Studded Wellies

This last week my friend Yuiko was here in Prague for 4 days. When touring the city we went to a store called Paul Frank, although I think only the 1st floor has things from Paul Frank, the downstairs I don't think is P.F., had a loooott of studded clothing, jeans, jackets, boots, sneakers bla bla bla. And as you can see from the sole of these wellies they say Decathlon (Made in Portugal). I've been to Decathlon in Portugal, and it's mostly sport stuff, so I guess in this case "someone" imported these wellies from Portugal and studded them.
So anyways, Yuiko after much (or not so much) debating, of either to buy it or not, she finally bought them, and honestly I'm thinking of buying them aswell >.< aaaahhhhhh! There are other wellies with different studs at the shop. You can pick silver or golden, or rounded bubble shaped, or like these one from the picture.



And the Shopping in Prague continues....

These are a few things I bought during the month of March....

Base MaxFactor Xperience
The New Foundation for Max Factor in Brown Hessian 75 (so far so good I haven't used it many times)

Pink Jeans
My new Pink Jeans from Zara

A simple skinny belt from H&M

Some simple shirts/tops from C&A

H&M Black Sneakers


Aaaaannnddd 4 earings from Terranova

What do you think?
P.S.: Shopping in Prague, it...is...NOT...CHEAP.... even if it at stores like, Zara, C&A, H&M..... it's not extremely expensive.. but still, I have to control myself. God I miss Primark >.< hehe.


HottU PinkU on Hypeed! :P

Last week I was on Hypeed Wall again >.<. And it's funny I was on "fold" number 7, which is Akuma Kanji favourite numbers, plus I'm dressed in Pink, which kind remind me of a Japanese singer called hide, that use to have hot pink hair >.< which is also one of he favourite singers (and guitarist, and for me aswell).


London, U.K.

It's the Tower Bridge baby!


Old Market Square

Old Market Square by Shinigami_U
Old Market Square a photo by Shinigami_U on Flickr.
A Panoramic foto taken at night, at the Old Market Square in Nottingham, U.K. .
I miss that place. Good tiimeesss... good tiimmeess hehe.


I took this photo around April/May of 2009... on a hot sunny lovely day :P

On the top is the Castle of São Jorge @ Lisbon/Lisboa

Do you like the view?


Christina baby what's going on?

"You are beautiful, no matter what they sayyyy..." yyeaahhh listeeeen about that.... (lol).
Damn! Have you seen Christina Aguilera lately? The girl is going from bad to worse. And I'm not only focusing on her FAST weight gain, her life in general aswell. I think it was after the Globe Awards 2011, there was like an after party of some actor, and she and her new boyfriend went to the Party (not sure if they were indeed invited) and got drunk, and passed out in the bedroom of the owner of the party :S .
Then there was I think, a situation where she had to sing the National Anthem, and missed some lines of the song... now JAIL? Really? o_O
Giiiiirrlll, what the fudge? People say sisnce have been going bad for here since here divorce, which till today, I have no idea the reason of it, there were very private about that, which is cool, great. But it has been something pretty DAMN bad, for her going on a down spiral.... they seemed always so happy together.
The weight situation, is not the first time that she gain some pounds, but this time is a "record". 

This guy is not a good influence on her... who tha hell is he anyways?

Happy St. Patrick's Day =)

Hope that this night for you will be Legen ..... wait for it ..... DARY!

"Soy Sublime // I'm Awesome"


On Hypeed Wall :)

Hi everyone!
Some of you may or not know a website called Hypeed. It's a website where people can upload their fotos of their outfit of the day and also there are some compentions going on. One that I entered is called Fringe Benefit, so basically any type of clothing that has fringes. T-shirts, shorts, jackets, bags, boots, in my case (and a girl next to me on the photo) a Poncho :D .
I bought my Poncho in January in Portugal at C&A. I think I made a post about that a while back, about the things I bought during Sales time.
If you like fashion, plus the possibility to win something every now and then (hehe) come join me on Hypeed ^^.

Rihanna on the cover of Vogue USA - April 2011

The month of March was for Lady Gaga, the month of April will be for Rihanna. Is it just me or does she kinda looks like Jessica Rabbit, from "Who killed Roger Rabbit" ..... I'm just saying haha.
Below you can see a video from a Youtube Channel, CelebTv, about the April issue of Vogue with Rihanna.


Jennifer Lopez "On the floor" feat. Pitbull - The actual video

So about two weeks ago I posted here J.Lo's new single "On the floor" featuring Mr.Pitbull. Now I'm posting the actual video that was released this week.

So do you like it?

Song of the moment - Lady Gaga "Born this way"

Whether you like or not, Lady Gaga’s new single “Born this way” is the song of the moment. Have you seen the video yet? Inssaaanneeee, but then again is Lady Gaga, expect the unexpected. The first time I saw the video, I felt like I was watching one of the movies from the Alien saga haha >.< But I dig the song…
The video has a guest appearance of a famous Canadian male model of the moment, his name is Rick/Rico Genest (Zombie Boy) and he’s the guy that you see with a tattooed face in this video. Gaga’s tattoed face is fake, but Rico’s is the real deal.
On to the video and picks…

Gaga giving birth...

 Rick & Gaga

If you wanna try and do Rick's look here ya go...

I don't know if you ever saw this next video, but there is a little girl named Maria, about a month ago she did a piano cover version of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" song...

And this last week, Gaga invited Maria to sing with her the same song, in a Live concert in front of hundreds of people :O. Damn that lucky girl! Another Youtube sensation XD God bless GAGA.

Oh yeah, and last but not least, Lady Gaga, did a bit of a catwalk on Thierry Mugler Fashion Show this last week.

That's all folks! And remember boys and girls... "Don't be a Drag, just be a Queen".


My New Love

A black H&M bag that I bought last sunday.
Last Sunday after going to a Ikea with a colleague of mine from work, Plamina, I was on a mission to find a new bag. So here in Prague I went to New Yorker, Zara, Next (which sucks alot here, in the U.K. is much better), plus other shops... but it was in H&M where I found this baby. I admit it wasn't love at first sight exactly, but I really needed it a new bag. Don't get me wrong I love my River Island bag, but the problem is that it doesn't have a zipper, so in those rush hours in the public transport, someone can put their hand inside the bag, algo is not good for my back if I carry to much weight on one side of my shoulder, and it has 2 straps, but one is always falling off, which very annoying -_-, but still I love that bag.... 'cause it has a skull HAHA.
Anyways, I saw this bag, it's black so it goes with mostly everything, the style pleased me, and I can carry on my hand, or with the long strap.So I bought it, 599 CZ. I actually started to fall in Love with the bag on the next day, haha go figure...


Ke$ha - Blow feat. James Van Der Beek

Yeah.... Miss Ke$ha is back... the new single is called "Blow" and it has the guest appearance of a kinda of a famous actor during the 90's from the series Dawson's Creek, James Van Der Beek (his currently doing a new Medical series called Mercy, were he plays the role of a Doctor).
- Anyways, I kinda dig the song, but the video, OMG... WHAT THE FUDGE? It didn't made sense what so ever.... specially in scenes like, Ke$ha takes her bra out, and then James also takes a bra... nigga say whaaattt? 
- And then in the end they say like "So let's dance"... and they start lazer shooting each other o_O....
- Plus there are Unicorns with human bodies.... that some people say that is a "reference" to Lady Gaga, 'cause she has a Unicorn on her CD cover of her new album, don't know about that, but I do know theres is a Unicorn on Lady Gaga's new videoclip for "Born This Way"... I will talk about that on my next post haha;
- OH my God, and the stupid weird laugh in the end of the video... weeiiiird.
- And theeen I saw this comment about her video on Youtube, and all made sense to me now haha;
"Someone said all her videos are visions she has when shes drunk."
- Don't be suprise if the video below is not working, many people upload it, but you know, copyrights people take it out, and I can't see the video on Vevo/Youtube.... it says that thing of like due to the country that I'm in I can't see it -_- F you Vevo!
- Also this video, I random person uploaded, and he/she decided to invert the video if you know what I mean.

More Music... Kim Kardashian decided to become a singer....

Hey guys, it's true I haven't been posting much as I wanted to, 'cause I'm still managing with my work schedules, it's not from Monday to Friday, from 9am till 5pm all the time, it rotates alot. I have at least two weekends off per month, the rest of my days off change, plus for like 3/4 days I have one schedule, and I will have another schedule for another 3/4 days. The place that I work at it's open from 7:30 till 10pm, I work full-time, 8 hours...but at least I know my schedule for the whole month with a month in advance, and we can try and request if we want the morning shift, or the afternoon shift, and also we can request in advance, if we want to have a certain day off. I asked for the 18th and 19th of April off, 'cause on the 18th is my Bday :P but okay, enough of that now, I will try and do my weekly resume of Prague mañana.

Now on to some more music, but this one might not be of your taste.... I don't think is mine either lol.
Kim Kardashian, yeah you heard me/read it :P. Some time ago I saw Kim talking to channel E! I think, giving like a sneak peak of her future projects, and they even showed some pictures that I think they belong to her future videoclip. So her first single (I guess) it's called Jam (Turn It Up), the video gotta be freaking HOT, 'cause as far as musicality goes, on this video alone, has 39.848 people that hate it, and  2.671 people that likes it :/ DAMN, and this video was only uploaded on the 2nd of March, auch!

Soooo what you think about it?

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