Movie Review #3 "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2"

Soooooo did you see it? I know I'm a bit (a lot) late "review", I saw the movie last August with my boyfriend while I was still in Prague before we started our roadtrip. Aaaaaaaand it was sad, it was a good movie, it was a closure movie aaandd a cried, yes I cried -_- ARE YOU HAPPY? :P I know I cried more than once, definitely when one of the twin brothers died :(. 
What more can I say? Whithout giving the whole movie away? My best advice is to see it, but don't forget to see the previous movies. I confess that I only read like 1 book and a half of the whole saga - so the 
1st book, and half of the 2nd - I admit I'm not a big fan of reading books, even though most people that are fans of Harry Potter tell me to read the books, 'cause the movie doesn't shows us everything, oooohh weellll maybe one day I will bother to read them.... Of course without reading the book, I can't do much of a critic, since I can not compare it, and say that they didn't recreate certain scenes that are important to help connect the dots whateva, or in the book this scene was more like this and that...
But in overall I liked the movie, the actors do a great job, special effects wise it's awesome as usual, even though Michael Gambon is a great actor, I do prefer the old Dumbledore played by actor Richard Harris. I don't know why.. maybe because I got used to him, or simply 'cause I felt that he did a better elderly Professor :/, but unfortunatly Richard passed away.
What are your thoughts abouth the movie? In case you don't feel like seeing the 7 previous movies, you can just watch the next clip from the FineBros, it gives you a basic resume of the 7 movies in 7 minutes haha.
But I think, I'm gonna do a Harry Potter Movie Marathon one day uuuufff.
I can't wait to see these guys future movie roles, it will be hard not to compare them to their characters in H.P., especially if they maintain certain "habits" which sometimes happens when actor play a certain caracther for a long time, they can get "typecast" sometimes.


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  1. great post! loved the movie! thanks also for your lovely comment in my blog!! :)

  2. cool post! I really like Harry Potter!


  3. I wanna do the Harry Potter movie marathon with you! I wanna, wanna, wannaaaa :)

  4. Chorei tanto neste filme, do início ao fim, que quando saí da sala de cinema tinha os olhos tão inchados que tinha de baixar a cabeça para ninguém ver. A Di e o Gulater até me perguntaram o que se passava :P E ao fim do dia ainda tinha os olhos tão inchados que parecia que tinha uma conjuntivite das fddas! -__-

    i really cant find anything lovely about the films:P haha

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  6. No fundo foi primeira vez para muita coisa? :p

  7. Great post! I cried when Fred died too :(( It was so sad...I'm a big HP fan and I will tell you Reed the books!! hehe...if you like the movies you will LOVE the books :)


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