooohh Amy, Amy, Amy.....
Well I guess in a way we are not totally suprised right? I mean the woman had a thing for alcohol and drugs.... :/ although I don't know if that was the reason of death.
It is a pitty that such a great voice had to go away, and I envy the ones that were able to see and hear her Live..... well at least on the good days >.<
Amy past away on the 23 of July, at the age of 27, she was found death in her house in London in the afternoon. I actually found out about the news on Facebook. I started seeing my friends posting comments about. That's how news spread out these days.


Musical Friday #11

First of all I apologise if some of these videos won't work... it's so stupid... I mean Vevo YouTube has link to share the clip... and then fails? what the fudge Vevo? -_- 

Take That - Love Love - Uuhhh I did not know that that Robbie had join the group again.


Tobey Maguire for Prada - Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

Honestly I would never picture Tobey doing this type of work.... not that he is not good at it... but mostly because I thought it wasn't his "thing". I don't know if he has done other works like this, but I can't remember any at the moment.  Anyways ..... what you think? Did he do a good job?


Dream House #1

Lately (maybe due to the fact that I'm home alone at the moment), I've been dreaming about my dream house, if I ever will be able to have my own place, and how would I decorate it? I like a dozen of styles at the same time, and not all of them go together. I like simple modern style, wooden houses, Victorian, Japanese, Indian, Latin American, African inspired uuuffff ... which one to pick?
From now on, every now and then I will post (if you don't mind :p) a few random pics of houses and room devisions that I like.
Hope you enjoy it.


Not everything in Portugal is that bad.

As some of you may know, I'm originally from Portugal! Born and raised.
Even though I have many conflicts with my so called Country, there are other aspects that I love. The hot weather during summer, the food, the beaches, the museums and castles, or just simply walking along in Lisbon's (the capital) streets.
These next two videos, again someone of you (especially the ones that live in Portugal) might already know them, but for those who don’t, here it goes.


Some people read the Newspaper in the morning... I read Blogs

Whenever I have a day off, or I have an afternoon shift (so I have a bit of free time in the morning), I read a couple of Blogs! Some of them are...
Style Scrapbook
Andy from Style Scrapbook - Personal, Fashion Blog

Giveaway/Sorteio - Squeeze The Pug

Run as fast as you can! Today (12th of July) is the last day to participate >.<
Head over to Squeeze The Pug Blog for more details!

Image belongs to Squeeze The Pug


New baby Mommas!

Finally the Beckhams had their new baby, and her name is Harper Seven Beckham... yeah you heard me SEVEN!
 You can watch the video people from Celeb.TV, and hear the explenation for the use of the number seven on the little girls name....
Also Kate Hudson had a baby, for her it was another boy, the haven't announced the name of the baby yet, I wonder how is that gonna be like.... Kate has a thing for Rockers doesn't she? I didn't know those were together till very recently...


Sex and the City a bit of a hair FAIL!

On the movie "Sex and the City 2", Carrie Bradshaw goes to her gay friend Stanford's wedding. And before going there she already was dressed up with a suit and has the first hairstyle with a wild high ponytail with a braid, and then at the wedding she has no pony.... or braid.... wtf?
1st Look
2nd Look
I finished all seasons of Sex and the City, plus I re-saw the 2 movies. uuufff! Conclusion: LOVED IT! 
I do admit that at times Carrie did annoyed me with her relationships, but ok.
There were at least other two hair fails during the seasons of S.a.t.C., the last one that I remember was on season 6, when Carries was dating the Russian guy, one night she goes to his place, and she has her hair straight, they to the thing with the thing gigiri gigiri hum hum aalllrriigghhttt, and after, while on the bed she has wavy hair.... and then when she leaves the house, the hair is straight again... what the balls?
Now is time to move on to another serie..... hhummm what shall I consume next?


Musical Friday #9

Hello everyone, how was your week? Mine was ok, a bit calmer comparing with last week (at my work).
For the newcomers, I normally post a "musical segment" every Friday, called "Musical Friday #X". 
Here's another one, hope you enjoy it.

David Guetta - "Where Them Girls At ft. Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida"


My Nailpolish Collection

Nail Polishes
This is my nail polish collection. At the moment this what I have, this is what I brought from Portugal, well at least like 95% of it, there are 3 from Miss Sporty that I bought here in Prague last month. 
My favourites of the bunch are N.Y.C. "West Village" n204B (the dark blue, funny cause when you see it in the bottle it looks like dark purple, but once you paint your nails is dark blue; Risqué "New York" (grey); Risqué "Dara" (dark bloody red, but something is wrong with this formula now, I don't know if I simple bought a bad bottle, or they changed the formula); Risqué "Obessão" (purple); Wynie n61 (golden yellow); H&M «Summer Nails 2010» (the little bottles) "Neon Pink" and Neon Orange"; and Essence «Colour & Go» "Plum Perfect" n28.
Is not tooooo much, but it's enough for me.... come think of it I might have to buy a new black nail polish my 2True Black nail polish is becoming gewy.
This picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


Home Alone!

Yyyyyyyeeeppppp, I'm home alone! My housemate Aya left today for vacation in her home country Japan! So I'm home alone till the beggining of August. I've been home alone before, but I never lived completly alone, luckly this is not a massive house, where I go like "uh what´s that sound?", "uh, who's there?" lol. This is definitely gonna be a new experience for me. >.< In a way is pretty much the same, the big difference is that I won't have anyone to talk to (other than Skype/MSN) in the house, face to face. Oh man I have to take care of the fish -_- BAH!

Sushi Lover! #1

Hi everyone… my name is Karen… and I’m a Sushi Lover. Oh YES I AM!

Last Saturday I had homemade Sushi, and boy was it good. Aya my housemate, did like a goodbye gathering + pre-birthday celebration, I will tell you more details when I do my month of July resume in Prague. I like Sushi I really do, and since I’ve been here in Prague, I only ate twice! First time, somewhere in April if I’m not mistaken, with Plamina, Sushi Buffet, it was great, but then it came the bill, almost 20€ for a Sushi Buffet (for each of us) GEEZAUS!  And the 2nd time at Aya’s gathering.  I even made one roll yeahi :D lol


New at Ssense

Alexander mcqueen

Alexander mcqueen (clipped to polyvore.com)

June's Shopping

Another month has passed, and it´s time for me to show you my monthly shopping..... althought I don´t know if anyone cares :p but here it goes.
Miss Sporty nailpolish

Miss Sporty Nail Polish: The 1st one is to use it has a base or a top coat, the 2nd is for damaged nails, and the 3rd one I have'n tried it yet, but I reckon that it would be the type of nail polish that will glow in the dark, specially with those UV lights from the Disco, you know the way that white clothes all look like purpelish.


Katy Perry becomes a Redhead

Katy Perry decided to change her hair colour.... for like a "natural" more believable readhead (orange) colour.


Musical Friday #8

Have a lovely Friday Night, and an awesome weekend :)

Britney Spears - I Wanna Go - New Single - Aaahhmmmm I don't mind the song, but the clothes.. sssshhhh  aaahhh yyeeaaahh, you're too old for that Brit. I feel like I'm looking at a older Avril Lavigne.


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