This is what happens when you go to Mozambique...

What happens is, you have to pay 60€ for a Visa, take 4 vaccines, plus pay almost 70€ for the medicine, that most of them you only take them IF you get sick. Oh yeah believe me I cried, I cried when the Lady from the Pharmacy told me the price of the medicine.

The one medicine that I HAVE to take without missing, is Mephaquin (Mefloquina), I have to take once a week, starting this week (one week before travelling), the 4 weeks that I'll be there, and then continuing taking for 4 more weeks after I come back to Portugal. 
- Domperidona - In case I feel Nausea or Vomit;
- Loperamida - In case I have Diarrhea -_- ;
- Ciprofloxacina - In case the Loperamida doesn't work, I take these ones that are stronger;
- Redrate - Oral Salts for Hydration , in case I get dehydrated;
- Paracetamol - In case I get a fever;
- Dexaval (Dexametasona) - A cream in case I GET bitten by something,
- Previpiq - An insect repellent, that I have to put on my body thats is not covered by clothes to protect me from the insects (like mosquitoes) so they DON'T bite me and suck my blooooood lol.

Besides all these shenanigans, I took 4 vaccines, one of them was repeated (Hepatitis A) I had to take 2 shots, the 1st one was in October, and the 2nd shot you take a month later, and I took it today. 
The first time I took the Hepatitis A vaccine, I took another 2, yeah 3 shots in one day, mega cocktail, and yes as a secondary effect I had a fever. And when it came, it came HARD >.<

I should start packing now.... but I'm feeling lazy, I hate packing BAH, I never know if what I'm taking is enough, or if I'm gonna need it >.<


Do you like what you see? Part II

In the beginning of the month I did a post called Do you like what you see?, and it had some thing that my cousin and my aunt make, and sell, bracelets, rings, necklaces, bags, etc...
Below there are some picks that I didn' upload the 1st time.
So again, if you like anything you see, and wish to buy it, please let me know ^^
(I will get in contact with my aunt to know the prices of the rings and belts :D)

Rings made with Rags and Buttons (Anéis feitos com Trapos e Botões) - ?€

 Belts made of Rag (Cintos feitos de Trapos) - ?€

Bags made of Rags - 15€

 1- Multi-colour bag

2- Red and White bag

3- White and Black bag 

4- Brown bag 

5- Pink and Black 

Little Bags made of Felt (Bolsinhas de Feltro) - 3.00€
 1- Dark Blue; 2- Light Blue

 3- Beige; 4- Lila

5- Pink; 6- Grey


GIVEWAY/SORTEIO - My Fashion Choices

Hey yall. Here I am ... again ... with another GIVEAWAY!!!! :P
This time is from My Fashion Choices . For more information, just go to her Blog (is written in Portuguese and in English).
Good Luck ^^

SORTEIO - True Undertone

Olá outra vez, para quem gosta de maquilhagem como eu, aqui está mais outro sorteio. Pertence ao blog True  Undertone . Passem pelo Blog dela se quiserem participar, este sorteio vai até ao dia 2 de Dezembro ^^ Boa sorte!

Marca: Essence
1. Máscara waterproof da linha Sun Club
2. Quarteto Rock Angel
3. Duo Smokey Eyes Set em Roxo
4. Lápis de olhos carbon black da linha Black Mania
5. Nail Care bag

GIVEWAY/SORTEIO - Tudo sobre Avon

If you head over to Tudo sobre Avon Blog you will have the chance to win ths skin care products from Clearskin. 
IT ENDS TODAY (26TH of November) at 23:59.


4D shows.

Something that is apparently IN now is the so called 4D shows. And let me tell you, they are quite awesome.
The first one that I saw was in Prague, and WOOOOOW (on a Youtube video). I can not explain you the technical stuff, but I guess the video speak from themselves.

Prague Astronomical Clock - 600th Anniversary Show

Ralph Lauren 

The Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience - London from Ralph Lauren on Vimeo.

H&M opening Lanvin collection


What I'm wearing for a wedding.

I’ve been to Mozambique before, back in 2001. I have lots of family over there, from my mother and father side. This time an uncle of my is paying the tickets for me and some other family members that are living in Portugal, to go to Mozambique this December, for his son’s wedding and his 50th anniversary.
Mozambique is on the South Hemisphere of the Earth, so while here in the North we are going from Fall/Autumn to Winter, they are going from Spring to SUMMER :P hehe. Back in August I started looking for a dress to wear on the wedding, I couldn’t leave it and start looking like now in November, cause most of the clothes are going to be winter clothes, and even if I found something that could be use in the Summer or Winter, it could be either ugly or expensive.
Anyways I bought a dress in H&M, its white and dark blue, and after that I was on a big hunt for SHOES! Again the same situation as the dress, I need to find some Summery shoes. That would match the dress, so that would be either blue or white, I found some gorgeous shoes in a store called Seaside, but the problem was that they were tttoooo hiiigh, there was no way I was gonna be able to stay all day with those shoes. So one glorious sunny afternoon, when I was coming back home – from Lisbon to Pinhal Novo – while I was making time for the next bus, I decided to check on a shoe shop at was nearby and *insert angelic music here*, I found the last pair of blue shoes size 37 in the store O_O, if that wasn’t a sign I don’t what the hell it was lol.
The shoes have studs, so I'm still in doubt with the bag, either the white one from Primark or the other one from Aldo, cause it has studs and it matches my shoes.
Aaaaannnd I'm mixing the studs, with fake pears jewlery, huummm good or bad? I know that nowadays is all about mix matching, but there's good mixing and bad mixing.
Sooo let’s go for the pictures now:

H&M dress.

Dark Blue shoes with studs.

White bag from Primark

 Dark greyish blue bag with studs from Aldo

I will use one these earings. Either the one with the flowers that matches one the bracelets cause it has also a flower, or maybe I will use the pair in the middle.

The ring from Primark :p I love big rings.

The two bracelets that I'm going to use. The first one I don't remember the name of the shop I got it from, and the other one is from Primark.

So what do you reken mate? ^.^

In need of a haircut...

The last time I cut my hair was in August, and in December I’m going to Mozambique for a wedding, aaaand my hair is starting to have split ends, so yeah cutting time!
Lately I’ve been thinking of doing a Blunt fringe (again). The last time I tried it was back in 2005 (I think). The thing is, when I did it, at the hair salon of course, it look good, but I’m not rich to go to the hairdresser every time I wash my hair, so when I had to take care of the fringe myself, disaster! :S My I say that back then, I only had a crappy blow dryer and my brush, nowadays, I have 2 good blow dryers, a good flat iron, heat protectors, wax, hair spray, so maybe it will work this time around.
Another thing that I’m concerned with is how it is going to look on me. I’m not sure if my face shape is either Oval or Round, and I’ve been googling about hairstyles, and they say that people with Oval faces, have what is considered the perfect shape, they can get away with any hairstyle, and can wear the Blunt fringe with no problems. But people with Round faces should STAY WAY from the Blunt fringe >.< oh oohhhh.
I will ask the Hairdresser, although I kinda have a bit of a trauma with Hairdressers. One time, I asked the woman to cut my hair on the back straight (no layer on the back at all), so she washed my hair, cutted, blow dried, and straightened, and they she showed to me, but at the time I didn’t notice, only like 2WEEKS LATER, when I decided to straight my hair by myself, I noticed that on side the hair till a bit over my shoulder and the other side was close to my boob o_O .
Another time, different hair salon, I wanted layers on the front of my hair, and again the whole shenanigans, washed, cut, dry it, straightened, saw it and it looked good, it was only later (don’t remember how long it took me to notice) that I notice that AGAIN, one side was layered, and the other was cut straight, like WTF MAN! -_-
Soooo yeah, lots to think about. Plus I might dye my hair black again, I can see my roots and so parts of the hair, the color is fading away and looking a bit reddish.

So let’s see some pictures now :P

 For a while I wanted side swept bangs, Emo style. but I ended up with a pice of hair to the side >.< (P.S.: I'm the girl in the middle)

These are some of the Blunt fringes that I like. Some are clean straight cut, other a bit more messy looking.


Yey or Nay? Finsk Boots

Hello galls.
So yeah another post about boots, sorry >.< I really like boots hihi.
Another pair of boots they I've been seeing in some Fashion Blogs, are these boots from Finsk. What do you think? Yey or Nay? 
I really would like to try on these boots, I would probbaly fall as soon as a gave my first step lol.


The IT Boots of 2010's Fall/Winter - Lita from Jeffrey Campbell

Some of you may have notice, other maybe not, but lately I've been seeing these boots in a lot of Fashion Blogs they are called Lita from designer Jeffrey Campbell. They cost about $159,95 , the heel I think is suppose to be almost 13cm high, and the sole almost 6cm. That's pretty high :p

Some of the boots that they have

Some of the Special Edition (Look at those Glitter pair, it totally reminds me of the 70's :p) 

These are my favourite pair, Black Distressed Letter.

If you want to buy any of these Boots you can do it only on this website link .


Holographic Concert

I think the videoclip speeks fot itself, KAAAWAAAAAAIIIII *.*

Lady Gaga, now a subject of study

A couple of months ago, I heard that a University in the USA has a module about video-games , probably a guy's biggest dream haha. And now there is a new module "in town" (in the University of South Carolina), next year that will have a new module called "The Sociology of Fame" and I guess as an example they are going to use Lady Gaga's fast increasing career. 
The video below talks about this, it's mainly in Portuguese, but there are some parts spoken in English.
Would you like to study such module in Uni? :P


GET OUTTA MY WAY, cause I haz spiked heelzzzz :P

Kylie Minogue has a single called "Get outta My Way" that was released this year, and at 1:25m into the video she has these Golden spkied anckle boots :O they...are.. tooo.. DIE FOOORRRR >.<
The Designer of these master pieces is Christian Louboutin, God bless him :P
Christian Louboutin Official Website is http://www.christianlouboutin.com/

 The Silver version of the boots, that I can not find in Christian Louboutin's official Website
Bridget's Back Black (my favourite pair)
Bridget's Back Gold 

Fashioned Finland - GIVEAWAY!

Nea the owner of the Fashioned in Finland Blog is doing a November Giveaway.
The contest is Open INTERNATIONALLY till the 3rd of December.
Good Luck to everyone!

Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, Sleek Storm palette, Sleek Good Girl palette & TKB mini samples 

Sleek Good Girl (Limited Edition) palette 

Sleek Storm palette

(Images belong to Fashioned in Finland Blog)


THE FOLLOWING TEXT IS IN PORTUGUESE, because the Giveway is only for people that live in Portugal.

Olá Jovens, caso não saibam a Urban Girl está a fazer um Sorteio no seu Blog. O sorteio vai até o dia 31 de Dezembro. Podem ver na imagem aquilo que podem vir a ganhar. Para participar neste sorteio têm de ao Blog dela para ver as regras.
Boa Sorte a todos! ^.^

Esta imagem pertence ao Blog da Urban Girl

Who What Wear - Style Stalker for November - Andy

I'm subscriber to the a Newsletter from the website Who What Wear, and every now and then they do a post on Style Stalker, sometimes they go trough Blogs, Myspace, Facebook, looking for girl that have sense of style.
And today's Newsletter appered a Blogger a girl named Andy. Her Blog is Style Scrapbook, it's a cool Blog, and her style is awesome, at least I like it ^.^ Andy is the first girl in the picture, with the leather jacket and a long Olive green skirt.

Image from Who What Wear

This is what they wrote about Andy's style:

"Casual basics are elevated by a fancier floor-length skirt.

Regular WhoWhatWear.com readers know we've heralded maxi skirts as a must-buy item this autumn. There's something so enticing about this piece, from its dramatic-yet-simple silhouette to how effortlessly it can transform your most basic clothing essentials into a chic outfit. Andy, 26, from Amsterdam, demonstrated this effect flawlessly when she paired an olive green floor-length skirt with a plain white top and black leather jacket. Additionally, we love that she kept the rest of her look minimal, accessorizing with a sleek satchel, gold watch, and one chunky necklace. To imitate Andy's perfectly polished ensemble, you'll want to start by pulling out your best casual tops and outerwear. If you don't already have these key pieces, check out American Apparel's Basic Short Sleeve T ($15) and ASOS' Collarless Quilted Leather Jacket ($207). Now that you have your basic wardrobe staples covered, it's time to give them a dressed-up feeling with a floor-grazing skirt. Some of our favorites include LNA's Column Long Skirt ($99) and Charlotte Ronson's Pleated Long Skirt ($250), but if it's the olive green color you are after, Forever 21's Longline Modal Blend Skirt ($20) will certainly do the trick. Whatever you pick, just remember that for a true interpretation of Andy's amazing look, you need to keep the rest of your look refined and understated!"

If you want to check the full articale clik it here.


Make up session with Sephora

So if you read a previous post of mine in October, Happy times with Sephora! you will know that I got a "Beauty Salon" voucher. So I booked the appointment for the 31st of October, Halloween’s day. Since Lately I don’t go out much or go somewhere special, and since that voucher had to be used before the end of the year, I decided that Halloween’s Day was a good day to go there, since later that day I was wanna go to my friend’s house and celebrate Halloween with her, her family and our friends.
Anyways back to Sephora, so I got there, and talked to one of the Ladies, and told her that I was there for a free “Beauty Salon” session, and that I had a voucher. Gave her the voucher plus the letter from Sephora that came with it and she told be that the make up was gonna be simple, and that if I wanted something more elaborate I would have to pay extra. O.K.. Then I went with another Lady that was gonna do my make up to her make up balcony.
Bellow, you will see the pictures that I took from the products that were use on me, plus the final result. 
For the first time in my life I used products from Make Up For Ever, Benefit, Too Faced and Cargo.

Make Up For Ever stand

HD High Definition Foundation from Make Up For Ever, shade nº160

Compacted Powder from Benefit, colour Hazelnut

Sculpting Blush from Make Up For Ever, nº14

Eyebrow Pencil from Benefit, in Medium to Dark colour

Not sure what this was exactly, but I think it was some sort of highlight eyeshadow from Benefit 

The eyeshadow palette from Make Up For Ever, I think that the eyeshadows that used were nº 04, 40, 17

Smoky Lash Mascara from Make Up For Ever, in Black

High Pigment Pencil from Cargo, Black eye pencil

Waterproof Lipliner from Make Up For Ever, nº 15C

Glamour Gloss from Too Faced, colour Strip Tease 
(Weird fact, when the Make up Lady put this Lipgloss on my lips she warned me that I was gonna have a fresh feeling on my lips, and I did. Image when you eat one of those extra-mint chewing gums and you have that extra crazy freshness in your mouth, yeah that's how my lips felt.)

In the end she asked me which perfum I liked, I don't own many perfums, and I don't know all the perfums out there :P so I said Britney Spears Fantasy, and she said that they didn't have it anymore, so I said that I like sweet smells.
So she brought two perfums, I don't rememeber the other one, but the one that I picked was this one from Guess by Marciano. And it smells really good.

The Ladies from Sephora, the one on the Left was the one that did my make up

 Me and the Ladies

My eyes

My Lips

 My face >.<

 I enjoyed the experience ^.^
When I got home my mother was like:
- That's it?!? You went there only to do that? You can do that... hell, you can even do it better XD HAHA

Thank you Sephora for the lovely experience!
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